Everyone Uses Chrome. But Why?

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Scienze e tecnologie

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Why is Google Chrome so popular?
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  1. Minecraft Gamerz
    Minecraft Gamerz
    29 secondi fa

    i use avast secure browser

  2. Sanchit Mehta
    Sanchit Mehta
    14 minuti fa

    i use brave browser

  3. CJFCarlsson Ensign
    CJFCarlsson Ensign
    16 minuti fa

    If you like being invaded I can understand why google would be your go-to choice.

  4. Tim Ezard
    Tim Ezard
    50 minuti fa

    Chrome for adblock extensions. I'm a ITsuns premium member, but for all other sites I turn ads off as I don't save history so ad recommendations are not for me or even my target demographic so just a waste of data loading them.

  5. BadAssShadow
    Ora fa

    I used to use chrome but i really prefer edge cuz it feels...simple

  6. Speegsy
    Ora fa

    I use opera

  7. Jamie Reynolds
    Jamie Reynolds
    Ora fa

    I use firefox

  8. Stephan Bijzitter
    Stephan Bijzitter
    Ora fa

    Safari is the new Internet Explorer. It just doesn't compete with the quality of Chrome (and derivatives of Chromium) or Firefox. It's a shame, really.

  9. skyn3t 3
    skyn3t 3
    2 ore fa

    Lol I've been using edge lately 😂

  10. VictorVSC
    2 ore fa

    I use Opera GX and Brave :)

  11. Der Dunkle
    Der Dunkle
    2 ore fa

    I use firefox and chromium and I like both.

  12. otaku osu
    otaku osu
    3 ore fa

    Firefox just feels better tbh

  13. SATANxZeroiQ
    3 ore fa

    DogeBrowser is a good idea actually.

  14. KTVX.94
    3 ore fa

    Ngl I want doge browser now

  15. FRoX98
    3 ore fa

    Firefox / Opera GX

  16. Avinash Shaw
    Avinash Shaw
    3 ore fa

    Chrome is hungry for Memory.

  17. Zephyr0ku
    4 ore fa

    I just use Opera "worlds' first gaming browser" GX only because of the Twitch thingy on the side

  18. British Rifleman
    British Rifleman
    4 ore fa

    If you have 8GB RAM the you can use chromo, if you have 16GB you can game and use Chrome at same time, chrome doesn't use much memory at all as it's less proportionate than when people only had 1GB

  19. BenjaminLee2009
    4 ore fa

    Who uses Brave Browsers and ITsuns Vanced to watch this video

  20. Olive Beckam
    Olive Beckam
    4 ore fa

    fyi firefox and some of ie does not support html5 fully like

  21. Joe
    5 ore fa

    made the switch to microsoft edge and haven't looked back

  22. Infinyx
    5 ore fa

    I use opera GX

  23. Hellscream Games
    Hellscream Games
    5 ore fa

    Good video.

  24. Nathaniel Steele
    Nathaniel Steele
    6 ore fa

    No one here uses the Opera GX Gaming browser? :(

  25. Hinata Shoyou
    Hinata Shoyou
    7 ore fa

    Brave browse is the best browser

  26. Arnav Mehta
    Arnav Mehta
    7 ore fa

    C'mon, download Brave, I use it do you use it?

  27. Dylan Westphall
    Dylan Westphall
    7 ore fa

    Anyone use the Tor Browser?

  28. Shaurya Satyarth
    Shaurya Satyarth
    7 ore fa

    Brave browser is for elevated humans who don't want to buy ITsuns premium but still want adfree videos

    7 ore fa

    One word: Incognito

  30. thelightningdragon6
    7 ore fa

    i use bing

  31. SuhrabTM I
    SuhrabTM I
    7 ore fa

    I use flashpeak slimjet🤸‍♂️

  32. Swiggle45
    8 ore fa

    I use Opera GX and its great

  33. ahmad samir
    ahmad samir
    8 ore fa

    chrome somehow used so much of my cpu. so i changed to firefox and opera

  34. DvD
    9 ore fa

    Internet explorer anyone??

  35. erriezzans Lounge
    erriezzans Lounge
    10 ore fa

    one of the reason people use chrome is sync.no matter phone or desktop.

  36. Light For Japan Productions
    Light For Japan Productions
    11 ore fa

    Been on Firefox a long time; when it seemed that all my web developer friends were using Chrome I tried it out, but two UX things drove me back to Firefox quickly: (1) scrolling with the scroll wheel is way smoother; (2) there is a setting "When you open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately" - I frequently Ctrl-click on links to read them while not losing the original page, and I don't want to have to click on the new tab every time; there is apparently no setting like that in Chrome.

