Aaron Rodgers: Full Jeopardy! Guest Host Exclusive Interview | JEOPARDY!

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Jeopardy! Guest Host Aaron Rodgers responds to the questions about guest hosting, Alex Trebek, Celebrity Jeopardy!, and his lifelong love of Jeopardy!

Tune in Monday, April 5 for his first show as guest host!
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  1. DrunkCanuck
    5 giorni fa

    Rodgers going to sit out of the NFL season in GB to host Jeopardy. You heard it hear first.

  2. Chris
    5 giorni fa

    Aaron suxs

  3. Roberta Fox
    Roberta Fox
    6 giorni fa

    Not a good fit. NOT.

  4. Bobby Thomas
    Bobby Thomas
    8 giorni fa

    I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t think Aaron’s right for this part, just my opinion

  5. zymaymyn
    10 giorni fa

    There's some current drama with the Packers and Rodgers. Could this be one of the reasons he wants to host "Jeopardy" permanently? I don't think he'll get the gig, but you never know.

  6. Sam Andros
    Sam Andros
    10 giorni fa

    I liked him, but I don't really care who the host is. I watch the show for the trivia challenge, not the host. It's crazy to me that some people are not watching because they don't like the host. They're not real Jeopardy fans.

  7. Michael Williams Jr
    Michael Williams Jr
    10 giorni fa

    Psalms 83:18

  8. Chofly Elite
    Chofly Elite
    11 giorni fa

    2:25 How does one randomly wake up in Alaska in a dogsled race lol

  9. Mitchell Bliss
    Mitchell Bliss
    11 giorni fa

    Aaron we love you please don't leave Green Bay

  10. Definitely Not a cop. like 100% sure
    Definitely Not a cop. like 100% sure
    12 giorni fa

    when Aaron brought up the childhood stuff. brought back so many memories of my childhood watching these game shows at my grand parents house. sadly i never watched a single episode of jeopardy until Rodgers hosted a few weeks ago. but yeah all those announcers and hosts never thought how much they impacted my life until that very question and response.

  11. EUGENE Hooks
    EUGENE Hooks
    12 giorni fa

    Trying to roger the original Rabbit with a book never goes well. You exposed yourself...

  12. Yoboy Odyssey
    Yoboy Odyssey
    14 giorni fa

    🥲 love you a a ron

  13. Arin Laschober
    Arin Laschober
    17 giorni fa

    Aaron is just such a huge inspiration and an absolutely amazing football player. I am so proud to be a Packers fan and have been since I was 14. I truly wish him and shailene the best in their marriage and I would love to see him host jeopardy on a more permanent basis. He is such a kind soul. You can tell that he truly gives a crap about people and wants to do as much good as he possibly can for as many people as he possibly can. He’s a true gem.

  14. Paul Walters
    Paul Walters
    22 giorni fa

    I like him a lot!

  15. Debbie Watson
    Debbie Watson
    23 giorni fa

    I am an avid Jeopardy fan for over 50 years. I chose not to watch while he was the host. Glad he is done. His voice was annoying to listen. But he's gone and I am happily back as huge Jeopardy Fan☺

  16. Lorraine Komatsubara
    Lorraine Komatsubara
    23 giorni fa

    I'm rooting for Aaron to get this job permanently - he is handsome as well as smart!!

  17. Ruth Snyder
    Ruth Snyder
    25 giorni fa

    CAnt find the last week of jeopardy shows hosted by aaron Rodgers

  18. jerry Last
    jerry Last
    27 giorni fa

    I have been living in SF for all my life, the only thing that I 'm not happy about is 49ers didn't draft Aaron Rodgers. They missed out on Aaron Rodgers! They could have, but they didn't!

  19. Rosanne Podolsky
    Rosanne Podolsky
    27 giorni fa

    Aaron is my favorite out of all of the guest hosts. Mike the Executive Producer was my second choice.

  20. TSA The Schooner Academy
    TSA The Schooner Academy
    27 giorni fa

    This guy would make an excellent President of the United States

    1. TSA The Schooner Academy
      TSA The Schooner Academy
      27 giorni fa

      And his Press Secretary would of course need to be Pat McAfee

  21. Amy Wilkerson
    Amy Wilkerson
    27 giorni fa

    He's awesome at everything he does..haters gon hate..

  22. Jean Hicks
    Jean Hicks
    27 giorni fa

    U might as well put a cardboard picture of.. no personality

  23. Renee Infinger
    Renee Infinger
    28 giorni fa

    He is the best . Liked Katie too but will tune out for a while . He has the best mood and soothing voice .

