Battlefield 3 - Full Campaign Walkthrough [4K/60FPS]

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A complete walkthrough of Battlefield 3's singleplayer campaign recorded in 4K resolution and 60FPS. No deaths and no commentary.

In Battlefield 3's campaign, players take on the personas of several military roles: a U.S. Marine, an F/A-18F Super Hornet weapon systems officer, an M1A2 Abrams tank operator, and a Spetsnaz GRU operative. The campaign takes place in various locations, including Iran and New York City; and follows the stories of Sergeant Henry Blackburn and Dimitri Mayakovsky.

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Name: Battlefield 4
Release date: October 29, 2013
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Developer(s): DICE


  1. SmolBoi
    12 ore fa

    Back in the days I was annoyed by the blueish hue but I got to admit that it does make it look more realistic. Colors are nice but they make games look a tad cartoony.

  2. coolkid
    6 giorni fa

    1:40:17 my body left my soul

  3. NinjagamingXplayz
    8 giorni fa

    The dinosaur part of the tank mission start was so cute

  4. Hunain's justice
    Hunain's justice
    12 giorni fa

    this game is against muslims

  5. Wei Shen
    Wei Shen
    14 giorni fa

    I missed my fucked up childhood

  6. Dante's Inferno
    Dante's Inferno
    20 giorni fa

    8:47 I was like 12 when this came out. and this is what made my dad take the game away but I still beat it "stay away from the fucking cars"

  7. Aiden Arkham
    Aiden Arkham
    20 giorni fa

    It's crazy how good this still looks

  8. ً
    23 giorni fa

    i loved bf3 it was in a realistic timezone, blended simulation w/ fun arcade and a believable storyline

  9. Muhammad Asim Syed
    Muhammad Asim Syed
    26 giorni fa

    "There's no we. It's us, and then there's you." *damn.*

  10. werftenklang
    28 giorni fa

    Thanks for that. I enjoyed that missing of stupid talking/commenting.

  11. fahad mohy
    fahad mohy
    Mese fa

    switch to ur secondary wepaon is alwasys faster then reloading

  12. Manuel Cedillo
    Manuel Cedillo
    Mese fa

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  13. Joe Hutchison
    Joe Hutchison
    Mese fa

    Isnt the song in the begining. Gods gonna cut you down by johny cash?

  14. A.i🧧
    Mese fa

    Best Campaign Intro Ever

  15. ZeKnight
    Mese fa

    Something that no one notices is that battlefield’s campaigns are more open and bigger. Whilst cod’s campaign is just narrow and it feels like I am running through a corridor. It’s weird how cod has a huge battle royals map and ground war maps yet small campaigns. This is why battlefield has always done things better than cod

  16. ABDULAZIZ AL-Qenaei
    Mese fa

    Let’s just say I was 10 and now I’m almost 20 and I still remember the camping like it was yesterday

  17. H-berg
    Mese fa

    Such a damn good game. I used to replay it once every summer. I missed it last year. Time to get back into the habbit.

  18. Frickin Frick
    Frickin Frick
    Mese fa

    Is that Kovic from BF4 in the room with Blackburn?

  19. muhammad farhan
    muhammad farhan
    Mese fa

    Games is the very good

  20. Virginia Lover Productions
    Virginia Lover Productions
    Mese fa

    I love how the protagonist actually TALKS. I'm looking at you, BF4.

  21. Gabriel Leonardo
    Gabriel Leonardo
    Mese fa

    the one game

  22. Cil Dagout
    Cil Dagout
    Mese fa

    Tears 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.......

  23. Cil Dagout
    Cil Dagout
    Mese fa

    My life must not be a game for you to play around with me. Poeple cursed me badly while I lost everything including my Mom.... Just so sad why you want to kill me..... I can not imagine why you allow just so badly life to me . I get nothing interest from the world economy but just hurt and pain my heart as mom died. Poeple look down at me so much without dollars. I don't Care about anyone family but want to put my family on top world but why you wanted to destroy my family?

