Edge is... actually GOOD now!?

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Microsoft Edge is now Chromium-based, and the web hath frozen over. So, is the new Edge worth trying now, or is it all just a gimmick?

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  1. Gary Anders
    Gary Anders
    14 ore fa

    Sticking with Brave...no bullshit, no ads and straight forward.

  2. nasi asenov
    nasi asenov
    7 giorni fa

    Its actually very true time flyies when you are having fun.

  3. XZ III
    XZ III
    10 giorni fa

    All web browser r virtually just the same to me...

  4. Luke Missirian-Parise
    Luke Missirian-Parise
    11 giorni fa

    5:09 Script correction: “We just want you to keep in mind that you’re insane and on-screen is the phone number of a mental health professional nearest you.”

  5. Daniel Berzinskas
    Daniel Berzinskas
    11 giorni fa

    i use edge

  6. Dharyl Dhada
    Dharyl Dhada
    16 giorni fa

    Yes this is trueee!!! Microsoft Edge Is now the MVP!!!

  7. NeonGen2000
    16 giorni fa

    I like Firefox because it doesn't hog the memory away from my games which are also memory hogs.

  8. Skippy Dinglechalk
    Skippy Dinglechalk
    17 giorni fa

    When i first install windows i use internet explorer to download edge, which then i use edge to download firefox and finally use firefox to download chrome

  9. Ivanov Georgiev
    Ivanov Georgiev
    20 giorni fa


  10. 05-XII
    22 giorni fa

    Ive been using it since it launched over 3 years

  11. Hyperboid
    24 giorni fa

    the tweet at 9:16 was about 3 months after the removal of don't be evil

  12. billy gates
    billy gates
    24 giorni fa

    edge is so good most browsers are glitchy for my computer but edge is fast and im so happy i am deleting chrome and opera because i dont use it

  13. Adi Amsyar
    Adi Amsyar
    24 giorni fa


  14. Danny_GamingYT
    25 giorni fa

    I used the new Microsoft Edge browser and I love it!

  15. VictoryGuard
    25 giorni fa

    "Mhm, sure." -Russel from monsters inc.

  16. Peppermint
    25 giorni fa

    Crashed with 15 tabs opened. Restarted and it no longer remembers the last tabs active, despite the setting. ALL history got erased. Lost everything.

  17. Henry Stickmin the CEO of Drip
    Henry Stickmin the CEO of Drip
    27 giorni fa

    Shadow: stonks

  18. Ian Ball
    Ian Ball
    27 giorni fa

    spoke too soon linus

  19. Anirudh parida
    Anirudh parida
    27 giorni fa

    lol youtube works better on edge

  20. artraft
    27 giorni fa

    For Edge to be good, it needs to get rid of the fat of Internet Explorer SW and its users, It is very hard for people to appreciate the Digital Delivered by Edge when people are full of non-specific users; for example a person that tales care of the clothes they select during the night before/morning for going to work versus the person that does need to select

  21. Dude Come On
    Dude Come On
    28 giorni fa

    Bruh Moment:Everyone using Edge for downloading Chrome

  22. Dhruv Singh
    Dhruv Singh
    28 giorni fa

    I just use the default browser on every OS

  23. Win Tutorials
    Win Tutorials
    29 giorni fa

    I use edge now. It's great

  24. Shreyansh Shrivastva
    Shreyansh Shrivastva
    29 giorni fa

    Honestly chromium powered edge is far better choice on windows than any other browser reason being people are now finally familiar with the interface and it is also very tightly integrated with windows so performance isn't a issue on modern hardware

  25. Carla Ferraccini
    Carla Ferraccini
    Mese fa

    Or opera. it's pretty decent

  26. Rifat Ur Rahman
    Rifat Ur Rahman
    Mese fa

    3:13 They just switched to DDG from Bing lol, without knowing DDG uses Bing results :v

  27. robinbm553
    Mese fa

    i was using Chrome, but i switched to edge because i can't remove it from the pc, so instead of letting it take space for nothing, i decided to use it and delete Chrome

  28. Vinnie Davis
    Vinnie Davis
    Mese fa

    never has been, never will be.

  29. Tsukasa
    Mese fa

    Who else is watching this on Edge in 2021?

  30. 点心300
    Mese fa


  31. The Mystery Man
    The Mystery Man
    Mese fa

    now most of the people are using chrome to download Opera GX

  32. Zecchan Silverlake
    Zecchan Silverlake
    Mese fa

    Been using Edge for 2 years now, Chrome is only used to debug.

  33. _6EQUJ5_
    Mese fa

    Edge is highly underappreciated.

  34. Andy Paunov
    Andy Paunov
    Mese fa

    Linus, Edge was always good! Chromium Edge is worse than Legacy Edge! And I love Internet Explorer, which was transformed into the old Edge.

