studio footage: vocal arranging the “positions” bridge - ariana grande

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positions out now:


  1. Julka
    29 secondi fa

    I love you queen;)

  2. Fan fiction . BTS
    Fan fiction . BTS
    4 minuti fa

    Ariana grande r u on Justine bieber live plz tell me or is some one is copying u .

  3. Alex Hood
    Alex Hood
    20 minuti fa

    this was so cool to watch!!

  4. Christmas Vibes
    Christmas Vibes
    26 minuti fa

    She’s so nice and the guys understood what she wanted so quickly

  5. kamiya .M
    kamiya .M
    50 minuti fa


  6. cami paci
    cami paci
    Ora fa

    Oh sh*t hahaha

  7. Mangerona
    Ora fa

    Damn, she's a freaking genius. I think we often disregard how much craft and talent are put in the making of songs, and often underestimate the vocalist's imput in the composition just hearing the finished product.

  8. Lorimiel Amor
    Lorimiel Amor
    Ora fa

    That's passion to music right there. 😍

  9. Dewi Aisy
    Dewi Aisy
    Ora fa

    Her voice it's just sooooooooo❤️

  10. Kenneth Rosado
    Kenneth Rosado
    Ora fa

    The process of making music is insane but the results are amazing literally her music stay stuck in my head and I sing it over and over gets me obsessed with her music and albums ❤️

  11. fxbiaan X
    fxbiaan X
    Ora fa

    Positions deserves a fucking Grammy, and that's the true she's a musical genius

  12. Janine Flores
    Janine Flores
    Ora fa


  13. Leah Richardson
    Leah Richardson
    Ora fa

    Ariana grande is my idol

  14. Indigo Chimera
    Indigo Chimera
    Ora fa

    "Is that pretty?" Girl everything about you is pretty

  15. Keshia Dolce Megan
    Keshia Dolce Megan
    Ora fa

    the work that goes on over just 1 line of the song is ridongculous! ari is fireeeee

  16. ᴀᴢᴀʏ- ᴢᴜ̈ʟғᴜ̈ǫᴀʀᴏᴠ
    ᴀᴢᴀʏ- ᴢᴜ̈ʟғᴜ̈ǫᴀʀᴏᴠ
    Ora fa

    İ love you kids show sam and cat

  17. RandomVideos4U
    Ora fa

    Wow that’s some incredible skill and artistry and just wow

  18. RandomVideos4U
    2 ore fa

    Coming through with those audio Technicas, anyone know if it’s the 40 or 50X?

  19. Ash
    2 ore fa

    I love how she's taking charge of it and knows what she wants and they are just fully supporting her

  20. Jen Da Don
    Jen Da Don
    2 ore fa

    I went To go listen to the song back to see which one she used🌚

  21. pelamela1
    2 ore fa

    who can count ,,one more time,, or ,,one more,,???

  22. Houry Jamgotchian
    Houry Jamgotchian
    2 ore fa

    This was so fun to watch

  23. Clark Banlaygas
    Clark Banlaygas
    2 ore fa

    that's what u call talent

  24. hej jej
    hej jej
    2 ore fa

    🔒 into you = 900M 🔒 7 rings = 1B 🔒[UNLOCKED] no tears left to cry = 1B 🔒 focus = 1B 🔓[UNLOCKED] love me harder = 700M 🔒 thank u, next = 700M 🔒 34+35 = 200M 🔒 positions = 300M 🔒 God is a woman = 400M 🔒 Side to Side = 1.9B

