10 Times Ronaldinho Impressed The World

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10 times when the Brazil, Barcelona & AC Milan legend Ronaldinho Gaucho impressed the whole football world


  1. Michele Raitano
    Michele Raitano
    14 minuti fa

    Mostro sacro dopo Maradona

  2. bian al qarni channel
    bian al qarni channel
    4 ore fa


  3. شموع !
    شموع !
    7 ore fa


  4. Davide Paganini
    Davide Paganini
    7 ore fa

    che giocatore !

  5. Kri1 Kri1
    Kri1 Kri1
    9 ore fa

    Prosinecki did the same thing to many players to

  6. خالد الحربي
    خالد الحربي
    10 ore fa

    Please dont say messi or c.ronaldo The best place at all history is Ronaldinho

  7. Gregory A. Omachi
    Gregory A. Omachi
    13 ore fa

    A soccer genius

  8. Top Model
    Top Model
    20 ore fa


  9. Recep Ozdemir
    Recep Ozdemir
    21 ora fa

    mr bundesteam must hate Ronaldinho when he played at barca. the title is totally misleading...

  10. Indrit Hasani
    Indrit Hasani
    23 ore fa


  11. Recalled_Heart
    Giorno fa

    Not sure why people consider messi the best player

  12. Muhammad Junaid
    Muhammad Junaid
    Giorno fa


  13. celinnx
    2 giorni fa

    Credo o Ronaldinho jogava muito vei passava com muita facilidade dos marcadores, passes extraordinário, gols mais lindos e dribles, jogador raro 🇧🇷

  14. Aleksandar Ivanov
    Aleksandar Ivanov
    3 giorni fa

    4:32 - that was just a great time for football :)

  15. MiloDeath Aov
    MiloDeath Aov
    3 giorni fa

    Ele também impressionou o mundo por ficar se masturbando online pra uma mulher que gravou e espalhou as imagens.

  16. Miguel Almeida
    Miguel Almeida
    3 giorni fa

    Essa thumb 👌😂😂 Só faltou ter o "Han?bquer nmr CMG?"

  17. Robert Haibi
    Robert Haibi
    4 giorni fa

    The Magician

  18. ISHFAQ T.V
    4 giorni fa


  19. Αρης Χαραλαμπους
    Αρης Χαραλαμπους
    4 giorni fa

    Best by far!!!!!

  20. A J
    A J
    4 giorni fa

    he was poet of football he makes this game meaningful with beauty

  21. Quaithe Qarth
    Quaithe Qarth
    5 giorni fa

    You deceived me, yet it's OK.

  22. Mainul Hasan
    Mainul Hasan
    5 giorni fa

    He enlighted pessis career

  23. Jacson Gomes
    Jacson Gomes
    5 giorni fa

    Meu Deus muita abilidade para um cara só, se estivesse levado a sério era pra ele ser o Rei do futebol jogava muito o Bruxo

  24. Torsten T
    Torsten T
    5 giorni fa

    1:08 this is also my special move, when I try to shoot with my weaker foot.

  25. NAZWAF
    5 giorni fa

    If I were a world I would've been impressed. The man passes the ball to himself and then passes it back to himself again.

  26. Camsterk
    5 giorni fa

    IQ moments in football 🔥🔥 itsuns.info/rock/p23En5iAnaV4gIo/video ..

  27. نواف العنزي
    نواف العنزي
    6 giorni fa

    ممتع جدا جدا

  28. French Neo 75
    French Neo 75
    6 giorni fa

    The best ! ❤️Ronnie♥️

  29. KIRA
    6 giorni fa

    1:10 Did any one will talk about it ? :D

  30. banphot mora
    banphot mora
    6 giorni fa


  31. Ruan Vitorr
    Ruan Vitorr
    7 giorni fa

    Que merda... Aqui só tem gringo. um povo triste do cacete,( europeus e americanos) eles só aprendem que os outros países são ruins.

