Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Megan Rapinoe and the gender pay gap

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Ben discusses the gender pay gap and comments on Megan Rapinoe's speech.
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  1. Rakshay Jain
    Rakshay Jain
    30 minuti fa

    I think instead of stupidly complaining women sportspersons should focus on actually marketing and making popular women's sports. And even in the current situation they're making as much as if not more than the highest educated people so they really don't have much to complain about

  2. Rakshay Jain
    Rakshay Jain
    35 minuti fa

    The fact that ben himself posted this is hilarious

  3. Username
    3 ore fa

    What's wrong with you dude? Who spit in your juice box?

  4. Colin Dukowski
    Colin Dukowski
    8 ore fa

    Thanks Ben for the betting tips. Was going to take my pay home to the wife and kids but with your bookie, I think my luck can change. Thanks!

  5. Sweetballs
    9 ore fa

    Just found out about you like 2days ago but I already love you, you speak facts

  6. OjiCree
    15 ore fa

    Ben Shapiro DESTROYS children's astronaut dreams with FACTS

  7. SL0wBurn
    Giorno fa

    How they carried themselves during play is the biggest problem. This is the Olympics, world scale.. and you run around acting like children on the field. They should be deported to the women's soccer team who came in last's country and learn some respect for the public.

  8. Nathan Is A Car Dude
    Nathan Is A Car Dude
    Giorno fa

    This is funny 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Matthew Sanderson
    Matthew Sanderson
    Giorno fa

    This dude is so smart

  10. Ben Yaakov
    Ben Yaakov
    Giorno fa

    Who is Megan Rapinoe?

  11. Kayden Validd
    Kayden Validd
    Giorno fa

    “how dare we”😂😂

  12. Pugking 18
    Pugking 18
    2 giorni fa

    It should be illegal to go onto anything that is important with colored hair

  13. Omar El-Mohri
    Omar El-Mohri
    2 giorni fa

    “A contract player on the women’s team makes a base salary and can earn performance-based bonuses. (Players without a contract have a different pay schedule.) On the men’s team, players earn only bonuses.” How about this as a difference?

  14. Omar El-Mohri
    Omar El-Mohri
    2 giorni fa

    Playing soccer is NOT a job

  15. that Funmaker
    that Funmaker
    2 giorni fa

    This would be like a 14 year old girls basketball team beating the Lakers 62 - 25

  16. robrentrh
    2 giorni fa

    Yes play soccer and use your tongue and shut up already

  17. Caleb Curry
    Caleb Curry
    2 giorni fa

    I don’t think he’s ever missed in his life he’s a literal genius

  18. Cameron Hirtle
    Cameron Hirtle
    2 giorni fa

    They didn't LOSE to Dallas-U15. They got wrecked by them.

  19. Zeuster
    2 giorni fa

    I’m native/ Mexican and my mom and my sister both have jobs my mom is making 40-50 an hour and my sister is making 47 an hour

  20. Cristian Cuevas
    Cristian Cuevas
    2 giorni fa

    Ask me out!!! Girl 😂

  21. Andrew Buckley
    Andrew Buckley
    3 giorni fa

    I have a pal who works four days a week whilst two women do the same job as him but work two days a week, same hourly pay but when you look at their annual SALARIES it APPEARS that those women are earning less. If you follow feminist gender pay gap nonsense to it's illogical conclusion those two would get the same pay for working half as much as the man! Insanity!

  22. albert winston
    albert winston
    3 giorni fa

    Biden is such a tool

  23. Mayor EB Farnum
    Mayor EB Farnum
    3 giorni fa

    on average women make more money than men in USA, and fewer women seeking work are unemployed compared to men seeking work, if anyone brings up paygap just walk away, dont engage in that BS coz it will legitimize those lies

  24. Ken Yew Cheok
    Ken Yew Cheok
    3 giorni fa

    In Asian society, men are expected more of women, they are the provider of the family. Even when the wives work, men are to pay the bills. Therefore I don't see any issues in men being paid more than women.

