Battlefield 2042 Official Gameplay Trailer

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    1. Hector Alonso Villavicencio Mendoza
      Hector Alonso Villavicencio Mendoza
      Giorno fa

      @Josué Abarca jJajajaja

    2. SavBeeing
      7 giorni fa


    3. SPYDA 25
      SPYDA 25
      8 giorni fa

      What's the name of this song?

    4. chris
      11 giorni fa

      You know I won’t

    5. 0
      12 giorni fa

      Remember hard core only

  2. Michael McNew
    Michael McNew
    17 minuti fa

    Battlefield 2042 to those who were on the design team Excellent job!!!

  3. Ana Thompson
    Ana Thompson
    2 ore fa

    Kinda confused. We’ll just be a big group of real players fighting against npcs?

  4. James Bennett
    James Bennett
    3 ore fa

    What battlefield 5 should have been.

  5. A Gun Luvin Raven
    A Gun Luvin Raven
    5 ore fa

    I just realized that the explosion from the tank shell has a shockwave in 1:06

  6. Arthur Amaya
    Arthur Amaya
    6 ore fa

    Any military vehicle/aircraft enthusiasts wanna tell me what 0:54 is? Never seen it, ever. What's it purpose? Surveillance? Combat? Or like just transportation?

  7. Danilo Villarroel
    Danilo Villarroel
    8 ore fa

    2:02 Is that a woman's voice?... is there a woman in my trailer?!! "then did not buy the game" 🤣

    9 ore fa

    This is the best I've seen !!!!!!!!

  9. алексей третьяков
    алексей третьяков
    9 ore fa


  10. Bhanu Singh
    Bhanu Singh
    15 ore fa

    the facts that hud is reacting to the situation

  11. Adrián Lengyel
    Adrián Lengyel
    16 ore fa

  12. Dale Denton
    Dale Denton
    18 ore fa

    this really looks terrible

  13. Caolán Suibhne
    Caolán Suibhne
    18 ore fa

    Don't screw this up.

  14. Franciane Mota
    Franciane Mota
    19 ore fa

    2:18 volta aqui com meu avião desgraça

  15. Draven Sibley
    Draven Sibley
    22 ore fa

    pz don't mess this up, im really lookin forward to it.

  16. MathiasH
    23 ore fa

    they better have noise cancelling in the elevator and then elevator music

  17. Tom Black
    Tom Black
    23 ore fa

    It’s like BF4, but like with a Black Ops 2 vibe to it.

  18. Historical Femby
    Historical Femby
    Giorno fa

    BF 2142 remake when

  19. nicu
    Giorno fa

    I think they're warming up for bad company. :')

  20. OG_Lloyd5514
    Giorno fa

    How’s console going to run this

    1. yo fadah
      yo fadah
      23 ore fa

      Last gen*

  21. TheVutVut
    Giorno fa

    im not complaining, but fun fact: depending from the rocket, you have to stay away at least 500m-1000m when they lift of, because the sound the rocket produces just alone can kill you. i want to play this as soon as possible. gameplay alone looks sick af

  22. Jon Snowman
    Jon Snowman
    Giorno fa

    Fallout: War never changes Metal gear solid: war has changed battlefield: *War is war!*

  23. Alexandru Bolovan
    Alexandru Bolovan
    Giorno fa

    Cartoon . Very bad graphics

  24. Alexandru Bolovan
    Alexandru Bolovan
    Giorno fa

    Desene animate

  25. Mazeda Automobi
    Mazeda Automobi
    Giorno fa


  26. BlackOMali M
    BlackOMali M
    Giorno fa

    I never played a single battlefield game before, the hype is up there!

  27. B1-[66]-ER
    Giorno fa

    If any game needs a nuke it's 2042.

  28. Vincent Gnanaraj
    Vincent Gnanaraj
    Giorno fa

    And still GabeN, using dx9 and source 1.

  29. Michael McNew
    Michael McNew
    Giorno fa

    Battlefield 2042 excellent well made design team 2021.

  30. KI Soldier
    KI Soldier
    Giorno fa

    Lol hopefully that storm balanced everyone then again only if there was a campaign would make sense what’s going on wouldn’t mind seeing recker and the other old Characters

  31. TheRedpulsar
    Giorno fa

    Please use the lvl and Rank System of the old parts as in Battlefield 3. From Grub to General

  32. Groove Hammer
    Groove Hammer
    2 giorni fa

    Can't work out if this is a sequal to Battlefield, or a prequal to Halo

    1. Yozuki MD3
      Yozuki MD3
      7 ore fa

      Its A Sequel To Battlefield 4 And A Prequel To Battlefield 2142. Since Battlefield 4 Occurs In 2020, This Ones Occurs On 2042 (22 years later) And 2142 Occurs 100 years after this one.

    2. MontaroCJK
      Giorno fa

      time goes on we are not in 1940 anymore we are heading to 2030 in 9 years

    3. Andre Roberson
      Andre Roberson
      Giorno fa

      Its sequel to battlefield

  33. PlasmaDough
    2 giorni fa

    I hope you can call in a tank to land inside a tornado to have it fly around

  34. SledgE
    2 giorni fa

    Nice, a BF4 upgrade

  35. StayEnAuG
    2 giorni fa

    This maybe Can be the Best BATTLEFIELD

  36. Euplexia
    2 giorni fa

    will there be c4 jeeps?