  24. Cil Dagout
    Cil Dagout
    Mese fa

    I 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭......

  25. Cil Dagout
    Cil Dagout
    Mese fa


  26. Cil Dagout
    Cil Dagout
    Mese fa

    I 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  27. Cil Dagout
    Cil Dagout
    Mese fa

    As a man, you just so stupid to understand.. you hurt me badly.... I tears 😭😭

  28. Cil Dagout
    Cil Dagout
    Mese fa

    Life just so unmeaning to me. So fake you poeples

  29. Cil Dagout
    Cil Dagout
    Mese fa

    Too much sadness in me. You can not imagine how much I sad. Not a game to me. No.... Just too sad,... Too sad mom.

  30. Cil Dagout
    Cil Dagout
    Mese fa

    Sadly too much the world you have built

  31. Cil Dagout
    Cil Dagout
    Mese fa


  32. Cherrycamaro357
    Mese fa

    This shit looks better than cold war

  33. AFCayde
    Mese fa

    Imagine getting mad that 2042 won't have a 3 hour campaign

  34. Mashed Potato Johnson
    Mashed Potato Johnson
    Mese fa

    It's wild to see a campaign like this. No particular nation is evil, but every one has bad men. Russians aren't boogeymen. And americans aren't infallible administers of justice.

    1. Cirelx
      Mese fa

      Yeah Americans are aren’t they like the international police

  35. SquareProductions
    Mese fa


  36. Glorious Model D
    Glorious Model D
    Mese fa

    I remember playing this game when i was 11, but i never got to finish the campaign😥

  37. Kayl T.
    Kayl T.
    Mese fa

    Lmfao some of the lines are just iconic. "I think i just agreed to be ambushed." "Why dont we just shoot ourselves and save them the trouble?"

  38. Kaes R
    Kaes R
    Mese fa

    The VAs really sounds pure like a Marines

  39. Larry
    Mese fa

    As realistic as this game was never made sense how a Staff Sergeant in Blackburn e-6 was getting ordered around by the Sergeant E-5 in Campo lmao

  40. Issaoui Ghassen
    Issaoui Ghassen
    Mese fa

    Watching this in 2021 and still best campain ever present by battlefield game ever

  41. AMOD
    Mese fa


  42. Mick Hernandez
    Mick Hernandez
    Mese fa

    the story is unique than anything u can imagine for a war game. the russian usa war, the usa and russian rogue working together

  43. Kanokpong Sriduangmanichay
    Kanokpong Sriduangmanichay
    Mese fa

    Who came back to watch this video because BF 2042 Trailer?

    1. lmtx45
      Mese fa


  44. Peter Clifford
    Peter Clifford
    Mese fa

    Welcome lads and lasses to what pre-2020/21 graphics was like.

  45. Ali Chammah
    Ali Chammah
    2 mesi fa

    I like how the game says that they are in Iran yet they're using Iraqi flags

  46. Yinhong Lin
    Yinhong Lin
    2 mesi fa

    is this cod16?

    1. Yinhong Lin
      Yinhong Lin
      2 mesi fa

      I just want to praise the graphics.

  47. X1XS
    2 mesi fa

    Best military shooter game ever.

  48. Shuan Hana
    Shuan Hana
    2 mesi fa

    Two Trip Ctrain Marlborough Station To 69 Street Station Then Back

  49. SeR0x
    2 mesi fa

    I want it back :,)

  50. Somebody’s dog
    Somebody’s dog
    2 mesi fa

    This giving me advanced warfare vibes

  51. jo king
    jo king
    2 mesi fa

    good memories

  52. Mohammed Zaid Shaikh
    Mohammed Zaid Shaikh
    2 mesi fa

    I hate this all types of games because he is targeting only muslim

    1. Willian da rosa
      Willian da rosa
      Mese fa

      Except no, by the end of the game you fight with the russians too. Also, what do you expect?? You play with the USA, and the US has trouble with iran, syria and many islamic insurgents. This last can cause a huge damage

  53. Jozsi Olah
    Jozsi Olah
    2 mesi fa

    The blanks were filled in the following way (1989): xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on A4 sheets.