  25. Ellie St Clair
    Ellie St Clair
    2 ore fa

    3:12 the way she said *pretty* is so dreamy and cute 😊

  26. K I M M Y
    K I M M Y
    2 ore fa

    moral of the story: ARI IS ALWAYS IN A HIGH PONY TAIL

  27. Anushka Rao
    Anushka Rao
    2 ore fa

    why was this so satisfying

  28. Adrian
    2 ore fa

    4:28 that tuned _yeah_ was so cute

  29. mahou shoujo
    mahou shoujo
    3 ore fa

    Ariana is her own orchestra 🔥

  30. Victoria Luiza
    Victoria Luiza
    3 ore fa

    Ariana Grande é perfeita 😍

  31. Alexa ruth
    Alexa ruth
    3 ore fa

    I could hear this entire day 😍😍😍

  32. André Ricardo Music
    André Ricardo Music
    3 ore fa


  33. kookieWon
    3 ore fa

    Ariana's side profile is chef kiss

  34. Gauri Bhalla
    Gauri Bhalla
    3 ore fa

    I cannot think of a world without ari❤️

  35. Gessika Deromemaj
    Gessika Deromemaj
    3 ore fa

    I love you, and i love this so much🥺🥺❤❤

  36. Jana Chua
    Jana Chua
    3 ore fa

    let's appreciate the guy on the right just nodding his head the whole time

  37. Nicole Ohlrich
    Nicole Ohlrich
    3 ore fa

    Arian you are my idol

  38. Aeronauttics Roblox
    Aeronauttics Roblox
    4 ore fa

    I heart this :)

  39. Tiffany Thiri
    Tiffany Thiri
    4 ore fa

    Everyone don’t wanna recognize how good her voice and ad-libs are ❤️

  40. Im A Queen Like A Lion
    Im A Queen Like A Lion
    4 ore fa

    When she said *Yeah Yeah Yeah* I Felt That

  41. snizzz
    4 ore fa

    Ari is most talented ever🥺💜💜

  42. Im A Queen Like A Lion
    Im A Queen Like A Lion
    4 ore fa

    It's not Ariana If There's NO "Yeah"

  43. Yakim Asael
    Yakim Asael
    4 ore fa

    omg i could listen to her voice during my whole life until heaven because she sounds like an angelic choir

  44. Julian Cabilte
    Julian Cabilte
    4 ore fa

    musically genius💕

  45. ラベンダー
    4 ore fa

  46. Amy Solongo
    Amy Solongo
    4 ore fa


  47. Aaryanshi Saluja
    Aaryanshi Saluja
    4 ore fa

    When she said " God is a women " I felt it for her .

  48. adzra'
    4 ore fa

    why i obsessed with this ? like literally i watch this everyday 😩💗

  49. cereal4u
    5 ore fa

    Shit is tight !! ... yes it is!!

  50. Lawrence F
    Lawrence F
    5 ore fa

    now I see where music "Artist" comes from

  51. amaja
    5 ore fa

    it's more than the automatic harmonisation, it's how she can remember exactly what she's just made up to double and harmonise with herself

  52. Lyric Alterghost
    Lyric Alterghost
    5 ore fa

    She is,so beautiful like an angel and her voice is sweet like mochi. How prefect she is??? Right?? 👑👑👑👑😏😏😏😏😏I'm really proud of myself because I'm a fan of an angel like her. Same???

  53. Jazmin Mariano
    Jazmin Mariano
    5 ore fa

    keep ‘em stacking, queen!

  54. popo
    5 ore fa

    She’s gonna be the voice coach 💕🥲

  55. Aki T
    Aki T
    5 ore fa

    U need to do more of these. These are 🔥🔥🔥

    5 ore fa


  57. who says i love school i definetely don't
    who says i love school i definetely don't
    6 ore fa


  58. Marina 7/27
    Marina 7/27
    6 ore fa

    ↓"Wish this video was longer" button

  59. Kaelyn
    6 ore fa

    it's awesome how she's only recording a part once or twice

  60. aimee Yuh
    aimee Yuh
    6 ore fa

    I love her

  61. Art Bar
    Art Bar
    6 ore fa

    Ariana Grande is the queen of music!!! If you agree like my comment!! ❤❤

  62. Edd Misael Francisco
    Edd Misael Francisco
    6 ore fa

    Imma go to the music video itself just to see the result 😆

  63. 何铭
    6 ore fa


  64. Michaela unique
    Michaela unique
    6 ore fa

    Her side profile is legit perfect

  65. chimchim_love
    6 ore fa

    i'm gonna cryyy.. watching this was so satisfying. she literally sounds like an Angel in each and every one of the tries that she did ❤️❤️❤️😩

  66. Agam Gabay
    Agam Gabay
    6 ore fa

    I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭💗💗💗🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥺🥺🥺🥺🙂🙂💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  67. Gregory Magyar
    Gregory Magyar
    6 ore fa

    How can you appreciate a musician that all their music comes from a midi keyboard and most of the time not even done by themselves on the midi keyboard? Music is about talent. about appreciation of the instruments and the voice...not the voice and computer...I think the new generation just listens to the words and the melodies and the hooks are no longer important? Is that it just the words for everybody?

