Google Chrome is a MEMORY HOG

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Why does Chrome use so much RAM?

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  1. Afiy Thyis
    Afiy Thyis
    3 giorni fa

    The stormy patio visually deceive because intestine immunochemically label including a red swiss. defeated, lovely propane

  2. InventorZahran
    Mese fa

    One time, I had over 500 tabs open in Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based), and my 8GB of RAM got completely full. Then my machine completely froze and had to be restarted.

    Mese fa

    Nope. Opera GX. BOI.

  4. Pupster
    Mese fa

    I'm using Chrome and it's using 60% of my CPU and 4 gb. Just soo you know I only have 2 tabs on.... And my cpu isn't an i9 but it's not shitty. How do I fix this all of a sudden reasource hog

  5. CookieSlayer 269
    CookieSlayer 269
    Mese fa

    0:07 "You're probably using Google Chrome" No I use Brave

  6. Charles Fasano
    Charles Fasano
    Mese fa

    I never used Chrome on Windows. Always used FireFox.

  7. awin francis
    awin francis
    2 mesi fa

    this free memory hog costed me 139 $ [ really i'd to install windows 10 again ]

  8. FooBar Maximus
    FooBar Maximus
    2 mesi fa

    Buy a computer with more than 500 MB of RAM maybe? LOLOLOLOLOL Memory hog. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Who the fuck ever even says that in 2021?

  9. John Leaf
    John Leaf
    2 mesi fa

    when im just on facebook my ram is on maximum

  10. submachine guy
    submachine guy
    2 mesi fa

    ok, why does chrome does this chrome (43) 946MB WHY

  11. Christopher Lawley
    Christopher Lawley
    2 mesi fa

    Nope. Firefox here

  12. Electric Kitten
    Electric Kitten
    2 mesi fa

    ikr, ill watch a video on firefox's browser I can sustain 1080p just fine, on chrome I CAN'T GO TO 720P WITHOUT IT BEING HELLL

  13. STIX Gaming
    STIX Gaming
    2 mesi fa

    is- is that linus? it sounds excatly like him lol

  14. greenboy1906
    3 mesi fa

    edge 2021 is uses no more ram and its faster

    1. Michal Litecký
      Michal Litecký
      3 mesi fa

      It is, I transferred fully to Edge, way better.

  15. otiopo's playz fnf (for now)
    otiopo's playz fnf (for now)
    3 mesi fa

    let's put 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000zetabytes of ram

  16. my dad has been rickroll'd
    my dad has been rickroll'd
    3 mesi fa

    Boycott Google chrome Use microsoft edge

  17. Simiso Mavuso
    Simiso Mavuso
    3 mesi fa

    Watching this on my rig with 64GB of RAM

  18. Tomita The Perverted
    Tomita The Perverted
    3 mesi fa

    Before I used to own my current pc, I had this old pc that was built in 2012 with only good part being the GPU (RIP GPU), and I wasn't able to startup chrome, I seriously was unable to start chrome because it would lag my entire systeam and crash. And that's when I started to use edge and then firefox.

  19. EpicRobloxz
    3 mesi fa

    And this is kids, why i use Microsoft Edge.

  20. Anthony Huang
    Anthony Huang
    3 mesi fa

    why i switched to new edge chrome gave me a BSOD once

  21. Aryamaan Goswamy
    Aryamaan Goswamy
    3 mesi fa

    Me: Mom, can we have Ludwig at home? Mom: We have Ludwig at home. Ludwig at home:

  22. marta crncevic
    marta crncevic
    3 mesi fa

    erm my pc uses 3gb of ram for chrome???? thats a bit too much

  23. Iván0
    3 mesi fa

    By February 2021 I'm still on my Lenovo laptop with Windows 7, 8 GB RAM, Intel N2840 and I use like ~20 tabs which yeah, swallows a lot of the RAM but not all of the system. I mainly navigate to read so if the site is swallowing too much RAM or even CPU I just disable Javascript on that site. I would love Chrome to have any functionality that allows executing user-defined Javascript on page load, sometimes I remove annoying banners using stored scrips in the Console, but I have to execute them manually...

