What happened to Beats by Dre?

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Beats by Dr Dre used to be a worldwide phenomenon, but then Apple got involved...
Do I regret switching to an iPhone?: itsuns.info/rock/eqyqqYxpZpqAeW0/video
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  1. Mrwhosetheboss
    4 mesi fa

    So this is pretty much my first non-smartphone related video in over a year! I'm trying something new, so would love some feedback if anything comes to mind! 🙏 For my last video about whether I regret moving to an iPhone: itsuns.info/rock/eqyqqYxpZpqAeW0/video

    1. NotRacc
      Giorno fa

      Don’t pray to use PRAY TO JESUS PRAISE JESUS AMEN 🙏

    2. Scutoid Studios
      Scutoid Studios
      3 giorni fa

      From the brand of their dreams to the brand of their memes.

    3. t0n0k0
      4 giorni fa

      I wonder what they wil do next with Shazam, I have been waiting but nothing big yet. Of course I will ditch it if apple product is too restrictive as usual. I do respect apple for privacy above all else though, there was a company even better at this but it's dead in the water now sadly 🤕😃

    4. M. M.
      M. M.
      6 giorni fa

      @Mrwhosetheboss, you know, now I'm wanting to see your headphone recc's.

    5. thedarkknight1971
      9 giorni fa

      And don't forget VW had a Beats Music speaker/stereo setup in their VW Polo cars..... 😏

  2. Phong Nguyen
    Phong Nguyen
    5 minuti fa

    I bought one of their headphones. It fell apart within a few days.

  3. TheJoeMB
    50 minuti fa

    Beats headphones really were trash. I sampled a friend's $400 pair and i was shocked at the sound quality.

  4. S3V3N13TT3R5
    Ora fa

    When you were growing up? Are you 12?

  5. TheFruitsClan
    Ora fa

    plastic pieces of shit that sounded like 1$ things

  6. Rick Harrison
    Rick Harrison
    2 ore fa

    Overpriced headphones that were not great, time killed them with a little help from Apple

  7. Mik e
    Mik e
    2 ore fa

    I still have my Audio Technica ATH-M50 that I bought like 5 years ago that still work like new. $150 and they sound better than every Beats headphone except maybe the Pro. The Beats Pro sounds about as good as the M50, but for like double the price.

  8. Jonathan Graber
    Jonathan Graber
    2 ore fa

    "this American rapper called Dr. Dre" dude

  9. Gael
    2 ore fa

    And that kids is why Steve Jobs is actually one of the most hated person on earth.

  10. Ni-tor
    3 ore fa

    no one: Never somebody: youtube just exsisting: Beats: our youtube. @Mrwhosetheboss

  11. Ni-tor
    3 ore fa

    I remember beats😭

  12. Xeno OdyessyJae
    Xeno OdyessyJae
    3 ore fa

    My own pair of Beats headphones stopped working during my second year of high school, 2015. My mom got it for me as a gift, but little did we know it was a rip-off version. The codes don't even match, and each repair shop we went to can't fix it. Even if I charged the batteries, it still doesn't work. Since then, I stuck with using my Sony headphones, Apple earbuds, and my Audio-Technica earphone-clips.

    3 ore fa

    Apple bought Beats just to clear the way for their Headphones.

  14. Kilian
    3 ore fa

    I remember how bad their sound was. I did not understand the hype

  15. Andrew VR
    Andrew VR
    5 ore fa

    I hated beats they were shit

  16. Envy-G
    5 ore fa

    I completely forgot those existed

  17. Charles Solano
    Charles Solano
    5 ore fa

    This video should be called "Stating the Obvious" lmao

  18. voodooru
    6 ore fa

    LOL apple didn't 'pillage the company and engineers' that's what an acquisition literally is. calm down with the hyperbole. awful presenter.

  19. BloodyVagabond
    7 ore fa

    Ooh... that's why apple headphones sound so weak. They're just beats.

