ASUS Zenfone 8 series Launch Event

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Meet the new
Witness the launch of compact performer. Join us live on May 12, 2021.


  1. Dushyant Sharma
    Dushyant Sharma
    3 giorni fa

    Only issue with this phone will be 4000mAh battery powering 120Hz screen. Not enough. Should have been 5000mAh battery.

  2. Kevin Pagaduan
    Kevin Pagaduan
    7 giorni fa


  3. Zemmali Marwa
    Zemmali Marwa
    8 giorni fa

    why can't we find the former version anymore (5, 5z, 6)?

  4. Cam Looh
    Cam Looh
    13 giorni fa

    Wow every each of comments was so positives #perfectcompactphone

  5. ninya ninya
    ninya ninya
    14 giorni fa

    I've been searching for a flagship/semi-flagship phone that's not too expensive, with a headphone jack (a very big THANK YOU for keeping this) and decent battery, great camera.. The zenfone 8 is really worth the wait..and the money.. plus, SD888, notification led, etc. etc.. Congrats Asus..Good job 👍👍👍👍👍

  6. SupaRush
    16 giorni fa

    This is the first phone since the Zenfone 2 that actually has me very intrigued. I want to buy it right now!!! Seems like they delayed it because its not available anywhere.

  7. Nico Cenizal
    Nico Cenizal
    17 giorni fa

    US release date?

  8. Rohit Mukherjee
    Rohit Mukherjee
    17 giorni fa

    Whoever decided the Zenfone 8 should be compact must be given a big raise !

  9. chung chan
    chung chan
    22 giorni fa


    29 giorni fa

    Will there be any midrange compact phone in future?

  11. nanova77 nanova77
    nanova77 nanova77
    Mese fa

    How long zenfone 8 series will get softwares update... 3 years will be great

  12. sam 123
    sam 123
    Mese fa

    How long will Asus provide software and security updates for the new phones?

    Mese fa

    Finally someone makes a small phone with top specs. Not to mention, a flat screen. I am already considering to buy one as soon as it’s out.

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    Mese fa

    When the impostor is...

  15. Shreyas R
    Shreyas R
    Mese fa

    My asus zenfone max pro m2(a mid - range smartphone) is still running on Android 9 with so many bugs. I have lost hopes on this company.. One should consider about this .. I have to restart my mobile each and every time to work properly.. This is not just my mobile.. all the asus zenfone max pro m2 model is stuck with this situation.. But the hardware the company provides is good!.

  16. Anushka Kumari
    Anushka Kumari
    Mese fa

    This is Called Perfect Phone . It will One Plus 9R in India

  17. Anushka Kumari
    Anushka Kumari
    Mese fa

    Waiting for india launch

  18. Lyonel Thomas
    Lyonel Thomas
    Mese fa

    Great pics

  19. Fikri Fadlilah
    Fikri Fadlilah
    Mese fa

    Great work!

  20. doubts
    Mese fa

    Update it 4yrs and I'll buy one. Otherwise I'll wait for the pixel 6.

  21. Syed Saad Sohail
    Syed Saad Sohail
    Mese fa

    i could go years with this 8 the most perfect phone ever made in my view

  22. Being creative
    Being creative
    Mese fa

    31:29 a slap in the face to all 'modern flagships'...

  23. Julius Lim
    Julius Lim
    Mese fa

    Love the design

  24. amir hamzah
    amir hamzah
    Mese fa

    Me with zenfone max pro m1 since 2018 🥶.. the zenfone 8 was a perfect replacement for my only daily driver.. compact in size with highest performances.. waiting for the released date in Malaysia ❤️. Start with Zenfone 2 laser in 2015 - 2018, Zenfone max pro m1 2018 - recent.. I wish i can keep this legacy with zenfone 8 this year 🙏🏻✨✨ #Zenfoneonlyuser

  25. Ved Prakash
    Ved Prakash
    Mese fa

    I have asus5z with snapdragon 845 processor purchased 3 year ago and still brand new, outnumbered most of the phones of todays in performance and quality

    1. Mahaveer Bera
      Mahaveer Bera
      Mese fa

      I have the same.. became fan of the asus. Will order zenfone 8 as soon as it launches in india.

  26. Steven Cen
    Steven Cen
    Mese fa

    Flagship but why using 2.0usb 😐

  27. Gaurav Kothari
    Gaurav Kothari
    Mese fa

    price 43:00

  28. Jeton Ademaj
    Jeton Ademaj
    Mese fa

    i seriously hope the reports of US Band support are in could Asus release the Zenfone 8 with support for 4G band 41 without supporting 5G n41? dont you guys know that USA Band 41 (owned by Sprint) has been almost entirely transitioned by T-Mobile to 5G n41? PLEASE, PLEEAAASE ensure that the USA release of the Zenfone 8 supports Band N41 5G, otherwise this phone is needlessly and stupidly crippled...especially in terms of future-proofing for T-Mobile USA customers. i really hope current reports about Band support in the USA are simply in error, but if not, PLEASE ASUS fix this glaring oversight! make sure the Zenfone 8 includes Band N41 5G in the USA!

