Lighting the cauldron 🔥at the London 2012 Opening Ceremony!

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At the Olympic Games in London 2012, about 10,500 athletes from 204 countries compete in 26 different sports, comprising 302 medal events. Whether athletes win a medal or not, they can forever call themselves Olympians. The sporting competitions are undoubtedly the central focus of the Olympic Games and participating in the Games is the ultimate goal for most athletes. Enjoy watching the lighting of the cauldron at the London 2012 Opening Ceremony.

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  1. unbroken1010
    29 giorni fa

    Ritual humiliation at it's finest

  2. VictorYong36
    Mese fa

    One of the runners was a bronze medallist at the next Olympics in Rio

  3. J V
    J V
    Mese fa

    I like the Bg music.😍😍😍 London 2012 Torch is like a Harry Potter theme.😅

  4. Al T
    Al T
    Mese fa

    The sights and sounds.... What a beautiful 'flower' of flames that lit up the special evening! Each of the 204 individual flames is from every participating country's copper 'petal', all coming together, unified to form one massive beacon of light for all to see at the centre of the stadium. Even an alien from another galaxy would be touched by this dramatic representation of what humanity (and Olympics) is all about. Well done London -- cleverly meaningful, diplomatically inclusive and totally brilliant!

    Mese fa

    My opinion Better than rio or Tokyo

      9 giorni fa

      @Felipe my opinion ok

      9 giorni fa

      @PastPresented my opinion

    3. PastPresented
      Mese fa

      @Felipe Nope

    4. Felipe
      Mese fa

      You must be kidding

  6. deep x
    deep x
    Mese fa

    add some vfx

  7. Hani Anastasha
    Hani Anastasha
    Mese fa

    What a peaceful life we had 9 yrs ago

  8. Japman Rehal
    Japman Rehal
    Mese fa

    Beautiful capturing, scenery and music

  9. 🐿️hohyeonmi
    Mese fa

    how can watch match officials

  10. Sachith Lokugamage
    Sachith Lokugamage
    Mese fa


  11. dor zeilik
    dor zeilik
    Mese fa


  12. Nikhil Mudaliar
    Nikhil Mudaliar
    Mese fa

    12,800 "miles"? Is London in England or the US lol

    1. PastPresented
      Mese fa

      In addition to being carried (mostly by air) from Olympia in Greece, the flame was taken within easy travelling distance of almost everybody in the UK, and briefly to Dublin. [EDIT: In response to the quotation marks round "miles"- It was decided that changing every road-sign in Britain with distances or speeds on was too expensive, so the UK still uses miles on the roads, despite all the mapping being metric]

  13. seerpou
    Mese fa

    this is cultish

  14. Scott Read
    Scott Read
    Mese fa

    The UK really just went down the drain after the London 2012 Olympics. Nevertheless, videos such as this remind us of better days.

  15. وصفات سهام الناجحة SomaCook
    وصفات سهام الناجحة SomaCook
    Mese fa


  16. Elliott Makin
    Elliott Makin
    Mese fa

    Amazing . The essence and message of passing the torch over . The music the lighting - perfect 👍🏽

  17. Valll L
    Valll L
    Mese fa


  18. John Munro
    John Munro
    Mese fa

    I remember being so emotional watching this. It really was magical. So much has changed since those days. My country never felt more United 🤩.... Now it's never felt more divided.😞 But pink Floyd during the fireworks though 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  19. Martina2497 wta
    Martina2497 wta
    Mese fa

    Don’t burn yourself Naomi. What a beautiful moment nonetheless. Favourite Olympic moment of all time.

  20. darkbendover
    Mese fa

    this olympics is a joke. look what they did to taiwan.

  21. The costfree
    The costfree
    Mese fa

    Usain bolt ⚡ at the end epic!

    2 mesi fa


  23. Siv
    2 mesi fa

    Covid19 prédiction

  24. Mangala Fernando
    Mangala Fernando
    2 mesi fa


    2 mesi fa


  26. A
    2 mesi fa


  27. Vighnesh Sankaran
    Vighnesh Sankaran
    2 mesi fa


  28. mahesa rendy
    mahesa rendy
    2 mesi fa

    Kalo obornya di tiup di penjara kali yak. Kali aja ada yg iseng..

  29. 09bikerman1
    2 mesi fa

    What a thrilling moment.. so so wonderful

  30. Ibtissam Doubri
    Ibtissam Doubri
    2 mesi fa

    Vive le Maroc

  31. david d
    david d
    2 mesi fa

    Celebrating humanities oneness by culmination of waste instead of saving thousands of lives with the millions of dollars...golden.