  24. donut man
    donut man
    4 mesi fa

    Oh well then better use soft ram

  25. Ronindan1
    4 mesi fa

    or maybe just learn to close tabs that you don't use?

  26. Sketch1994
    4 mesi fa

    What about having 32gb of ram, using only 20 and still reloading tabs and stalling. Now it refuses to get any speed at all.

  27. Ra's Al
    Ra's Al
    4 mesi fa

    i had 5 tabs open on 2 chrome explorers , i was over 3GB usage on RAM. was getting MASSIVE Lag... so stupid

  28. Barry Whitehead
    Barry Whitehead
    4 mesi fa

    Watching this on Chrome, 1 browser, 4 tabs open Chrome memory usage = 1GB LOL

  29. Ezekiel Stutzman
    Ezekiel Stutzman
    4 mesi fa


  30. Laura Brown
    Laura Brown
    4 mesi fa

    In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

  31. Something i know
    Something i know
    4 mesi fa

    i have same problem with 4gb ram

  32. xStellar ඞ
    xStellar ඞ
    4 mesi fa

    Me using Edge: *ehem, wut.*

  33. Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts
    4 mesi fa

    I use opera so get rekt

  34. Jinx
    4 mesi fa

    chrome using 6gb of ram out of my 32gb sticks

  35. just a random nerd
    just a random nerd
    4 mesi fa

    Goggle goes bom bom and chrome goes njam njam

  36. Trex
    4 mesi fa

    Linus Tech Tips is that you? lol

  37. Remastered
    4 mesi fa

    And chrome just crashed my pc

  38. Forstree
    5 mesi fa

    nothing can stop my intel pentium with 2gb of ram 1gb something avaliable

  39. SpyrosRai
    5 mesi fa

    edge user here

  40. Big Ginge
    Big Ginge
    5 mesi fa

    "Chrome is a memory hog" Me remembering when i was 8 at my grandparents house seeing how many tabs i could open at once

  41. Marco Vasta
    Marco Vasta
    5 mesi fa

    im using brave sucka

    1. XP_Studios
      3 mesi fa

      brave: chrome but faster and more secure

  42. Blue's Rights
    Blue's Rights
    5 mesi fa

    Firefox doesnt tend to have this problem as much

  43. rainbow dash 7647
    rainbow dash 7647
    5 mesi fa

    i use brave

  44. Ian K
    Ian K
    5 mesi fa

    Opera gang can't relate

  45. Vijwal
    5 mesi fa

    People with 2GB of ram: Sad noises.

  46. Rohan Baral
    Rohan Baral
    5 mesi fa

    I dont know who this person is

    1. 1 1
      1 1
      5 mesi fa

      so i dont know who u r

  47. 10Meisterbaelle
    6 mesi fa

    Chrome should add a flag so you can disable all the memory hogging features

  48. 10Meisterbaelle
    6 mesi fa

    The funny thing is: I only use Chrome on MacOS

  49. Ranjan Biswas
    Ranjan Biswas
    6 mesi fa

    One tab extension is LOVE.

  50. chicagolarry15
    6 mesi fa


  51. 达摔碧
    6 mesi fa

    im moving back to firefox

  52. man from pony up daddy infomercial
    man from pony up daddy infomercial
    6 mesi fa

    but they also steal all your data.. :)

  53. Snock Lock
    Snock Lock
    6 mesi fa

    Chrome 10G to 25G ram Microsoft edge 0.4 to 2.2G Microsoft edge updated so much so i leave chrome!

  54. Kami Ezio
    Kami Ezio
    6 mesi fa

    I use Microsoft edge

  55. Brad
    6 mesi fa

    580 Mbs here wtf

  56. Pole Tooke
    Pole Tooke
    6 mesi fa

    I thought e ram was a thing?

