Bernadette Szocs won a dramatic match and started to cry! Romanian Superleague final

CSA Steaua Bucharest won the Romanian Superleague after 3-1 (2-3) against CSM Bistrița

Bernadette Szocs started to cry at the end of the first match, after a dramatic match against Ioana Sîngeorzan.

CSA Steaua București: Bernadette Szocs, Roxana Istrate, Andreea Hudușan, Andrada Vincze, trainer Ionuț Seni.

CSM Bistrița: Tania Plăian, Andreea Clapa, Ioana Sîngeorzan, trainer Adrian Crișan, Marian Filipaș, Mihaela Steff, Cristian Podar, Emilian Bulbuc, Daniel Racila, Alexandru Dincă

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  1. César DC
    César DC
    3 giorni fa

    it is not so common a player wearing a watch...

  2. مازن عرب
    مازن عرب
    5 giorni fa

    Bernadette ... my love

  3. 元気もりもリ
    11 giorni fa


  4. Dominik Dubiel
    Dominik Dubiel
    14 giorni fa

    Faktycznie szok, że płacze. Tak zimnego dziewczęcia i takiego spojrzenia to dawno nie widziałem. Wieje chłodem....

  5. Rizal
    15 giorni fa

    Frankly , she needs tougher opponents.

  6. bobbymcd
    17 giorni fa

    bernadette has not been a senior player for very long and is already ranked at no 26. fantastic achievment and she will keep it going.

  7. Justinz 29
    Justinz 29
    19 giorni fa

    The blue shirt awesome,red shirt very action like shit😂

  8. Dmitry LebedeFF
    Dmitry LebedeFF
    21 giorno fa

    Миленькая..Все хорошо .Ты прекрасна))))

  9. Dimon Dig
    Dimon Dig
    22 giorni fa

    Да хватит вам там хлопать ! И арать .на психеку давети - и игроков тока збиваете ,портите им качество игры .из за этих хлопков и араний тока больше ошыбок лишних не нужных делоют играки .

  10. Владимир Иванов
    Владимир Иванов
    22 giorni fa

    На самом деле несопоставимого рейтинга девушки. У Szocs Bernadette ITTF rank=27, а у 17 летней Singeorzan Ioana ITTF rank=1109 Однако Иоана своим впечатляющим топсом слева чуть не вынесла Берни. Конечно Берни было очень обидно даже быть на грани проиграть сопернику настолько ниже рейтингом.

  11. ChessArmyCommander
    22 giorni fa

    Was the crying for not wanting to see the opponent beaten?

  12. Youda008
    25 giorni fa

    this is what i love to watch the girls do :)

  13. Pavel Zheltov
    Pavel Zheltov
    28 giorni fa

    Бернандетте не только красавица, но и классная тенисистка! Однозначно, одна из самых красивых в этом виде спорта!

  14. Darwinian Bonobo
    Darwinian Bonobo
    Mese fa

    That was her crying when she realized rejecting me was a stupid decision

    1. Darwinian Bonobo
      Darwinian Bonobo
      29 giorni fa

      @Rody Le petit cid 😁

    2. Rody Le petit cid
      Rody Le petit cid
      29 giorni fa

      Haha you make my day

  15. mk91iw45
    Mese fa

    Next time we will see Bernadette with a curl p-1 on her backhand (I'm jocking). More anger, more power and mental strengh Mrs Socks!

  16. mk91iw45
    Mese fa

    Tears of joy? I don't think so. BS saw her level decrease since 2018. At one point she was perhaps dreaming of being in the world top ten and now she's struggling against a local romanian player. She will have to redefine all her training patterns.

    1. Fly01 Butterfly
      Fly01 Butterfly
      15 giorni fa

      She lost few weeks before against Ioana Singeorzan so guess she was happy managed to win the rematch...

  17. susumu tokuhiro
    susumu tokuhiro
    Mese fa

    Care sunt sentimentele ei

  18. Meteorito Veloz
    Meteorito Veloz
    Mese fa

    Nadie te quitará el título de la más popular del instituto

  19. Виктор Дмитриев
    Виктор Дмитриев
    Mese fa

    Ioanna хороша,уже сейчас не хуже Бернардит и гораздо уверенней мировой звёзды."Покер-фэйс" у неё отменный.Возможно будущая звезда ,успехов ей!

