Why The iPad Doesn't Have A Calculator

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When the iPad was being created, a guy named Scott Forstall was leading its software development. He was responsible for the skeuomorphic interface featured early on in iOS, and the calculator app included with the iPad prototype was simply a scaled up version of the iPhone’s. The software team assumed the final product would ship with this calculator, but once Steve Jobs saw it one month before the iPad’s release, he met with Forstall right away. Saying, “where is the new design for the calculator? This looks awful" Forstall replied, "what new design? This is what we are shipping with.” Jobs said, "no, pull it. We can't ship that.” Although Forstall tried to convince Jobs to keep the calculator on iPad, he was given an ultimatum: Redesign the calculator’s user interface to make it look good on the iPad’s larger display, or it won’t be included. With the iPad’s release just weeks away, Forstall knew his team wouldn’t be able to create a new app from scratch, so the original iPad shipped without a calculator.

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  1. Big PApa
    Big PApa
    5 minuti fa

    I’m gonna start using that excuse in my daily life My wife: “why haven’t you done the dishes?” Me: “I really wanted to make sure I could do something amazing and special, I really didn’t want to do them if I couldn’t do it the best way”

  2. Rei Chan
    Rei Chan
    17 minuti fa

    “It ensures they only add features that improve the user experience…” lol having a built in calculator improves ux exponentially, does it not? People who use the calculator don’t really care about being wowed by some amazing design or something as long as it does proper computation.

  3. Tubby Greyed
    Tubby Greyed
    29 minuti fa

    As innovative as Steve Jobs was, he was simply anal-retentive and had to 'do it his way' all the time..

  4. ProAudio FreakShow
    ProAudio FreakShow
    38 minuti fa

    Jobs fuked that up, I want a damn calculator on my iPad, it’s annoying

  5. M. Rod VonHugenstein
    M. Rod VonHugenstein
    54 minuti fa

    Apple can’t design a quality calculator app and weather app for the iPad? They can’t be serious.

  6. Cosmo Genesis
    Cosmo Genesis
    2 ore fa

    Imagine the Auto Industry saying _"We're sorry, but until we come out with Lamborghinis, you'll all have to walk."_

  7. Frank Einstein
    Frank Einstein
    2 ore fa

    So basically, the iPad Calculator app is like Valve's Half Life 3.

  8. ColinPopoviciu
    3 ore fa

    Hey Apple, you forgot about us contractors. We need a calculator app!

  9. Alex V
    Alex V
    3 ore fa

    How ridiculous! A calculator is better than no calculator. “Something great” is what they want to come up with. They have the simplest looking calculator. How hard is it to design anything better than the current calculator that looks like a kid designed it?!

  10. Troy Wiltshire
    Troy Wiltshire
    3 ore fa

    All my iPads came with calculators. It’s just like the one on my iPhone except it has more functions.

  11. Desert Prince of the Oasis
    Desert Prince of the Oasis
    4 ore fa

    How about just use the damn calculator that’s in the iPhone that you can drag around just like you can drag around a video that you’re playing on the iPad. It’s really is that simple. These people that work for Apple make 3 figure incomes and work in a building that has maximum-security greater than the national aeronautics and space administration makes me wonder how many goddamn drugs are they doing in Apple.

  12. Scott K
    Scott K
    4 ore fa

    Give me a break. It's a fucking calculator.

  13. dani b
    dani b
    4 ore fa

    It’s just a calculator Steve , gees

  14. Cristian
    4 ore fa

    That's why Apples products seem lackluster when you put down anything Samsung and pick up anything Apple.

  15. SeaMonkey137
    5 ore fa

    Apple's biggest problem is it think it's still Steve Jobs.

  16. ❦Fallen Love❦
    ❦Fallen Love❦
    5 ore fa

    Why does ipad need calculator Me: why does watch need calculator

  17. Juke Worx
    Juke Worx
    5 ore fa

    Have you heard the news, Jobs is dead. Where is the calculator. And while you are at it, I don’t want some freaking song to start playing when I turn on Bluetooth to a speaker. And do me a favor and make the screen so I can adjust it to see it with my vision without using glasses.

  18. jacksputrid
    5 ore fa

    No no no..................one more time. In 10 years and all the retina screens and gigs bites your answer to not adding a calculator is that...”we can’t do it right” and your all just gonna let this dude say some shit like that like what ever?

  19. jacksputrid
    5 ore fa

    Nonsense? Then? Np.