  37. MagicSpamDragon
    11 ore fa

    for me if i recall it was 07/08 firefox when using over 2gb ram in java would crash and shutdown without being able to save tabs. chrome would crash and kill the task for java without shutting down leaving all tabs open after 2gb ram use in java so that made me switch to chrome and i stuck with it since

  38. Chris LaMaster
    Chris LaMaster
    12 ore fa

    *Notices video length Nice

  39. Florin Pandele
    Florin Pandele
    13 ore fa

    Except that for quite some time now gupdate service blocks laptops making them unresponsive and Google doesn't seem to care. I had to disable the damn thing so the laptop would not randomly crash for no apparent reason.

  40. SleepyKitteh
    13 ore fa

    whaddup firefox gang

    14 ore fa

    এমন ফালতু জিনিস জীবনেও দেখি নাই

  42. Swe Demon
    Swe Demon
    15 ore fa

    I use firefox but google searcher

  43. eeth
    15 ore fa

    I use firefox to open chrome...

  44. Talk Dirty
    Talk Dirty
    16 ore fa

    the first day i use the internet was with internet explorer then firefox and till his day i use firefox i think since 2010 or 2009 i don't remember but i won't say that i did not use opera GX too and that didn't take long and i am back to firefox... and every time someone tell me to use chrome i ask them one thing Are you an stupid ?!!

  45. Truth Filter For YouTube
    Truth Filter For YouTube
    16 ore fa

    I think you think you're esoteric, for just using that word !

  46. Luciano Hernandez Pastor
    Luciano Hernandez Pastor
    16 ore fa

    PeepoGlad BUT WHY?

  47. Truth Filter For YouTube
    Truth Filter For YouTube
    16 ore fa

    Opera now for years. Best net- Darkscreen mods of all browsers....Super Fast, and best of all.....the best Pop Up / ad blocker addons of all !....Ps 67% use chrome as they are computer disfunional.....who knew !

  48. TheProToni
    16 ore fa

    Who dont use chrome?

  49. AnafiFlyer
    16 ore fa

    is there still anybody who cares about some form of browsing privacy? i did change to brave (which is built on chromium engine), and the privacy settings are awesome. i also primarily use duck duck go. unlike others i claim this has nothing to do with esotherics, companies using your data for their gain is a real thing.

  50. Michael Crider
    Michael Crider
    17 ore fa

    Fantom wallet is such a card slot.

  51. Beedgehog
    17 ore fa

    Brave and DuckDuckGo. PERIOD.

  52. LuckV2
    17 ore fa

    I use Firefox and Brave cuz i am so lazy to the point i don't want to transfer my accounts to brave so I use 2 browsers instead

  53. DINO92AVFC
    18 ore fa

    Funny timing to run into this video, because I was one of the first ones to use Chrome back in 2008-09. It was advertised as something new, and I gave it a try and never looked back. However, recently I was noticing more and more that certain pages weren't working as well with Chrome, and when I tried opening them in Firefox, they would work just fine. I also have privacy concerns, because I learned from a programmer friend that Chrome's incognito mode is much less private than for example Mozilla's private browsing, and some other stuff regarding Google's data collection. So literally 2 days ago I switched to Firefox and so far I'm good with it.

  54. vizender
    18 ore fa

    I use safari, for convenience with password management between iPhone, Mac, iPad… And today most things chrome have, safari also have. And it’s faster

  55. Rondo Cat
    Rondo Cat
    18 ore fa

    I stopped using Chrome when it became the nr1 unwanted self installing spyware / malware in the world... For years now I had to uninstall Chrome up to several times a week (pretty much every time I installed something or had an update Chrome would sneak its way onto my computer against my will). I use Opera browser because it has free built in VPN.

  56. ITandGames4u
    19 ore fa

    Thankfully moved over to new Edge, snappier and seems telemetry removed from the ad company - but still get all the compatibility and extensions.

  57. siddharth singh
    siddharth singh
    20 ore fa

    I use opera gx, I have an rog and it's the best browser optimised for gaming

  58. Pedro Soledadade da Câmara
    Pedro Soledadade da Câmara
    20 ore fa

    Am I the only one that uses Microsoft Edge ?

  59. Abysmallow
    20 ore fa

    Chrome gang

  60. Zsolt Horváth
    Zsolt Horváth
    20 ore fa

    I am used opera but ichanget to firefox, when i get my thinkpad i started using chrome. Im using it because crome can block virused webpages!

  61. Viper
    21 ora fa

    I started using Chrome in 2010. I was using Chrome and Firefox as a means to get away from IE for good, as I was doing web based streaming before streaming was really a thing. And Chrome was always faster between the two for my needs, so I dropped Firefox as well and have just been with Chrome ever since.

  62. Anth1121
    21 ora fa

    I use Microsoft edge chromium edition.

  63. The Cat With A Bear Cap
    The Cat With A Bear Cap
    21 ora fa

    I use IE11 and I am proud of it.

  64. Kh Pk
    Kh Pk
    22 ore fa

    Edge is so good nowadays.

  65. Icy Jaam
    Icy Jaam
    23 ore fa

    Why do everyone try to emitate linus?