  29. Евгений Рыжков
    Евгений Рыжков
    Mese fa

    thanks for the compact phone, you are the best

  30. Avo Prim
    Avo Prim
    Mese fa

    23:20 - Semicolons instead of normal colons.

  31. Avo Prim
    Avo Prim
    Mese fa

    23:40 - @Samsung India: We like your reference, Galaxy M Series, The Monster Battery.

  32. Baized haider Siam
    Baized haider Siam
    Mese fa

    Asus how are you?

  33. Roshan K Anwar
    Roshan K Anwar
    Mese fa

    well done, this is what i want. i was looking for such phones

  34. Lord Maycon Charlz
    Lord Maycon Charlz
    Mese fa

    Disappointed, ZENPHONE 7 PRO is the same of ZENPHONE 8 FLIP. Nothing really special or new ...WTF ?

    1. Avo Prim
      Avo Prim
      Mese fa

      I can feel you. Also, I am so disappointed, that, only The Taiwanese @ITsuns Channel for @ASUS has The ZenFone 7 Series Reveal, meaning, no English language launch event, and, anywhere, not even on other websites, mind you, and, I am still not sure why, exactly, that is.

  35. Just4kl
    Mese fa

    Happy owner of Zenfone 5z 6/64. Really goona switch it on Zenfone 8 Flip.

  36. 趙奕嘉
    Mese fa

    I love ZenFone!!!

  37. *PostCore*
    Mese fa

    Thanks for MINI !!

  38. Kunal Patil
    Kunal Patil
    Mese fa

    I wish you had add at least 4500 mah battery asus😭

  39. Zergio Z
    Zergio Z
    Mese fa

    Those fucking lying bastards !!! Liars and cheaters !! Nowhere in the world is there a 6/128 version on sale for 599 € !! The cheapest version 8/128 starts at 669 €. There is no 6/128 version even in Taiwan, but there is also a 12/256 version, which was not even in the presentation!

  40. Andreas Lindahl
    Andreas Lindahl
    Mese fa

    Finally a producer that understand that tall phones is useless. Max 160mm (too high actually) for me and 75mm wide. Bring back 18:9

  41. Wonders
    Mese fa

    Doesn't matter what ASUS do or try, someone somewhere is scrabbling around to find SOMEthing to moan about with it. "Oh but the bezels are 0.03mm thicker than on the Samsung!!" 😏

  42. Sanjoy Rana
    Sanjoy Rana
    Mese fa

    I am the holder of Asus Zenfone 2 Laser at as per my preference I always prefer to buy Asus.

  43. Chandra Bhushan
    Chandra Bhushan
    Mese fa

    Love from India ❤️❤️ Welcome Comeback

  44. Max77
    Mese fa

    I hope ASUS can bump into where LG and HTC failed, good hardware was simple software.

    1. Avo Prim
      Avo Prim
      Mese fa

      But, doesn’t HTC still exist in the smartphone market?

  45. sohan patil
    sohan patil
    Mese fa

    Plz release android 10 update for asus max pro m1

  46. durga prasad G
    durga prasad G
    Mese fa

    Zenfone 8 is the pixel 4a should be. But thankfully asus caught our nerve and finally 1 awesome product with compact body. (We love to see more colours in addition to black n silver. If can't possible, atleast release different colour back cases , so that we can make most of it)

    1. lukemothug
      Mese fa

      And Adding Gcam is your oyster!

  47. Nn J
    Nn J
    Mese fa

    Well everything is good but 8 flip without ois n 120hz is useless to grab at that price tag. Do you know mi 10 pro max comes with 120hz amoled panel for just 20k₹. Nord with OIS for 25k₹. Plz look for customer satisfaction sharply n not just as per your view or adjustments

    Mese fa

    Zenfone max pro M1 me update kar de rahe ho android 10 ka

  49. I Rather Be Anonymous
    I Rather Be Anonymous
    Mese fa

    *So To "Defy The Ordinary", You Guys Made The Most Ordinary, Ugly Phone Of 2020 Decade Ever? SUCH A HUGE LET DOWN!! I Mean I Was Disappointed When Asus 7 Was Nothing But Revamped Asus 6 ... BUT THIS IS TRULY DISAPPOINTING, What You Guys Did And Started With **_"ASUS ZENFONE 5Z"_** (Which Is Still The Most Incredible Phone Of 2018 & Truly The Best By Asus Till Date) That Incredible Piece Of Beauty & Class... (Mine Turning 3 In August & Even Now I Find People Appreciating My Phone, I Mean That's An Incredible Testament To What Asus Truly Achieved And I Just Bought Asus Vivobook 15 And Was Thinking Of Buying The New Asus 8 ZENFONE But I Assure You I Won't. REALLY DISAPPOINTING, WAY TO THROTTLE YOUR INNOVATION... And Let Down Your Fans & Customers And Dang!! That's A HEFTY PRICE TAG!!.. Anyway, Having Said That Great Presentation, I Hope You Will Do Better Next Year. Stay Safe. Love From India.*

