If Were Not Filmed, Nobody Would Believe #2

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If Were Not Filmed, Nobody Would Believe #2 video with you. You will love this video of sports such as Tennis, Football, NBA, NFL.
Enjoy the video..

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  1. Ana Ma
    Ana Ma
    16 giorni fa

    The thumbnail is at 6:05 :)

  2. yesh
    19 giorni fa

    Dude straight up jumped in abyss

  3. Misha Pavlov
    Misha Pavlov
    29 giorni fa

    7:42 FUNNYCAT ))))

  4. E Z
    E Z
    Mese fa

    What’s unbelievable about these? 2:45

  5. Starmarch5
    Mese fa

    7:13 hey guys what sport ist his?

  6. Kyle Azis
    Kyle Azis
    Mese fa

    What's the name of the backround music?

    1. Lil Shithead
      Lil Shithead
      Mese fa

      @Kyle Azis you are welcome :D

    2. Kyle Azis
      Kyle Azis
      Mese fa

      @Lil Shithead TY

    3. Lil Shithead
      Lil Shithead
      Mese fa

      Lost Sky - Dreams itsuns.info/rock/gHDNfWqEiI54pHY/video

  7. Ammsahlek
    Mese fa

    Lol I like how apparently nobody would believe that a girl could make a half court shot in basketball

  8. Yoinch
    Mese fa

    What is so special in the first clip lol..

  9. bigbosschemist
    Mese fa

    Nice video

  10. Stove Guy
    Stove Guy
    Mese fa

    The hockey stick was already broke. He broke a broken stick. Lame

  11. 3941602
    Mese fa

    Ever1 was good cept Lebrons

  12. KnickKnack07
    Mese fa

    So many of these things are VERY common. So I doubt you would find it hard to believe it happened.

  13. KnickKnack07
    Mese fa

    true...if not for the video footage, there is no way I would believe that Denver Nugget got away with such a blatant travelling violation at 0:44

  14. Yahya Mhirsi
    Yahya Mhirsi
    Mese fa

    The "tweener" shot is actually very common in tennis matches. You'd watch at least one in a pro match.

  15. Hemalata Yaddanapudi
    Hemalata Yaddanapudi
    Mese fa

    Humans can fly that's it in the first clip

  16. Berman Kola
    Berman Kola
    Mese fa

    1:48 wow that was my country :c cmon now

  17. Davari
    Mese fa

    Has "NFL" in the title, but there isn't a single NFL clip in here

  18. Julian Harith Al Banny Hudaya
    Julian Harith Al Banny Hudaya
    Mese fa

    Okay, see you in 5 years when yt algorithm do its thing

  19. Fatih Sakarya
    Fatih Sakarya
    Mese fa

    1:49 Yılın cenabeti

  20. Moushana Bharadwaj
    Moushana Bharadwaj
    Mese fa

    Fun to watch 😂🤣

  21. Carlos Argueta
    Carlos Argueta
    Mese fa

    Song 1: Lost sky dreams Song 2: Alex Skrindo Jumbo

  22. Arya Rafli
    Arya Rafli
    Mese fa

    Backsound *Lost Sky ft. Sara Skinner - Dreams Part 2*

  23. Curtis Lindsey
    Curtis Lindsey
    Mese fa

    First song?

    1. Carlos Argueta
      Carlos Argueta
      Mese fa

      Lost sky dreams

  24. Veerapetch Petchger
    Veerapetch Petchger
    Mese fa

    the walking run up PKs were unecessary

  25. nithin cristano
    nithin cristano
    Mese fa

    i bet an american made this shit

  26. Jordan Carlin
    Jordan Carlin
    Mese fa

    this is the worst video i have ever seen there's maybe 1 of these clips that are actually good the rest are crap

  27. Sidd Mishra
    Sidd Mishra
    Mese fa

    This Video is screaming USA

  28. Beerus ビルス
    Beerus ビルス
    Mese fa

    Why is there only 344 comments?

  29. Emanuel Aguirre
    Emanuel Aguirre
    Mese fa

    Some of these were not that impressive if I’m being completely honest

  30. Ankan Gupt
    Ankan Gupt
    Mese fa

    This video must be made by an american who clearly dosen't understand Football.

  31. Adil Hayat
    Adil Hayat
    Mese fa

    Whos here from the sidemen video

  32. Orest Saban
    Orest Saban
    Mese fa

    The worst evere

  33. Matthew Barry
    Matthew Barry
    Mese fa

    8:22 ...Look at the net..and the kid right behind it....he knew that shot was going in haha

  34. skeysey
    Mese fa

    5:24 I see kobe doing that

  35. R Bau
    R Bau
    Mese fa

    The vigorous vietnam intringuingly spell because island climatologically serve versus a delirious flood. brave, feeble feigned helmet

  36. Javi B.
    Javi B.
    Mese fa

    Horrible music

  37. movecount
    Mese fa

    4:35 there should be more genuine happiness reactions in the nba just like trae and luka here

    1. alzauri fatahillah
      alzauri fatahillah
      Mese fa

      true sportmanship there..

