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Running Windows on a Chromebook has always been hard. But a partnership between Google and Parallels has made things easier - for the enterprise, at least.

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. Shaddwo
    2 ore fa

    "The delete key is also missing" Me, a Mac user: First time?

  2. mastigoz
    3 ore fa

    This Nice Hash promo aged so badly.

  3. k i o k u r o
    k i o k u r o
    6 ore fa

    Tbh I do see the use for those, for example a number of people use them at my workplace. I'm a real estate agent and most of the things we do run though a web based system, so we don't really need any specific apps and for documents we can just use the Google suite. I understand where Linus is coming from, as I myself work with a Mac and wouldn't change that for a Chromebook in a million years, but I do have to point out that it is a product that can be successful in "regular" users per say

  4. Werner Beroux
    Werner Beroux
    7 ore fa

    Why Chromebooks: - No maintenance. - Almost impossible to get it infected with a virus even if you do stupid stuff like everyone does. - Outside of running Chrome it runs Android, Linux apps, and even some Windows apps. - It has great integration with Android phones (auto hot spot, notifications, sign in, send tabs...) Not saying that there aren't cons for some people, which is usually mostly learning something different. One example is PC gaming were you can switch to Stadia and such. Will it be the same? No. Will it be as powerful for your 4K game at max resolution? No. It'll however work well and fine without maintenance. I think that's the main advantage.

  5. andmoreduro
    9 ore fa

    Fuchsia is the future for google

  6. AirCooledGirl2006
    9 ore fa

    I would never use a Chromebook. You can't game on them. I've used Macs before but never a Chromebook. I only know one person who uses a Chromebook: My gender therapist. Even if I gave one a try, it'll still come back to good old Windows for me.

  7. Vissnett L
    Vissnett L
    12 ore fa

    No I am not turning to the dark side off miners.

  8. Aniruddha Ganesh
    Aniruddha Ganesh
    20 ore fa

    I'd rather install Win10 on that device than have ChromeOS (after replacing its keyboard of course)

  9. Matti Gilmore
    Matti Gilmore
    Giorno fa

    Isn't windows office all web based. And can't you just access it with a web browser

  10. Harry Sss
    Harry Sss
    Giorno fa

    Laptop : i need 100Gb ram

  11. I’m a troll Don’t get mad
    I’m a troll Don’t get mad
    Giorno fa

    Thank you Linus for recommending a service created by a scam artist

  12. Hannessomething
    Giorno fa

    Can't wait to be that old guy that still swears by Windows a few decades from now

  13. Sprite
    Giorno fa

    I have a chromebook i dont use it anymore but i did replace chrome os with linux and than after i decided to experiment and i installed windows 10

  14. Gollowan Competitive
    Gollowan Competitive
    Giorno fa

    That segway in the end deserves me watching the video to absolute 100% while typing this

  15. Darth Vader
    Darth Vader
    Giorno fa

    "Infect with Windows 10" accurate.

  16. Paul Stubbs
    Paul Stubbs
    Giorno fa

    I thought the whole idea of chromebooks was to bring a decent internet (i.e. no piss-ant mobile screens) experience using lower powered, cheaper hardware. If one needs an i7 etc to do justice to the 'net, then why not just load a full copy of Windows (or Mac OS, or full Linux) The price difference between these high end chromebooks and a proper laptop/computer is in many cases all but non-existent, so why bother? Or is the problem that chromeos has become so bloated that the only way to use it is brute force and ignorance - I think Google has lost the plot on this one. Using a chromebook to access a server hosted copy of Windows has it's uses, but to run a VM on a 'terminal' - which is what I thought they were basically trying to achieve with chromeos, is crazy. It's a pity no one else - like say Mozilla, did their spin on a chromebook. (I thought they were, but it turned out to be a weird phone OS)

  17. Marco Griep
    Marco Griep
    Giorno fa

    Love Chromebooks for years. Most of the time I am sitting on my Desktop PC. When I am on my way I am using my Chromebook. Why? Because I can do mostly everything I need (programming) and I do not have to manage anything on the computer (Install updates etc.) It just works and runs fast.

  18. ZMacZ Furreh
    ZMacZ Furreh
    Giorno fa

    8:30 If Google can penetrate the thick hide of W10, for running games, that's that. The thing is, older games which I still play don't need that much power. It's about compatibility.

  19. ZMacZ Furreh
    ZMacZ Furreh
    Giorno fa

    So..using an external keyboard and mouse ?

  20. ZMacZ Furreh
    ZMacZ Furreh
    Giorno fa

    Ok then, running the W10 on a Chromebook, but can you play games under the VM-W10 ? Simple concept, I use W10 so I can play my MS-based software. If it can't do that, useless. (And no, I don't wanna drop in at half or worse framerates.)