  20. Michael Brown
    Michael Brown
    5 ore fa

    Pretty lame excuse from the designer. It’s called laziness.

  21. srki22
    5 ore fa

    How is having a calculator from Macbook in iPad a messy, complex, or counterintuitive? They can improve design in the next iteration but it is a messy, complex, or counterintuitive experience to not have a calculator. They don't always listen to user, because users want a calculator. Just check the comments.

  22. Zane Rasmussen
    Zane Rasmussen
    5 ore fa

    So they lazy.

  23. AbTv✅
    8 ore fa

    and how would u know -______________________-

  24. Brett Leisy
    Brett Leisy
    8 ore fa

    so basically.... "we haven't found one we want to steal for ours yet"

  25. Echo Bee (Kitty)
    Echo Bee (Kitty)
    8 ore fa

    It’s not called a SmartPad

  26. Jetstudiosジェットスタジオ
    8 ore fa

    Apple: We’re not adding a calculator to iPad Me: *Uses Desmos instead*

  27. Archtechnician
    9 ore fa

    No, the end 'restraint until truly great' is complete rubbish, they let other companies do stuff rip it off put a higher price tag on it put it in a fancy box. Apple's contribution? removing jacks so you have to buy expensive tiny wireless ear buds that you can easily lose, or buy there expensive adapters s you have the ability to actually have a reasonable number of ui. Not saying that other companies are whiter than white but apple is rotten to its core.

  28. Proton Man
    Proton Man
    9 ore fa

    And not having a calculator app improves the user experience how? Jeesh.

  29. War Daddy
    War Daddy
    9 ore fa

    iPad is mostly used by students and its popular device in education sector.... and it doesn't have a calculator app.... WTH!

  30. Bruce Balden
    Bruce Balden
    9 ore fa

    The Clock app on the iPad was also missing until recently. Maybe they’re fixing past mistakes

  31. Short Bus
    Short Bus
    9 ore fa

    They make money by not including features. Plus apple customers are like cultists and most likely never boycott a product for not including an important feature.

  32. Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith
    10 ore fa

    I just want the weather app bro

  33. Tanmay Gemini
    Tanmay Gemini
    11 ore fa

    This is the first time I've heard about this and it's hilarious.

  34. schizowallflower
    11 ore fa

    Siri is the iPad's calculator.

  35. moetez mejri
    moetez mejri
    12 ore fa

    or you can just add a functional calculator that ppl can use and update it it`s not like ppl go to a calculator to get the entertainment you go to a calculator to do the math and leave I would understand if it was a daily app that you will be using every day but I don't see how can forcing the consumer to download a shitty calculator is better then giving them a simple standered one

  36. Alex H
    Alex H
    12 ore fa

    Also, no build in weather.

  37. HRW
    12 ore fa


  38. Andrew David
    Andrew David
    12 ore fa

    "It's better to have no calculator at all than an ugly calculator" The logic of Steve Jobs, the greatest sociopathic control freak of all time.

  39. Joshua Coats
    Joshua Coats
    12 ore fa

    Apple: The iPad is now replacing the need for a laptop! Me: That's kinda neat. Can I do basic math on it? Apple: **whispers over shoulder** quick, get the PR team in here...

  40. Shinko Fleur
    Shinko Fleur
    13 ore fa

    People still call me crazy because I say that Apple was never a tech company, they're a marketing firm.

  41. lens kap
    lens kap
    13 ore fa

    3:36 that's what bullshit sounds like

  42. DoesHotter
    13 ore fa

    They forgot to add it, end of the story.

  43. Tony sanderson
    Tony sanderson
    13 ore fa

    There saving it for the launch of the IPAD XX Pro plus elite as one of their main improvement features.

  44. Farn W.
    Farn W.
    14 ore fa

    A foking calculator?! A true. great. calculator?! Ok

  45. Danny Boahhh
    Danny Boahhh
    14 ore fa

    Cause apple sucks

  46. CxHiBB
    14 ore fa

    "we havent had enough time" what, to complete a 30m job? stupid lazy scammers. anyone who is a consumer of this company is stupid.

  47. Harrison Jervis
    Harrison Jervis
    15 ore fa

    We are all like: I was wondering about that.

  48. BananaMilk
    15 ore fa

    But I do have it on my ipad

  49. - Ga Chess -
    - Ga Chess -
    17 ore fa

    Plot twist: They can't do math...

  50. MacArt542
    18 ore fa

    This sounds like Apple was cutting the cost.