  20. imemine
    Mese fa

    Why such ugly uniform?

  21. Константин Звягин
    Константин Звягин
    Mese fa

    Бернадет поставили на место!Позор!Какой-то студентке чуть не проиграла.Поделом,надо играть,а не выпендриваться!

  22. abc def
    abc def
    Mese fa

    Ahh, tears of joy

  23. Romss
    Mese fa

    Больше о прическе беспокоилась , чем об игре.

    1. Abdulcasimov Aleks
      Abdulcasimov Aleks
      Mese fa

      Согласен. Думает, как она выглядит

  24. greg polo
    greg polo
    Mese fa

    She has a Depression

  25. Haji Itto
    Haji Itto
    Mese fa

  26. Stormy Weather
    Stormy Weather
    Mese fa

    what is most annoying and disrespectful, is when blue girl has to SHOUT OUT LOUD after every mistake by her opponent. Some players are much worse than her, but this kind of behavior should receive a warning from the umpire.

  27. Pablo
    Mese fa

    Table tennis is a war of nerves

  28. M. Alexandre Castro
    M. Alexandre Castro
    Mese fa

    Bernadette is a multi talented top player, she is also a young lady full of emotions and THAT's OK. Her coach needs to understand that and put her back on her tracks when she's playing. This happens to every player, I lost to a very young player who has never played me and I was convinced he could not win, but he succeeded, it was his day. There are lots of positiveness from this match, 2 things are : 0ne, the young one who almost won could be become a top player for Romania just because she now believes she can play at high level. Two, Bernadette should know that no matter what comes to her, she will prevail, THE SCORE DOES NOT MATTER !!! Bravo to both. Tense match for sure... hehe.

  29. Andrey Balkonsky
    Andrey Balkonsky
    Mese fa

    Скотч бухая или под наркотой? Че ее плющит?)

  30. Evgeni Schoh
    Evgeni Schoh
    Mese fa

    Bernadet, too much evil and ugly facial expressions...It's a pitty she won the match.

  31. Gabe's Aquatics
    Gabe's Aquatics
    Mese fa

    Props to Singeorzan! She played hard v elite player and she was amazing! Bright future ahead!!🏓🏓

  32. Inyourface
    Mese fa

    The blue girl was awesome. I hope she wins their next match and it will be called “the revenge of the nerd” 😁.

    1. Fly01 Butterfly
      Fly01 Butterfly
      15 giorni fa

      This match was the revenge..SZOCS lost to Ioana Singeorzan in first match of the romanian league final

    2. Zoazaaa
      Mese fa


  33. Inyourface
    Mese fa

    Why was she crying though? Didn’t look like tear of joy.

  34. Кекс Кексов
    Кекс Кексов
    Mese fa

    Синяя кстати очень симпотная, если кто разбирается☝

  35. ali cemil Dik
    ali cemil Dik
    Mese fa

    Kırmızılı kızın çok iyi forehand top spinleri var.

  36. LindellBek Yerikken
    LindellBek Yerikken
    Mese fa

    winning or loosing, Bernie is always crying xD

    1. Babish Shilpakar
      Babish Shilpakar
      13 giorni fa

      Yeah thats the emotion of her thats why she is mine favourite

  37. Rihard Yarovoy
    Rihard Yarovoy
    Mese fa

    Ну чё ты плачешь, ляличка? ) Не лёгко же бывает, сопротивляются же. )

  38. Yannick Belhumeur
    Yannick Belhumeur
    Mese fa

    Ce fut un beau match malgré beaucoup d'erreur technique. La prochaine fois cela ira mieux !!

  39. jankay
    Mese fa

    lmao shes so ugly when crying

  40. Myung Kim
    Myung Kim
    Mese fa

    Just based on looks, it looks like the popular girl in school vs the nerdy bookworm haha 😆

    1. soul desire
      soul desire
      Mese fa

      I think many people were thinking that, including me haha..

  41. jarinmit
    Mese fa


  42. Michael Doe
    Michael Doe
    Mese fa

    The coaches are holding european table tennis hostage. I understand they want to make a living by 'coaching' but what they are really doing is they are digging a deeper hole for next generation players to get out of to compete in international stage. This is sadly just an above average club level play. Sad to watch

  43. 애니오인방
    Mese fa

    Why cry? Unhappy???

