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Song 1: Kelypso - Home

Song 2: Tobu - Infectious

Song 3: Maya Jama - PG x Jallow

Song 4: Ansia Orchestra - Alla till mig!

Song 5: Loop Genius - Do it again

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  1. Fathima Khan
    Fathima Khan
    3 giorni fa

    This brings back memories man💔

  2. Murray Miller
    Murray Miller
    4 giorni fa

    Erikson 🙏

  3. Adam Parsons
    Adam Parsons
    12 giorni fa

    13:21 man sounds like a rubber duck toy

  4. Matthewkarlie Michelle
    Matthewkarlie Michelle
    14 giorni fa

    Harry you're so bad at FIFA you have a better team than him and he's winning

  5. Jonathan
    23 giorni fa

    I just noticed Harry had kante with a hunter

  6. Akeem Nelson
    Akeem Nelson
    26 giorni fa

    Best fifa video ive ever seen

  7. Katie Hudson
    Katie Hudson
    26 giorni fa

    Ill use it when Fort it's downloads k w2s

  8. Rewaz Ahmed
    Rewaz Ahmed
    Mese fa

    Aj said he’s gonna go for ederson but he went for Alison listen to him

  9. Nicholas Jones
    Nicholas Jones
    Mese fa

    Harry gave him a 95 but he gave Harry a 92

  10. Ayaan Natha
    Ayaan Natha
    Mese fa

    Aren't Gomez and dybala both cams cheat!!!!!!

  11. carter wilcox
    carter wilcox
    Mese fa

    If Harry loses this 😂😂😂

  12. Xxxtentacion R.I.P.
    Xxxtentacion R.I.P.
    Mese fa

    Harry is probably is the best but he just don’t past

  13. ER1N
    Mese fa

    harry does not know how to defend

  14. Chayennedk
    Mese fa

    Harry you big doughnuts

  15. Louise Alderwick
    Louise Alderwick
    Mese fa

    I like them but not fifa

  16. H477y345_RL -_-
    H477y345_RL -_-
    Mese fa

    POV:Your watching in May

  17. PC KS1
    PC KS1
    Mese fa

    Is anyone going to talk about the fact that Harry had Varane and Mendy...

    1. anonymous gamer
      anonymous gamer
      2 giorni fa

      Allow it it was last year

  18. Tai Bach
    Tai Bach
    Mese fa


  19. Tai Bach
    Tai Bach
    Mese fa


  20. yak pro 9000
    yak pro 9000
    Mese fa

    you cant touch this

  21. Matei Foca
    Matei Foca
    Mese fa

    13:21 BEST GOAL IN FIFA 20????

  22. Ben_24 _alf
    Ben_24 _alf
    2 mesi fa

    Only Harry would put a hunter on a card with 98 pace and 99 shooting 😂

  23. Polo g
    Polo g
    2 mesi fa

    Andy looks like he doesn’t want to be here

  24. George Golightly
    George Golightly
    2 mesi fa

    He used mendy before the meta 😓😓😓😓

  25. PG8K-GW_WBA
    2 mesi fa

    11:53 predicted the meta lol 😂

  26. Tai Bach
    Tai Bach
    2 mesi fa


  27. Peter Burke
    Peter Burke
    2 mesi fa

    Yo trey if u see this me peadar here kid whats the crackkk in 2030 or wa ever rember the car in the carpark we use to go too i mean right now we still use it but idk bout in 2030 and my snapchat name is burkey_189 and urs is trey_ob00 gown chat too you boss man ❤🍁🥺🥶👍👑💯🥰

  28. Luis Soto-elias
    Luis Soto-elias
    2 mesi fa

    Watching Harry lose is so fun but when he wins it’s even better he lost here tho

  29. Fidget kid
    Fidget kid
    2 mesi fa


  30. Mr.kourko
    2 mesi fa

    i know im late but at 13:21 rip my ears

  31. enton jovani
    enton jovani
    2 mesi fa

    bro when they guess a player why dont they give him like prime mom r9 so they waste 15 mil coins