  54. DaClown
    2 mesi fa

    Still my personal favorite Battlefield of all time.

  55. ArmendMakaveli
    2 mesi fa

    what a game man!!

  56. Caleb Chooi
    Caleb Chooi
    3 mesi fa

    Battlefield 3 intro is so good😍😍

  57. just ain't feelin it
    just ain't feelin it
    3 mesi fa

    I refuse to believe this came out in 2011. This looks like it came out today it looks amazing

  58. AndreVD
    3 mesi fa

    i want from BF6 to be basically like BF3 just with current top notch graphics. Though for a 10 yrs old game, this looks fantastic, it was well ahead of its time for sure.

  59. Banana SAS
    Banana SAS
    3 mesi fa

    1:09:58 "Enemy armament destroyed!" Dude enemy armament doesn't even EXIST after that shot, where the hell do we get these rockets?!

  60. Marco Mennella
    Marco Mennella
    3 mesi fa

    2011 and it's better than cyberpunk

  61. Alex
    3 mesi fa

    thinking of it, i want this game to be remastered.

  62. Terrex Games
    Terrex Games
    3 mesi fa

    00:00 The best start!

  63. Soleil Zavier Adam
    Soleil Zavier Adam
    3 mesi fa

    in BF3, you play as 4 different characters 1. henry blackburn 2. jennifer coleby hawkins 3. dimitri mayakovski 4. jonathan miller

  64. 서은준
    3 mesi fa

    나라든 영화든 문화든 여자든 사람이든 외국이 굿임

  65. Dios todo poderoso
    Dios todo poderoso
    3 mesi fa


  66. Brendan Sandbom
    Brendan Sandbom
    3 mesi fa

    2:37:40 "finish one war by starting another" yeah the US seems to do that a lot lol

  67. Dtendy 41
    Dtendy 41
    3 mesi fa

    best video game shooter campaign behind mw2, and its really fuckin close

  68. Nope
    4 mesi fa

    You play battlefield for the campaign, and cod for the multiplayer

  69. Rares Macovei
    Rares Macovei
    4 mesi fa

    While BF3 still holds up visually (and of course it does, it was next-gen on PC in 2011), Crysis 2 still looks better. Incidentally, CoD MW3 also holds up visually, surprisingly. Did a playthrough of all 3, maxed out, 3200x1800, 120 fps. Previous games to 2011 (Bad Company 2, Black Ops 1/Modern Warfare 2) are very rough around the edges. They don't hold up so well.

    4 mesi fa

    Very cool I also like this game, nice to meet me from

  71. Eric Jony
    Eric Jony
    4 mesi fa

    Just finished medal of honor 2010 on my low end pc. Thought that bf3 would entertain me the same because both were developed by dice

  72. clayton andrew
    clayton andrew
    4 mesi fa

    I wonder what it would have been like if they spared miller and not killed him. Rip Miller though 2:2:41

  73. Andy
    4 mesi fa

    When EA play came into Xbox Gamepass I downloaded a bunch of battlefields just for the sake of it, something to play in the winter break but I was surprised of how well, at least BF3 story aged, hell, even on the scene where Blackburn meets Dima, there was so much tension I shoot the commander by pure reflex only to be completely shocked afterwards. Quite amazing.

  74. просто JHONY
    просто JHONY
    4 mesi fa

    да игра до сих пор отлично выглядит новые игры в плане графики не сильно то и лучше если учесть возраст игр зато требования к видеокартам растут но какойто супер прорывной графики в этих играх нет

  75. That0neGuyGames
    4 mesi fa

    Flying getting everything prepped and the music kicking in along side the other jet. There is nothing better than that tingling feeling, goosebumps. 2011???? SERIOUSLY? Squad plays like shit, most games today can't even program basic NavMesh for the AI> Sad this new generation of devs just suck ass.