  57. woohoo2491
    6 mesi fa

    so basically, *has 100 tabs open* "why is chrome such a memory hog this browser sucks"

  58. D L
    D L
    6 mesi fa

    I use Firefox (with many privacy extensions such as NoScript and uBlock, plus Decentraleyes and Privacy Badger and etc.) as much as possible, but if safari is available I’ll use that. I do use Chrome, but try not to as much as possible.

    1. D L
      D L
      6 mesi fa

      I also like Edge (the old one)

  59. Lord Ludicrous
    Lord Ludicrous
    6 mesi fa

    Google chrome is great however it brought down my 16gb ram system.

  60. Phatoume
    7 mesi fa

    I wish I could change, but I have so much already attached to chrome, extensions, bookmarks, Google's office knock-off (Which is pretty good), and my email. I was trapped since I was a child, and I can't leave it now with how much I've used it. Who else has been trapped in chrome by life? My school even used chrome in the labs, and now we have crappy chromebooks.

  61. General squirrel
    General squirrel
    7 mesi fa

    I am gonna install firefox back bcs it doesny eat ram. Also my browser froze

  62. Professor Confundus
    Professor Confundus
    7 mesi fa

    Title: “Google Chrome is a MEMORY HOG” ITsuns: ok, let’s give the viewer an ad for Google Ad Services.

  63. mop themop (Nojus Žmuidinavičius)
    mop themop (Nojus Žmuidinavičius)
    7 mesi fa

    pro tip save ram by using any other browser

  64. Von Becker
    Von Becker
    7 mesi fa

    What do you mean I download ram all the time yesterday I downloaded 256 and but I haven’t tested it yet because my computer crashed after

  65. Von Becker
    Von Becker
    7 mesi fa

    Teachers: my computer is going so slow the internet is bad Their chrome:tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab

  66. BestEdevices
    7 mesi fa

    You have provided very well information. Thanks a lot. Why does chrome use so much ram Please check our more posts to get technical knowledge.

  67. BestEdevices
    7 mesi fa

    Very well information. Although Google Chrome is most popular web browser, it has one severe issue that it takes too much memory. Why does chrome use so much ram & what is the solution for that. We will discuss about this topic in this article. We can choose many web browsers, but if you’re not on an Apple device, including Safari, you’ll probably want to use Google Chrome. In fact, by the end of 2020, it was estimated that a lot of people across the device were using Chrome. One of the reasons to use it is that its interface is very simple and the Chrome browser is known for working fast. why does chrome use so much ram Please read more

  68. Crazy Dog
    Crazy Dog
    7 mesi fa

    Don’t mind the requirements for aaa games, you need a monster specs to run Google’s crappy Chrome.

  69. Jonah's Epic YouTube Channel!
    Jonah's Epic YouTube Channel!
    7 mesi fa

    Chrome: TIME FOR... Uh oh... no more ram! I'll just eat the pagefile. 5 mins later: *user* Oops, my techquickie episode crashed because my hard disk has... 0 Bytes? WHAT??!!

  70. IvanTheHigh Man
    IvanTheHigh Man
    7 mesi fa

    I only have one tab open and its taking 60% of my memory.

  71. Q N
    Q N
    7 mesi fa

    Hey, maybe this is you just publishing on multiple platforms, but just so you're aware if it's not this article came out a month later plagiarizing your video.