  32. George Formula1
    George Formula1
    2 mesi fa

    Who’s here in 2021 and Harry’s hiding mendy before he’s op

  33. LinxyFN
    2 mesi fa


  34. A Z
    A Z
    2 mesi fa

    13:09 what was that

    2 mesi fa

    When andy heard Harry saying kante nooooo

  36. gxorqia
    2 mesi fa

    harry be like not a red card not a red card not a red card not a red card not a red card I lost me CAM AJ3;Youv,e lost the plot

  37. gxorqia
    2 mesi fa

    AJ3; Are you joking me Harry;HEHEHEHEHEHEHE

  38. Julián Valle Lisboa
    Julián Valle Lisboa
    2 mesi fa


  39. Radosław Mądry
    Radosław Mądry
    2 mesi fa

    To madegynj I T. I

  40. Shane Smith
    Shane Smith
    2 mesi fa

    I like fifa 21

  41. CRHIS
    2 mesi fa

    Harry this man in 442oons??

  42. AlfieDLP
    2 mesi fa

    what i if told you read this wrong

  43. Håkon Offerdal
    Håkon Offerdal
    2 mesi fa

    Harry’s chair is kind of pissing me off

  44. Oran Ghofrani
    Oran Ghofrani
    3 mesi fa

    Andys face really annoys me

  45. Jack Rees
    Jack Rees
    3 mesi fa

    Harry put messi in

  46. Frank Harris
    Frank Harris
    3 mesi fa

    The cumbersome north korea byerly pump because sundial statistically choke modulo a penitent defense. scattered, strange gas

  47. Frank Harris
    Frank Harris
    3 mesi fa

    The meaty okra postsynaptically scatter because witch historically support between a tiresome pollution. immense, scientific air

  48. Oscar Hurley
    Oscar Hurley
    3 mesi fa

    go on Hary

  49. Joanne Crump
    Joanne Crump
    3 mesi fa

    Me going through his vids I get a challenge I’m like yessssss

  50. Lauren Seed
    Lauren Seed
    3 mesi fa

    13:24 that Micky mouse

  51. Marko Kuvezdic
    Marko Kuvezdic
    3 mesi fa

    It's 2021. Lets go

  52. Alfie Mahoney
    Alfie Mahoney
    3 mesi fa

    In a squad builder and someone says mendy in the centre back you always say varane

  53. Filip
    3 mesi fa

    4:52 to się mówi wojciech SZCZĘSNY

  54. justin Lovegrove
    justin Lovegrove
    3 mesi fa


  55. The travelling sheep
    The travelling sheep
    3 mesi fa

    I love you

  56. Isaiah Malladi Rasmussen
    Isaiah Malladi Rasmussen
    4 mesi fa

    Harry’s laugh is so awkward it’s painful

  57. ItzBrayden
    4 mesi fa

    Alternative title: W2S loses TOTY Kante to Harry potter

  58. Jack Bingham
    Jack Bingham
    4 mesi fa

    He’s rubbish at FIFA’s

  59. GG Meltzy
    GG Meltzy
    4 mesi fa


  60. Drummer BoyManny
    Drummer BoyManny
    4 mesi fa

    11:53 nightmare begins

    4 mesi fa


    1. Jack Finn
      Jack Finn
      4 mesi fa

      How’d you figure that one out?

  62. Frank Harris
    Frank Harris
    4 mesi fa

    The alluring saxophone statistically precede because noodle expectedly bat round a chubby kite. charming, inexpensive hole

  63. Jamie Kinsella
    Jamie Kinsella
    4 mesi fa

    Did anybody else here the fart At the start of the match

  64. Tom Plummer
    Tom Plummer
    4 mesi fa

    Bruh y is this on my recommended

  65. Edward Taylor
    Edward Taylor
    4 mesi fa

    Andy acting like he is a purv

    1. Edward Taylor
      Edward Taylor
      4 mesi fa

      @Jack Finn cause stupid

    2. Jack Finn
      Jack Finn
      4 mesi fa


  66. Oliver Fawcett
    Oliver Fawcett
    4 mesi fa

    lad is he scouse

  67. Miguel
    4 mesi fa

    Who's here when the Varane-Mendy combo is making people smash controllers left right and center

    1. faZe Turd
      faZe Turd
      2 mesi fa

      Same lol

    2. Shahzain Ali Sharif
      Shahzain Ali Sharif
      2 mesi fa

      @shezz0207 lol

    3. shezz0207
      3 mesi fa

      @faZe Turd no i have my ptsd flashbacks. So many konrads we've lost Controllers Tv's Pc's

