The Breakfast Club Reacts to Dipset and The LOX’s ‘Verzuz’ Battle

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  1. Growth Mindset
    Growth Mindset
    2 ore fa

    To whomever is scrolling: sending you good vibes for the rest of the day or night. Thank you for reading!

  2. Hector Julio
    Hector Julio
    2 ore fa

  3. Tarrence Conyers
    Tarrence Conyers
    2 ore fa

    Dip got set 2 die Verzuz Lox.

  4. Nicky B
    Nicky B
    2 ore fa

    Angela yee lookin like Rick James with that hair

  5. Ant B
    Ant B
    3 ore fa

    I was a teenager (16-19) bumping dipset with my girl at the time, rocking my PINK tee. I had NO CLUE who the lox were. I only knew all about the Benjamins. Me personally I would of went for dipset. But about 1 week ago I started listening to the lox and alot of style p on spotify, so has an ADULT I think the lox will win!!

  6. APeaceful McAdory
    APeaceful McAdory
    3 ore fa

    Haven’t watched yet but Jada always gonna come out on top

  7. Rubio G
    Rubio G
    3 ore fa

    The Lox Was the Underdogs/Darkhorses of This Versus and They Came War~ready Murdering Dipset Juelz Santana Tried to keep them afloat in the End But it Was too Late..

  8. YoungBlack King94
    YoungBlack King94
    3 ore fa

    Jada the first to be in 2 verzus

  9. Lex
    3 ore fa

    Why they trying to be political. Whoever picked dipset to win, shouldn't be discussing hip hop

  10. Daniel B
    Daniel B
    3 ore fa

    I'm gonna be that guy, p4p d-block is the greatest bar for bar group ever. Jada been the uncrowned king of NY since 1996, no disrespect to big or anyone else, but p4p, bar4bar, he been that guy for over 25 yrs.....🤷‍♂️

    3 ore fa

  12. kevin taylor
    kevin taylor
    3 ore fa

    They lost the second computers started puuting 😂😂😂

  13. Mitchell Edwards
    Mitchell Edwards
    3 ore fa

    Lox killed dipset

  14. king w
    king w
    3 ore fa

    Like jada said 3 bodies in one night that's a hat trick.

  15. The 14th Master
    The 14th Master
    3 ore fa

    All the humidity in the world can't excuse Yee hair lookin like that

  16. Giorgio Selvaggio
    Giorgio Selvaggio
    3 ore fa

    Jay-Z’s Fade to Black concert also top 5 MSG moment

  17. It is what it is TUH
    It is what it is TUH
    3 ore fa

    For hip hop fans people put way too much hope in dipset 😂😂😂😂😂 like what? Jadakiss and the lox I knew would murdered them. Dipset is not top in the lyrical department I would have been more entertained watching Jadakiss rip 50 cent alive like come on.. dipset was a damn joke.. they make club hits they not lyrical geniuses

  18. M00gan
    4 ore fa

    I just got this in my recommended and I thought this was the real breakfast club, the breakfast club in 1985

  19. Stephen Bernard
    Stephen Bernard
    4 ore fa

    I don't know if I witnessed a murder or an assassination, but damn Jada you didn't have to do those boys that dirty ... @/lox @/ruffryders

  20. 44 250
    44 250
    4 ore fa

    No wonder why the lox fought hard for their publishing back

  21. hun ginnshie
    hun ginnshie
    4 ore fa Tell me

  22. shorts tv
    shorts tv
    4 ore fa

  23. shorts tv
    shorts tv
    4 ore fa

  24. JJHcars
    4 ore fa

    6:22 CTG is a little annoyed for being cut off before he Could Say Top 5 MSG Moments

  25. Coudge b
    Coudge b
    4 ore fa

    Dipset never had the catalog

  26. Blaque Aces
    Blaque Aces
    4 ore fa

    The Lox literally Carried the Whole 914 on their Backs. Westchester County Stand The 🤬Up!!! We’re from “The 9” !!!

  27. Kwaku Danso
    Kwaku Danso
    4 ore fa

    Lox never even played these tracks below, and there are over 60 more Joints... Real HipHop: Jada ft Swizz, Sheek /How I Love You: Sheek ft Styles P /Breathe Easy: Lox /I’m Black: Styles P /Gettin’ It In: Jada ft Kanye West /Recognize: Lox ft Eve /If You Know: Lox ft Eve, Swizz, Drag /Ride or Die: Lox, Eve, DMX, Drag /None Y’all Better: Jada ft Styles, Sheek /Bout S**t: Lox ft DMX /Crusin: Jada ft Snoop /Cause I’m Black: Styles ft Black Thought /Hot Sauce To Go: Jada ft Pharrell /Living The Life: Jada ft Prodigy /Holiday: Styles P (RR, Vol 2) /Can I Live: Lox /Un-Hunh: Jada ft DMX /Sorry Ms. Jackson: Jada and Styles(Mixtape freestyle) /Essence: Alchemist ft Lox /Rite where you Stand: Guru ft Jada

  28. Spidey Schaf
    Spidey Schaf
    4 ore fa

    But hold on tho…that recap breakdown at the end by Charlamagne not too shabby.