  24. Ooni Oomphs
    Ooni Oomphs
    28 giorni fa

    Great job!

  25. Jorge Alvarez
    Jorge Alvarez
    28 giorni fa

    Damn, Rodgers sounds so boring after listening to him for awhile..... 😴

  26. Adam Navigato
    Adam Navigato
    28 giorni fa

    “I was randomly in a sled dog race” ok I really want to hear that full story

  27. RHI Hodag
    RHI Hodag
    28 giorni fa

    Aaron Rocks! Best Jeopardy Guest Host yet! His second week he found his rhythm and let his humor show. He's got what it takes to be the next permanent host. I may be a little biased as I am a "Cheesehead" but there's no arguing Aaron's good at it and will only get better. Alex was very philanthropic and I believe Aaron would follow in Alex's footsteps.

  28. Dantej Aiudijr
    Dantej Aiudijr
    29 giorni fa

    Aaron Rodgers could do both, play for the Packers and host Jeopardy. He's got what it takes. Any QB who waited 4 yrs to take over at QB for the Packers has learned to acquire patience and endurance. He's a talented guy. Win the Super Bowl, host jeopardy, get married and have some kids. Sounds like a great future for futures. Go Pack Go!!!👍🤔💰 Rodgers is a great incentive for alot of people in and out of football. He is a possesed Nerd!!! LOL🤑👍

  29. Dale86
    29 giorni fa

    My favorite guest host so far!

  30. Smaranda Livescu
    Smaranda Livescu
    29 giorni fa

    Knowledgeable, stylish, funny but respectful remarks. A great pleasure to have him as Jeopardy host. Hopefully PERMANENT!

  31. Robert Hurst
    Robert Hurst
    29 giorni fa

    He’s the best! Perfect rhythm and tone

    29 giorni fa

    I watch every episode of Jeopardy and loved Alex Trebek. I think that Aaron Rodgers would be the BEST HOST of Jeopardy. I am really hoping that he is picked. Sweet gentle man just like Alex was. Beautiful human. Alex would approve!

  33. Lillian Gagnon
    Lillian Gagnon
    29 giorni fa

    Best of the best. So much like are beloved Mr. Alex Trebek!

  34. Lillian Gagnon
    Lillian Gagnon
    29 giorni fa

    He was the best so far !

  35. Janelle Abbott
    Janelle Abbott
    29 giorni fa

    Every comment is so very positive. I agree with you all. I really have nothing to add , except I've always thought Rodgers is a great guy!!!

  36. Leanne Downey
    Leanne Downey
    29 giorni fa

    I think Aaron Rodgers is definitely the best one to fill this spot. I think Alex Trebek would be proud to have him in this position. He is smooth, calm and has the charisma that is needed for Jeopardy. After watching this interview it is also clear that he is humanitarian type of person like Alex was.. perfect fit!

  37. FD
    Mese fa

    I'm a huuuuge fan of Ken and have been rooting hard for him to replace Alex but darn it Aaron, you've changed my mind. Aaron Rodgers for the permanent host pweeeeeeease, Jeopardy!

  38. Jamesg33
    Mese fa

    I like Jeopardy, and watch it occasionally. If Aaron gets in, I'll be a full timer. Love this guy.

  39. Hazel Tucker
    Hazel Tucker
    Mese fa

    I was worried about Jeopardy's survival after Alex - until I watched Aaron host. Aaron is THE hope for the survival of Jeopardy.

    Mese fa

    We all want Jeopardy to work something out with Aaron. He is definitely the best by far. Unless you have a Trebek Clone you're going to pull out at the end, then Aaron Rodgers has my vote. You can tell he truly enjoys it. He also brings The most outside interest, which can only enhance the show.

  41. RAM124
    Mese fa

    You might hate him as a player, but this dude is a true role model for this nation. He’s just an all around good person. People don’t realize he’s not just an arrogant ass, he’s a genuinely kind and intelligent arrogant ass. Love this man.

  42. jetman879
    Mese fa

    he's amazing! i love watching him play, and now i love watching him host!!!!

  43. Almoe Mason
    Almoe Mason
    Mese fa

    Rogers may have been a good QB, but as a Jeopordy host he is awful. He does not have a dynamic enough personality. His speech is monotone and soft which make him boring to listen too. Sorry Aaron.

  44. Chickengenius420
    Mese fa

    He should’ve wore his super bowl ring 💍

  45. Chickengenius420
    Mese fa

    Please give him the job! He will get better as he goes!!

  46. Woody Allen
    Woody Allen
    Mese fa

    One of the answers should be: The only nfl head coach combination who are not on speaking terms bc of the former’s super inflated ego. That could also be a final jeopardy clue.