  32. Mohammed S. Ahmed
    Mohammed S. Ahmed
    7 giorni fa

    Ronaldinhao can’t be replaced in the world of foot ball

  33. dionochannel
    7 giorni fa

    lets trending www.youtube.com/c/dionochannel

  34. Sulejman Arifaj
    Sulejman Arifaj
    7 giorni fa

    Namber One Gionglerdel futboll ❣️💕💕💪👌🙏Forever

  35. Zhar
    7 giorni fa

    La facilidad con la que metía goles era impresionante

  36. William Raphael
    William Raphael
    7 giorni fa

    Eu não assisti jogo de Pelé por isso Ronaldinho pra foi o melhor que viii até hoje 👍 ele é fantástico 👍👍👍

  37. Doba Riram
    Doba Riram
    7 giorni fa

    Ronaldinho is better then any footballer in this universe... No doubts.

  38. Circuito Alternativo
    Circuito Alternativo
    8 giorni fa

    Ronaldinho toca na bola. Público: Oooooooooooooooooooh

  39. Salima Hammoud
    Salima Hammoud
    8 giorni fa

    La roulette de Ronaldinho magnifique

  40. Salima Hammoud
    Salima Hammoud
    8 giorni fa

    Le petit pont de Ronaldinho 2016

  41. sambado
    9 giorni fa

    If the ball itself had the opportunity to pick up one player to make some love, ronaldinho will be one and the only one.

  42. Jubel Ahmed
    Jubel Ahmed
    9 giorni fa

    Being a Milan fan I even forgot that Ronaldinho played for us. I don’t know if it’s because we had so many legends or because one like him in that period was like a dream. We were in decline after the champions league win and so was him but I still enjoyed his time and I believe Milan fans can agree with me.

  43. José Roberto Muniz
    José Roberto Muniz
    9 giorni fa

    the best sec XXI football player

  44. Hiba Bolbrazq
    Hiba Bolbrazq
    9 giorni fa


  45. Green Klover Gaming
    Green Klover Gaming
    9 giorni fa

    Imagine an entire team of this guy 😂😂😂

  46. Ally Back
    Ally Back
    10 giorni fa

    Author of this video is an AC Milan’s big fan 😄

  47. Moranni Vidal
    Moranni Vidal
    10 giorni fa

    What would have happened if Ronaldinho trained like Ronaldo (portugese)? Or maybe just half as much.

  48. muhamad habibi
    muhamad habibi
    10 giorni fa

    When dive never axist,..

  49. Alejandro Rocco
    Alejandro Rocco
    11 giorni fa

    Realmente fantástico..!!

  50. Umeed Thapa
    Umeed Thapa
    11 giorni fa

    If you ask me Dinho is the GOAT, period!

  51. Sanjay Rao
    Sanjay Rao
    11 giorni fa

    The fuck is that bg

  52. petrokemikal
    11 giorni fa

    Yo can tell Ronaldo was hugely influenced by this Man..

  53. etabeta123
    11 giorni fa

    UN MOSTRO!!!

  54. Morteza Ettehad
    Morteza Ettehad
    11 giorni fa

    a bunch of weak forwards in front of poet of football

  55. GetGoodAtBedwars
    11 giorni fa

    I feel like he’s impressed the world much more than 10 times.

  56. Csaba Fedics
    Csaba Fedics
    12 giorni fa

    a legnagyobbbbbb..

  57. Alberto Montano
    Alberto Montano
    12 giorni fa

    He was born with the gift of playing the beautiful game and making it even more beautiful

  58. Kennet Mcnair
    Kennet Mcnair
    13 giorni fa

    How why where n this man isn't the greatest of all time

  59. Gipsy folklor elegance
    Gipsy folklor elegance
    13 giorni fa


  60. Syung Parks
    Syung Parks
    13 giorni fa

    Falto la canción de "joga Bonito" y queda perfecto

  61. kls
    13 giorni fa

    Fico feliz de ter visto ele jogar no auge dele, e triste em saber q n teremos jogadores como ele foi, pirlo, e etc

  62. Marko
    13 giorni fa

    Surely the best offensive player of all time...

  63. John Mark Acma
    John Mark Acma
    14 giorni fa

    I love the sound of the ball its satisfying

  64. صابر الشعبي
    صابر الشعبي
    14 giorni fa

    لم أرى لاعب مثلة قط

  65. Charlie Sergeant
    Charlie Sergeant
    15 giorni fa

    The best Ronnie was in Barcelona, by far

  66. Gremlinsro
    15 giorni fa

    The best man show on the world is on Barcelona not on AC Milan ...