  25. Migga Mouse
    Migga Mouse
    3 giorni fa

    Women have beauty contests because women are deemed more attractive than men. Men have sport competitions because we are born with testosterones so are better at sports than women. If more people are willing to watch a show obviously it's going to get more money

  26. TheRealKeelia
    3 giorni fa

    Rhonda Rousey said it best. She gets paid more than the men because SHE BRINGS IN MORE MONEY THAN THEM. As soon as women sports bring in the money that men’s sports do they will get paid more. Their salary is directly related to the amount of money they make.

  27. Adrian Diaz
    Adrian Diaz
    3 giorni fa

    Where does nature vs nurture fall into the claim of gender pay gap.

  28. x Kulslaw
    x Kulslaw
    3 giorni fa

    You should run for pres you’d have my vote

  29. Dicas do Hermínio
    Dicas do Hermínio
    4 giorni fa

    Victimization. Just like BLM

  30. Heidi Raitio
    Heidi Raitio
    4 giorni fa

    You did not destroy, you babbled.....

    1. pog?
      4 giorni fa

      He made lots of valid points so he did destroy. Can you rebut his points....

  31. Prestige Worldwide
    Prestige Worldwide
    5 giorni fa


  32. Mari JG
    Mari JG
    5 giorni fa

    I love u men!!!

  33. Mari JG
    Mari JG
    5 giorni fa

    She is so freaking confuse. So when it’s convenient she is a women, and when is not she is a male 🤦🏼‍♀️WTF

    1. LL
      10 ore fa

      Ikr I think like that too about some woman who go all feminist-mode on small things

  34. Normunds Skudra
    Normunds Skudra
    5 giorni fa

    If we remove white male from here and put Asian woman on top can we now blame Asian woman for doin injustice to other women?

  35. Israel Marlo
    Israel Marlo
    5 giorni fa

    Men can’t open pickle jars better ? 😂 I like that one

  36. Julie Hice
    Julie Hice
    5 giorni fa


  37. lowrydr 1408
    lowrydr 1408
    5 giorni fa

    Концовка заебись

  38. Jim Sty the HP Guy
    Jim Sty the HP Guy
    6 giorni fa

    Why is the playback speed on this so fast? Yeah, I know Ben talks extremely fast and shifts a lot, but the speed in this video was obviously cranked up...why? It's kind of funny actually.

  39. Jake Tyler
    Jake Tyler
    6 giorni fa

    Ade rather buy shit rags at the supermarket than buy WNBA tickets.😂😂😂

  40. Trace Wetzel
    Trace Wetzel
    6 giorni fa

    He makes me feel like there is a glimmer of hope for humanity to stay a float

    1. Simeion Hall
      Simeion Hall
      14 ore fa

      @Thomas Lafrance literally beautiful

    2. Thomas Lafrance
      Thomas Lafrance
      19 ore fa

      Damn that sounded poetic

  41. Nicole Green
    Nicole Green
    6 giorni fa

    If men are becoming women and women are becoming men, then there is no gender pay gap.

  42. Stefan DrakChe
    Stefan DrakChe
    7 giorni fa

    Woman football sucks

  43. TheStapleGunKid
    7 giorni fa

    This is like complaining CFL players don't get paid the same as NFL players. Or that minor league baseball players should get paid the same as major league players.

  44. LSMe 25
    LSMe 25
    7 giorni fa

    I hate that the left has to own all that social construct gender stuff because technically I’m the left and I think that shit is retarded.

  45. Fábio Borges
    Fábio Borges
    7 giorni fa

    The result of the left pandering to stupidity, every insane manipulative individual can now hold a press conference.

  46. Ar rOe
    Ar rOe
    8 giorni fa

    I don't know of any existing rule that would prevent a women to play with the man, so if she does the same work, she could just play with them whenever she wants...

  47. Scott Richardson
    Scott Richardson
    8 giorni fa

    For Every Dollar a Man Makes, A Woman makes 70 cents. That's Not Fair, The Man is only left with 0.30.

  48. Zach M
    Zach M
    8 giorni fa

    I don’t understand the problem. The difference between men’s and women’s soccer is like the difference between Apple and LG. If you work for LG you’re going to make less because there’s less profit, straight up. It’s very simple, I can’t pay you millions if you don’t make me millions 🤷🏻‍♂️

  49. Ben Angell
    Ben Angell
    8 giorni fa

    The fact this is even still a discussion is a joke.

