The 3 Most SATISFYING Puzzles Ever!! 🤤

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  1. Nathan Price
    Nathan Price
    36 minuti fa

    “Most satisfying puzzles” Proceeds to show 2 but plugs

  2. Yabitom
    43 minuti fa

    Imagine a buttplug puzzle

  3. Esphyxia [Dubstep]
    Esphyxia [Dubstep]
    43 minuti fa

    Names of the puzzles tho?

  4. Akumazu
    Ora fa

    The sphere one is gonna give me anxiety

  5. Darkness to reborn
    Darkness to reborn
    2 ore fa


  6. DARKASM The transgender
    DARKASM The transgender
    3 ore fa

    I want the heart

  7. A Sandwich
    A Sandwich
    3 ore fa

    "No tears please, 'tis a waste of good suffering."

  8. John Doe
    John Doe
    4 ore fa

    Where can I get the heart puzzle?

  9. diabolico
    5 ore fa

    My brain.

  10. Sgt Highway
    Sgt Highway
    5 ore fa

    It looks like a butt plug

  11. Kloakzzy_
    5 ore fa

    Name of the 1st puzzle

  12. Miraculous Puppy
    Miraculous Puppy
    6 ore fa

    Solving the millennium puzzle be like

  13. Pande KP
    Pande KP
    6 ore fa

    Where can i buy them

  14. Iapara Maxim
    Iapara Maxim
    7 ore fa

    Why did i tought they were b*tt blugs

  15. Coretan Kode
    Coretan Kode
    7 ore fa

    Where to buy it

  16. bl33m911 gaming
    bl33m911 gaming
    7 ore fa

    I would like to purchase these please

  17. tracies19
    8 ore fa

    Him and her butt plugs

  18. { Floorbie }
    { Floorbie }
    8 ore fa

    “Once you line them up perfectly,” My nonexistent patience and my short attention span: *What.*

  19. nuke world
    nuke world
    9 ore fa

    To be honest I thought he was gonna say but plugs

  20. Catastrophic Stupidity
    Catastrophic Stupidity
    9 ore fa

    My brother keeps a lot of these on his bed, im so glad he challenges hinself so much!

  21. Catastrophic Stupidity
    Catastrophic Stupidity
    9 ore fa

    My brother keeps a lot of these on his bed, im so glad he challenges hinself so much!

  22. ItsMrRager
    9 ore fa

    what is the name of these

  23. Muheeb Ayuby
    Muheeb Ayuby
    10 ore fa

    I’d be the one who takes it apart but can’t put it back together

  24. Scottish Prepper
    Scottish Prepper
    10 ore fa

    Where can I buy?

  25. MarGamingMobile
    10 ore fa

    Omg the second puzzle I’ve had for over a year and I never knew how to put it together and I threw away a box so I couldn’t search it up and it’s a bit to late I lost some of the pieces

  26. Waingro
    10 ore fa


  27. Alainish
    11 ore fa

    those are some sharp-ass buttplugs

  28. Autism Adventures
    Autism Adventures
    11 ore fa

    Where do I find these puzzles?

  29. augusto Machado
    augusto Machado
    12 ore fa

    I thought he was gonna put the first one up his ass for a second

  30. Coco Kitty
    Coco Kitty
    12 ore fa


  31. Shivprasad Choudhury
    Shivprasad Choudhury
    12 ore fa

    What are these things called? What should i search to find this online?

  32. [Strawberry Milk14]
    [Strawberry Milk14]
    13 ore fa

    I would have a headache if I play with these

  33. AusTkiller
    14 ore fa

    I could give that last puzzle to my gf and say “our love is like this puzzle as we fill the missing piece of our hearts.” ……if I had a gf😅

  34. VikBart
    14 ore fa

    Holy shit this is awesome

  35. Stonker
    14 ore fa

    "The test isnt that confusing" The test:

  36. XxSimplyAli_YTxX
    14 ore fa

    The last one was beat

  37. Charlie Swearingen II
    Charlie Swearingen II
    14 ore fa

    Been watching your videos for years. Also a fellow MTG player. Haven't played professionally since the late 90s

  38. Seauak - Copter Gamer
    Seauak - Copter Gamer
    14 ore fa

    this is so cool

  39. 29 Shabaz Khan
    29 Shabaz Khan
    15 ore fa

    Where can we buy the 3rd one ?