  66. Icy Jaam
    Icy Jaam
    23 ore fa

    Use Brave its even faster

  67. Icy Jaam
    Icy Jaam
    23 ore fa

    Who tf uses chrome shtt?

  68. DJRevan
    Giorno fa

    Firefox literally takes 1/20th of disk space than Chrome, why would I use Chrome?

  69. Hehe memes
    Hehe memes
    Giorno fa

    Microsoft Edge is very good for who has low ram like me

  70. lckyAzimRoblox
    Giorno fa

    I use Opera Gaming for gaming update and other cool feature it has

  71. Chibibowa
    Giorno fa

    I use the new ms edge. I know it’s based on chromium but it’s really fast and good now!

  72. Thirdy Abella
    Thirdy Abella
    Giorno fa

    Haha i use Opera GX The first world gaming browser and its free also did you know opera gx takes less ram? THIS IS A JOKE OK but true tho

    Giorno fa

    me who uses 4 browsers: um ye no i use Opera gx, Goole Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge.

  74. Joe Macy
    Joe Macy
    Giorno fa

    I personally am a Firefox person myself

  75. ben nutt
    ben nutt
    Giorno fa

    Linux terminal web text jk

  76. Draco Flame
    Draco Flame
    Giorno fa

    I use opera it is fast and doesn't eat my ram

  77. Rick Maloney
    Rick Maloney
    Giorno fa

    I miss netscape navigator

  78. Liam
    Giorno fa

    I use brave, best browser going!

  79. CDA_Freezy
    Giorno fa

    i use edge!.......................................................

  80. asamodi
    Giorno fa

    I use brave because it’s like chrome but safer

  81. ItsBunnyHopping
    Giorno fa

    I use chrome because that is my childhood/what i am used too. I dont like using other browsers that are im not used too

  82. lightcaptian guy
    lightcaptian guy
    Giorno fa

    I use edge and firefox everyone tells me why don't you use chrome or why don't you use something called as brave

  83. viperHD
    Giorno fa

    I use Opera GX

  84. Marto
    Giorno fa

    Chrome is just... easy? idk how to explain it when I use a different browser it feels like its full with malware

  85. Jingexz 01
    Jingexz 01
    Giorno fa

    Doge Browser

  86. Angel
    Giorno fa

    i use brave only cause it removes ads

  87. Hog on a Log
    Hog on a Log
    Giorno fa

    I only use chrome when I have to, unfortunately a lot of things can only run or are optimized to run in chrome

  88. Wooosh Farmer
    Wooosh Farmer
    Giorno fa

    I used to use Chrome, I thought it was the best browser and it would be forever, but then Google started doing their stupid (I guess) experiments on me, one of which was interrupting my web surfing, they fucked up the Google search by making it so crappy that it was unusable. So I decided I didn't want to deal with Google's bullshit anymore and switched to Firefox and DuckDuckGo. After 6 months of using Firefox I can confidently say it's better than Chrome and Chromium based web browsers (Edge, Opera, Brave) in every way and has a lot more customizability, features, and privacy. And I used Chrome for 10 years before I switched. I never realized what I was missing out on. Since Google is now nothing but a scummy and money hungry corporation, and I didn't want them tracking everything about my life anymore, I ditched them entirely. I encourage anyone reading this to at least give Firefox and DuckDuckGo a try.

  89. niko nije rekao neću
    niko nije rekao neću
    Giorno fa


  90. SJ-Omar
    Giorno fa

    Damn that’s crazy I still chromium on my old Apple Mac mini

  91. Blank
    Giorno fa

    But..I use Firefox. Chrome is horrible.

  92. Apollo FGC
    Apollo FGC
    Giorno fa

    It just… runs faster. One con is RAM but like, more customization than firefox at the same speed, more compatibility in youtube and such too

  93. Joseph
    Giorno fa

    So I’m the only one here who use Opera?

  94. Chill
    Giorno fa

    google made chrome, now Elon needs to make some tesla themed browser made for being computer performance economic, like how tesla's are more economic to the climate (I think)

    1. Aabhas
      Giorno fa

      Electricity generation literally requires fossil fuels, but ok

  95. Alpha Alpaka
    Alpha Alpaka
    Giorno fa

    Because it's literally the best and safest. Lmao

  96. Mr. Popo
    Mr. Popo
    Giorno fa

    I use Fire fox

  97. Aiden Bourgeois
    Aiden Bourgeois
    Giorno fa

    Microsoft edge>>>>

  98. Too Hundred
    Too Hundred
    Giorno fa

    Vivaldi changed how I interact with a browser...never going back to anything else (even if it is Chrome based)

  99. GreenVoltage
    Giorno fa

    Nuh-uh!! I use firefox

  100. Adamiyevsty
    Giorno fa

    I use Microsoft Edge and it supports Chrome sync so I can use every Google app without using Chrome that uses a lot of resources. For me, Edge is really responsive and very efficient, it's been almost a year that I've been using it and it is really good