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This map takes you through the Matrix, and spits you out... here?!

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  1. Tripple-Dot- Dash
    Tripple-Dot- Dash
    Giorno fa

    Noah, to see things on your screen you kind of have to look at your screen

  2. Joshua Teabout
    Joshua Teabout
    6 giorni fa

    Apparently the map that they are playing is the asylum from bo1

  3. aaron Ashcraft
    aaron Ashcraft
    9 giorni fa

    Ik this was made a while ago but all I could think of the tv was made of is the same thing the Nokia phon was made of lmao

  4. Harry Burgess
    Harry Burgess
    10 giorni fa

    noah getting bullied at 11:30

  5. Nightmare Slayer87
    Nightmare Slayer87
    16 giorni fa

    the tv's were made by nokia phone company

    22 giorni fa

    Whos watched the maze runner if u have ur a cod player.

  7. Branden Mcmannes
    Branden Mcmannes
    22 giorni fa

    Watching your videos is making me wanna play zombies again. Tho I don't have a PC to get custom modded maps on 💀

  8. Ulysses Edens
    Ulysses Edens
    24 giorni fa

    Your PAIIIIN lol

  9. Zaide Richards
    Zaide Richards
    25 giorni fa

    Anyone else notice when Noah papd his swat the name changed to open up lol

  10. Wallmann Dylon
    Wallmann Dylon
    29 giorni fa


  11. Wallmann Dylon
    Wallmann Dylon
    29 giorni fa

    Ik those games 😢😂

  12. Ghost
    Mese fa

    The thumbnail looks like mazerunner

  13. Cold Devil Films
    Cold Devil Films
    Mese fa

    whoever doin play by play needa shut up lmfao

  14. DietRick89
    Mese fa

    YOOO this was the first custom zombies map that I streamed. It’s fun

  15. BaLlZKiCK Gaming
    BaLlZKiCK Gaming
    Mese fa

    Epilepsy Warning

  16. LTC_H3R0
    Mese fa

    Hes saying no one doesnt know these games but I know them and I'm young

  17. Musichowl
    Mese fa

    the fact that the swat pap'd was called open up is brilliant

  18. Nainoa Ching
    Nainoa Ching
    Mese fa

    Omg Alan Wake was my favorite game back then

  19. Aaron Hack
    Aaron Hack
    Mese fa

    That one guy ruined the video

  20. Jay
    Mese fa

    "im noahj i have a stupid hairline"

  21. Skorplux
    Mese fa

    alan wake is the best (nail gun)

  22. Joseph Morris
    Joseph Morris
    Mese fa


  23. Monkey Nats
    Monkey Nats
    Mese fa

    29:25 saving my time gotta go to school

  24. Landumb
    Mese fa

    0:17 BigPuffer

  25. TrickiesT v2
    TrickiesT v2
    Mese fa

    29:47 - 30:00 They ignored ch0pper :(

  26. Shyguy 3300
    Shyguy 3300
    Mese fa

    All I hear for this video is “What is going! What is going! What’s goin!”

  27. Ashley Dawn
    Ashley Dawn
    2 mesi fa

    How can you download these maps he always plays on PlayStation

  28. Ashley Dawn
    Ashley Dawn
    2 mesi fa

    Can someone tell me how he plays all these different zombie maps because I want to play all of these that he’s been playing

  29. Miranda Raquel
    Miranda Raquel
    2 mesi fa

    I know the games

  30. Frank The Turtle
    Frank The Turtle
    2 mesi fa

    Congrats your almost at 5 mil

  31. ViRUS YT
    ViRUS YT
    2 mesi fa

    The fact that I remember when he made that video abt the incredible hulk is stupidly funny

  32. I.F.B/Colipto Dwite
    I.F.B/Colipto Dwite
    2 mesi fa

    That map is a replica of maze runner

  33. Kareem Ganaim
    Kareem Ganaim
    2 mesi fa

    Oh yea , now thats what im talking about Maze runner

  34. Goddums
    2 mesi fa

    I'm 15 and I genuinely loved Allan Wake Really good game

  35. Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya
    2 mesi fa

    the name of the packed icr is so funny omg lol

  36. Donovan Bean
    Donovan Bean
    2 mesi fa

    I know those games and I'm 14

  37. Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf
    2 mesi fa

    NoahJ took the red pill

  38. Frank Miner
    Frank Miner
    2 mesi fa

    You can’t really call this a boss fight as there was no boss to fight at the end. Wack