  40. LilmanSlush
    15 ore fa

    The heart one is like a puzzle version of the half heart thing.

  41. Pookey Dookey
    Pookey Dookey
    16 ore fa

    Oh i thought it was something else. And it wasnt something appropriate

  42. xCyberry -
    xCyberry -
    16 ore fa

    Direction on how to solve puzzle: “Once you line them up perfectly, they fit together”

  43. Idknow Tbh
    Idknow Tbh
    17 ore fa

    The second one is him finding the fifth dimension

  44. Demonic Swag
    Demonic Swag
    17 ore fa

    BRO i just got the marble one today as a gift what lucky timing

  45. skrilloma 3
    skrilloma 3
    17 ore fa

    The first one was kinda SuSSY!?!

    1. opzz xsin
      opzz xsin
      15 ore fa

      "Those were Puzzles?" -Belle Delphine

  46. Karl
    17 ore fa

    Does anyone have a name for these 3 as is like to buy them?

  47. Malachee
    17 ore fa

    first 2 were cursed croc bits

  48. Bellariana02
    18 ore fa

    That's cool I wanna have them

  49. Aria Fariko
    Aria Fariko
    19 ore fa

    Mind blown

  50. TalkaboutRandon
    19 ore fa

    I used to have the heart puzzle when I was in 5th grade. It was stolen. 😥😥😥

  51. Clemens Dreßler
    Clemens Dreßler
    19 ore fa

    Does somebody know where I can buy the last one (the heart-shaped one)?

  52. EnderCraft
    19 ore fa

    That's cool and all but did you know that Geico can save you 15% or more on car insurance

  53. Memma
    20 ore fa

    Are these Hanayama puzzles? They are Hanayama puzzles, aren’t they. Some of the best made puzzles out there. Seamless, smooth metal with distinct shape but no sharp edges. Very good.

  54. Njc0903
    20 ore fa

    Where to get the heart

  55. Sakamaki-Izayoi
    20 ore fa

    It's satisfying when he does it but Me- aaaahhhhhhhh what the f*ck is thhissss

  56. Ethan Tuckwood
    Ethan Tuckwood
    20 ore fa

    I can imagine doing that heart one with my girlfriend. Cute

  57. Rahul Mehra
    Rahul Mehra
    21 ora fa


  58. sussy baka~
    sussy baka~
    21 ora fa

    puzzles should be hard, not satisfying,,,,,,?

  59. Joshua Graham
    Joshua Graham
    21 ora fa

    "Those were Puzzles?" -Belle Delphine

  60. Rachel Santiago
    Rachel Santiago
    21 ora fa

    Where can i buy the heart one?

  61. Hunterz974
    21 ora fa

    The first one looks like a butt plug

  62. daniel tsang
    daniel tsang
    21 ora fa

    Deadass I thought they were buttpugs

  63. Amanda Wegner
    Amanda Wegner
    22 ore fa

    After watching those other videos and having to choose...I picked the first two. Last one is a fist site for me. Flowing one move .yep seems about right

  64. RUSHAN 786
    RUSHAN 786
    22 ore fa

    How to buy it??

  65. Grand Master Yoda
    Grand Master Yoda
    22 ore fa

    Cool, I see these all the time! 3rd one on people’s necklaces, 2nd on in the Church Of The Failed Gods and the 1st one in the lightsaber shop.

  66. Note Shira
    Note Shira
    23 ore fa

    Where can I buy the one with the heart?