  35. wojtekpolska
    Mese fa

    It'd be good if there was another big independent browser, with its own engine and all. Firefox is good, but it'd be healthy for the internet development if another browser was there to give competition to google

  36. wojtekpolska
    Mese fa

    1:45 why would i want aerodynamic mouse?

  37. Dairy
    Mese fa

    yeah they just added a built in algebra/trig calculator that detects math problems on screen. edge ftw.

    1. Gaming Time
      Gaming Time
      14 giorni fa

      But really useful though cause i use it for school

  38. RealityReboot
    Mese fa

    I absolutely love edge, especially now in 2021

  39. Timmeh
    Mese fa

    Shout out to my brother and sister firefox users, Love you guys

  40. DarKMaTTeR
    Mese fa

    I don't care if Microsoft's browser is marginally better. Google made it. Google deserves the credit and to put their logo on it.

    1. Gaming Time
      Gaming Time
      14 giorni fa

      Bro it’s an open source project I don’t think you get what’s going on here. Let me explain. Chromium is open source that means other browsers and people around the world can make the v8 engine better the v8 engine is owned by google but chromium isn’t cause it’s open source and google doesn’t change or enhance shit about chromium that’s why chrome gets left behind now and firefox and edge are passed it.

  41. Mohammad Bin Atique
    Mohammad Bin Atique
    Mese fa

    6:33 'meh' that made me chuckle and laugh 🤣🤣

  42. Bespoke Penguin
    Bespoke Penguin
    Mese fa

    2021 And i still hate edge yet it's still Microsoft's default browser 🤦

    1. Gaming Time
      Gaming Time
      14 giorni fa

      Have you tried it yet? It’s the best just try it and customize and change it to your liking it is more efficient and faster than chrome

  43. Asaultik the what?
    Asaultik the what?
    Mese fa

    Google: *kills microsoft* Microsoft: *kills google* Life: *keeps repeating* Call of ecosystem

    1. Gaming Time
      Gaming Time
      14 giorni fa

      Not anymore edge passed firefox with population and is climbing very sec

  44. wesley Fournier
    wesley Fournier
    Mese fa

    my task bar be rated 18+

  45. LaTech
    Mese fa

    I would actually love a follow-up to this video since the browser has been out for some time and (in my opinion) been actually really good

  46. Golden Scout
    Golden Scout
    Mese fa

    before i was even borned i use google chorme but when i was born i use edge

  47. matrix teknologies
    matrix teknologies
    Mese fa

    its working , edge chromium is eatting up google chrome, i know i switch and i use it to download youtube videos, something chrome doesn't allow, my only issue youtube see it also as chrome and will pause the video when idle

    1. Gaming Time
      Gaming Time
      14 giorni fa

      Wait hold up you can download youtube vids on edge???!!! Tell me how 😳

  48. LucasJodoKast
    Mese fa

    edge is still the best for movie streaming

  49. A T
    A T
    Mese fa

    comparisons of Brave vs. Edge ?

    1. Gaming Time
      Gaming Time
      14 giorni fa

      Edge still better i tested it and brave also uses chromium

  50. Jebbidan
    Mese fa

    spoiler alert: this video didn't aged well because edge chromium has already been improved by microsoft. c'mon man, make an updated version of this video

  51. Dragoninthewest
    Mese fa

    Microsoft really loves its Halo references for their projects and products. I mean they named their voice UI system Cortana.

  52. WasabiiAlex
    Mese fa

    "time flies when youre having fun" linus must be very bored because his hair is still stuck in the 90s

  53. weedthenorth 84
    weedthenorth 84
    Mese fa

    Its alright it ain't no internet explorer though

  54. MrTrap78
    Mese fa

    I find it funny how difficult it was to change the search engine in it. And when you got to that point, they recommended Bing? :)

  55. Deadpool
    Mese fa

    I don't know about others, but years ago went I first switched to Chrome was because of its easy to use interface. Its only in the later years that I started using extentions. Back then I didn't even know that Chrome was faster than other browsers.

  56. De Shad Bostic
    De Shad Bostic
    Mese fa

    loool there's a second part?

  57. The Aussie Repair Guy
    The Aussie Repair Guy
    Mese fa

    Been a Firefox and Firefox Developer user for many years.

  58. Atago
    Mese fa

    Didn't work because the ui is still horrendous

  59. Aaron McHale
    Aaron McHale
    Mese fa

    Edge has gotten really good since this video came out

  60. leo yang
    leo yang
    Mese fa

    SO TRUE ! me intiializing a new pc: open microsoft edge, download chrome, uninstall edge

  61. Ivan Maglica
    Ivan Maglica
    Mese fa

    If you are a seasoned web developer, you are probably crying of happiness :-) Reminds me when we had to basically create a parallel version of web app just to be able to run it on IE6...

  62. Leo Panthera
    Leo Panthera
    Mese fa

    Now it is way better in 2021. And it's my primary browser in all devices.