  38. Mr. Lewis
    Mr. Lewis
    Mese fa

    Awesome 😎

  39. ahoorakia
    Mese fa

    4:56 remind me of MANSOUR BAHRAMI, the Iranian/French tennis player

  40. ahoorakia
    Mese fa

    good video but back ground music is so loud

  41. Goran Macura
    Goran Macura
    Mese fa

    Luka Dončič is the best.

  42. Jessica Gonzalescr4
    Jessica Gonzalescr4
    Mese fa

    The successful plain bareilly tick because nepal contradictorily carry into a shrill ship. flaky, homely manicure

  43. morbitz cool
    morbitz cool
    Mese fa

    Wow she is able to do that pass.. I thought women are sucks in soccer

  44. Raihan Otman
    Raihan Otman
    Mese fa


    1. Carlos Argueta
      Carlos Argueta
      Mese fa

      Lost sky dreams

  45. Asanda
    Mese fa

    Goalkeeper: Guys we are losing by one goal score already. Goalkeeper: Fine I'll do it myself

  46. Merle Jones
    Merle Jones
    2 mesi fa

    6:18... its a long way down to where I'm going ...😆

  47. dutchcanuck
    2 mesi fa

    Great to watch but with video volume turned off and blasting some much less irritating music from my stereo.

  48. Karosi online TV
    Karosi online TV
    2 mesi fa


  49. Priyesh Kumar
    Priyesh Kumar
    2 mesi fa

    Maracles happen everyday in sports

  50. Chris Sosa
    Chris Sosa
    2 mesi fa

    Legit question to the basketball viewers: why are dunks so celebrated? I get dunking on an opponent and resting your nuts on their face for the world to see, but I don't get the point of the dunk contest, it's like having a full stadium to watch a style penalty kick contest with no goalie

  51. Philippe CAL
    Philippe CAL
    2 mesi fa

    Pitié la musique !

    1. Carlos Argueta
      Carlos Argueta
      Mese fa

      Lost sky dreams

  52. David Gugsa
    David Gugsa
    2 mesi fa

    I’ll believe anything

  53. Samuel Thörn
    Samuel Thörn
    2 mesi fa

    This is the best of these compilations i’ve seen. An actually varied collection of sports. Well Done.

  54. Get  shot
    Get shot
    2 mesi fa

    OMG 🤪🤪

  55. Kerry Venus
    Kerry Venus
    2 mesi fa

    Thanks Spor Delisi HD.🙂

  56. SayZowi
    2 mesi fa

    Nice variety of sport

  57. SayZowi
    2 mesi fa

    3:17 a tennis crowd when they see greatness really do show it

    1. ggurks
      Mese fa

      what do you expect them to do? you can hear that everyone is astound

  58. PRO SK
    PRO SK
    2 mesi fa

    5:50 its like video game physics

  59. C - ST4R!
    C - ST4R!
    2 mesi fa

    Great video music got you pumped and some of those wins are incredible

  60. Rishi Mk
    Rishi Mk
    2 mesi fa

    The last throw was the REAL love for the Sport. Excellent video. Cheers.

  61. EndyMendy Sendy
    EndyMendy Sendy
    2 mesi fa


  62. Dwain Smith
    Dwain Smith
    2 mesi fa

    I don't believe it was filmed. Who uses film?

  63. Jack Thomas
    Jack Thomas
    2 mesi fa

    Why the IQ-lowering music?

  64. Abdulrahaman Ashraffi
    Abdulrahaman Ashraffi
    2 mesi fa

    Last shot beautiful,fatty also beautiful I love it 🍓❤️

  65. Patricia Rakotondramanana
    Patricia Rakotondramanana
    2 mesi fa

    5:53 Human-helicopter!!

  66. Aussie Bloke
    Aussie Bloke
    2 mesi fa

    2:00 match fixing 🤦‍♂️

  67. Aussie Bloke
    Aussie Bloke
    2 mesi fa

    What’s so special about the first one? It’s a basic basketball trick a 12 years old can do. 🙄

  68. Stephen Brown
    Stephen Brown
    2 mesi fa

    Wonderful, that cat or rabbit in football field surprises me.

  69. JJ E
    JJ E
    2 mesi fa

    2:00 that goalie went in the locker room afterwards and banged his head on the lockers for 6 hours😅

  70. Dhu l-Qarnain
    Dhu l-Qarnain
    2 mesi fa

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  71. Vedaant Bhat
    Vedaant Bhat
    2 mesi fa

    0:58 that was smooth damn

  72. MTDriver Driver
    MTDriver Driver
    2 mesi fa

    Leave pro basketball out of it. Buzzer beaters by those entitled knuckleheads are a dime a dozen.