  47. best tiktoks 2021
    best tiktoks 2021
    Mese fa

    Whoever reads this. I wish you success, money, & meaningful relationships. You deserve it.

  48. Karin Smith
    Karin Smith
    Mese fa

    Jeopardy, you have to hire him.

  49. Kim Daniel
    Kim Daniel
    Mese fa

    I am loving Aaron Rodgers as the host. The best so far of the guest hosts. He is great with the contestants and adds his own flare to the questions.

  50. Glen Bard
    Glen Bard
    Mese fa

    I think Aaron is doing a great job. He's my favorite guest host at least so far. Katie Couric was the worst so far.

  51. bill rogan
    bill rogan
    Mese fa

    I think Jeopardy should go with a different NFL QB as permanent host...the retired JaMarcus Russell.

  52. Emma Burger
    Emma Burger
    Mese fa

    Aaron Rodgers would make an excellent Jeopardy host, he is doing a great job. I appreciate his method for preparation to preserve the tone of the show while still being himself.

  53. HCaulfield115
    Mese fa

    “Don’t pick your nose, don’t pick your butt” 😂😂😂

  54. Claudette Stone,
    Claudette Stone,
    Mese fa

    I didn’t know who Aaron Rodgers was when he started hosting jeopardy. I was surprised by his relaxed easy-going laid-back style. Also he doesn’t talk about himself or his history or his life and make the show about him we don’t care about the host we can find out about them on Google I just like to play Jeopardy and he’s just all about Jeopardy and saying yup to The answers. I think he’s pretty good better than Ken Jennings but still not as good as Mike Richards

  55. Hum Dee
    Hum Dee
    Mese fa

    I was watching Jeopardy on Tuesday while cooking and was like, "FINALLY, THIS GUY'S VOICE HAS THAT IT FACTOR!" ... I walked over to my TV and was ASTONISHED to see AARON "That Baaaad Man" Rodgers!!! He NEEDS to be the HOST FULL-TIME! Cause let's be honest, he'll get more love and respect from Jeopardy World than the GreenBay Front Office/Team has shown!

  56. B T
    B T
    Mese fa

    Such a wonderful person.

  57. MinnesotaSD
    Mese fa

    He's great at the job - great composure and tenor. I hope he starts joining full-time and jumpstarts his second act! I'm also a Vikings fan...

  58. Andrew Scarpati
    Andrew Scarpati
    Mese fa

    I love the fact that he’s a jock but also an intellectual without being over articulate. He seems to have a genuine warmth. I also liked OZ and thought he did a great job.

  59. Libby Mcbibby
    Libby Mcbibby
    Mese fa

    I hope he pontificates to all the little people watching Jeopardy like he does to the NFL fan base. He is an expert on race relations, family relations, and many other things just ask him.

  60. rickrayn
    Mese fa

    Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff would be great on the show. His a doctor who is a lineman with the Chiefs.

  61. Adam Nugraha
    Adam Nugraha
    Mese fa

    I'm afraid that Mike Richards will be signing Amber Tamblyn as new host of Jeopardy! instead of LeVar Burton or Ken Jennings.

  62. Adam Nugraha
    Adam Nugraha
    Mese fa

    I'm afraid that Mike Richards will be signing Amber Tamblyn as new host of Jeopardy! instead of LeVar Burton or Ken Jennings.

  63. Goatlady Gletha
    Goatlady Gletha
    Mese fa

    Dear God, wake me when it's over. 🤦‍♀️ This man puts me to sleep! Does he have a pulse?

  64. Luis Ventura
    Luis Ventura
    Mese fa

    The hard-to-find cormorant serendipitously smoke because beard speculatively fasten off a judicious doubt. ancient, xenophobic income

  65. terri trowbridge
    terri trowbridge
    Mese fa

    He's doing a great job

  66. Sven Bens
    Sven Bens
    Mese fa

    Please make Aaron the full time host when he wants!

  67. John Bourgeois
    John Bourgeois
    Mese fa

    Rodgers is the worst of the guest hosts so far the best to the worst so far have been in order with Jennings being the best then the producer next then Katie

  68. sonteeg B
    sonteeg B
    Mese fa

    Best guest host so far, in my opinion.

  69. Ronnie Conner
    Ronnie Conner
    Mese fa

    I think he did a wonderful job hosting and would be a great choice for a permanent position. His voice is smooth, he's calm, and very personable.

  70. Ann Marie Morales-Ear
    Ann Marie Morales-Ear
    Mese fa

    He’s doing a terrific job!