  44. leexster
    Mese fa

    Just guessing here, but Szcos seems to have been in a slump over the past 1-2 years (most memorably, her loss to 2 Indian players in early-2020 in the Olympic qualifiers). Here, Szocs is ranked no. 26 while her opponent, Ciobanu Irina, is ranked 2000+. For Szocs to struggle so much against a player whose ranking is far below hers must've been quite despairing.

    1. Fly01 Butterfly
      Fly01 Butterfly
      15 giorni fa The opponent is under18 thats why her ranking

    2. soul desire
      soul desire
      Mese fa

      @jankay yes that girls rank has nothing to do with her level..she's very good and will go up if she plays tournaments..she probably hasn't or has improved after playing one or two a while ago..She's top 100 most likely in level and at the very least top 200

    3. jankay
      Mese fa

      the opponent is 2000+? jeez... I feel like she should be in the top 100

  45. Collector731
    Mese fa

    Better video quality than ITTF

    1. Stormy Weather
      Stormy Weather
      Mese fa

      Yes, excellent!

  46. VJ-RoGeRs
    Mese fa

    Partidazo!!! Grande Bernie!!!!!❤

  47. 안찬희
    Mese fa

    이기고도 진거지...그 눈물을 기억 하시게...굿

  48. Royalchess1
    Mese fa

    FRTM, To whom it may concern, I would like to send a letter to the Euro-Team, to which Bernie is a team-mate. How can I do this? Please respond to

  49. Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson
    Mese fa

    and the end???

  50. Фрол Позмогов
    Фрол Позмогов
    Mese fa

    бернадет рисуется слишком. ей в инстаграм надо уходить из спорта. там много таких фотоняш

    1. Vasilii Ivanov
      Vasilii Ivanov
      Mese fa

      Она всегда такой была

  51. Maikell Marriaga
    Maikell Marriaga
    Mese fa

    Eso le pasa por falta de humildad. Empezó toda prepotente con caritas y gestos. Toma tu chocolate

  52. Swaminathan Subramaniam
    Swaminathan Subramaniam
    Mese fa

    What a match 😲 very strong backhands. Treat to watch. Anybody's game. Both are winners 🏓🌺

  53. Tenis Meja Bekasi
    Tenis Meja Bekasi
    Mese fa

    Good job

  54. Настольный теннис своими силами
    Настольный теннис своими силами
    Mese fa

    истеричка как обычно нагрызла победу.. все ёё матчи сплошная истерика.. да уж дисциплина возможна только в Китае

    1. Tom Parnas
      Tom Parnas
      24 giorni fa

      Ждем новые темы, новое видео

  55. Coen Slaughter
    Coen Slaughter
    Mese fa

    Looks like she's just holding it together through the whole game

  56. MiXen
    Mese fa

    Поединок,просмотр которого невозможно поставить на паузу. Ioana Sîngeorzan (2004 г.р.) была очень близка к победе,но фортуна была на стороне более опытной Bernadette Szocs

  57. PH Table Tennis Vlog
    PH Table Tennis Vlog
    Mese fa

    Wow!!! That girl is really good!!! To be able to stand toe-to-toe with Bernie!!! Awesome game!!!

  58. Pingpong Journey
    Pingpong Journey
    Mese fa

    Drama girl

  59. Milko Nikolov
    Milko Nikolov
    Mese fa

    That blue dressed girl Ioana was awesome and she was better than Szocs at all! Bernadette probably thanks to her lucky star, that she won!

    1. Fly01 Butterfly
      Fly01 Butterfly
      15 giorni fa SZOCS won the rematch

  60. Дмитрий Л.
    Дмитрий Л.
    Mese fa

    Ну если этот типа тренер аплодирует сопернице, когда та выигрывает, то какой еще результат можно ожидать

  61. Rey Snapshooter
    Rey Snapshooter
    Mese fa

    Close game.. Nicely played.

  62. heart spider
    heart spider
    Mese fa

    She cry because all that hard work and time spent training only winning 100$ in gift cards. ITTF is garbage no money in table tennis

  63. Bmw320
    Mese fa

    Nice game! Thx ☺️)

  64. Дмитрий Еськов
    Дмитрий Еськов
    Mese fa

    Бернюшечка расстроилась

  65. Caracupa
    Mese fa

    Очкастая мощно играет, надеюсь увидеть её на международной арене.