  20. Konrad Leśniak
    Konrad Leśniak
    9 ore fa

    Not everything what is popular is good and not everything good is popular. when got Beats as a gift I thought it was fake. it sounded so bad

  21. BlueElite11
    9 ore fa

    apple sucks

  22. Sr BeetleVase
    Sr BeetleVase
    10 ore fa

    Typical anti-competitive behaviour from Apple

  23. Castro Diase
    Castro Diase
    11 ore fa

    He sold it and Apple made shitty products from it . I know because the quality of the material feels not only cheaper but half complete. My favorite beats of all time were the mixrs but apple would only think of what makes money

  24. Jellyfish Soundz
    Jellyfish Soundz
    11 ore fa

    Sorry Beats were crap, $500 another name with endorsement but crap quality. A Sony for $99 are such better.

  25. Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics
    Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics
    12 ore fa

    Bh dear.

  26. Mystninja
    12 ore fa

    Black lives matter happened

  27. George Blank
    George Blank
    13 ore fa

    Two things I always knew about Beats: They were over-priced, badly tuned buckets of shit, and every person that works in audio who promoted them is a wanker.

  28. Daniel Ponder
    Daniel Ponder
    13 ore fa

    they were all bass, and I listen to a lot of classical - so it's Sennheiser, Audio Technica, maybe Bose

  29. stephen hilton
    stephen hilton
    13 ore fa

    Beats were awful, I had 2 expensive pairs, both didnt last more than 6 months, and at the price, they were seriously lacking in quality

    13 ore fa

    dr dre is a producer, and not just some producer, hes THE producer

  31. Littlebigdwolf
    14 ore fa

    Smart but harsh move

  32. Paper Thin Armor
    Paper Thin Armor
    15 ore fa

    The only thing I remember about the Beats brand is a image showing an offbrand headphone called "Meats by Dr. Dre"

  33. Sujith Krishna
    Sujith Krishna
    16 ore fa

    who actually saw this video with beats on?

  34. Casper Lax
    Casper Lax
    17 ore fa

    mine broke in 2 months. built like shit.

  35. Pratham Tagotra
    Pratham Tagotra
    17 ore fa

    Apple beats Beats by buying the beats

  36. Paul Mchugh
    Paul Mchugh
    18 ore fa

    Like all big companies. They buy the littler companies and then Bury them whilst taken their tech.

  37. bleeding paper poetry
    bleeding paper poetry
    19 ore fa

    Reminds me of Snyder's cut Justice league dialogue: Flash: " What's your Super Power?" Batman: " I'm RICH."

  38. Jogie Glen Mait
    Jogie Glen Mait
    19 ore fa

    Oh, you mean those trashy headphones?

  39. Bob Jones
    Bob Jones
    19 ore fa

    Beats were garbage from the beginning. They just had high profile celerity marketing which all the sheep out there can't resist.

  40. David Garcia
    David Garcia
    19 ore fa

    Apple mf’s act like they forgot about Dre

  41. Karp Grinder
    Karp Grinder
    20 ore fa

    I remember reading a news article some years back that compared "official" Beats by Dre versus the cheap knock-offs; and the testing/teardown revealed that the "knock-offs" were actually made with superior parts and craftsmanship than the "official" beats. The tear-down also revealed that several models of "official" beats had added unnecessary metal weights to simply make the headphones heavier for an "expensive" feel.

  42. The Incineroar Main
    The Incineroar Main
    20 ore fa

    Hearing someone say "Beats by Dr Dre" sends me right back to 2013.

  43. M E P R
    M E P R
    20 ore fa

    Apple aquires Beats > Apple ignores Beats > Beats brand value deteriorates > Apple launches its own premium headphones. Next step: Apple shelves Beats. Hmmm...this is how monopolies work right?

  44. Venwar und Nerozh Al Karsafi
    Venwar und Nerozh Al Karsafi
    21 ora fa

    Apple is a threat

  45. LTZ xWorks
    LTZ xWorks
    22 ore fa

    TL;DW: Apple bought Beats to steal all their tech and shut the company down.