  72. Jared Ohse
    Jared Ohse
    7 mesi fa

    What's funny is that a lot of people complain about chrome not opening when they click on it but I have a high end of so it opens in seconds, and the ram usage isn't a problem because I have 16gb

  73. EPICDUDE 115
    EPICDUDE 115
    8 mesi fa

    chrome:how many site and tab you must use until you satisfied me:do you remember how many ram you've used in your life

  74. Aaron Nelson
    Aaron Nelson
    8 mesi fa

    Watching this with 32 GB Trident Z RGB

    8 mesi fa

    This post was by 16gb gang

  76. Hacker gaming
    Hacker gaming
    8 mesi fa

    im a brave user

  77. Muhammad Ilham Darmawan
    Muhammad Ilham Darmawan
    8 mesi fa

    The reasons why I use Edge (EDGE IS NOT SLOW)

  78. defob
    8 mesi fa

    I have a core i7-7700 and 16GB of RAM, ITsuns videos lag every 3-5s in chrome, switched to Firefox, my computer has never felt better

  79. Liflias
    8 mesi fa

    Well IDK if Opera GX is worse so...

  80. Minerobloxer1Gaming
    8 mesi fa

    Wait, is this an April Fools Joke?

  81. B W
    B W
    8 mesi fa

    does anyone know the extension referred to at 3:38 ?

  82. heronet
    8 mesi fa

    One tab of facebook takes more than 2gigs of ram on Safari

  83. dad dad
    dad dad
    8 mesi fa

    Chrome is on a RAM-page, get it?

    1. I shat my bed
      I shat my bed
      4 mesi fa

      @dad dad Mmyes

    2. dad dad
      dad dad
      4 mesi fa

      @I shat my bed ah yes same culture i see

    3. I shat my bed
      I shat my bed
      4 mesi fa

      Yeah, but I hope Firefox is RAM-ping up the competition.

  84. IAmLoviatar
    8 mesi fa

    bro i have 10gb ram how the fuck do i still have ram left

  85. Kjell Lindberg
    Kjell Lindberg
    8 mesi fa

    Chrome should have a "few" more settings. Like: Stacked tabs (just love them). Settings so I can decide if unwatched tabs shall just be a keeper of the URL and load the page when watching (with 1000/1000Mbit/s at 2ms keeping data locally is not always needed). Settings so I can decide if a tab should still be updating in the background or not, sometimes it is convinient.

  86. Laura Marshall
    Laura Marshall
    9 mesi fa

    Well, chrome eats RAM so it can survive!

  87. Grumpy Brownie
    Grumpy Brownie
    9 mesi fa

    any other good browsers to use instead of chrome?

  88. Willy Yeremi
    Willy Yeremi
    9 mesi fa

    Use windows 7 if you only have 4 gb ram. Help a lot.

  89. Wyoott
    9 mesi fa

    So I had a lot of tabs open most was ITsuns and anime chrome was using 8 damn gigs of ram

  90. Giannis Pixel
    Giannis Pixel
    9 mesi fa

    I have zero tabs but it use most 4 gigs

  91. antxnio
    9 mesi fa

    back then: i can go to moon with 16kb ram! chrome in 2020: i take 3gb of your ram just because

  92. L1
    9 mesi fa

    Shifted to Firefox like years ago.

  93. Sos Spo
    Sos Spo
    9 mesi fa

    For some reason, Firefox hogs more RAM on my PC than Chrome after updating it.

  94. Stephen Day
    Stephen Day
    9 mesi fa

    Up till now I thought Reilly was just always doing a Norm Macdonald impression with his presenting style. Turns out he's just Canadian...

  95. Quantum's Web
    Quantum's Web
    9 mesi fa

    i use edge like a man

  96. NHGCraft
    9 mesi fa

    LMFAO this is why i use FireFox

  97. Kunai
    9 mesi fa

    What a greedy browser!! It needs to learn some manners

  98. Lalit Fauzdar
    Lalit Fauzdar
    9 mesi fa

    Best partner-in-crime of Chrome to hog ram? Android Studio. I use them together on my 8 GB ram i5-8th gen desktop and its frustrating.

  99. Skywalker
    9 mesi fa

    I use linux/firefox/duck duck go. And i miss nothing about chrome and Google. All of the extra functionality is just not required.

  100. Hello Hello
    Hello Hello
    10 mesi fa

    And thats why my memory is always at 100%