  29. Kwaku Danso
    Kwaku Danso
    4 ore fa

    It's all about Hardcore Street Music, when it comes to The Lox, and they still got songs for the Ladies. Any Rap Group that came out after 1997, will have a hard #Verzuz against The Lox and Jadakiss. (Also, anybody who only cares about hit songs, should go listen to Soulja Boy, Bow wow, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, etc... with much respect) Peace and Safety all! Lox never even played these tracks below, and there are over 60 more Joints...

  30. Dj MeechLouch
    Dj MeechLouch
    4 ore fa

    Jada murdered them boys by himself. Imagine if they pulled more of Styles catalog.

    1. ikechi music
      ikechi music
      4 ore fa


  31. Ra Mack Fire
    Ra Mack Fire
    4 ore fa

    Loved that Verzuz glad The Lox got their flowers #914

  32. Omar Branch
    Omar Branch
    5 ore fa

    Word!! Too many ninjas on stage with no purpose, thirsty for

  33. XxStrattaGxX
    5 ore fa

    Niggas Said Juelz New Teeth Didn't Know The Old Lyrics 🤣😭😭😭😂

  34. Jennifer N
    Jennifer N
    5 ore fa

    😂😂😂thats how DaBaby shoulda ended his show 📝

  35. Keyron George
    Keyron George
    5 ore fa

    This is a classic

  36. Dennis Johnson
    Dennis Johnson
    5 ore fa

    Lox is a complete group wit order.

  37. RixhSlime Dre
    RixhSlime Dre
    5 ore fa 🔥🔥

  38. Chris senzig
    Chris senzig
    5 ore fa

    Watch 21 minute video Dr Edward all red!

  39. April Baby
    April Baby
    5 ore fa

    lol envy ewing starks aint gonna lie i was a big starks fan lol

  40. Royaltyep Agency
    Royaltyep Agency
    5 ore fa

    The only thing I think that was bad about to show is the threatening part at the end with Cameron cause after he knew it lost

  41. mythoughts 176
    mythoughts 176
    5 ore fa


  42. Distinctly Dri
    Distinctly Dri
    5 ore fa

    Dipset was never a contender for any one who knows hip hop for real. A tour won’t last. Dipset will be in their fefe’s nightly.

  43. Fikir Yashenfal
    Fikir Yashenfal
    5 ore fa


  44. Karl Jordan
    Karl Jordan
    6 ore fa

    Dipset got bullied 😂

  45. مسعود اسکانی پیر
    مسعود اسکانی پیر
    6 ore fa


  46. Christine Lazarus
    Christine Lazarus
    6 ore fa

    Jada did not go there to play. He made dipset look dumb. It was an amazing show/verzuz!

    1. ikechi music
      ikechi music
      4 ore fa

      Lol facts

  47. Invincible Young Empire
    Invincible Young Empire
    6 ore fa

    Jada showed many upcoming artists in the hip hop game a lesson! It’s a difference with mcees and rappers. Jada and The Lox left earth!!!

  48. sharon poosson officiel
    sharon poosson officiel
    6 ore fa

  49. Nathaniel C
    Nathaniel C
    6 ore fa

    Sheek did the whole verse for BadBoys Benjermin 2pt CTG

  50. Mike Proctor JR
    Mike Proctor JR
    6 ore fa


  51. zaow868
    6 ore fa

    Charlemagne was rooting for Dupsst, it's plain to see. Sourness is oozing through his pores hahahahahahaha

  52. JJohnWords
    6 ore fa

    Jada obliterated them and there was a lot of stuff they didnt play. I knew they was desperate when Jimmy was singing along with Max B lyrics lol. This is coming from someone who was a heavy dipset fan. Freeky Zeeky was moving crazy as always.

  53. Suckafree Cee
    Suckafree Cee
    6 ore fa

    This was one of those battles that should've never happened. Because Dipset has classic hits but after this battle the hits won't hit like they use to.

    1. Suckafree Cee
      Suckafree Cee
      6 ore fa

      VERZUZ won't have another battle as nice as this was. The lox set the bar.