  21. Daniel
    Giorno fa

    I still don't get how this makes Chromebooks more viable, as they are essentially just dedicated virtual machines. Why not just get a Windows laptop? Also, who the fuck, that isn't under 10 or over 80, likes using Chromebooks?

  22. Blockistium
    2 giorni fa

    im honestly just surprised Google hasnt killed Chromebook yet like everything else

  23. Deadzombie18
    2 giorni fa

    Well... if windows gets Android apps support one day, Chrome OS will be done. Not to mention that we already have Android x86. But hey, for study I guess it's perfect, you get no distractions since you cant play most of the games out there XD

  24. Samuel Allen
    Samuel Allen
    2 giorni fa


  25. John Deidiker
    John Deidiker
    2 giorni fa

    Windows added 10 minutes of wasted time to each day.... I went to chromebook for that reason. Why would i put myself thru that again?

  26. sssebastyen
    2 giorni fa

    Ight who's gonna tell him you can change the function of that search key xD

  27. Bandit
    2 giorni fa

    they tryna infest the youth with bad laptops, good thing my gen saw thru the deceit

  28. Gregory Perkins
    Gregory Perkins
    2 giorni fa

    Chromebooks start up fast and run a web browser thats all it needs

  29. Jonathan Sigouin
    Jonathan Sigouin
    2 giorni fa

    If you want windows then buy a Windows laptop. If you want arrgg *shivers* a chromebook then good luck !

  30. Daniel Rayson
    Daniel Rayson
    2 giorni fa

    "I'm for gamers" Linus, 4 Feb 2021, nicehash advert was a success

  31. Jorge Villarreal
    Jorge Villarreal
    2 giorni fa

    1:21 God why does anyone so much ram for an efing Chromebook? Chrome Os is glorified Linux for petes sake. Do you need 400 tabs open so Daddy Chrome can suck up that juicy ram it loves? Jeez.

  32. Loki Scarlet
    Loki Scarlet
    2 giorni fa

    >that keyboard layout Wow. Another reason to hate Chromebooks. No super key. Edit: Oh yay. Another reason! No caps lock! And a... Possibly super key where the caps lock goes.

  33. The Faustian Man
    The Faustian Man
    2 giorni fa

    No one buys a beater after winning the lottery. They buy a Ferrari. No one sticks with a chromebook when they get older. They buy an Apple.

  34. WeebExecutioner
    2 giorni fa

    ive got parallels on my M1 mac air. works like a charm

  35. Jeff Bastian
    Jeff Bastian
    2 giorni fa

    What the f, nicehash is sponsor? Lol

  36. Dark Mate
    Dark Mate
    2 giorni fa

    When you're willing to buy a chromebook with i7 just to run windows on it with vm, then why not buy a window's laptop in the first place?

  37. Hewwo_Hewwa
    2 giorni fa

    You can flash a bios on some using a mod

  38. Nuldorv Amo Y Señor
    Nuldorv Amo Y Señor
    2 giorni fa

    I honestly asked myself why there was a cheese grater next to a monitor when the apple showed up. Man that's an awful design choise

  39. Yassine El Aouiti
    Yassine El Aouiti
    2 giorni fa

    The music they're using is the background music for the old flash game Into Space😂

  40. James Rivett
    James Rivett
    2 giorni fa

    Oh god the keyboard layout drives me INSANE.

  41. Bamwich
    2 giorni fa

    But what is the advantages!? haha.

  42. Nathan Milkie
    Nathan Milkie
    2 giorni fa

    If only Google would allow Chrome OS to be installed on custom PC's. That way I wouldn't have to emulate Windows 10 within Chrome OS, I could just run both operating systems simultaneously on my PC, flip back & forth between the two, & have the best of both worlds.

  43. Nathan Milkie
    Nathan Milkie
    2 giorni fa

    "Are you awake?" - ROFL

  44. Lee Blake
    Lee Blake
    2 giorni fa

    Chromebooks sold so well because they sold directly to school districts who gave them for free to students. I assume a well calculated move by Google.

  45. C. O.
    C. O.
    3 giorni fa

    I have professors say not to buy a chrome book.

  46. Jimmy Payne
    Jimmy Payne
    3 giorni fa

    I understand that its sort of a tired format but A linus switches completely to Apple devices video needs to happen. And yes I saw the switching to IMac video

  47. Justin Walker
    Justin Walker
    3 giorni fa

    Say "full fat" one more gotdamn time

  48. Spasmodic76
    3 giorni fa

    Hah, define real work? Video editing? Chromebooks are not for that, they're not made for that kind of work. They're also not meant to run Photoshop. If you only work on the web then a Chromebook is for you, plain and simple. Hell the fact that you're reviewing a Chromebook is crime. Leave this for the Chromebook channels. If you want windows then get an actual windows laptop period end of discussion.