  37. Benzo 21
    Benzo 21
    2 giorni fa

    j'espere que ce sera ce game de tous les temps comme BF3 game's play

  38. Agrim Puriya
    Agrim Puriya
    2 giorni fa

    OK So apparently they have ODM Gear now.

  39. Puzzoozoo
    2 giorni fa

    I just want big and long Rush maps for lots of players in epic run and gun firefights, like BC2 but with more of everything.

  40. Cxeri93
    2 giorni fa

    isn't this too much? looks more like an adventure game. that's not realistic in an actual battlefield. anyways cool cinematic

    1. Andre Roberson
      Andre Roberson
      Giorno fa

      Battlefield was never realistic, dont like it then dont buy it

  41. Daan Amelink
    Daan Amelink
    2 giorni fa

    Please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck...

  42. th3doorMatt
    2 giorni fa

    I hope this means the Battlefield franchise has finally found its identity again. WWI and WWII games are very much out of favor, at least as a massive multiplayer game. The future is the future of the franchise and 2042 looks like it's going to deliver. Now we just have to hope that EA and DICE don't find a way to mess it up (in true fashion) and that they've learned their lessons from past titles.

  43. Whoispisto
    2 giorni fa

    We need battlefield hardline 2.0

  44. Fabiana Costa
    Fabiana Costa
    2 giorni fa

    my god i think this is not a simple game

  45. Dursun Keleş
    Dursun Keleş
    2 giorni fa

    Looks like better then cold war

  46. Luong Han Tan
    Luong Han Tan
    2 giorni fa

    hope enermy not invisible to see . :D

  47. Ramroc
    2 giorni fa

    I love how the tornado distorts the HUD when you’re near it.

  48. roygfs
    2 giorni fa

    So basically Battlefield 4 rehashed.

  49. GAMER ADAM 99
    2 giorni fa

    I'm hoping they have the kolibri the smallest gun from battlefield 1 in this game

  50. NullElement
    2 giorni fa

    battlefield is BACK baby

  51. Kurdati
    2 giorni fa

    Hopefully the tornado will keep the rooftop Koreans moving

    1. TFromThaSix
      2 giorni fa


  52. Resistance1312
    2 giorni fa

    Check out my BF4 clips... sorry for the self sponsorship 😂😅

  53. Michael McNew
    Michael McNew
    2 giorni fa

    Battlefield 2042 always a Wow moment awsome trailer can't wait to play.

  54. Rahik Alfahad
    Rahik Alfahad
    2 giorni fa

    just take my money already

  55. Extinct Turtle
    Extinct Turtle
    3 giorni fa

    That tornado/ storm is gonna be a great bit of chaos in game lol

  56. SmEk!
    3 giorni fa

    im not that guy... but im so fekn HYPED!

  57. SuperThiccBoi
    3 giorni fa


  58. Amirul Rashide
    Amirul Rashide
    3 giorni fa

    Yeah the graphic looks awesome but the buildings tho😂 a bit weird when there’s a war and tornado but the buildings still functioning well

  59. Muhammad Agil Fadilah
    Muhammad Agil Fadilah
    3 giorni fa

    Im expecting the buildings could fall

  60. Chidiebere Ndukwu
    Chidiebere Ndukwu
    3 giorni fa

    I'm just hyped to dive straight into a 1.

  61. WolfNu Beast
    WolfNu Beast
    3 giorni fa

    Holyshit perfect fps game of all the time

  62. Trueraider777 8
    Trueraider777 8
    3 giorni fa

    Please tell me we get to use motars again, been missing it since bf4

  63. Lasse Mortensen
    Lasse Mortensen
    3 giorni fa

    2:04 that would actually be really cool in game if all sound around you except the passing air went quiet when you’re in a big free fall

    1. Shawn Shawn
      Shawn Shawn
      Giorno fa

      FACTS BROOO FIRE 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  64. peracar
    3 giorni fa

    Is dis remake of bf4?

      3 giorni fa


  65. Ômega Force
    Ômega Force
    3 giorni fa

    Where is the battleroyale? Will you surpass warzone?

  66. Killin.
    3 giorni fa

    i pray this has a bf4 look with a bf2 feel

    1. Andre Roberson
      Andre Roberson
      Giorno fa

      Its like BF4/BF3/2142/BF2 on steroids, and thats a good thing

  67. syni_cal
    3 giorni fa

    Hello everyone, welcome to the movie. Grab some popcorn and a coke while you watch. 🍿 - 10 🥤 - 50 🍬 - 100

  68. 2Dorky
    3 giorni fa

    Yeah… my Pc’s definitely not running this

  69. Rey -Yen
    Rey -Yen
    3 giorni fa

    Escuchar "welcome to the jungle" con este Gameplay-Trailer LO MEJORA UN 100% xD

  70. Vincent Paulus
    Vincent Paulus
    4 giorni fa

    I hope the elevators work properly this time.