  54. AC Green
    AC Green
    6 ore fa

    The Lox was in the game longer with bigger features and producers … but they are better rappers

  55. Henry Ovalles
    Henry Ovalles
    6 ore fa

    Simple : you go against jadakiss YOU WILL FAIL .. #

  56. Dominique Marogani
    Dominique Marogani
    6 ore fa

    JADA really sold me on coming out to one of their tour dates frfr. 🔥🔥🔥

  57. Fastlane5.0
    6 ore fa

    LOX did D proud. Rip 🙏

    1. ikechi music
      ikechi music
      4 ore fa

      Can’t shorten it to “D” .. pause gotta say X

  58. robert caldwell
    robert caldwell
    7 ore fa

    J A D A!!!!!!!!

  59. Monzx_yt
    7 ore fa

  60. More Money
    More Money
    7 ore fa

    This is the backstage video

  61. Pin Killer
    Pin Killer
    7 ore fa

    Jadakiss told y’all he was in Top 5 DOA

  62. Trinity Phillips
    Trinity Phillips
    7 ore fa

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  63. PharaohLawLess1
    7 ore fa

    That Verzuz battle made me break out my Coogi sweater, baggy jeans and Timbs. THEY TURNED THE GARDEN INTO THE TUNNEL!

  64. J4IRU5 D4DDY
    J4IRU5 D4DDY
    7 ore fa

    Snoop and Bow wow were better performers and put on the better Versuz shows imo

  65. Director Smitty
    Director Smitty
    7 ore fa

    Best verses ever. No lip singing no more.

  66. Jay Pop
    Jay Pop
    7 ore fa

  67. JAY CHOU
    7 ore fa

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  68. Lila Alm
    Lila Alm
    7 ore fa


  69. yamper
    7 ore fa

    Ratio 😂😂🤣

  70. Camilo Cardenas
    Camilo Cardenas
    7 ore fa

    What await us.

  71. Jude Komla Adzah Tetteh
    Jude Komla Adzah Tetteh
    7 ore fa

    My condolences to DipSet ✌✌✌

    1. ikechi music
      ikechi music
      4 ore fa


  72. i wonder
    i wonder
    7 ore fa

    Murder 1

  73. Scenic Fights
    Scenic Fights
    7 ore fa

    Jadakiss solidified his legacy and The LOX came in prepared. I was expecting more from Dipset. I know they were capable of more.

    1. I will beat Evil
      I will beat Evil
      4 ore fa

      Ye ikr 😞

    2. John Williams
      John Williams
      7 ore fa

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  75. Like Idyll {Simon}
    Like Idyll {Simon}
    7 ore fa


  76. Rahim Syed
    Rahim Syed
    7 ore fa

    If you going put anyone next to Jada it better be hov

  77. JustActing
    8 ore fa

    Still smoking on the Dipset Pack 🚬

  78. vansh j art's
    vansh j art's
    8 ore fa

    "I m not having job " "I want to handle my family " "ITsuns is not giving views and subscriber 🥺😟" "Help me"!

  79. Jay Ali
    Jay Ali
    8 ore fa

    This should be a wake up call for fans too demand their favourite hip hop artist don't lip rap and DJ stop cutting the track off , let the rappers rap. Santana the beast of dipset didn't even hardly rap.

  80. farrellcityking1
    8 ore fa

    Woulda loved to see X there holdin his people’s down. RIP to the legend.

  81. Travis Clark
    Travis Clark
    8 ore fa

    Why angela yee got Rick James hair…just playing.

    1. ikechi music
      ikechi music
      4 ore fa


  82. MrSantanasWorld
    8 ore fa

    I'm really trying to understand why people think dipset has more hits than the fuckin lox just because they had some mainstream commercial songs dont make it a good song. the lox and I'm talkin all 3 of them have songs that should of been commercial hits just because they weren't bending for the music industry and wearing pink coats dont mean they dont have hits I think that's where everyone got the game fucked up at.. anyone that had dipset to win over the lox I'm sorry but your memory isn't that great and was blinded by the lights cuz while dipset had those few hits and a machine completely backing them the lox was getting it out the mud and holding strong even with hurdles they had in front of them for every 1 hit dipset has the lox has 10 or better my jada voice "what are we doin"

  83. La Go Go Nostra
    La Go Go Nostra
    8 ore fa 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  84. Utkir Istamov
    Utkir Istamov
    8 ore fa

    Very happy very well very happy very good 😍

  85. Ricardo Correia
    Ricardo Correia
    8 ore fa

    Dipset represented what mumble rap will be looking like down the line 😅

  86. comment section police
    comment section police
    8 ore fa

    The lox have been doing hood mixtape for 25 years and they just getting there shine lol diplomats already set it's dipset