  51. Esmo Shure
    Esmo Shure
    19 ore fa

    How are you actually going to sit here and defend Apple for taking 11 years to release a calculator?

  52. Syllight
    19 ore fa

    The specialty of apple is that the product has to deliver what they promised. Like when they released apple air pods, nobody complained and actually loved it, unlike other companies' ones had issues like horrible noise cancellation, fit ,etc. So it is normal for apple to not make something that they think wont be good, specially when 3rd party apps can solve it.

  53. raabdj
    19 ore fa

    Nobody needs a WOW! calculator. They appear to get a kick out of causing customers an inconvenience.

  54. TDATA
    20 ore fa

    Was this after he abused his wife and became a deadbeat father? Or was this during the time he was going on an IP theft spree, and having to allot a budget for suiside nets around the foxconn factories due to near-slave working conditions? Which Apple now foregoes the "near-slave" now just uses actual slave labor; but thank fucking god they got rid of "slave, master" from their documentation, wouldn't want to draw accurate parallels to real life now would we?

  55. Kim Miller
    Kim Miller
    22 ore fa

    Let's see if I understand this. It took Steve Jobs ten minutes on that calculator design app to come up with the design he was happy with. But the whole company can't get it to a satisfactory level in ten years. When I hit the calculator button on my Windows keyboard, or tap the calculator icon on my Android phone, I don't even think of gushing over the design. Apparently I'm doing it wrong.

  56. Infamous Hacker 4chan
    Infamous Hacker 4chan
    22 ore fa

    Meanwhile on Android the default calculator works flawlessly, allows the layout to be changed depending on orientation and remembers the last calculations you did so you can check your math.

  57. Gautam .T
    Gautam .T
    23 ore fa

    who needs a calculator when your asian

  58. • UnpureMelon •
    • UnpureMelon •
    Giorno fa

    I have calculator on my iPad though

  59. Hey Ho
    Hey Ho
    Giorno fa

    I got an iPhone as a gift recently. While it's very powerful and all that, I will never get an Apple smartphone ever again. Not only it forces me to waste lots of time asking me to adapt my habits to the device, all Mac forums reply arrogantly to user complaints, telling them how they should do anything, and treating them like stupid sheep who have never used a phone before. Excuse me Apple, we know Android phones are better. You are just an old american car of the 70s living in the past.

    1. OG
      21 ora fa

      How long did you have the phone for and what phone was it?

  60. Dwight Turner
    Dwight Turner
    Giorno fa

    Jobs should have been fired from his job. 🙃

  61. Spaghettoid
    Giorno fa

    No one: Literally No one: Ipad: No math Edit: Thanks for 164

  62. Ezra
    Giorno fa

    This is stupid

  63. K Dub
    K Dub
    Giorno fa

    Also no weather app

  64. Shawn Green
    Shawn Green
    Giorno fa

    Steve Jobs was an egomaniac.

  65. WindblownSquash
    Giorno fa

    It’s sad cuz text editing actually sucks on Apple mobile devices

  66. Ree Cee
    Ree Cee
    Giorno fa

    I purchased the iPad for college courses and was terribly irritated to learn it had no calculator. What a horrible choice to inconvenience customers.

  67. Karlos TJ
    Karlos TJ
    Giorno fa

    "They didn't include copy&paste until years after Android." Uh, C&P was available in June of 2009. The iPhone came out in 2007, before anything Android existed. So, it wasn't YEARS. It was maybe MONTHS, at best an entire year.

  68. Keith Guy
    Keith Guy
    Giorno fa

    Dumb standards. You mean, until I can't own a Ferrari, I shouldn't be driving any car? I wonder why iPhone users are just so ignorant about tech because they don't know what is running in the industry. They have to wait decades to see what is being used in every phone. This doesn't even make sense and if their policy is to come with best or nothing then why they update their apps and software? Aren't they are contradicting their own policy? So,, if they can update after release they why not give an option and do iterative updates just like Andriod? Anyways, I used iPhone once and I felt miserably bad that the innovation is so slow. So, it might be good for many but not for people like me who love technology improvement and wants to be updated.

  69. Moussa Wasfy
    Moussa Wasfy
    Giorno fa


  70. Randy Krus
    Randy Krus
    Giorno fa

    Just put out a calculator Apple....that interview was......simply embarrassing.