    1. lukemothug
      Mese fa

      So you prefer shitty notch displays over a full immersive display?

  50. Fahad Al Asad
    Fahad Al Asad
    Mese fa

    I used asus phone before asus zenfone 6 with intel atom processor and I used it for longer than 5 years but in my country i couldn't find Asus phone much (Bangladesh) and Asus Zenfone 8 is a perfect size for me because I love small phones, I wish I could have one of it for me. Really great work and nice build quality with everything high class.

  51. Kaushik Vemala
    Kaushik Vemala
    Mese fa

    Frickin lovin zenfone 8

  52. Aman
    Mese fa

    mane asus m1 pro buy kiya tha uske motherboard me problem aa gyi thi asus phone are good but .. service center very very poor

  53. Shayan Bhattacharjee
    Shayan Bhattacharjee
    Mese fa


  54. Praxss
    Mese fa

    Just need software updates/upgrades. Atleast for 3-4 years

  55. Tic Tech Toe
    Tic Tech Toe
    Mese fa

    Hope zenfone 8 is priced competitively with iphone 12 mini.

  56. Sijan Dangal
    Sijan Dangal
    Mese fa

    Asus why didn't you keep 120Hz in flip? And why no new camera system

    Mese fa

    I is super love it wishes and dreams are not good enough 😭😭

  58. Arul Charles
    Arul Charles
    Mese fa

    Seeing this video over my 5.5 inch screen ASUS 3 phone

  59. Jose Carlos Laguna Martinez
    Jose Carlos Laguna Martinez
    Mese fa

    Aleluyaa muchas felicidades por el nuevo Zenfone 8 es una chulada, cambiare mi Samsung s10 definitivamente, en la prox generación me gustaría ver un todo pantalla sin ese hueco de la camara y por favor agregen la micro sd, hoy en dia con 250gb de almacenamiento no es suficiente, Ya no le quiten nada asi esta excelente (Al contrario mejorenlo)

  60. iGot7-Wiz*OneStay-Aroha-Army-Once-OneIt
    Mese fa

    Asus please release it in the Philippines. 😭

  61. BAIA
    Mese fa

    Zenfone 8 is fabulous, the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  62. Yashwanth Kumar
    Yashwanth Kumar
    Mese fa

    From asus 3 max to asus 5z now Zenfone 8

  63. JD Tim
    JD Tim
    Mese fa

    I love it. Good performance and compact size

  64. Edward Kwon
    Edward Kwon
    Mese fa

    You can't put everything in a small compact device. Of course there's a compromise. Like what they said, based on the surveys, performance and battery is more important for users. For me, that is acceptable.

  65. JD Tim
    JD Tim
    Mese fa

    Hopefully Asus will sell it in Vietnam

  66. leoeditor
    Mese fa

    It's beautiful? It is and it has a good design. But can withstand a drop of 30 centimeters without shattering the entire screen?

  67. Ryzen
    Mese fa

    Flip camera is same as 7 Pro

  68. Edward Kwon
    Edward Kwon
    Mese fa

    Nice. The guy who presented is articulate. Unlike Huawei I can barely understand the English.

  69. Boris Popov
    Boris Popov
    Mese fa

    Dear ASUS, You promised a stable Android 10 version for us ZenFone Max Pro M1 users but you still DID NOT DELIVER. All we are stuck with for now is a buggy "developer preview" Android 10 version. Is this how your "beyond the ordinary" motto works in reality? Sorry but my next smartphone will not be made by ASUS.

  70. Sdsfghr
    Mese fa

    The zenfone 8 is perfect! Hopefuly it will get Android Updates a long time, then i will buy it 100%!

  71. Gary Ferrão
    Gary Ferrão
    Mese fa

    So this video is more about the Zenfone 8. I was hoping improvements in the Flip, but it's very similar to the previous version.

    1. Aryan
      26 giorni fa

      You get 888,slightly better flip camera module and internal design maybe and under display fingerprint scanner Atleast they didn't kill off the flip model hopefully zenfone 9 flip comes with a serious improvement or a zenfone 8 pro if it exists?

  72. Subash S
    Subash S
    Mese fa

    Come on asus ... seize and own never settle market ...

