Cool PC Accessories You've Never Heard Of!

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These are some of the coolest PC accessories we've seen. Some of them are unique and cool gaming PC accessories while others will help your work from home life with unique adapters and noise cancelling add-ons. But others....well let's just say they're unique and a bit odd.
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  1. Juice Box
    Juice Box
    8 ore fa

    I have heard of all of these, you are false advertising

  2. Paul Blart
    Paul Blart
    Giorno fa

    You think the Blackshark v2 has a good microphone? Yikes

  3. Paul Blart
    Paul Blart
    Giorno fa

    Why do you wear so much makeup? You're cute just the way you are :)

  4. Bekky TV
    Bekky TV
    Giorno fa

    PLEASE: In which camera you record this video at 5:07 ? Can you give some description about its cost and buying link? And what other tools you used in the moment above? What types of led lights? What type of apps? PS: You look very SMART and IDEAL! I envy you.

  5. Wesley Davidson
    Wesley Davidson
    2 giorni fa

    woulda been nice to have links in the description

  6. Blake Wight
    Blake Wight
    6 giorni fa

    k. Now do the same video without rgb.

  7. Valter Silva
    Valter Silva
    11 giorni fa

    Mate, I highly recommend a KVM switch for those like me who are IT consultants and need to work with 2 laptops (plus my PC).

  8. Lautaro Malpassi
    Lautaro Malpassi
    12 giorni fa

    Nice ad pal.

  9. Vedant Gangurde
    Vedant Gangurde
    13 giorni fa

    Which monitor you use?

    15 giorni fa


  11. lordapecellote
    18 giorni fa


  12. ヒロHiro
    18 giorni fa

    Finally. I found it. The Gaming Gum.

  13. J Y
    J Y
    18 giorni fa

    I remember when you had 200k time flies

  14. TwoDoritos _
    TwoDoritos _
    19 giorni fa

    U remind me of roomie

  15. Wrestleshed
    20 giorni fa

    Anyone know what monitor that is?

  16. Emmanuel Galleguillos-Cote
    Emmanuel Galleguillos-Cote
    22 giorni fa

    OKAY but it's still "gaming gum" alright? LOL

  17. CryhmeTime
    23 giorni fa

    The g19 is actually perfectly moddable with moderate soldering skills and some tools. Turned mine into a full functional LCD macro keyboard without any keys inside a custom case with proper buttons.

  18. CryhmeTime
    23 giorni fa

    Does this volume thing interfere with the audio driver or is it only like using windows mixer?

    24 giorni fa

    thanks thanks bro

  20. Andy Sledge
    Andy Sledge
    25 giorni fa

    Man I miss my G19 Keyboard, the little Display was so useful. I could monitor my temps and who was speaking in Teamspeak and whatnot. I hope they bring them back with mechanical switches!

  21. I like Oranges
    I like Oranges
    25 giorni fa

    There is also a new accessory called “gpu” what ever that is,idk I’ve never seen one

  22. Cortlin Austin
    Cortlin Austin
    25 giorni fa

    Come get me when they invent RGB gum.

  23. i_inject_ crayons
    i_inject_ crayons
    26 giorni fa

    Those rgb sticks are a total scam you could literally build on for like $10

    27 giorni fa

    Come on, man, you said cool, it is even in the title, these are nothing but crap.

  25. Jimosaur
    28 giorni fa

    With the PC panel can you use the wheels to adjust the sound of your voice during a call, such as pitch and volume.

  26. Anik Sahai
    Anik Sahai
    Mese fa

    Very cool stuff

  27. NPRS Tech and Vlogs
    NPRS Tech and Vlogs
    Mese fa

    good video I like it

  28. css javascript
    css javascript
    Mese fa

    Holy shit it's STARTFUCKINGLORD

  29. Cille A
    Cille A
    Mese fa

    Hi Chris Pratt

  30. Vinay Panchang
    Vinay Panchang
    Mese fa

    Gum??? Gaming Gum??? Seriously??? PC accessories??? Actually... they are just trying to survive and some buyers really do have some serious money for sh*t....!

  31. Rai Son
    Rai Son
    Mese fa

    Only thing missing now is RGB toilet paper! :D

  32. Farid Ormaeche
    Farid Ormaeche
    Mese fa

    Excuse me bro, do you have a Huawei matebook?

  33. محمد محمد
    محمد محمد
    Mese fa

    Could you give me the pc as a gift I would like to receive

  34. Tyler L
    Tyler L
    Mese fa

    I would buy that corsair screen thing, if it had an oled

  35. rdan721
    Mese fa

    Regular chewing gum actually helps with focus.

  36. Instinct rimmerツ
    Instinct rimmerツ
    Mese fa

    pov: you have a setup on your amazon account that you cant afford mine is 9,300 yeah thats not coming true

  37. Army of Ninjas
    Army of Ninjas
    Mese fa

    That volume controller is awesome.