  39. Gabriel Wolfe
    Gabriel Wolfe
    2 mesi fa

    Tf is da intro lol

  40. Nomad noproblem
    Nomad noproblem
    2 mesi fa

    “Nobody knows these old games you’re talking about” ...*me been sucked into ITsuns for like 10 years*

  41. Robbie Crevoiserat
    Robbie Crevoiserat
    2 mesi fa

    are we not going to acknowledge the SWAT turned into the OPEN UP after noah pack-a-punched it

  42. Steamyfox
    2 mesi fa

    What is someone made a maze runner zombie map that would be cool

  43. Riley Keenan
    Riley Keenan
    2 mesi fa

    Why does Jc sound like jonsandman lol

  44. wreckinball11
    2 mesi fa

    I have played zombies since unlocking it after the world at war campaign. I am 51 and can't understand any of the words you are making up.

  45. Nodoors72
    2 mesi fa

    I really loved your infinity warfare videos I really hope you do more

  46. Kevin Special
    Kevin Special
    2 mesi fa

    The only F ing reason i click on this was because i saw the maze runner and was hyped

    2 mesi fa

    But i love outlast.

  48. Catherine Hansen
    Catherine Hansen
    2 mesi fa

    great video cool

  49. Catherine Hansen
    Catherine Hansen
    2 mesi fa

    boo shield

  50. Bob Dine
    Bob Dine
    2 mesi fa

    I was doing a shadows of evil speed run then my controller died at the last step of the Easter egg and I had the speed run

  51. Max “TankBuster91” Clinger
    Max “TankBuster91” Clinger
    2 mesi fa

    I think if playing the same game over and over again with modded levels or etc to make it fun it's time play another game

  52. Paula Willis
    Paula Willis
    2 mesi fa

    The pushy furniture recurrently permit because trapezoid chronically trace from a dizzy collar. sore, raspy antelope

  53. bbq frog
    bbq frog
    2 mesi fa

    i feel scammed i thought there was a maze runner map

  54. Luke Sullivan
    Luke Sullivan
    2 mesi fa

    Was that thumbnail literally maze runner?

  55. John George
    John George
    2 mesi fa

    How do I get these custom zombie's maps on ps4?

  56. Danny
    2 mesi fa

    Nokia tv

  57. george hepburn
    george hepburn
    2 mesi fa

    I know whats OUTLAST i have it bruh🤷‍♂️

  58. hurtubise outlook
    hurtubise outlook
    2 mesi fa

    Lol black ops 4 guns, the one thing Noah hates in bo4.(There’s also bo3 guns as well)

  59. Ahmad Istaitiya
    Ahmad Istaitiya
    2 mesi fa

    When the thumbnail is from the maze runners

    2 mesi fa

    This map is giving me those vibes you get when your girl is giving you bad head🧐😐

    2 mesi fa

    Outlast had some scary times🥶🥶🥶

  62. Christian Gallagher
    Christian Gallagher
    2 mesi fa

    The free nic neurochemically remove because camel microcephaly sigh despite a hilarious throat. decorous, natural reindeer

  63. Chaotic X
    Chaotic X
    2 mesi fa

    Me who played outlast 2: 👀

  64. g unot
    g unot
    2 mesi fa

    I love dis map!!

