Conor McGregor’s best trash talk | ESPN

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Check out some of his best rants from the UFC's Conor McGregor through the years that helped launch him into stardom.

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  1. fazar fazar58
    fazar fazar58
    4 ore fa

    His racist by the way and he got away with it

  2. Victor Conrad
    Victor Conrad
    5 ore fa

    how is jeremy stephens 145? christ

  3. James Wallace
    James Wallace
    12 ore fa

    Not my favorite fighter lol. But my favorite talker man lmao!! Video cracked me up.

  4. An Drewmay13
    An Drewmay13
    2 giorni fa

    the ufc is becoming famous from his trash talks😂

  5. Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson
    6 giorni fa

    Nate rings nick lmaoooo

  6. DaddySlasher58
    6 giorni fa

    HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHAHA connor clowned them .🤡🤡🤡🤡

  7. DaddySlasher58
    6 giorni fa

    Carry yourself with class mate ;)

  8. DaddySlasher58
    7 giorni fa

    "And when it's all said and done I'm going to feel a little bit sad because you all should of kept your mouths shut"🔥🚀that's that fire.🔥

  9. DaddySlasher58
    7 giorni fa

    This guy is a legend Connor Mcgregor straight legend he's insane lol🔥😈🔥😈🕰

  10. FunXioN
    7 giorni fa

    It aint the same censored

  11. peguin 0
    peguin 0
    8 giorni fa

    This guy used to trash talk, now he has become the trash.

  12. Nitish Jha
    Nitish Jha
    8 giorni fa

    Two things will haunt Conor now - - McGregor Sleep not McGregor fast - pink suit guy

  13. PackoCards WATP
    PackoCards WATP
    8 giorni fa

    After a year later....Ohhh I miss this man here!!

  14. tito fernandeztito
    tito fernandeztito
    9 giorni fa

    Mi amiga tiene esposo jejejejejeje

  15. Ahmad Fahmi
    Ahmad Fahmi
    10 giorni fa

    this is not trash talk when u keep beep beep the trash talk

  16. Not Dot
    Not Dot
    11 giorni fa

    3:14 *exists* Khabib: “You sure about that?”

  17. Yasin Altan
    Yasin Altan
    13 giorni fa


  18. F3rdi
    13 giorni fa

    Mayweather and Connor. You hate 'em but they are good at their sports and talk so much trash that you love em. I still wish someone would KNO Mayweather. Connor got humbled twice already.

  19. Austin Brown
    Austin Brown
    13 giorni fa

    The determined icebreaker relatedly scare because streetcar rarely zoom from a agreeable maid. oval, few fierce icon

    1. Mithul B
      Mithul B
      13 giorni fa


  20. Atharva Dixit
    Atharva Dixit
    14 giorni fa

    McGregor kinda looking fly tho in that thumbnail

  21. RTX MAX
    14 giorni fa

    Feels bad how Conor changed over the years or more like his real persona came out when he became rich. He helped UFC grow over the last decade. His downfall started after the Mayweather fight and after that everything changed.

  22. RedAlfa
    15 giorni fa

    Conor McGregor is good at one thing running his mouth around and be disrespectful to fellow athletes..if you love that you a low human been

    1. Mithul B
      Mithul B
      13 giorni fa

      ok Nelson Mandela

  23. ThreezNation Bro
    ThreezNation Bro
    15 giorni fa

    4:30 5:06

  24. VALE MJ
    15 giorni fa

    I like this man ❤️🤩🏆👑👑👑

  25. Berkani Mohamed
    Berkani Mohamed
    16 giorni fa

    When Conor McGregor was the true Conor McGregor

  26. Jesse James
    Jesse James
    16 giorni fa

    That monster energy drink cost them a lot of money lol

  27. Soccerking Fenich
    Soccerking Fenich
    16 giorni fa

    1:10 "on the count of TREE"

  28. Kevin
    16 giorni fa

    Gonna have to add “your wife’s in my DMs” to this… While sitting on the ground with a leg that’s snapped in half.

  29. Riley Millican
    Riley Millican
    17 giorni fa

    mcgregor should of defended his featherweight belt the try get the welterweight belt

    1. Scott Chegg
      Scott Chegg
      13 giorni fa


  30. ehcks
    17 giorni fa

    5:29 is my favourite by far lmaaaooo

  31. Getroy
    17 giorni fa

    The biggest star of the UFC. The second closest to his stardom is probably Khabib or GSP it maybe even Adesanya

  32. SilicaSkynet
    18 giorni fa

    Conor before the coke was something else. He was backing up his trash talk. Now he's sad and pathetic.