  49. Zhiyuan Chen
    Zhiyuan Chen
    3 giorni fa

    Couldn’t believe there is a bit coin ad in ltt

  50. Julian Felipe Granados Flórez
    Julian Felipe Granados Flórez
    3 giorni fa

    Awesome ltt store plug

  51. Luca Mollema
    Luca Mollema
    3 giorni fa

    Im a Linus

  52. Shawn
    3 giorni fa

    Chromebooks are evil. They are TERRIBLE for schools because they allow kids to use a computer for school work without exposing kids to how a computer actually works. Google wants to condition an entire generation to believe that locked bootloaders are normal and acceptable. They want kids to believe a computer is actually nothing more than a matrix of paid services.

  53. prawny12009
    3 giorni fa

    you will find that the boom in chromebook sales are thanks to governments providing devices to students during lockdowns, usually government/ local authorities buy them and lease them to schools. Bare in mind though that these devices DO NOT belong to the student they will inevitably be called back by the local authorities that provided them, no doubt these will mostly end up as E waste. Many will be password protected making resetting them for data protection reasons very difficult, many will no doubt be destroyed for health and safety reasons too as decontaminating every single chromebook return would not be feasable.

  54. Thomas Luggiero
    Thomas Luggiero
    3 giorni fa

    The Chromebooks sales were do to all the school at home kids

  55. Christopher decorte
    Christopher decorte
    3 giorni fa

    My kids absolutely hate there school chomebooks they complain it's to slow and can't even play mine craft. They use the computers at home to do there work because Google is so limited. I wanted my gaming pc back so I bought them gaming laptops and they are happier now to bad only last gen stuff was available.

  56. Julian van der Merwe
    Julian van der Merwe
    3 giorni fa

    Hey those ASUS mil standard things are actually pretty cool. Even if just for the fact that it means it's rated to operate in high humidity. Note: high humidity killed my HP Spectre x360 mere months ago.

  57. ian schwartz
    ian schwartz
    3 giorni fa

    Great video, but your take on Caps Lock is absolutely wrong. No keyboard should have a caps lock.

  58. Joe
    3 giorni fa

    I wouldn't mind using a chromebook, because the battery life on their machines are great and their OS is relatively lightweight, but hopefully they make the OS better for people who need the juice.

  59. Krishna Venkatramani
    Krishna Venkatramani
    3 giorni fa

    Linus is the king of segues .. never fails to impress

  60. Frederik Hounsvad
    Frederik Hounsvad
    3 giorni fa

    I still don't get why you would get a high-end chrome book, it makes sense for a shit-tier computer that's supposed to provide nothing more than google docs and a browser, but if you get the same hardware, why not get a propper computer.

  61. Conner Roth
    Conner Roth
    3 giorni fa

    Would this work with a spin 11? I saw you used a spin 713 in this vid

  62. Conner Roth
    Conner Roth
    3 giorni fa

    My chromebook tried to stop me from watching this video

  63. Braady
    3 giorni fa

    I use a Chromebook at school, and a windows laptop at home, and I can definitely say that I like windows better, Chromebooks hecking suck

  64. Brian Harrington
    Brian Harrington
    3 giorni fa

    What happened to linus' face this video?? We're u just at the dentist??

  65. Maskaradebannana
    3 giorni fa

    Imagine Linus running chrome os that runs windows os that runs chrome os and creates an infinite loop of operating systems 😂 lmao

  66. Henninger Henningstone
    Henninger Henningstone
    3 giorni fa

    ChromeOS: what is my purpose? Linus: you run Windows.

    1. Deadzombie18
      2 giorni fa

      IE revenge

  67. Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford
    3 giorni fa

    ..... Or you could just get a windows pc and call it a day.

  68. PtxDK
    3 giorni fa

    But if the Chromebook has the specs of a computer, and can now run windows inside, because it's basically a computer. Why not just get a computer?

  69. Jieren Zheng
    Jieren Zheng
    3 giorni fa

    I was hoping we see google develop their own ARM chips and run linux+windows apps like Apple and Rosetta 2. Actually the thing stopping me from a chromebook is that if only their 64-bit ARM chips supported x64 linux apps. The price is attractive though. I didn't expect the crazy keyboard and touchpad though.