  71. sportsMike87
    Giorno fa

    yeah he was a control freak

  72. Simon George
    Simon George
    Giorno fa

    Why dont Apple just use the same calc app from the iphone and configure it for the ipad ? How hard is that ?

  73. Coco
    Giorno fa

    The copy-paste in iOS is terrible.

  74. elfergos
    Giorno fa

    So… no good reason then.

  75. Alvaro Mora
    Alvaro Mora
    Giorno fa

    How do you know that

  76. Peter Emmanuel
    Peter Emmanuel
    Giorno fa

    They've been procrastinating the calculator

  77. Василий Гашечкин
    Василий Гашечкин
    Giorno fa

    Because apple users cant count.

  78. Paul Derrick
    Paul Derrick
    Giorno fa

    those strict standards are what kept apple on top of the game. now that he’s gone the company is gone. bottom line

  79. The Real Talk
    The Real Talk
    Giorno fa

    The weird part is that they created a trash can Mac and a 700$ wheels.

  80. Mastermind
    Giorno fa

    I just want a fucking calculator lmao

  81. youcantata
    Giorno fa

    Technical reason: iPadOS(iOS) don't have overlaying multi window capability. In iPadOS, multitasking is done by splitting screen into multiple panes/windows, which is not suitable for calculator/weather type app. iPadOS needs "Desktop Accessory(DA)" capability of old Macintosh OS (System 7/8 days of 1990's) DA can be used along with any main task app as "pop-up" app upon main app window. With such calculator DA, you will be able to use it in any app without leaving/switching out of the main app.

  82. Eulentrainer Dr. Zipfeltitt
    Eulentrainer Dr. Zipfeltitt
    Giorno fa

    There are actually people who think this is cool like "wow they are so commited to delivering the best stuff, they won't release half assed stuff". I LOVE Apple and their products but man this decision is stupid. I'd rather have a terrible looking calculator than no calculator at all tbh..

  83. Ok Man
    Ok Man
    Giorno fa

    Paid over $800 for an iPad for school no fucking calculator.........

  84. Navneet
    Giorno fa

    Cats to hooman - what's so special abt ur iphone? Hooman - its expensive 🙏

  85. Dominik Aleksić
    Dominik Aleksić
    Giorno fa

    I feel like they don’t want to do it to honor Jobs

  86. Linda Johnson
    Linda Johnson
    Giorno fa

    Maybe you’re talking about the newest iPads, but I’ve got a 2nd Generation iPad Pro (a bit over three years old) and that has a calculator… the same as every other Apple product I have (or have had). My iPhone X has the exact same calculating program on it… as does my (now) old(ish) iMac Pro (all of these Apple things bought at the same time. Is this a new thing or what? Click bait!

  87. d
    Giorno fa

    Dont explain just TELL me ffs !! ITsunsrs can content out of a day old dung! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  88. M F
    M F
    Giorno fa

    I didn’t know every other apple product had a calculator. Steve Jobs was such a dumbass.

  89. Mukul Sharma
    Mukul Sharma
    Giorno fa

    Apple: We are not giving charger, earphone, screen guard, phone guard, no calculator in iPad People: take my money and give me a *logo*

    1. GarBear
      8 ore fa

      I just like the operating system

  90. sam helyer
    sam helyer
    Giorno fa

    I'm just gonna say it - this is some of the stupidest shit I've ever heard

  91. So Pheaktra Lucifer
    So Pheaktra Lucifer
    Giorno fa

    5$ monthly to be able to use calculator

  92. Tom Harvey
    Tom Harvey
    Giorno fa

    I was just wondering about this the other day

  93. Divyanshu Gupta
    Divyanshu Gupta
    Giorno fa

    Apple making lazy excuses 😴.

  94. Karl Simon Matias
    Karl Simon Matias
    Giorno fa

    Steve Jobs is stupid.

  95. Rogue5132
    Giorno fa

    yoooooo 100kth like

  96. KWC Coin
    KWC Coin
    Giorno fa

    The saying they care does not make sense in this 2 missing app.

  97. Nico
    Giorno fa

    Well the whole "they didn't add copy paste until they were truly satisfied" just made their phone a lot worse for the time. Never baught an I Phone again after my 3g broke because of the lack of features and customizability which made it a big headache for me.

  98. Zeded
    2 giorni fa

    Calculator Sold Separately

  99. kris Sharp
    kris Sharp
    2 giorni fa

    I’d like one.

  100. H C
    H C
    2 giorni fa

    lol just shows how sheep are the apple fans