  73. Adam Rollinson
    Adam Rollinson
    2 mesi fa

    “If it wasn’t filmed you wouldn’t believe it” Women’s football - anything is believable 😂

  74. David Vins
    David Vins
    2 mesi fa

    Add Cricket videos

  75. Jide Hansome
    Jide Hansome
    2 mesi fa

    Watching this at 3am in the morning 🤦🏽‍♂️😭

  76. Jake Greathouse
    Jake Greathouse
    2 mesi fa

    ‘If professional sports weren’t filmed’

  77. MNB
    2 mesi fa

    the one that jump over is the funniest hahahaha 6.44

  78. Kevin McIntyre
    Kevin McIntyre
    2 mesi fa

    Who shoots right after Pogba?

  79. Adit Assidiqi
    Adit Assidiqi
    2 mesi fa

    where's kiessling goal ?

  80. Phil Surtees
    Phil Surtees
    2 mesi fa

    *NEWS FLASH:* I have seen basketball players shoot a three-pointer to win after the buzzer about *_FIFTY TRILLION TIMES_* and, as such, *_IT IS VERY BELIEVABLE WHENEVER I SEE IT_* and doesn't belong in these types of videos. A basketball player MISSING a three-pointer after the buzzer would be hard to believe. SPLEESH!

  81. Pedro Pimenta
    Pedro Pimenta
    2 mesi fa

    4:10 once there was a goalie that instead, of sending the ball flying all the way to the middle of the field, passed the ball to the closest player, and then turned his back to greet tge fans. Closest player received the ball and decided to pass back to the goalie so he can send the ball flying to the midfield - to everyone's surprise and goalie took too long to turn back and goal was scored!

  82. brudbbb1
    2 mesi fa

    6:00 I had expected something really stupid from that thumbnail indirect kick. Was very disappointed to realize it was just a well placed shot.

    1. Mark
      2 mesi fa

      ​@truth seeker bro are you new on football or something? When goalkeeper grabs the ball with hands when receiving a foot pass from defender, that's indirect free kick right in front of the goal line, and yes, defenders go under the poles simply cause there's no other place to be unless they want the rival to score. example: itsuns.info/rock/fX68Z6dwo4J3j2k/video

    2. evets414
      2 mesi fa

      @truth seeker I mean if you know the rules then you'd know you can have an indirect free kick in the 18 yard box -.-

  83. B
    2 mesi fa

    Man all the basketball ones just looks like travelling lol

  84. TerryBollea1
    2 mesi fa

    EVERYONE would believe! Stick to cricket and stay in your lane me son.

  85. athenstar10
    2 mesi fa

    Add unbelievable shots in pool.

  86. Rockie Ambrose
    Rockie Ambrose
    2 mesi fa


  87. Shubham Lalwani
    Shubham Lalwani
    2 mesi fa

    This is the first time, I have watched a full video without watching comment section 😅😅😅😅

  88. Deabasish Sarker
    Deabasish Sarker
    2 mesi fa


  89. Saiko 84
    Saiko 84
    2 mesi fa

    1:57 АХХАХАХА EPIK !

  90. Peter Ivanov
    Peter Ivanov
    2 mesi fa

    6:51 GOAT😇

  91. Sentinal3131
    2 mesi fa

    Remove the women's football. No one cares,no could play better

  92. Kobeef
    2 mesi fa

    Wtf is the free kick at 6:07

  93. Igor Lebedev
    Igor Lebedev
    2 mesi fa

    These videos were especially made to watch at 3 in the morning. Thank you.

    1. Nathan Gaudrault
      Nathan Gaudrault
      21 giorno fa


    2. João lopes
      João lopes
      Mese fa


    3. SKAYY
      Mese fa

      It’s literally 2:59 for me right now

    4. VM Usha Usha
      VM Usha Usha
      Mese fa

      Its very satisfying for me to watch at an half hour after 1 AM (I didn't type the literal time bcs it may come as a time stamp 😁😁)

    5. Albion Pucciarelli
      Albion Pucciarelli
      Mese fa

      Wth saw your comment at 3:05 😂

  94. Ernesto Gasulla
    Ernesto Gasulla
    2 mesi fa

    1:07 and 6:08 women's football in a nutshell.

  95. Ernesto Gasulla
    Ernesto Gasulla
    2 mesi fa

    3:17 backward shots between your legs are relatively common in tennis. It was a specialty of 70s great Guillermo Vilas.

    1. Paka Man
      Paka Man
      2 mesi fa

      Nonono u don’t understand. It’s special because a female did it.

  96. Glitter
    2 mesi fa

    None of these are unbelievable.

    1. Parallax
      2 mesi fa


  97. HESHAM .m
    HESHAM .m
    2 mesi fa

    5:35 now that the teamwork of really teams

    1. Glizzy Goblin
      Glizzy Goblin
      2 mesi fa

      I had a fucking stroke reading that

  98. 台灣行車紀錄器影片 Taiwan Dash Cam
    台灣行車紀錄器影片 Taiwan Dash Cam
    2 mesi fa

    5:14 that should be a red card

  99. K WS
    K WS
    2 mesi fa

    Guy parachutes onto soccer field.. Only thing the ref can do is show a red card lol

  100. مسعود قربانی
    مسعود قربانی
    2 mesi fa