  67. André Luis Mansano
    André Luis Mansano
    15 giorni fa

    Ronaldinho was one of the best players I've ever seen. Besides that he won a World Cup , which is not easy for some stars.

    15 giorni fa

    Como assim 10 times? O Ronaldinho já jogou contra vários times Procure se informar antes de falar abobrinha

  69. Emek10
    15 giorni fa

    Unbelievable vision and accuracy!

  70. Jake Dixon
    Jake Dixon
    15 giorni fa

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  71. Syed Kaif T
    Syed Kaif T
    15 giorni fa

    The one and only successful player who has both the skills as messi and ronaldo

  72. Mr Legendary FIFA21
    Mr Legendary FIFA21
    16 giorni fa

    Why 80¿?

    1. Neo Void
      Neo Void
      14 giorni fa

      Seedorf was wearing the number 10.

  73. Cường Trần
    Cường Trần
    16 giorni fa

    This guy is an artist

  74. rems so
    rems so
    16 giorni fa

    C'était un crack ce Ronaldinho 🔥

  75. crazzy i am
    crazzy i am
    16 giorni fa

    Sorry for people who just click on this video by seeing girl on thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. Flávio Ponte
    Flávio Ponte
    17 giorni fa

    Ronaldo fenómeno was a very good player, Messi, Ronaldo cr7 also. But this guy was just on another level.

  77. Alvi
    17 giorni fa

    Watching Ronaldinho playing, suddenly one thing came to my head and is the reason why this man was never considered the best football player of all times. Even much better than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo together. That man is(or was)a real magician in the field. Again, the reasons why?, maybe I'll never know.

  78. Conta Para apps e filmes
    Conta Para apps e filmes
    17 giorni fa

    Se for pra cima toma drible, se deixar toma cruzamento... literalmente isso. Grande bruxo

  79. Panuwat Chongyoo
    Panuwat Chongyoo
    17 giorni fa

    he plays like he has eyes on his feet.

  80. Robert Persson
    Robert Persson
    18 giorni fa

    living in the US we never got to see this guy and all the other stars, suks

  81. Rosa Moreno
    Rosa Moreno
    18 giorni fa

    I’ve never seen anyone take the ball away from him

  82. Ramauld Ramharack
    Ramauld Ramharack
    18 giorni fa


  83. VanzyPub G?
    VanzyPub G?
    18 giorni fa

    Remember when Ronaldinho missed that world cup penalty and the world went into a windows blue screen mode?

  84. Bitupan Deka
    Bitupan Deka
    18 giorni fa

    Ronaldinho the king

  85. Emiliano Ressia
    Emiliano Ressia
    19 giorni fa


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  87. Dmitri Borodako & Co
    Dmitri Borodako & Co
    19 giorni fa

    who is ronaldo?

  88. الفديع آل محمد  القحطاني
    الفديع آل محمد القحطاني
    20 giorni fa


  89. 3 Planet to save 1 planet
    3 Planet to save 1 planet
    20 giorni fa

    I feel bad for him now..

  90. Martezinho
    21 giorno fa

    For us Brazilians he is the king of dribbling. Pele he is the king of football.

    21 giorno fa

    Skurwsyny się patrzą co to za bandit fura

  92. amrit bhattarai
    amrit bhattarai
    21 giorno fa

    Particular reason why the thumbnail has Ronaldinho and a random hot reporter?

  93. 005  Vicky official
    005 Vicky official
    21 giorno fa

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  94. Muhammad Zubair Roslan
    Muhammad Zubair Roslan
    21 giorno fa


  95. Muhammad Zubair Roslan
    Muhammad Zubair Roslan
    21 giorno fa

    aku minat dia tau

  96. Muhammad Zubair Roslan
    Muhammad Zubair Roslan
    21 giorno fa

    power la ronaldinho

  97. Angustia
    22 giorni fa

    Ronaldinho y 10 mas

  98. peace Fighter 🥋
    peace Fighter 🥋
    22 giorni fa

    The best player ever.unfortunately he finished himself early .

  99. Dudu
    22 giorni fa

    G O A T 🐐