    1. The void
      The void
      17 giorni fa

      You realize he was on coke before he popped up in the ufc

  33. SilicaSkynet
    18 giorni fa

    4:28 Mayweather was steaming mad. Look at his face. LMAO

  34. Ayden On 2k
    Ayden On 2k
    18 giorni fa


  35. Jim Jones TV
    Jim Jones TV
    18 giorni fa

    Well. This didn't age well did Mr Twinkle Toe McTappy.

  36. Amankey Hussein
    Amankey Hussein
    18 giorni fa

    Who is watching after conor's downfall

  37. Haqim Hassan
    Haqim Hassan
    18 giorni fa

    yes, and poirier made these trashtalk like trash.

  38. Thanos Riddler
    Thanos Riddler
    19 giorni fa

    ..aaand there came Khabib...

  39. Hagen Helmers
    Hagen Helmers
    19 giorni fa

    Any everyone copy the mayweathers smile hahaha

  40. Mikhi Alteha
    Mikhi Alteha
    19 giorni fa

    4:14 carefull, lot of black man over there.

  41. MedicalMansion
    19 giorni fa

    Nate, sounds like he’s on some lazy crank....he can barely speak, has low energy and walks weird. But somehow he destroys people in the 0.

  42. MedicalMansion
    19 giorni fa

    “On tha count of treee”. Still makes me laugh.

  43. Aman Pandey
    Aman Pandey
    19 giorni fa

    Imagine dealing with 5 year old Conor. 🤣🤣

  44. jayeshh
    19 giorni fa

    watching this after his trilogy fight hits different 😥

  45. Austin Deese
    Austin Deese
    19 giorni fa

    Great arm!

  46. Enrique Triana
    Enrique Triana
    20 giorni fa


  47. Pot_ Head
    Pot_ Head
    20 giorni fa

    pea shaped head part was funny asf

  48. We Gotta Talk About It Podcast
    We Gotta Talk About It Podcast
    20 giorni fa

    He used to be so wild

  49. Jino Y
    Jino Y
    20 giorni fa

    Poor Eddie lol

  50. m4ke6ec
    20 giorni fa

    *includes every McGregor's trash talk that has ever existed*

  51. mr tortilla
    mr tortilla
    20 giorni fa

    12:51 gold diggers be like

  52. J-Dawg 777
    J-Dawg 777
    21 giorno fa

    I like how Mayweather is actually smiling and having fun with Conor's insults

  53. Uday Shankar N
    Uday Shankar N
    21 giorno fa

    Also please upload the best matches he tapped out

  54. Ethan Stawks
    Ethan Stawks
    21 giorno fa

    The reflective linen opportunely milk because church tinctorially hate but a impossible law. complete, somber chord

  55. A one channel
    A one channel
    22 giorni fa

    Kabib show this comment to him he will pee in his underwear

  56. TJ Patel
    TJ Patel
    22 giorni fa

    10:20 LOOOOOOOOL

  57. Absolute Roaster
    Absolute Roaster
    22 giorni fa

    Nobody will ever come close to replicating the man in his prime, believe that.

  58. Clasher
    22 giorni fa

    Worst mistake to censor a video like this lol

  59. Jexi
    22 giorni fa

    He broke his own leg, and now it's recommended 😭😭😂

  60. The Godfather
    The Godfather
    22 giorni fa

    Only conor can make others create a video titled best "trash talk"

  61. Oddball 2012
    Oddball 2012
    22 giorni fa


  62. Harunur Rashid
    Harunur Rashid
    22 giorni fa

    How can trash talk be considered as best? The title should be worst trash talk of Conor.

    1. Idk nymore
      Idk nymore
      22 giorni fa

      Best doesn’t mean Nice, it just means the greatest or in this case meaning the funniest and most memorable trash talk of connor

      22 giorni fa


  63. Penny Trayshin
    Penny Trayshin
    22 giorni fa

    The Connor we won't ever get to see again, it was fun and legendary whilst it lasted but now its time to move on. He ain't the same hungry kid from Ireland who just quit his plumbing apprenticeship to chase that one dream of his, he's now the legend who achieved what he wanted and is trying to rekindle that old flame. We love you Connor Mystic Mac Mcgregor 🇮🇪

  64. J2trappy FCF
    J2trappy FCF
    22 giorni fa

    Hes great entertainment but he was never gonna beat mayweather

  65. Ali Sheriff
    Ali Sheriff
    22 giorni fa

    2:54 the voice of walter junior only breaking bad watchers will understanding this.

  66. Florida mane
    Florida mane
    23 giorni fa

    1:19 "One, two, TREE!"

  67. Jere Pursiainen
    Jere Pursiainen
    23 giorni fa

    I miss these days 😭 conor should retired afther mayweather fight... Get in get rich get out.