  46. Max
    22 ore fa

    Spent 300 dollars on a pair of beats from target. Broke after a year

  47. Zinne
    23 ore fa

    bh dear

  48. HighTower
    Giorno fa

    Everyone with money and no sense of what music should sounds like owns a pair of beats

  49. David Pelky
    David Pelky
    Giorno fa

    The eminent playroom effectively agree because straw transmurally check within a disgusting muscle. verdant, friendly freeze

  50. Leap of Azzam
    Leap of Azzam
    Giorno fa

    Bh dear

    Giorno fa

    Beats and blackberry both kings fallen

  52. John Beaker
    John Beaker
    Giorno fa

    Beats are only bought by morons who care more about style than sound quality. There's literally no reason to buy them, at every single price point there are headphones that destroy the Beats equivalent.

  53. Leo Young
    Leo Young
    Giorno fa

    this video could've been a minute. read that again.

  54. Se7entynet
    Giorno fa

    “This American rapper called Dr. Dre” They want to know your location.

  55. Trauts Ewol
    Trauts Ewol
    Giorno fa

    You lost me at “fake beats were tantalising” Stop stereotyping your own race.

  56. Neo
    Giorno fa

    Apples music wait what ? You trying to imply the foundation is from Beats? LoL 😂 homework not done

  57. KyrieFortune
    Giorno fa

    "What happened to Beats by Dre?" Capitalism.

  58. Red_Stone
    Giorno fa

    Oh yeah i remember beats Thats actually weird that i forgot they existed cuz i only heard about them and did not think that they were amazing just some headphones and moved on but atleast now ik what happened to them thanks!

  59. Kian Zinzell
    Kian Zinzell
    Giorno fa

    Why did I read the thumbnail as "🅱️H DEAR"

  60. Zabu Koii
    Zabu Koii
    Giorno fa

    I got a pair for Christmas and they lasted a year and then shit the bed

  61. Mawashi Geri
    Mawashi Geri
    Giorno fa

    Beats aren’t a thing anymore? I need to get out more...

  62. mrkiiprototype
    Giorno fa

    Skullcandy came in and made better products 😐

  63. Unknown
    Giorno fa

    It’s not rocket science, Apple bought them and took all their tech and put it in other things. Now Dre is laughing all the way to the bank.

  64. Brady Camp
    Brady Camp
    Giorno fa

    Huh. So, Mrwhosetheboss wasn't a top channel in 2020?

  65. Lanz22
    Giorno fa

    "This American rapper Dr. Dre" mmmmmmkay

  66. MrCrazyPantz
    Giorno fa

    Fuck I hate airpods

  67. Konstantin Sergej
    Konstantin Sergej
    Giorno fa

    Pretty easy. People realised there were the shittiest overpriced headphones out there

    1. Konstantin Sergej
      Konstantin Sergej
      Giorno fa

      And speakers

  68. The Fluff Unity
    The Fluff Unity
    Giorno fa

    I have a Beats Solo³

  69. Steve
    Giorno fa

    Your wrong on one point Mrwhosetheboss. When Beats started they were manufactured by Monster and good, very good in fact. However, once the brand became known they went for cheaper builds no longer made by Monster. Never bought a pair after that change and having listened to some in shops it was a good move. I did buy a pair of Monster golds and they were great. Right now I use LG Tone FN7 made in collaboration with Meridian a UK HiFi company, great sound.

  70. Seyed Hussein Mirzaki
    Seyed Hussein Mirzaki
    Giorno fa

    lol this American rapper looooooooooooooooooooooooool

  71. get2choppa
    Giorno fa

    why let beats die WHEN YOU OWN THEM?

  72. xXgolden-gamerXx
    Giorno fa

    beats: i used to rule the world

  73. Cody Christie
    Cody Christie
    Giorno fa

    Apple bought Beats to kill Beats.

  74. Gonçalo Pestana
    Gonçalo Pestana
    Giorno fa

    Beats was ahead of its time.