  50. Wendy Robson
    Wendy Robson
    8 giorni fa

    This person hit me the wrong way immediately when she showed her attitude and opened her mouth! She lives way outside of reality and I mean way out! She has not been dis-valued.....she brought that remark down on her head by using the hole called a mouth!

  51. Cody Williams
    Cody Williams
    8 giorni fa

    Nobody cares about this stuff you guys obsess about. You’re wasting your lives on this stuff

  52. tocca yoniki
    tocca yoniki
    8 giorni fa

    She is a beta .

  53. Al N
    Al N
    8 giorni fa

    Who is the guy with the pink hair?

  54. French Fry in your McDonalds Bag
    French Fry in your McDonalds Bag
    8 giorni fa

    good lord ben u didnt have to do her like that

  55. Jason Fuhrman
    Jason Fuhrman
    8 giorni fa

    Hahaha that ad read.

  56. Max Piardi
    Max Piardi
    8 giorni fa

    She could go play with men, but knowing that a woman football team lost by U15 boys, she would be paid much less than right now

  57. Mariano Lopez-Su
    Mariano Lopez-Su
    8 giorni fa

    the mens soccer team need a new deal, because thwey never ever ever gonna win it, they should put it, the same as those assholes, lets see if that pos gonna whine

  58. Satsui Nohado
    Satsui Nohado
    8 giorni fa

    I can't believe that we are arguing over something that is so fundamentally untrue. The fact that we have to argue and debate about statistical fact that proved that the gender pay Gap is only a myth is astounding.

  59. Austin Michael Bennett
    Austin Michael Bennett
    8 giorni fa

    So I a man now can have a child lol since women can do everything a man can do now men can do everything a woman can do lol

  60. Punyaamrit Roy
    Punyaamrit Roy
    8 giorni fa

    Damn, shapiro is savage

  61. RageADSKY
    9 giorni fa

    Love this guy man sheesh

  62. yeabsira dessalegne
    yeabsira dessalegne
    9 giorni fa

    if women are paid less than men, then most jobs would be occupied by them. it is better paying someone lesser price to do the same job.....

  63. M Sutherland
    M Sutherland
    9 giorni fa

    Put her in the mens league...she how fast she 😢

  64. Ema Vale
    Ema Vale
    9 giorni fa

    what is this voice!!! OMG! LOL

    9 giorni fa

    Ben be having me crying, he’s funny asf

  66. iRA
    9 giorni fa

    Emotions more emotions.

  67. Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson
    10 giorni fa

    I think she understands fine well why she isn't getting paid the same, but she enjoys the attention.

  68. J4 Official
    J4 Official
    10 giorni fa

    brother is on smoke

  69. Anthony France
    Anthony France
    10 giorni fa


    10 giorni fa

    Just eliminate women's soccer and make it just soccer, where men and women get equal opportunity to compete. And only the best gets selected. Then there would be equal pay for men and women. The heads of us soccer soccer should say that to rapinoe and then she would shut the hell up😂

  71. Elisa
    10 giorni fa

    Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Megan Rapinoe and gender pay gap..........says Ben Shapiro XD

  72. Expired License
    Expired License
    10 giorni fa

    Turns girl the girls get bunches of benefits and get salary vs guys don’t get the benefits and get no salary. They get paid per game which is why guys get higher pay per win. There’s more to it also

  73. Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin
    11 giorni fa

    The one thing I completely agree with Ben on

  74. kristiina
    11 giorni fa

    you didnt though :/

  75. ExMachina70
    11 giorni fa

    But women who have purple hair should make 10x more than men.

  76. Maxwell Levenson
    Maxwell Levenson
    11 giorni fa

    Lmao son said Megan rapinoe is privileged, therefore she isn’t qualified to be an icon 😂

  77. Lorena Beltran
    Lorena Beltran
    11 giorni fa

    I'm just agreeing with you by the way. I'm not flirting with you.