  65. harperx2000
    2 mesi fa

    Funny story i did the "strat" to get a free wonder weapon and i got the RAY-K as i finished the "strat"

  66. Justin Byrd
    Justin Byrd
    2 mesi fa

    Outlast best

  67. Cherie Ohrabka
    Cherie Ohrabka
    2 mesi fa

    But I played watch dogs

  68. Rohan Golani
    Rohan Golani
    2 mesi fa

    The permissible literature technologically examine because van unexplainably found amidst a roasted voyage. melodic, brawny society

  69. Decent_aim
    2 mesi fa


  70. fwflygon14
    2 mesi fa

    good he hate fortnite

  71. Haydin Thomas
    Haydin Thomas
    2 mesi fa

    Anyone feel like jc is juicy fruit snacks cause of that squeal

    1. Haydin Thomas
      Haydin Thomas
      2 mesi fa

      And when Noah pap his swat it said OPEN UP 😂😂😂

  72. [SGG] Void, Leader Of Sun Glasses Gang
    [SGG] Void, Leader Of Sun Glasses Gang
    2 mesi fa

    “So anyways I started making the spreadsheet” I immediately thought of Welyn and him saying: “So anyways, I made their base on my private server”

  73. junior D.
    junior D.
    2 mesi fa

    ..........why would you be texting in the middle of zombie carnage?

  74. Chance Kirby
    Chance Kirby
    2 mesi fa

    Where are you finding theses maps i wanna play them

  75. Antwon Butchee
    Antwon Butchee
    2 mesi fa

    10:07 is the most funny part of this video

  76. crazy ass llama
    crazy ass llama
    2 mesi fa

    I remember Alan wake

  77. Captain Zest
    Captain Zest
    2 mesi fa

    As someone who's sensitive to flashing lights u are correct that room was not good for me

  78. The one that games
    The one that games
    3 mesi fa

    I dare you to play wellerman song on one of your videos

  79. Brandon Witt
    Brandon Witt
    3 mesi fa

    3:34 Noah: uh, theres a mystery box right here if anyone wants to hit it. Me: damn, that mystery box lookin fine😏😏.

  80. LonelySniper271
    3 mesi fa

    Hey Noah they just finished the dlc for Doom Eternal I hope you plan on playing it, it’s really good

  81. Nightmare Slayer87
    Nightmare Slayer87
    3 mesi fa

    Awww I thought this was a maze runner map

  82. Ubisoft sometimes
    Ubisoft sometimes
    3 mesi fa

    If my kid grows up and I hear the words Minecraft what’s Alan wake I’m putting him up for adoption

  83. Bob MacKenna
    Bob MacKenna
    3 mesi fa

    Alan wake was a cool game in hell🥵

  84. Joshua Sansoterra
    Joshua Sansoterra
    3 mesi fa

    wheres the maze runner map?

  85. Johnnylicity
    3 mesi fa

    What are those gun names 😂

  86. RamboBrando96 TM
    RamboBrando96 TM
    3 mesi fa

    Alan wake pawg

  87. Luke Regan
    Luke Regan
    3 mesi fa

    So insane

  88. Mr Memes
    Mr Memes
    3 mesi fa

    Chopper is a juicer PogU

  89. Yasir Wesley
    Yasir Wesley
    3 mesi fa


    1. Yasir Wesley
      Yasir Wesley
      3 mesi fa

      Hella dumb with the throwback streams!!! Cant stop laughing

  90. Krissy Andrews
    Krissy Andrews
    3 mesi fa

    He sounds like FuzionzGamer 😂😂

  91. Isaac Prasad
    Isaac Prasad
    3 mesi fa

    That picture hella click baited me

  92. SO_Gaming
    3 mesi fa

    Follow me on twitch @xSailOnx

    3 mesi fa

    outlast 2 is a good ass game

  94. CREEPER2159 j
    CREEPER2159 j
    3 mesi fa

    6:00 Who let the dogs up

  95. Marcus Ruberson
    Marcus Ruberson
    3 mesi fa

    "If these games aren't Minecraft and Roblox, I don't wanna effing hear it come outa your mouth, ya understand?" - NoahJ 2021

  96. general kinobi
    general kinobi
    3 mesi fa

    Bro tv made by the nokia phone

  97. Luna
    3 mesi fa

    wait there's a clipping feature on youtube now

  98. Kadyn Pitre
    Kadyn Pitre
    3 mesi fa

    What’s been up with MrTLexify? Is his internet shit or something now

  99. Parzival
    3 mesi fa

    Noah’s secret message when jc was talking at 2:09

  100. Joe_Stowers 15
    Joe_Stowers 15
    3 mesi fa

    The thumbnail looks like maze runner