    1. PastPresented
      2 mesi fa

      But what if spending that money on promoting peace prevented thousands of deaths which would have resulted directly or indirectly from armed conflict?

  32. Letra
    2 mesi fa

    It feels like a Harry Potter movie in real life.

    1. Lockhart _
      Lockhart _
      2 mesi fa

      Also hunger games

    2. Ananya Dileep
      Ananya Dileep
      2 mesi fa

      Me tooo

  33. simunator
    2 mesi fa

    it's the camera flashes that gets me going

  34. Mark Gibson-Penman
    Mark Gibson-Penman
    2 mesi fa

    The greatest show on earth and the most beautiful cauldron ever made! Well done London!

  35. Angel's Ruby
    Angel's Ruby
    2 mesi fa

    Imagine if he actually dropped it

  36. raydn2323
    2 mesi fa

    How are the ratings ?

    1. PastPresented
      2 mesi fa

      What sort of ratings?

  37. D283JDSK
    2 mesi fa

    This might be the best Olympic opening ceremony that will ever happen.

    1. D283JDSK
      2 mesi fa

      /has ever happened

  38. I am Smart too
    I am Smart too
    2 mesi fa

    All the Best india 🇮🇳

  39. Mohammed #
    Mohammed #
    2 mesi fa

    I thought this was Tokyo Olympics for a second lol

  40. Rico Seis
    Rico Seis
    2 mesi fa

    Too bad... you can't go back. You now have a pool. Enjoy

  41. Fannie Pailagao
    Fannie Pailagao
    2 mesi fa

    I've always wanted to join to olympics but I wasnt that lucky for the opportunity

  42. Scoobz
    2 mesi fa

    Imagine tripping and the flame goes out. 😭

  43. John Rae Guimbungan
    John Rae Guimbungan
    2 mesi fa

    Peeta Mellarck

  44. Virginia Douglas
    Virginia Douglas
    2 mesi fa

    No face mask hmmmmmmm

  45. Don Kurdi
    Don Kurdi
    2 mesi fa

    I don't understand. Nominated for what? And by who?

    1. PastPresented
      2 mesi fa

      Nominated to take responsibility for the future, by the people (Olympic champions) responsible for the past.

  46. Jason Eyermann
    Jason Eyermann
    2 mesi fa

    This reminds me of the scene from Superman when he blows out the torch

  47. Ili
    2 mesi fa


  48. Reza Alwinsyah
    Reza Alwinsyah
    2 mesi fa


  49. Anthony Goodley
    Anthony Goodley
    2 mesi fa

    fire, Fire FIRE 🔥🔥🔥

  50. Xhetri un
    Xhetri un
    2 mesi fa


  51. Pak Samnang
    Pak Samnang
    2 mesi fa

    My lord, way too awesome 👏

  52. Salmon Sulaymonzoda
    Salmon Sulaymonzoda
    2 mesi fa


  53. Salmon Sulaymonzoda
    Salmon Sulaymonzoda
    2 mesi fa

    Olğa Uzbekistan

  54. Obed Bhiziki
    Obed Bhiziki
    2 mesi fa

    London 2012 was the peak of the Olympics

  55. Julman Juman Australia
    Julman Juman Australia
    2 mesi fa


  56. Primitive Technology VannaKH
    Primitive Technology VannaKH
    2 mesi fa

    Fantastic ♥️🥰

  57. Margareth Salonoy
    Margareth Salonoy
    2 mesi fa


  58. CartoonCrazy94
    2 mesi fa

    It's so sad seeing this and comparing this to Japan now. No crowds, political arguments and drugs are plaguing these games. What a different world we had 9 short years ago.

  59. RYG
    2 mesi fa

    I was disappointed especially after what they showed in Rio and some fav character for the opening ceremonies

  60. •
    2 mesi fa

    I miss 2012

  61. N POWER
    2 mesi fa

    Freakishly weirdest Olympic opening ceremony I have ever watched

  62. Rany Anggraeni
    Rany Anggraeni
    2 mesi fa


  63. Thornee Rose
    Thornee Rose
    2 mesi fa

    It was just so Wowwww😍😍😍 Goosebumps all over🥰😍

    1. prakash patil patil
      prakash patil patil
      20 giorni fa


  64. Bilqis Marino
    Bilqis Marino
    2 mesi fa


  65. Blue Dude
    Blue Dude
    2 mesi fa

    I was wondering why there was so much people there, turns out it was 2012 opening

    2 mesi fa


  67. Shahzad R
    Shahzad R
    2 mesi fa

    Why did they repost this now? I swear it looks like some of u think this is this year

    2 mesi fa

    korang salah bukak video kan?..