  38. midget sorcery master
    midget sorcery master
    Mese fa

    I would rather flush my money down a gas station toilet than buy a coirsair rgb pole

  39. Mc Knabee Solutions
    Mc Knabee Solutions
    Mese fa

    I really needed the pc panel I have been searching for it for a few years already never found anything like it thanks alot

  40. SidFX
    Mese fa

    Me who has heard of all of them I have the knowledge

  41. Daniel
    Mese fa

    the soundcard thing does do impressive noise cancelling, but man the audio sounded like ass

  42. B2K GoD
    B2K GoD
    Mese fa

    You're the reason for avengers endgame 😐

  43. TheJaspar
    Mese fa

    I just see MORE WIRES

  44. IceDevias
    Mese fa

    that volume panel....I have manual equaliser on my awesome 20 years old japanese midprice hi-fi what I STILL use like speakers bcs of excelent sound....and I LOVE that equaliser....please brink that back to life on regular PC speakers x) Digital equalisers just SUCKS.....

  45. hang-the-9
    Mese fa

    Grandpa, when did you know the world civilization was collapsing? Well, I think it was when they started to make RGB USB cables.

  46. Ceagan Crawley
    Ceagan Crawley
    Mese fa

    its refreshing a vlogger who knows lighting; content and deletes extr IM THE SHIT IM A VLOGGER IM FAMOUS..... keep it up!!!!!! you are the one percent of the REAL ones..... you don't beat about the bush. the wannabes never realize the factor of ATTENTION SPAN. every milli second an info comes out/

  47. Julio César
    Julio César
    Mese fa

    Very good tips. Dude, has anyone ever said that you look a lot like Chris Pratt? :)

    1. Julio César
      Julio César
      Mese fa

      @Hardware Canucks hahahaha

    2. Hardware Canucks
      Hardware Canucks
      Mese fa

      Thanks and that’s a first of this kind of a compliment 😂 thanks! -D.

  48. Ksawery Glab
    Ksawery Glab
    Mese fa

    Ok, when you started talking about chewing gums I was out. Most if not all of the 'energy and focus boosters' for gamers are just modern snake oil designed to extract money from the naive. Chewing gum in general increases focus for many people, no need to chew special 'focus increasing, energy boosting' chewing gums that supposedly help you win. That's a load of crap and I am surprised that you would even try to market such a dubious product on your channel.

  49. Will Scott
    Will Scott
    Mese fa

    Plot Twist: Razer sent him the placebo gaming gum.

  50. Lively Mc
    Lively Mc
    Mese fa

    Are you from or live in British Columbia?

  51. Rafael Palacios
    Rafael Palacios
    Mese fa

    me looking this video and knowing i have no money

  52. John Appleton
    John Appleton
    Mese fa

    C'mon, let's all agree it's rather pointless

  53. Derplayz Legendaryderpboy
    Derplayz Legendaryderpboy
    Mese fa

    More like the most expensive PC Accessories you've Never seen of!

  54. I_BRINE_I
    Mese fa

    -if you are coming from the age of logitech g19 keyboard.. me, sitting with a logitech g19s keyboard: -am i that old?

  55. Nick Petropoulos
    Nick Petropoulos
    Mese fa

    are you Greek?

  56. Dmitri
    Mese fa

    wait a minute

  57. Olavo Gomes
    Olavo Gomes
    Mese fa

    Please tell me just so I can be sure. Am I the only one who doesn't give a f about the rgbs? (People thinking, "wtf is wrong with you!?" xD)

  58. CombatDeckard
    Mese fa

    Nvidia's Noise Cancellation no longer requires an RTX card. I have tested this on my GTX 1080. Given RTX cards being impossible to acquire at the moment, thought this was worth mentioning.

  59. cujoedaman
    Mese fa

    This has nothing to do with the video, but he looks like he could almost be a stunt double for Chris Pratt :D

  60. SavageTheUnicorn
    Mese fa

    "Drill" that sounds like a circular saw. Big brain time.

  61. MediaWebservice - The Netherlands
    MediaWebservice - The Netherlands
    Mese fa

    😄 Wow, The Keychrone: This product has been discontinued. Time for a new video 🤔💡🤗

  62. No one Al Mezel
    No one Al Mezel
    Mese fa

    Chris Brat doing pc parts now Love your videos man keep up the good work.

  63. ben dover
    ben dover
    2 mesi fa

    Wow, i never knew that lights and usb hubs exist

  64. Sprenggläubiger mit Detonationshintergrund
    Sprenggläubiger mit Detonationshintergrund
    2 mesi fa

    This noise canceling thingy is pure BS.

  65. Shmimoshmin
    2 mesi fa

    can’t wait for RGB gum

  66. Brad Dohm
    Brad Dohm
    2 mesi fa

    Nvidia broadcast is way better. I stream and record and have no issues with my RTX 2080 Super getting bogged down if you will.