  67. Mini Pompmaister
    Mini Pompmaister
    23 ore fa

    Ayo anyone gonno talk about his breathing

  68. Whyinem
    23 ore fa

    Oddly satisfying

  69. Scarlett Kubica
    Scarlett Kubica
    23 ore fa

    Wow wow and so sweet

  70. Alex Olsen
    Alex Olsen
    23 ore fa

    Weird buttplugs

  71. Susan Westcot
    Susan Westcot
    23 ore fa

    I just had a very serious brain injury looking at this

  72. lushin burl
    lushin burl
    Giorno fa

    What does he mean satisfying? Your a freak.

  73. Denise S
    Denise S
    Giorno fa

    I love this. Where do you get those from. I would love to buy a few.

  74. Bn7ght
    Giorno fa

    If I was in Inception this would be my totem

  75. bual
    Giorno fa

    id break the second one trying to line it up..

  76. sevx1n channel
    sevx1n channel
    Giorno fa

    I need em all

  77. AntOnSteroids
    Giorno fa

    IQ: Ok, I don’t remember asking

  78. Tari Lyon
    Tari Lyon
    Giorno fa

    492,000th LIKE!!

  79. sandman4evr
    Giorno fa

    Omg i love those. Where can u buy them?

  80. Dashcam
    Giorno fa

    What is the name of the first one I want that so bad

  81. Ayden King
    Ayden King
    Giorno fa

    Where can you get the last one

  82. John Laurence Donguines
    John Laurence Donguines
    Giorno fa

    Me to my brain: Hey bruh, Can you do that? My brain that doesn't have any cells: nah bruh, aight imma back to sleep.

  83. soy_saace
    Giorno fa

    Thought the left objects were miniature buttplugs for a sec

  84. Jeremy Caswell
    Jeremy Caswell
    Giorno fa

    I wanna put the heart one on a necklace

  85. Ayrah_JustBeingLazy _LMFAO_
    Ayrah_JustBeingLazy _LMFAO_
    Giorno fa

    That's is hella satisfying

  86. kinghunter _
    kinghunter _
    Giorno fa

    What was the last one called

  87. Coocalacka Not a chiken
    Coocalacka Not a chiken
    Giorno fa

    The butt plug puzzle

  88. Xavier Burkell
    Xavier Burkell
    Giorno fa

    I know you're probably not going to read this comment but where did you get all of these from specifically the first one and I subscribed and liked this and I turned on notifications

  89. The Sea Meteor Wants To Know Your Location
    The Sea Meteor Wants To Know Your Location
    Giorno fa

    Chris is one of the those people that makes me want to watch more YT shorts

  90. destinyup1
    Giorno fa

    Those buttplugs feel weird tho

  91. Bimbo
    Giorno fa

    Finally a good ITsuns short.

  92. MaximasX
    Giorno fa

    Alright. Fess up. Where do I get that last one? That would make a perfect trinket for best friends\lovers.

  93. the Official Meme Stealer
    the Official Meme Stealer
    Giorno fa

    I honestly don't get how this is ment to be "satisfying"

  94. Matthew Castro3218
    Matthew Castro3218
    Giorno fa

    Does anyone know where i can find the first puzzle to buy it?

  95. kortiz 915
    kortiz 915
    Giorno fa

    So....the millennium puzzle....

  96. Sunsy V
    Sunsy V
    Giorno fa

    Can someone tell me where I can buy those puzzles 🥺💖

  97. Mason Karr
    Mason Karr
    Giorno fa

    The second one I've played with for a while its great

  98. Tuğra Batuhan Arslan
    Tuğra Batuhan Arslan
    Giorno fa

    Cok iy

    Giorno fa

    The heart one is perfect for BFF’s, lovers, sweethearts, fiancé’s, and spouses.

    1. Note Shira
      Note Shira
      23 ore fa

      Do you know where I can buy one?

  100. Azzam Meeralam
    Azzam Meeralam
    Giorno fa

    well i didn't have to search for "most satisfying" to find this video..