  78. Lorena Beltran
    Lorena Beltran
    11 giorni fa

    Lol no gender no pay gap. Beating them at their own game

  79. Mason Lutchkus
    Mason Lutchkus
    11 giorni fa

    Omg it’s ninja from fortnite

  80. Braden Manaloto
    Braden Manaloto
    11 giorni fa

    Ben couldn’t destroy his way out of a wet paper bag lmao 😂

    1. Mint-Iced
      10 giorni fa


  81. 나는 반댈세
    나는 반댈세
    11 giorni fa

    Feminism issue is also big in Korea. I'm strongly against them.

  82. Jack Martin
    Jack Martin
    11 giorni fa

    Omg what a legend

  83. Roger Markham
    Roger Markham
    11 giorni fa

    Ben Shapiro 2024

  84. lassielaw2122
    11 giorni fa

    In 1949, Egas Moniz won the Nobel Prize for inventing lobotomy, and the operation peaked in popularity around the same time. ( for a reason, simple , back then crazy s**t like this would not be tolerated )

  85. Rick Dombrowsky
    Rick Dombrowsky
    11 giorni fa

    I'm sorry but that beach is over paid

  86. Jonathan
    11 giorni fa

    I am not going to argue at all with the transgender men in women sports because now women sports are men sports😂

  87. Craig Canning
    Craig Canning
    11 giorni fa

    Rapinoe is such an idiot always has been always will be and truth told she is a terrible "football player"

  88. Matthew Sutton
    Matthew Sutton
    11 giorni fa

    You should read the contract they actually make more. They have benefits, paid time off, sign on bonus, maternity leave, health care, guarantee base pay ( salary) and so on. They were offered the men’s contact multiple time and turned it down. If they had taken the men’s contract they all would’ve made more money after the last World Cup win, and if the man had the women’s contract they would’ve made more money than what they actually made that year

  89. Rick B.
    Rick B.
    11 giorni fa

    JoJo a man cannot birth a baby ! That's why Barry and Michael had to adopt. Ben Michael talks about it in a magazine how many miscarriages she has had. Michael is a miscarriage of the cold hard truth. Men again cannot birth babies. Almighty God, does not make mistakes...people do.

  90. Rick B.
    Rick B.
    11 giorni fa

    Well it all goes back to how many fans you draw. Do you draw as many fans as the men do. Of course not. And the fact is... many many people don't like you !!! You disrespect our Country. Yet you have the nerve to demand respect. Kick your ball and shut up. Cuz a soccer ball is the only kind of ball you like to play with. You even have a spite at your own hair !!!

  91. T smith
    T smith
    12 giorni fa

    Oh and I can stand up and pee and more accurately hit the toilet bowl. Takes the old saying getting into a pissing contest to a whole new level.

  92. T smith
    T smith
    12 giorni fa

    If she hates men so much why dress Iike one? I got news for her. Ones identity is not what they wear or the color or length of their hair. We all have self worth. We need to embrace who we are on the inside and stop worrying about everyone else.

  93. Matthew
    12 giorni fa

    subbing to ben made my phone a 📠 machine

  94. Sammy Dog
    Sammy Dog
    12 giorni fa

    im sorry Ben but there is a gender pay gap a male model gets payed less than a female model haha

  95. KING OF PES 254
    KING OF PES 254
    12 giorni fa

    Four gold medals? ,,,in men's football we don't even count that as an achievement 🤣

  96. Richard Ripoli
    Richard Ripoli
    12 giorni fa

    Please, are there any trans female soccer player who can replace her?

  97. Jim Smith
    Jim Smith
    12 giorni fa

    I saw the USWNT lose 5-2 to 14 year old boys. The Australian national team lost 7-0 to 15 year Olds. It's called Testosterone

  98. Michael Canestraro
    Michael Canestraro
    12 giorni fa

    Ah, the woman who dresses like a man but hates men because she isn't a man and gets beaten in a game by middle school boys without scoring a point but wants equal pay. Okay, those middle school boys don't get paid at all. Give her the same

  99. Matthew De Los Santos
    Matthew De Los Santos
    12 giorni fa

    The damn liberals

  100. Mikey
    12 giorni fa

    Ben just speaks facts and it's true