  76. Yul Viera
    Yul Viera
    4 mesi fa

    Brings back so many good memories

  77. KoolJKat
    4 mesi fa

    Couldn't go through memory lane since BF3 won't launch the Campaign so this is the next best thing, thank you my friend.

  78. Tim4ik_ Lubim4ik
    Tim4ik_ Lubim4ik
    4 mesi fa

    My favourite game of series battlefield)

  79. Prateek Sengupta
    Prateek Sengupta
    4 mesi fa

    Who is here in 2021

  80. Alex Colley
    Alex Colley
    4 mesi fa

    2:06:33 how did Campo see the guy before he was on the balcony?

    1. God bless the IDF
      God bless the IDF
      4 mesi fa

      You as the player is not meant to look at this balcony cuz you don’t know an enemy will appear there therefore he said where the enemy is before he saw him cuz you wouldn’t notice this but this guy clearly played the game a lot

  81. S V
    S V
    4 mesi fa


  82. A Pall
    A Pall
    4 mesi fa

    I remember playing this game 12 years ago, back then I was in the army (French Legion) it was mind blowing how realistic this game was (still is) plus the story is really good. This game makes a really good point on that a soldier is a soldier no matter where (Specnaz, Legionnaire, Ranger and no matter where), the old legionnaire honor code (code d'honneur du légionnaire) says "Tu l'exécutes jusqu'au bout, à tout prix" (You execute till the end at all cost) which is really the true in this game

  83. Dodgy Brothers Engineering
    Dodgy Brothers Engineering
    5 mesi fa

    Just finished took me about 10hours, not too bad for a first time through. Still prefer BF2.

  84. therosebro 5062
    therosebro 5062
    5 mesi fa

    All the god all the heavens and all the hells are with in you

  85. AMIr CrafT
    AMIr CrafT
    5 mesi fa

    you wanna attack to iran? lol we will fuck one by on of you Long life great supreme and iran

    1. God bless the IDF
      God bless the IDF
      4 mesi fa

      What is this have to do with this video? this is a game and besides the us will fuck up your country big time

  86. Vlad Glass
    Vlad Glass
    5 mesi fa


  87. Steven Poole
    Steven Poole
    5 mesi fa

    Great game to bad u suck at it, its cringe to watch 🤦🏽‍♂️ @battlefieldportal

  88. Royce Kalent
    Royce Kalent
    5 mesi fa

    The mission in the jet always brings tears to my eyes❤️🥰

  89. Jake Berry
    Jake Berry
    5 mesi fa

    Frustrating to watch in that tank lead your targets ffs haha

  90. Kirk Moody
    Kirk Moody
    5 mesi fa

    They need to bring back the "DMR" to the sniper class with actual scopes for bf6

  91. Cole Rumer
    Cole Rumer
    5 mesi fa

    Most realistic game ever

  92. J Vasquez Bros..
    J Vasquez Bros..
    5 mesi fa

    I love this game... There isn't any campaign like this one... I hope we get a remaster edition....This is definently the best Battlefield game

  93. Don Gino
    Don Gino
    5 mesi fa

    This story suck cuz the rat died

  94. Sikuta mc
    Sikuta mc
    5 mesi fa

    Bf3 is only 720p

  95. Kyler Rogers
    Kyler Rogers
    5 mesi fa

    This would make a good movie if dice and EA allowed it

  96. Skadiyz
    5 mesi fa

    Who from 2021??

  97. Рико Бэлич
    Рико Бэлич
    5 mesi fa

    Господи насколько круто и идеально все в игре! Сюжет, гемплей, идея и смысл все мелочи! Её так и не переплюнули!

  98. Baron Awesome vonPruts
    Baron Awesome vonPruts
    5 mesi fa

    This game must be remastered.

  99. APG95
    5 mesi fa

    Battlefield 3 is ALREADY the REMASTER

  100. charli damelio
    charli damelio
    5 mesi fa

    this dude went to kill some sniper boys to end the entire plr