  67. Ime Prezime
    Ime Prezime
    2 mesi fa

    Dude.. it's aluminum.. are you even Russian!?

  68. Abhimanyu Yadav
    Abhimanyu Yadav
    2 mesi fa

    18 oct was my Birth Day.

  69. Samantha Ramirez Gonzalez
    Samantha Ramirez Gonzalez
    2 mesi fa

    thanks obama

  70. Floyd Garner III
    Floyd Garner III
    2 mesi fa

    pcpanel is exactly what i've been needed for awhile now ! started lookin into mixers and what not just to solve my problem but pcpanel is what i need EXACTLY ! thanks for the video

  71. Max Novakovics
    Max Novakovics
    2 mesi fa

    Man my Logitech g15 (I think, its the orange one) was the best board ever, still have it after like 10 years of abuse. Gonna use it for a secondary rig soon i think

  72. Tiger
    2 mesi fa

    I’m in bed and I’m so glad that it video isn’t you yelling At me and obnoxiously bring extra. I was like pls don’t be loud and you weren’t ♥️

    1. James P
      James P
      Mese fa

      Wow you been in bed for 2 weeks lol jk

  73. Dyloe Alcober
    Dyloe Alcober
    2 mesi fa

    i wanted the gum so imma save up some cash to make a delivery to the philippines if they do i rlly like gums so i really hope they ship it also to the philippines ty for the great work of making these vids that some accessories i might buy in the future

  74. Kidd Mario
    Kidd Mario
    2 mesi fa

    his monitor behind him in the intro is thicc

  75. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
    2 mesi fa

    4:35 fortnite kids microphones

  76. hose Billy bo
    hose Billy bo
    2 mesi fa

    Sorry is that a pack of gum in the thumbnail

  77. IOnceAteAPinecone
    2 mesi fa

    The gum feels like a weird idea, given razer targets so many streamers and nobody wants to hear somebody chewing on stream

  78. Devive
    2 mesi fa

    lmao i was on board with this video until tghe gaming gum

  79. ItzFunq
    2 mesi fa

    Cobra Kai

  80. Agamemnon2
    2 mesi fa

    They should have made those iCue towers react to the system's audio levels, turn it into a giant visualizer.

  81. Dillon Lindbeck
    Dillon Lindbeck
    2 mesi fa

    What monitor is that?

  82. Kenji Artoria
    Kenji Artoria
    2 mesi fa

    You don't really need RTX graphic card to run RTX voice - you need to change/remove one line in installation file to get this on GTX 1080 for example

  83. Ray
    2 mesi fa

    What computer does he have in the background?

  84. ZeRoX
    2 mesi fa

    1 you can use eartrumpet

  85. Casey Worthington
    Casey Worthington
    2 mesi fa

    Great review. Thanks!

  86. Richard Reeves
    Richard Reeves
    2 mesi fa

    that corsair touch screen looks very neat!

  87. Nicolas Busse
    Nicolas Busse
    2 mesi fa

    Starlord, is that you?

  88. SJ
    2 mesi fa

    omg star lord

  89. Tone Phimma
    Tone Phimma
    2 mesi fa

    i rly appreciate ppl who noise cancel.......but the voice compression makes my ears hurt worse than just hearing everything.

  90. pkyamaha17
    2 mesi fa

    Jayztwocents has a video on how he set up a display panel on his black ice build, cheaper than that corsair one, much larger screen, and way more customizable. Takes more effort to set up and doesnt use icue but definitely the better option.

    2 mesi fa

    I liked the neon stipes 😀👍

  92. AMG
    2 mesi fa

    Hi, what is the monitor used in 2:50? Thanks

  93. Vanilla Gorilla
    Vanilla Gorilla
    2 mesi fa

    serious question: can i get those little flex rgb strips for my guitar (make it mobile)..?????

  94. Yosiah Smith
    Yosiah Smith
    2 mesi fa

    Outta curiousity was this voiced over?

    1. Yosiah Smith
      Yosiah Smith
      2 mesi fa

      @Hardware Canucks I had headphones and it seemed that it was voiced over. But if this was hidden microphone, or a shotgun mic then hands down that's the best audio I've heard. Teach me master, lol

    2. Hardware Canucks
      Hardware Canucks
      2 mesi fa

      Voiced over how? -D.

  95. JHutch
    2 mesi fa

    the ai mic cancelling sounds like it does its job, but sounds like it ruins the voice quality.. fixing 1 problem but bringing another

  96. Vic
    2 mesi fa

    $130 for some light strips?! Why are you even promoting something like that?! Absurd

  97. Cherry
    2 mesi fa

    this guys power bill must be hella high

  98. Alex
    2 mesi fa

    is there an rgb version of the gum?

  99. Dev Shah
    Dev Shah
    2 mesi fa

    yea never heard of a usb hub

  100. Dev Shah
    Dev Shah
    2 mesi fa

    the noise cancelling thing, he sounds like a reporter in a helicopter lmao