  71. Cheese Stick512
    Cheese Stick512
    4 giorni fa


  72. Maksimilian Кotoff
    Maksimilian Кotoff
    4 giorni fa

    1:35 Hey, that is from Warface!!!

  73. Tom Harrendorf
    Tom Harrendorf
    4 giorni fa

    no better graphics than bf1 - no progression in gaming since 4-6 years

    1. Tone-Deaf Bard
      Tone-Deaf Bard
      3 giorni fa

      My guy have you seen Mw2k19

  74. cxll me geo
    cxll me geo
    4 giorni fa

    Oh this looks fire. 🔥

  75. KORBIN
    4 giorni fa

    I haven’t been more happy for a game in forever

  76. mslindqu
    4 giorni fa

    wow.. did they just give up on the franchise? I figured they would have made some progress in the past 3-5 years I've been out of it, but I guess not.

  77. U Suk
    U Suk
    4 giorni fa

    I felt this way when I watched the battlefield 4 trailer all those years ago

  78. Abhishek Bhowmik
    Abhishek Bhowmik
    4 giorni fa

    Still can't believe this is just Pre Alpha footage

    4 giorni fa


  80. Steven Alvarez
    Steven Alvarez
    4 giorni fa

    Does anybody think a firestorm-like mode will be added to this game?

  81. WiseOne
    4 giorni fa

    How does the share feature work with this title. I have a ps4 and 5 in the house because me and my daughter play multiplayer games together. It’s looking like I would have to buy the $100 version of this game todo so but it also says I would be the only one to play on another ps5 title. Does this include ps4?

  82. Ch1ngy
    4 giorni fa

    Hi guys, I have a small question for a big decision. Does the game have an anti-cheat system? I'm not gonna pre-order or play this game without one. Look how BF5 turned out just saying...

  83. GrandMoff zOmbi
    GrandMoff zOmbi
    4 giorni fa

    Планируете как то бороться с читерами? Или снова вам главное продать а дальше проблемы пользователей, ваша конченная система репортов не работает от слова совсем

  84. win luz
    win luz
    4 giorni fa

    Im Ready Lets get it on!!!

  85. chris snaky
    chris snaky
    4 giorni fa

    Hostile DOWN !!

  86. Kapito. YIT
    Kapito. YIT
    4 giorni fa

    Battlefield 2042 requirement: Rtx 8800 Intel core i12 80000 Ram 64 Hard space 1 tb🙂💔

  87. Doctor Zex
    Doctor Zex
    4 giorni fa

    I can’t wait to fly on the jets again.

  88. EstoyMorado
    4 giorni fa

    juego ql malo

  89. Grand Theft Auto VĪ
    Grand Theft Auto VĪ
    4 giorni fa

    hay i hate to kill humans in any games use robots dont use humans

  90. Ellpinech
    4 giorni fa

    I grew up with my dad just loving all of the Battlefield games gaming together, we both were eagerly waiting for the release of this one but unfortunately he passed away a couple days ago falling ill due to Covid ... I lost my mentor my favorite comrade man may his soul rest in the heavens I will keep on playing Battlefield for the two of us forever

    1. Ellpinech
      2 ore fa

      @Brandon Gonzalez Always and forever, My Father my friend my brother (as he treated me) my mentor my guiding light. Thank you all for your comforting words and amen to your kind prayers

    2. Ellpinech
      2 ore fa

      @Yozuki MD3 Amen

    3. Brandon Gonzalez
      Brandon Gonzalez
      6 ore fa

      Sorry for your loss. I know what is like to lose a parent. But carry him with you. The things you stuff together pass them on and that part of him will always be with you and your family.

    4. Yozuki MD3
      Yozuki MD3
      7 ore fa

      Sad To Hear That Buddy, May Your Legendary Father Rest In Peace.

    5. Ellpinech
      13 ore fa

      @Abdiel Grande amen, may god rest them all in peace and may they be rested in Heaven

  91. Dustin Johnson
    Dustin Johnson
    4 giorni fa

    Sorry Warzone, your time has come.

    1. Mercury Sandoval
      Mercury Sandoval
      4 giorni fa


  92. x DasNas x
    x DasNas x
    4 giorni fa

    Why am I back here watching the trailer again.

  93. JuRasSiC RaGe
    JuRasSiC RaGe
    4 giorni fa

    Hope there is a single-player campaign. It can be boring sometimes playing against others.

    1. Andre Roberson
      Andre Roberson
      4 giorni fa

      Then dont buy the game cuz battlefield is a multiplayer franchise

    2. Pharrzide
      4 giorni fa

      no campaign

  94. Henry Lopez
    Henry Lopez
    4 giorni fa

    You've greatly disappointed me before. Not getting my hopes up now

  95. jordan
    5 giorni fa

    weather warfare ?

  96. Andrey Dunaev
    Andrey Dunaev
    5 giorni fa


  97. EscapingTheRealWorldGamer
    5 giorni fa

    2042's ( Christmas Gift )of the year for Battlefield 2042 when it's on sale for -50% off.

  98. Cam
    5 giorni fa

    Man oh Man!

  99. Cam
    5 giorni fa

    It looks soooo amazing