  68. Renaldo
    23 giorni fa

    But not to khabib wkwk

  69. Maron Poon
    Maron Poon
    23 giorni fa

    The level amount proportionally mine because lycra secondly whistle beneath a nimble dash. scrawny, waiting coil

  70. James XD101
    James XD101
    23 giorni fa

    Mc Gregor is and will always be my favorite UFC fighter

  71. side ephect
    side ephect
    23 giorni fa

    Where was “ dance fur me Nate, dance for me…and don’t look me in the eyes when ya dance”

  72. Trophy Guide 101
    Trophy Guide 101
    23 giorni fa

    As his trash talk has gotten more personal and mean spirited he has gotten worse at the sport.

  73. Chelsea
    23 giorni fa

    On the count of tree 🌳 heheheh love ittt

  74. Viral shorts
    Viral shorts
    23 giorni fa

    When there is a trrst attck,only one religion ones to our mind(Islam)

  75. Tsuphula janger Phupu
    Tsuphula janger Phupu
    23 giorni fa

    His words paid him back..... From angles above

  76. froggybraden
    23 giorni fa

    bros packin

  77. Omar Abdelaal
    Omar Abdelaal
    23 giorni fa

    Conor and Floyd pulled off the biggest scam in sporting history lmaoooo

    1. Omar Abdelaal
      Omar Abdelaal
      7 giorni fa

      @ً First of all both of them had to have known the outcome. I understand that Conor is very confident in himself but he knew that he was not going to beat Floyd. Second of all they had everyone in the world believe that it was going to be a close fight and that they both hated each other. Im telling you right now they probably were hanging out with each other secretly throughout the whole build up . And last, both of them knew it was going to be a win-win. Floyd gets his perfect 50-0 record and conor gets a near 200 million dollar check that hes never seen before

    2. ً
      8 giorni fa


    3. J. Henry
      J. Henry
      15 giorni fa


  78. Pallanti Akb
    Pallanti Akb
    23 giorni fa

    That's a European for you 😂😂

  79. Matt Warren
    Matt Warren
    23 giorni fa

    Came here to cope after 264

  80. Ty1er D
    Ty1er D
    23 giorni fa

    Miss him

  81. Steven K
    Steven K
    23 giorni fa

    On the count of 🌲!

  82. Lifestyle With Sofia
    Lifestyle With Sofia
    23 giorni fa

    Alhamdulillah Your boi Got smeshed Again

    1. rockablecena
      17 giorni fa

      @Idk nymore cry kid

    2. Idk nymore
      Idk nymore
      22 giorni fa


  83. Caesar Rodriguez
    Caesar Rodriguez
    23 giorni fa

    “On the count of tree” one two Tree

  84. Dome
    23 giorni fa

    Connor may not be the best fighter in the UFC, but he is certainly the best trash talker.

  85. kubi
    23 giorni fa

    Who after McGregor - Poirier 3?

  86. Hannah Tay
    Hannah Tay
    23 giorni fa

    "WHO THE FOOK IS THAT GUY" The simplistic insults always hurt the worst lol

  87. †HE ΣXORCIS†
    23 giorni fa


  88. Debanjan
    24 giorni fa

    throwback to the good old days

  89. All Profits
    All Profits
    24 giorni fa

    The louder they are the harder they fall lol

  90. LifeOfRy
    24 giorni fa

    You can see how excited Conor was to be nearly touching lips with Floyd at 4:12

  91. All Profits
    All Profits
    24 giorni fa

    "Its a Fookin Doctor Stopage" LOL

  92. DB123
    24 giorni fa

    He really has a highlight reel on ESPN of his best trash talking lolol

  93. Navdeep Singh
    Navdeep Singh
    24 giorni fa

    Loved this man bt money changed everything hope we could have seen more of him.

  94. The Jonathon Gomez
    The Jonathon Gomez
    24 giorni fa

    Yur fokin wife is ur fokin husband

  95. HEat
    24 giorni fa

    If only conor mcgregor could bring back his old self, it would be great ☹️.

  96. James Carbon
    James Carbon
    24 giorni fa

    You know the UFC is corrupt. They allowed McSnapper Box Floyd but denied GSP to box Manny. Screw Dana White!

  97. RSD
    24 giorni fa

    Who’s here after the trilogy

    1. Liimo-Drake3-6-9
      23 giorni fa

      @James Carbon "mcsnapper"? very clever...

    2. James Carbon
      James Carbon
      24 giorni fa

      Conor McSnapper got his Karma Stretcher

  98. Saadh Syed
    Saadh Syed
    24 giorni fa

    Who's here after Poirier vs Mcgregor 3?

  99. Naomi
    24 giorni fa

    “ when I count 🌳, I want everyone to scream “

  100. Díaz Díez
    Díaz Díez
    24 giorni fa

    Who watching after is broker leggg