  75. Google Is A Cruel Mistress
    Google Is A Cruel Mistress
    Giorno fa

    Weren't they exposed for having relatively average audio quality but a luxury price so people just go with headphones that actually sound good?

  76. Baguette Man
    Baguette Man
    2 giorni fa

    What happened? well part of it is, it's real fucking easy to make good over the ear headphones, amazon happened, why would anyone pay that price for mediocre headphones when chinese brands do it for 30$, you want brand recognition? buy airpods, you want great sound buy Sennheiser. And i disagree about the apple buy, at least where i live, beats was already long dead by 2014.

    1. LordIron
      6 ore fa

      well considering Sennheiser just sold their headphone division of the company to a Swiss company that makes hearing devices for those with hearing loss. You're probably not going to be able to buy headphones from Sennheiser anymore.

  77. Purushotham Datta
    Purushotham Datta
    2 giorni fa

    Yah even I used them

  78. Electrickiller 098
    Electrickiller 098
    2 giorni fa

    I’m using my brothers beats right now

  79. Dex Loves Games
    Dex Loves Games
    2 giorni fa

    I just thought about this the other day! Thanks for the answer, mate.

  80. Pahricida
    2 giorni fa

    listening to this on my Shure AONIC-50 headphones .. kinda happy I never went with Beats or Apple even back then I had some Sennheiser PMX 200.

  81. Xynthar Gaming
    Xynthar Gaming
    2 giorni fa

    Look up what happened between Noel Lee and monster actually gives more stuff

  82. SAPPY
    2 giorni fa

    Scam by Dre

  83. Justine Cordero
    Justine Cordero
    2 giorni fa

    yeah, fuck beats

  84. Jay Gonzalez
    Jay Gonzalez
    2 giorni fa

    I have beats audio in my car 👀😂

  85. Franco Aranda
    Franco Aranda
    2 giorni fa

    I'm wearing solo 3's rn 😳

  86. Just.Observer
    2 giorni fa

    The same happens to Nokia

  87. Urbicide_if
    2 giorni fa

    My sister still has and uses the rosegold ones

  88. GamesWorld
    2 giorni fa

    Beats ruined the market. Now we have all of these Sony xm3s, bose 700 etc that sound really bad but cost a lot because of the features, packaging, materials but definitely not the sound

  89. Mike Baker
    Mike Baker
    2 giorni fa

    tl;dr: Apple. Again.

  90. Jeramithehuman
    2 giorni fa

    Had beats for 2 weeks took them back complete junk bought the Bose instead. No comparison how much better the Bose is. I like the Bose better than the expensive over ear Apple ones. Just my opinion

  91. dieborn savage600
    dieborn savage600
    2 giorni fa

    Arun-"beats were just headphones made by some american rapper called dr dre" me -are u crazy dr dre is just some rapper he is the best record producer ever and is among the best rappers ever

  92. my-tbeats
    2 giorni fa

    it was a con , they made billions whit it sold it to another con company like ppel and went away wit billion they stold form hard working ppl

  93. Landi Batt
    Landi Batt
    2 giorni fa

    I left the video after seeing unavoidable add in your video

  94. Darnell Brown
    Darnell Brown
    2 giorni fa

    Before I even make it past 35 seconds in my opinion beats went straight down hill after Apple bought the company

  95. Patrick YTB
    Patrick YTB
    2 giorni fa

    Aww, shit. I totally forgot about Dre

  96. Kay’shots
    2 giorni fa

    but apple being on top is because kids arent cool without airpods.

  97. DrugStar1136
    2 giorni fa

    I never use Apple Music either haha and never will

  98. DrugStar1136
    2 giorni fa

    I never liked Beats

  99. assbalonkerful
    2 giorni fa

    Shouldn't the "whose" in your channel name be spelt "who's" ?

  100. Soniel Elica
    Soniel Elica
    2 giorni fa

    Another brand that relied to pure Endorsements