    1. Slavik
      Mese fa

      @Алексей Егоров б.джокс много выделывается

    2. Алексей Егоров
      Алексей Егоров
      Mese fa

      Зато вторая хорошенькая!

  66. MV13
    Mese fa

    European Womens TT league is too slow and low level with too many easy errors! they are still in Elementary level!

  67. L. Franfort
    L. Franfort
    Mese fa

    Win against meng/yingsha/manyu/Ito... then cry Not against an unknown player in an unknown league What a actress so glad she left our league

  68. Impostor
    Mese fa

    Какого хуя они в масках?

  69. Crusader XXX
    Crusader XXX
    Mese fa

    Szocs won a game against a nobody with a lot of trouble. Her best time is over. Sorry

  70. Jorge Alvites
    Jorge Alvites
    Mese fa

    No estuviste en el nivel d juego q t conosco, pero ganaste...t felicito...pero no entendi c q lloraste...t amo..

  71. mx bx
    mx bx
    Mese fa

    too much pressure on szoc , she not enjoying anymore playing. everything become just how to look good with makeup, and she not progressing in skills .

    1. Fly01 Butterfly
      Fly01 Butterfly
      15 giorni fa Pressure because first match she lost again Singeorzan

    2. bobbymcd
      17 giorni fa

      junior to number 26 senior world ranking isnt progression?

  72. Равиль Хабибуллин
    Равиль Хабибуллин
    Mese fa

    Я болел за ту что в очках...

    1. Вадим Банкетов
      Вадим Банкетов
      24 giorni fa

      @sibirenkov сам очкарик 🤓

    2. Hezekiah Karingithi
      Hezekiah Karingithi
      Mese fa

      Good game

    3. Shamil Isaev
      Shamil Isaev
      Mese fa

      @sibirenkov дело вкуса ))

    4. sibirenkov
      Mese fa


  73. devilu18
    Mese fa

    Cine se ocupa de pregatirea ei cred ca ar trebuii sa fie mai atent la ce medicamente ia Berni,cel mai probabil este ceva de ordin hormonal si de acolo starea psihica...

  74. canada painter
    canada painter
    Mese fa

    poor thing,,she worked for it...I know how it feels to struggle and reach the top.. and when you are there,,,,emotions hit you remembering the struggle...

    1. dusan volkar
      dusan volkar
      Mese fa

      Bravo to loana. Bernardete is playing like old school. She misses 4 ball because loana has not so much good rubber aa bernardete thinks. Cao

  75. ian murphy
    ian murphy
    Mese fa

    OMG....what a match....firstly that young lady in the blue played an outstanding game. Ive a feeling she will be seen more and more on the international stage. Secondly Bernadette was playing two opponents....herself and the lady in blue. Ive only been playing two and a half years but man the mental game is almost as hard as shot slection some times.... 7-4 in the second set when she picked uo the ball and her coach said something to her.....was a crucial point in the game....her demons really kicked in then and whatever he said may have been the wrong thing at the wrong so pleased she won through and took the match and yes, seeing the emotional release at the end brought a tear to my eye i dont mind admiting......nice one Bernadette. Pleased for you x

  76. Wild-Olive Prick
    Wild-Olive Prick
    Mese fa

    Maybe it's her last hurrah for the Olympics...

  77. William Leon
    William Leon
    Mese fa

    Bernadette 😍

  78. Zoran Klampar Lee
    Zoran Klampar Lee
    Mese fa

    Who's the blue shirt player?

    1. Zoran Klampar Lee
      Zoran Klampar Lee
      Mese fa

      @Jonas Dreher Thx!

    2. Jonas Dreher
      Jonas Dreher
      Mese fa

      Ioana Sîngeorzan

  79. movie marathoneer
    movie marathoneer
    Mese fa

    Very crucial game

    Mese fa

    She’s so awesome!

  81. Malcolm Ward
    Malcolm Ward
    2 mesi fa

    What a fantastic match it was nail bitingly close from start to finish. Bernadette was stoic as usual to the end but the flood of emotions on the final winning game was understandably to much to hold back. Great win Bernadette👍