  70. MegaByte
    3 giorni fa


  71. Ghady Mezher
    Ghady Mezher
    4 giorni fa

    since windows uses so much ram and cpu just install linux

  72. javi cc
    javi cc
    4 giorni fa

    Para comprar ese chromebook, compra un ordenador normal, la gracia de los chrmebooks son los baratos que por 300€ tienes un ordenado que funciona muy bien y la mayoría convertible, pero un chromebook de gama alta no tiene sentido

  73. Raymond Lin
    Raymond Lin
    4 giorni fa

    Damn it. It’s spreading

  74. Devansh Garg
    Devansh Garg
    6 giorni fa

    10 ways windows is just better. 10 ways macos is just better. 10 ways linux is just better. 10 ways android is just better. 10 ways ios is just better. Chrome os: so god, why only me?????😭😭

  75. TheMkt
    8 giorni fa

    Still Linux is a better os

  76. Smiley
    10 giorni fa

    ChromeOS will and always be a garbage can and will never meet the standards of Windows, MacOS, and Linux. God do I hope kids don't use Chromebooks when they grow up.

    1. WaterishDog
      5 giorni fa

      Well most kids don't know anything about computers, and if they're going into Computer Hardware Engineering, or something like that, they'll probably use Chromebooks.

  77. introzen
    10 giorni fa

    New favorite beanie? Been seeing it a lot lately.

  78. Tyson Matthews
    Tyson Matthews
    10 giorni fa

    Can you do a review of the new Dell 15 5515 please ?

  79. Steven
    11 giorni fa

    I loved these sponsor transitions.

  80. HonRevJoWazzoo
    12 giorni fa

    Ehy in Hell would anyone want to run Windoze 10 on a Chromebook?

  81. First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name
    14 giorni fa

    never understood why there was both a delete key and backspace key cuz you could just have one direction and use the alt or control key + the key for the other direction. no need to put it in a awkward position on a laptop

  82. First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name
    14 giorni fa

    3:40 wait why are we running office? i thought the whole point of chrome os was to use things like google docs or open office?

  83. Humby Willson
    Humby Willson
    15 giorni fa

    This is just a Windows laptop with extra steps…

  84. Alex Roblox
    Alex Roblox
    16 giorni fa

    windows on chromebook yay

  85. BeefBaconBiscut
    17 giorni fa

    What a shocker

  86. Ravi Plays
    Ravi Plays
    17 giorni fa

    I love the minimal and clean ui of the Chromebooks, i would love if they added support for the professional softwares like photoshop, office, premiere etc.

  87. Calego
    21 giorno fa

    I love how the music kind of paused when he said "3:2 display" 1:22

  88. Sherman Brown
    Sherman Brown
    21 giorno fa

    Chromebooks are cheap, Mac and/or PC is like more than $900. Change my mind

    1. WaterishDog
      5 giorni fa

      Yeah, the cheap chromebooks are actualy crap, the expensive ones are just like cheap Windows computers

    2. Maxboiii
      20 giorni fa

      building you a farming pc for $

  89. Red Shell
    Red Shell
    22 giorni fa

    Dam your lucky my school doesn't use those checkbooks they use the older lame models that have almost everything restricted

  90. CaptainX
    22 giorni fa

    Chromebooks are PERFECT if you need a cheap thing to surf the web or bring to education, or if you want something to bring to work to chill with and don't want to lose out much if it gets destroyed

  91. IS-3 Shchuka
    IS-3 Shchuka
    22 giorni fa

    Surprised the chrome book even booted because they’re so weak

  92. Splash
    23 giorni fa

    There was just a chromebook ad in front of this video lol

  93. Lincoln W
    Lincoln W
    23 giorni fa

    Linus: Talks about kids using Chromebooks in school buying Chromebooks Me, a kid forced to use Chromebooks in school: No Chromebook, Ubuntu YESEYSYESYEYSYEYSYEYSYEYSYYEYSYEYSYEYSYEYSYESYEYSY

  94. Hehe hehe
    Hehe hehe
    24 giorni fa

    2 years ago 2 of my friends bought chrome books. I laughed at them and to this day I still laugh at them for it.

  95. 4js123
    24 giorni fa

    The kids who grew up with chromebooks (me and everyone I know) absolutely hate chromebooks and all stopped using them and got real laptops. I don’t think this plan by Google will work at all due to the hatred that so many people have for them in schools.

  96. Stolen Hero
    Stolen Hero
    24 giorni fa

    Everyone in schools would never personally buy a Chromebook when they grew up, simply because the fact we've used it so much, and know how BAD they are.

  97. Rootbeer dumdum Gacha
    Rootbeer dumdum Gacha
    24 giorni fa

    3:46 - 3:50 brilliant plug LoL

  98. G
    24 giorni fa

    Another Righteous Rant from the man himself! AMEN. Keep 'em coming!!!!!

  99. Peter Coates
    Peter Coates
    25 giorni fa

    I made the 69k likes go to 70k

    1. WaterishDog
      5 giorni fa

      You monster. Shame