  71. Jeff Garbarek
    Jeff Garbarek
    Mese fa

    See not all cheeseheads are heads full of brats and beers. Wait. 🤔

  72. J.C. Gage
    J.C. Gage
    Mese fa

    He seems familiar

  73. Mandilion76
    Mese fa

    Apparently, 73 Vikings fans disliked this video 😂

  74. Victor Hoe
    Victor Hoe
    Mese fa

    My sister inlaw is in Chico, Calif. Aaron Rodgers is from Paradise, Calif. His donations helped with the businesses destroyed by the Campfire Fire. I have a lot of respect for Aaron Rodgers. Besides, he's a Cal Berkeley (Go Bears), fan.

  75. Olives Olive
    Olives Olive
    Mese fa


  76. zar olive
    zar olive
    Mese fa

    Keep Mike Richards and Rogers, please! The best new hosts!!!

  77. jgeorge47
    Mese fa

    Rogers is boring as a host. No personality. He sucks

  78. ldaa wyf
    ldaa wyf
    Mese fa

    The tangy helmet behaviourally hunt because girl hisologically excite minus a colorful pediatrician. cloudy, abashed manicure

  79. Carolyn Bent
    Carolyn Bent
    Mese fa

    I loved his time on Jeopardy. Hope he is our next Jeopardy Alex

  80. Cathy Crichton
    Cathy Crichton
    Mese fa

    Aaron's done a great job hosting Jeopardy. Although Alex's wish was that Ken Jennings was to have the job.

  81. Derg8170
    Mese fa

    He's not going to make it. Great quarterback but flat footed here. Almost sounds bored. Conducts the show, but not entertaining. The show needs both. Katie Couric was trying too hard to be "sweet & likeable". Yuck! Ken Jennings will win the job. A Jeopardy natural.

  82. nnndddzzz1
    Mese fa

    Alex Trebek looking down from heaven- smiling

  83. Stacy Sakimoto
    Stacy Sakimoto
    Mese fa

    Love this guy!

  84. Lisa Harris
    Lisa Harris
    Mese fa

    Category: Also Known As Clue: Aaron Rodgers Answer: What is a choker

  85. ken karwoski
    ken karwoski
    Mese fa

    Aaron shows some Alex Trebek in him and with the beard, that's a good head start if he becomes the host of Jeopardy!, because Alex had a mustache when he started and the beard is a trademark for Aaron Rodgers!

  86. Nancy Jackson
    Nancy Jackson
    Mese fa

    Aaron should be made host! He is perfect in the way he leads the game and interviews the contestants.

  87. Lost Dahlia
    Lost Dahlia
    Mese fa

    LOVE! I hope Aaron will be the new Host! I can see him growing old! :)

  88. Guilherme Peixoto
    Guilherme Peixoto
    Mese fa

    Make the O-line episode happen please!

  89. Poe
    Mese fa

    One hit wonder

  90. I Love NY I Love NY
    I Love NY I Love NY
    Mese fa

    He seems easy going like Alex, but he has to loosen up and feel comfortable to make some jokes.

  91. Tony Bowman
    Tony Bowman
    Mese fa

    The kaput horn reassembly stir because manager connoly race off a calm jam. sophisticated, malicious shirt

  92. Sergio Oliver
    Sergio Oliver
    Mese fa

    Here for the 🐐

  93. Yakov Spivak
    Yakov Spivak
    Mese fa

    "Jeopardy" is Jeopardized, Now it is "Game of Hosts".

  94. Jeffry Hammel
    Jeffry Hammel
    Mese fa

    Kudos to Roger's. While some other quarterbacks are going to sleazy massage parlors, he's doing jepeordy. Some people think he's arrogant, but he's just so damn smart.

  95. Dax_Megathor
    Mese fa

    interesting how a football QB is bringing so much attention to Jeopardy! from an audience that hasn’t really tuned in much (idk if nfl fans are also big Jeopardy! fans, but i would suspect not) but ive been watching on Netflix since i saw rodgers on the show and it’s great!

  96. MadelineMae
    Mese fa

    People forget he graduated from Cal Berkeley...

  97. Proud Straight White Christian Conservative Man
    Proud Straight White Christian Conservative Man
    Mese fa

    Love AR. Such a pleasure to get to know him better through his appearances on the Pat McAfee Show. Class act ❤️

  98. Joe Hasskamp
    Joe Hasskamp
    Mese fa

    He's the worst host yet, worse than Oz. If the guy got anymore personality a funeral would break out.

  99. Micah B.
    Micah B.
    Mese fa

    Wait. He still has TiVo?

  100. Greg King
    Greg King
    Mese fa

    Man oh man, he was really twisting his pinky ring.