  69. Ilham Maulana
    Ilham Maulana
    2 mesi fa

    TOBE FLY HIGH!!!!!

  70. _larryfisherman
    2 mesi fa

    Too bad they aren't paid enough...

  71. Sterling Lowery
    Sterling Lowery
    2 mesi fa

    Pain is temporary, and glory last forever.

  72. Sterling Lowery
    Sterling Lowery
    2 mesi fa

    The grandest stage of them all.

  73. Marko's Fragile Ego Audits
    Marko's Fragile Ego Audits
    2 mesi fa

    Better opening than this year.

  74. Anthony Prasi
    Anthony Prasi
    2 mesi fa

    Just wow Fabulous ❤️😍😘

  75. dzhellek
    2 mesi fa

    9:12 Brain damage? They're playing brain damage. Odd choice, even if you limit it to Pink Floyd.

  76. Call Me Cal
    Call Me Cal
    2 mesi fa

    I think it’s time to cancel the Olympics. Smh it’s teaching kids to run with fire that is def a cancelable offense

  77. Fadi Tounsi
    Fadi Tounsi
    2 mesi fa


  78. Valerie Selau
    Valerie Selau
    2 mesi fa

    It's one of the best of the best ever in the history of the Olympics in any country in the world. London 2012 is the best. ❤️🔥

    1. unbroken1010
      29 giorni fa

      Ritual humiliation at it's finest for predictive programming and cv

  79. WIN Channel
    WIN Channel
    2 mesi fa

    Semangat Terus Indonesia🇮🇩

  80. ujiha hitachi
    ujiha hitachi
    2 mesi fa

    congrats japan to start olympics tokyo 2021..

  81. Cute Mini
    Cute Mini
    2 mesi fa

    Wow, what a novelty

  82. Kim jenny Belford
    Kim jenny Belford
    2 mesi fa

    Thanks for watching 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  83. Connor CHUCK Norris
    Connor CHUCK Norris
    2 mesi fa


  84. randy
    2 mesi fa

    People do not care about these events anymore

  85. Logan Roark
    Logan Roark
    2 mesi fa

    This is one of the things the aliens should see once humanity goes extinct. They won’t be able to understand what’s going on, or what’s being said; but I’m sure they’ll be able to understand the beauty of it.

    1. Sungod
      2 mesi fa

      @Karen Z lay off the drugs for awhile

    2. Kate katey
      Kate katey
      2 mesi fa


  86. Gemma P
    Gemma P
    2 mesi fa

    Wow the evil eye strikes again

  87. ToasterBrain
    2 mesi fa

    I love how Pagan it was. Hits my soul.

  88. Gum
    2 mesi fa

    Way back 2012 im watching this in live i was like ":O" for 10 mins

  89. Free TikTok Promo
    Free TikTok Promo
    2 mesi fa


  90. 0°'sNorth
    2 mesi fa

    the cherry on top was the music and fireworks till end of vid just bam!

  91. El Doctorado Carlos
    El Doctorado Carlos
    2 mesi fa

    Dominican Republic

  92. T-Virus Terrance
    T-Virus Terrance
    2 mesi fa

    Hello, Humans. Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in 1911, which drew more visitors to see the empty space than the actual painting. TERRANCE OUT

  93. dieter rosswag
    dieter rosswag
    2 mesi fa

    Tears in my eyes. Makes me remember 1936 or so

  94. Vishal Srivastava
    Vishal Srivastava
    2 mesi fa

    Spectacular Event ....... Applausible work by JAPAN 🇯🇵 Love from INDIA 🇮🇳

  95. iceberg789
    2 mesi fa

    olympic 2021 opened and there was no news coverage, no hype anywhere , what the world has come to...... !!

  96. Ralph Miranda
    Ralph Miranda
    2 mesi fa

    Ffs , it took me 4.5 minutes to realise this is the 2012 olympics.

    1. John Rae Guimbungan
      John Rae Guimbungan
      2 mesi fa

      You are a certified dyslexic

  97. Diçe
    2 mesi fa

    The state of the atmosphere in that stadium 😍

  98. SJ XN
    SJ XN
    2 mesi fa

    This was the worst cauldron lighting I've ever seen. Oosaka Naomi just looked lifeless and fed up, as if she was doing the world a favour by being there.

    1. Snapplegu
      2 mesi fa

      Well she shouldn't be there she's an American first and foremost and can't even speak Japanese.

  99. Donna Wilson-Johnson
    Donna Wilson-Johnson
    2 mesi fa

    yes igniting the witches brew

  100. Twice fan
    Twice fan
    2 mesi fa

    l wish they use twice songs like always