  63. Tuxic
    Mese fa

    You think you know me

  64. st0ox
    Mese fa

    Embrace extend extinguish is what Microsoft does best, so destroying chrome from the inside seems like a valid option.

  65. Per Bergman
    Per Bergman
    Mese fa

    Remember when gaming mice looked like that. (The one from the sponsor)

  66. HD Link
    HD Link
    Mese fa

    no edge is nver good

  67. Carlos ANJ.
    Carlos ANJ.
    Mese fa

    I use Brave, this is my default browser for two years!

  68. Why Do You Want To See My Name??
    Why Do You Want To See My Name??
    2 mesi fa

    I got it on the day the beta was launched because I love edge (not the old one) I was just trying to get edge on windows 8.1 and it said edge beta channels will be launched (a date that was the next day)

  69. Acorn Electron
    Acorn Electron
    2 mesi fa

    2 years later, is edge any good?

  70. Dwayne Willis
    Dwayne Willis
    2 mesi fa

    Ok Riley is a legend!! 🤣🤣🤣

  71. G
    2 mesi fa

    "Sure. Or Safari" :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D

  72. G
    2 mesi fa

    God I love Linus. Now calling out Google for their shitty behavior around the ITsuns API. After seeing how shady Google actually is, I began distancing myself and moving away from their apps.

  73. G
    2 mesi fa

    Linus is spot on once again. I just switched from Chrome. Chromium Edge is indeed pretty good but you will definitely want to find the right addon/extension to customize.

  74. Person
    2 mesi fa

    Can it also run undynamic headphones?

  75. Ash_Z Music
    Ash_Z Music
    2 mesi fa

    As much as I enjoy using Chrome and the new edge, Firefox is still my go-to just because I love how streamlined it is and the fact that it has duckduckgo built into it already

  76. UltimaStealth
    2 mesi fa

    How about how Edge is now? Built into Windows, difficult to remove, and even changing default browser it spams. even remove-appxpackage can't kill it.

  77. Ghostnios
    2 mesi fa

    2019: Edge? What even is that? 2021: Hey Boss, Good mor'. Wait, W H Y A R E Y O U U S I N G C H R O M E?

  78. Mekz_
    2 mesi fa

    imagine someone watching this video on mosaic

  79. Davor Skenderović
    Davor Skenderović
    2 mesi fa

    I think Linus got a paid review for Edge because Microsoft ran out of ideas to stop people from searching "chrome download" in Edge

  80. Peter Wood
    Peter Wood
    2 mesi fa

    I can't forgive it for hijacking my pdf's from Acrobat and not being able to disable/uninstall it.

  81. Citizen
    2 mesi fa

    I've switched from Chrome to Edge.

  82. Person X
    Person X
    2 mesi fa

    äähhhh Firefox User here🤓

  83. Mr_Xbpx360
    2 mesi fa

    i have been using firefox for years now so i dont think ill move

  84. 10Meisterbaelle
    2 mesi fa

    Edge's #1 purpose: Download Chrome Edge's #2 purpose: Download Firefox

  85. Osamah Sarhan
    Osamah Sarhan
    2 mesi fa

    can you make a new updated video about edge if there are anything new and worth

  86. newrssn
    2 mesi fa

    Its about a time - DE-googled Browser! - Hallelujah! Well Done MS.

  87. Moncho Chao
    Moncho Chao
    2 mesi fa

    Hey!, can u do a update about this video please :D, would like know your opinion in 2021

  88. Ivinnium
    2 mesi fa

    I will stick to Firefox

  89. Lawliet
    2 mesi fa

    Always firefox

  90. Rhidian Rawlings
    Rhidian Rawlings
    2 mesi fa


  91. Househopper
    2 mesi fa

    dont be evil

  92. Manshüo
    3 mesi fa

    The new Edge is actually good. I only use it now and ditched Chrome.

  93. David27
    3 mesi fa

    Bing is actually good, and it's not google.

  94. Suman Nath
    Suman Nath
    3 mesi fa

    I love opera. Its feels less shady and free to me compared to anything comes from Google (CCP)

  95. Bricksy 1
    Bricksy 1
    3 mesi fa

    I've been using the new edge for about 6 months now and it's so good. You can even earn rewards for searching! (I've set mine up to go to charity)

  96. UmWhy?
    3 mesi fa

    Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 7:55

  97. GabrielBloom85
    3 mesi fa

    Edge Legacy will be missed. RIP Edge Legacy.

  98. GabrielBloom85
    3 mesi fa

    Microsoft Edge is also available on iPadOS, too. iPadOS is for iPads only.

  99. Hiromant
    3 mesi fa

    Font rendering still sucks, Firefox is king.

  100. Alan Redeemed
    Alan Redeemed
    3 mesi fa

    i'll stick with memory filler firefox how do I remove edge? l

    1. Macho
      3 mesi fa

      geek uninstaller