  68. WERO Beats - Hit it!
    WERO Beats - Hit it!
    7 ore fa

    i would like to see more of these kind of arangements PLEASE!

  69. Jorge Medina
    Jorge Medina
    7 ore fa

    6 minutes of musical ornaments in 10 seconds of the song, thats is... WOW I love that

  70. arianator & bubbas
    arianator & bubbas
    7 ore fa

    She is PERFECT 😩❤

  71. QUINN
    7 ore fa

    3:16 eargasm 3:59 she knew that is was a lit

  72. Andrei Mariano
    Andrei Mariano
    7 ore fa

    "I'm going to add a yuh" Queen Thingz

  73. 창잉이가해!
    7 ore fa


  74. Lynea
    7 ore fa


  75. luna l.
    luna l.
    7 ore fa

    The "me" part is my favorite part of the whole song, so cool we got to see how she did it here

  76. IQ W
    IQ W
    7 ore fa

    He doesn't even need final autotune. She literally makes it perfect natural

  77. Kate Zamora
    Kate Zamora
    7 ore fa

    How can they hear her with all those whispering?

  78. IQ W
    IQ W
    7 ore fa

    I fucking love her...

  79. big_taco.q
    7 ore fa

    Her views is getting...

  80. Jonathan Ponce
    Jonathan Ponce
    7 ore fa

    She’s so talented omg

  81. Allison Cruz
    Allison Cruz
    8 ore fa

    This is satisfying asf.

  82. eotsfan48
    8 ore fa

    Her manners! She's so sweet 🥺🥺🥺💞💞💞

  83. John Pau1
    John Pau1
    8 ore fa

    We need MORE !!

  84. UNKNOWN Unknown
    UNKNOWN Unknown
    8 ore fa


  85. Ana Moscoso
    Ana Moscoso
    8 ore fa

    I love this part 3:07

  86. breona vaunhh
    breona vaunhh
    8 ore fa

    please upload more of these

  87. ninnaisntreal
    9 ore fa

    I don't really listen to her music but I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I love seeing the process and I'm always amazed by how ariana just knows the perfect harmonizations. I can naturally know a few in my head but hers is just so complex and incredible. god she's talented

  88. Jay Calvin Barredo
    Jay Calvin Barredo
    9 ore fa

    we need atleast an hour of this please

  89. Aixa eden Vallejo sanchez
    Aixa eden Vallejo sanchez
    9 ore fa


  90. Priyadarshini
    9 ore fa

    She is working so hard ❤❤

  91. Afrikaa Santiago
    Afrikaa Santiago
    9 ore fa

    He better receives good money cause this looks like a nightmare

  92. Shawn Mendes Fan
    Shawn Mendes Fan
    9 ore fa

    And there's Justin Bieber who finishes a whole album in 3 days. 😂

  93. Makenzie Marra
    Makenzie Marra
    9 ore fa

    "That's fucking tight" I love her 😂❤️

  94. Dave Aronzado
    Dave Aronzado
    9 ore fa

    "that's fucking tight"

  95. Delin-Shaw Guillermo
    Delin-Shaw Guillermo
    9 ore fa

    I like how she says "thank you", "sorry", "please". You know she's the boss but she respects the people she's working with so much.

  96. DéDe Tuberzinho
    DéDe Tuberzinho
    10 ore fa

    Amei Ariana Grande

  97. Saw Dust
    Saw Dust
    10 ore fa

    Her vocal layering and harmonies remind me of Brandy. Her musical ear is impeccable

  98. Jenna Curran
    Jenna Curran
    10 ore fa

    Ari being shocked by her own ability ☝️

  99. griiseknoen
    10 ore fa

    Actual musicality.

  100. Phyta Goras
    Phyta Goras
    10 ore fa

    need more like this