    4. faZe Turd
      faZe Turd
      3 mesi fa

      @shezz0207 Chil Mate Jesus Christ

    5. shezz0207
      3 mesi fa

      Shut up

  68. I don’t post I just watch
    I don’t post I just watch
    4 mesi fa

    They played at the best stadium in da world

  69. George Hayward
    George Hayward
    4 mesi fa

    He sounded like pingu on that first goal

  70. Manjit Canham
    Manjit Canham
    4 mesi fa

    How did Ronaldo link with ibra

  71. ??
    4 mesi fa

    He removed the last line of the intro🤮😖😔

  72. Yvan Westerveld
    Yvan Westerveld
    5 mesi fa

    Why does he look like Harry Potter 😂😂

  73. Nikhil Palempalli
    Nikhil Palempalli
    5 mesi fa


  74. Eugenio Piazzola
    Eugenio Piazzola
    5 mesi fa

    Votate ciccio toty

  75. QuinBrothers 123
    QuinBrothers 123
    5 mesi fa


  76. The HAB B
    The HAB B
    5 mesi fa


  77. Mohammad Madni Raza
    Mohammad Madni Raza
    5 mesi fa

    16:00 is that a bumblebee

  78. A Playz
    A Playz
    5 mesi fa

    I like andys accent

  79. Grayson Sapkota
    Grayson Sapkota
    5 mesi fa


  80. ffal human
    ffal human
    5 mesi fa


  81. Cute Putin
    Cute Putin
    5 mesi fa

    You have to be a member

  82. Cute Putin
    Cute Putin
    5 mesi fa

    You have to be rank Tooty

  83. Taher Dawood
    Taher Dawood
    5 mesi fa

    Lol in the thumbnail Harry put his squad from this video and the TOTS Messi one

  84. Burko Boxed You
    Burko Boxed You
    5 mesi fa

    No one told me Harry Potter played fifa 😂

  85. Alex 7317
    Alex 7317
    5 mesi fa

    Scouse accent 🤮

  86. Ca Sneaks
    Ca Sneaks
    5 mesi fa

    The uppity ex-wife anaerobically trace because beret affectively cover up a useful squid. closed, unnatural smell

    5 mesi fa


  88. kianplayzz _
    kianplayzz _
    5 mesi fa

    Who else is watching in 2021 when the main w2s channel has regular uploads and 20 million subscribers

  89. Potato Boy
    Potato Boy
    5 mesi fa

    My sister gave me a trim yesterday- Sweet home Alabama

  90. Matraku Jr
    Matraku Jr
    5 mesi fa

    Did anyone notice harrys background? At first his door was at his right later at his left

  91. 13149-Omar Haitham El Achi
    13149-Omar Haitham El Achi
    5 mesi fa


  92. Ibrahim Doar
    Ibrahim Doar
    5 mesi fa

    Plz use help W2s in the Fortnite store your moms a “lovely women” LOL 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣😹😂🤣😂😹🤣😹🤣😂😹🤣😹🤣😂😹

    1. Potato Boy
      Potato Boy
      5 mesi fa

      Ibrahim Doar ummm ok?

  93. ur mum
    ur mum
    5 mesi fa

    harry could have the best team and still lose

  94. oliver sutcliffe
    oliver sutcliffe
    5 mesi fa

    Why is no one questioning the fact he has a hunter on a 98 pace 99 shooting card

  95. Ranbir zutshi
    Ranbir zutshi
    5 mesi fa

    Andy sounds like someone from 442oons

  96. Peirce Pacol
    Peirce Pacol
    5 mesi fa

    The handy money proximately harass because cooking collaterally tease until a conscious invention. eatable, wary expert

  97. Cokedude BESTMATE
    Cokedude BESTMATE
    5 mesi fa

    What’s the song at 0:08?

  98. Alfie Jones Official
    Alfie Jones Official
    5 mesi fa

    Varane and mendy

  99. Loony Jack
    Loony Jack
    6 mesi fa

    Sorry Harry but your so shit, please get better 😂🤣😂

  100. Dalot Glentoran
    Dalot Glentoran
    6 mesi fa

    When Harry says you big donut he makes me hungry lol