Legendary Penalty Kick Moments

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The most memorable penalty kicks in Fооtbаll history. Produced by Score 90.

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    Logan Rochon
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    I could feel Messi's grief seeping into my soul :(

  20. Norqulov Davlat
    Norqulov Davlat
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  21. Manas Nayak
    Manas Nayak
    13 ore fa

    Football is not game its religion where there no god but only goals

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    Love Nepal
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  27. Hilmar Hilmarsson
    Hilmar Hilmarsson
    19 ore fa

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  32. Matt Evans
    Matt Evans
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    2G CHANEL gery
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    joy Dhar
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    Loc Tran
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  38. LESLIE Is that you??
    LESLIE Is that you??
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    Thasni Ashraf
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    Mahizan Manan
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  41. Faton Kosova
    Faton Kosova
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  42. Sebastián
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    jesus alvarado
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  52. Marcel
    Giorno fa

    How Neuer pushes Schweinsteiger away. 😆 ( 1:30 )

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    Bronya Zaychik
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    Молли Бессер
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    7ÀKĪM P3S✓
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  61. Hidan Kirito
    Hidan Kirito
    Giorno fa

    5:32 Trust me, till now Ghanaians still absolutely do not trust Asamoah Gyan playing penalties for the national team.

    Giorno fa

    0:22. Reporter said how is missed listen 👂 carefully guys 😊

  63. Maposa Dynasty
    Maposa Dynasty
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    woww i like ur vidz man

  64. Iwan Bottos
    Iwan Bottos
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    7.44 If ever a keeper left his goal line too soon , it was Jerry Dudek . On his first two steps about 5 cm , after 4 at least 10 cm . By the way , have I missed the original Panenka from ... hrmm Panenka and the famous penalty in 2 , where Cruyff plays the Ball to incoming Jesper Olson who return it to Johan who then scores .

  65. Mir Hassan
    Mir Hassan
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    Baibhav Kumar Mishra
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  72. Sanja Mijatovic
    Sanja Mijatovic
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    Sanja Mijatovic
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    Sanja Mijatovic
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    Sanja Mijatovic
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  82. Krishna Patil
    Krishna Patil
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