  73. Brakernight
    Mese fa

    Plz add expandable storage same brightness display from zenfone 8 and 16 gb memory and also headphone jack into next zenfone

  74. Master Fakry
    Master Fakry
    Mese fa

    nice, zenfone 8 better. so long, there are no flagship phone that using 5 inch display, lol 😁

  75. ריסטארט
    Mese fa

    Thank you very much. Three Slots are very very nice(2 SIMs+Memory card). But why doesn't Zenfone 8 Flip have 16GB Ram/256GB Rom!!!??

  76. M Z
    M Z
    Mese fa

    I'd like a Zenfone 8 Lite, thank you ^^ Why did they stop making budget and midranger phones 😩

  77. Mus Hore
    Mus Hore
    Mese fa

    asus smartphone midle range manaaaaaaaaaa, masak gak mampu bersaing cemen ah

  78. TheOnlyName
    Mese fa

    Looks great, here from Mrwhosetheboss!

  79. xaiury
    Mese fa

    One word only: disappointed!

  80. Primusdragon
    Mese fa

    Finally i can upgrade fom my zenfone 3

  81. Astto
    Mese fa

    You lost me at 5G, no body wants a radio beam going through their balls. 5G uses a beam, not a radio wave, I don't care if it hurts me or not, I still don't want a directional beam going through my balls while it's in my pocket.

  82. sebasnik R.O.
    sebasnik R.O.
    Mese fa

    Te amo asus

  83. Beau Runnels
    Beau Runnels
    Mese fa

    Does the Zenfone 8 (non flip variant) not support expandable storage?

  84. Joren97
    Mese fa

    I think Zenfone 8 is the first worthy upgrade for my Zenfone 5

  85. Kasimo
    Mese fa

    Perfect! Cant wait to grab the Silver Z8 to match my Asus Chromebook! :)

  86. Shutter Eyes
    Shutter Eyes
    Mese fa

    Disappointing to see the same design on asus zenfone 8 flip, 90hz refresh rate, and the pricing..😥 Battery too only 5000 mah 😑. I think asus zenfone 8 will be the better choice to buy than zenfone 8 flip.

  87. Filip Stoqnov
    Filip Stoqnov
    Mese fa

    I love the flip one I actually am waiting for my zenfone 7 to arrive but I really like what Asus is doing with phones they are as good as a phone gets by my opinion. I also use Asus ROG laptop for work and it is also amazing can't wait to see your future phones. Keep up the good work!

  88. Juan Carlos Quiroga Ramirez
    Juan Carlos Quiroga Ramirez
    Mese fa

    competencia para iphone 12 mini

  89. Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang
    Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang
    Mese fa

    Woaw I Think I'm Gonna Buy it for Something Useful!!! 🙂🙂🙂

  90. krishna sen
    krishna sen
    Mese fa

    21:23 😍😍🔥🔥🔥 U guys made it #thankyou

  91. Fandi Yogiswara
    Fandi Yogiswara
    Mese fa

    Zenfone 8 ~720 USD Zenfone 8 Flip ~ 960 USD

    Mese fa

    Watching on my Asus 6z flip camera phone (48+16 mp flip camera)😊😊♥️

  93. Bo-Laurids Jähde
    Bo-Laurids Jähde
    Mese fa

    I love the Zenfone 8 Flip

  94. Nugraha Saputra
    Nugraha Saputra
    Mese fa

    Happy Eid Mubarak

  95. Mikey Dc808
    Mikey Dc808
    Mese fa

    Thank you so much for the smaller phone!! It’s amazing. Design could’ve been better but still have been waiting for this!! Thank you once again. Also a suggestion why not release some funky neon coloured back cases to snap on. Nonetheless, you guys did it! Compact Flagship device. Google 5a should be trembling now :)

  96. Soumya Ranjan
    Soumya Ranjan
    Mese fa

    I think zenfone 8 is a perfect smartphone

  97. Gautam Whoo
    Gautam Whoo
    Mese fa

    Real King arrive at 33:00✨♥️🙏

  98. Travel More
    Travel More
    Mese fa

    Why don't you guys brings affordable rate smartphones to india....we need budget friendly quality smartphones from asus Early you were launched many affordable and quality smartphones... please launch smartphones in india... many other brands are launching affordable smartphones here ...but asus has unique quality also.... like your other electronic items.....❤️

  99. NIN
    Mese fa

    Whoa, a sandwich motherboard? That's a leap forward, Asus! Good job! From what I heard, only Apple does that and now it's you. Congratulations!

  100. Kaptain
    Mese fa

    Is the flip water resistant?

    1. Đăng Thực
      Đăng Thực
      Mese fa

      No.The water and dust resistant are only have on Asus Zenfone 8.