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  1. Su Narto
    Su Narto
    Giorno fa


  2. Ghoul
    Giorno fa

    Thought brass knuckles was being made...

  3. mawnam cup
    mawnam cup
    Giorno fa


  4. Tucker Dogglass
    Tucker Dogglass
    2 giorni fa

    Body piercing rings can be made like this as well . How cool

  5. Gman
    2 giorni fa

    Great, now what do I do with these?

  6. Фёдор Михайлович
    Фёдор Михайлович
    2 giorni fa

    Спс 👍 👍 👍

  7. Fried Bear
    Fried Bear
    3 giorni fa

    So satisfy

  8. simon becker
    simon becker
    3 giorni fa

    It's not spring steel, so it's completely useless at this stage. It must be treated

  9. pjost
    4 giorni fa

    For all your spring needs

  10. Justin Strottner
    Justin Strottner
    6 giorni fa

    Oh so uniqe springs

  11. 27mvp35
    6 giorni fa

    Vapers out there are rejoicing

  12. Robert Aspinall
    Robert Aspinall
    8 giorni fa

    Buying them is alot easier

  13. Luis Lebron
    Luis Lebron
    8 giorni fa

    Teach me more!!

  14. Stanley Blazeraznik
    Stanley Blazeraznik
    8 giorni fa


  15. Jose Fonseca
    Jose Fonseca
    8 giorni fa

    Boa tarde onde sso comprar éssas erramentas

  16. Mugenyi Mubarak
    Mugenyi Mubarak
    8 giorni fa

    That's cool 😊

  17. javier larios
    javier larios
    9 giorni fa

    André Riu

  18. Henry Steeze
    Henry Steeze
    9 giorni fa


  19. Zé Froes
    Zé Froes
    10 giorni fa

    Muito show men

  20. modbom100
    10 giorni fa

    But why

  21. Artur
    10 giorni fa

    But who needs such a soft wire spring, which after an hour of use will be stretched and worth nothing?

  22. Morgan Green
    Morgan Green
    10 giorni fa

    Yea those are completely usless cool tool tho

  23. William Schmidt
    William Schmidt
    12 giorni fa

    Those aren't springs, you just made twisted wire The first time you stretch one it's gonna stay stretched

    12 giorni fa


  25. SirManDudeGuy1
    12 giorni fa

    Springs for floyd rose setup

  26. HeNrY CQn3jQ :D
    HeNrY CQn3jQ :D
    13 giorni fa

    Mentira el alambre de resorte so se amolda tan fácil fake

  27. Dedi Susilo
    Dedi Susilo
    14 giorni fa


  28. Roopram Nayak
    Roopram Nayak
    14 giorni fa

    Very nice

  29. Phuck YouTube
    Phuck YouTube
    14 giorni fa

    First time I saw one of these and was impressed

  30. mary anne
    mary anne
    15 giorni fa

    The only thing that stands out is the beauty of hands!! They are absolutely perfect.

  31. Demetrios Theophanous
    Demetrios Theophanous
    16 giorni fa


  32. Онталап Ескараев
    Онталап Ескараев
    16 giorni fa


  33. Đạo Sĩ
    Đạo Sĩ
    16 giorni fa


  34. Jo Ho
    Jo Ho
    17 giorni fa

    Besides the comments on the steel quality, making such a tool required soldering tools which most don't have.

  35. greasemonkey189
    18 giorni fa


  36. Dave DDM
    Dave DDM
    18 giorni fa

    Yeah that’s gonna just stretch out like any wore would. Idiots acting like this is talent

  37. Мурат Сембаев
    Мурат Сембаев
    18 giorni fa


  38. Andy White
    Andy White
    18 giorni fa

    Sick vape coils

  39. alex Vodichka
    alex Vodichka
    18 giorni fa

    Вы видели с какой он скоростью крутит ручку???

  40. Z l'ange déchu Officiel
    Z l'ange déchu Officiel
    18 giorni fa


  41. Viktor Groza
    Viktor Groza
    19 giorni fa

    This is sheet. Not working. У нас бы сказали 250 полуляхов из 250!

  42. Brandon Cornett
    Brandon Cornett
    19 giorni fa

    Clearly this isn't the correct wire CLEARLY... Spring wire/music wire Flys back several turns and is much harder to utilize. What is this garbage fake crap that keeps popping up on YT?... Next it's going to be infinite power or something....

  43. Future witness of WWIII
    Future witness of WWIII
    19 giorni fa

    Cool knuckles

  44. 김영미
    19 giorni fa

    How the hell will springs made with wires that bend and don't come back just with human force work as springs?

  45. まよ
    20 giorni fa


  46. moonolyth
    20 giorni fa

    Very cool simplest design I've seen

  47. Fabian Aranda
    Fabian Aranda
    20 giorni fa

    Me encanta el útil para aser muelles 👏😊👍

  48. Gamer Morse
    Gamer Morse
    21 giorno fa

    I’d like my hearing back please

  49. Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde
    21 giorno fa

    *that's so cool*

  50. Sergey Ch
    Sergey Ch
    21 giorno fa

    Так вон как они делаются! Сяп)

  51. Pradeep Jain
    Pradeep Jain
    21 giorno fa

    I m spring manufacture in delhi If any one need any kind of springs Pls msg me

  52. Дядька Туловище
    Дядька Туловище
    22 giorni fa

    Чмо. Намотал алюминиевую и выложил пружинки из магазина типа это он намотал

  53. Ricar dini
    Ricar dini
    22 giorni fa

    resistencias, tambien!!!

  54. maikmohr23
    22 giorni fa

    Lol - looks like a spring, doesn't work like a spring. Try to push or pull will straight 'em back...

  55. chip89
    22 giorni fa

    I use to work in a factory that makes springs. I loved it all the way up till I got hurt there. It's surprising how much goes into making a good spring and surprising how many applications there are in everyday products that use springs

  56. C V
    C V
    22 giorni fa

    It's funny how you don't realize how that could be used for chainmail

  57. Chong Zolis
    Chong Zolis
    22 giorni fa

    Es fácil y práctico no se me avía ocurrido

  58. Dos Dahrk
    Dos Dahrk
    23 giorni fa

    Has to be a indian or something...bloody brilliant

  59. Alda1.5x
    23 giorni fa

    İts fake

  60. Пабло К
    Пабло К
    23 giorni fa

    Позовите доктора, тут у человека полулях головного мозга!

  61. Marcos Soares
    Marcos Soares
    24 giorni fa

    Well lets Just write it is fake (without ending the video)

  62. Yroslav Rurikovich
    Yroslav Rurikovich
    24 giorni fa

    Как зделать Мотоблок

  63. Catherine Hyder
    Catherine Hyder
    24 giorni fa

    This would be awesome to help with making chain mail and several different kinds of jewelry. And I can actually make this and not spend way too much of some over priced hunk of junk that defects after a few uses. Thanks for sharing, for real.

    1. BrosBrothersLP
      22 giorni fa

      I just use two blocks of wood and a drill for chainmail

  64. Asher Morales
    Asher Morales
    24 giorni fa

    After that atatvh it to anything you need to use it fore then watch it break

  65. Simon Maier
    Simon Maier
    24 giorni fa

    For springs you need special thermal treated wire - normal steel wire will just bend, but not be usable as a spring

    1. Master of the Universe
      Master of the Universe
      7 giorni fa

      @Mouse GrayEagle do you like to embarrass yourself online?

    2. Horváth Benedek
      Horváth Benedek
      13 giorni fa

      @Mouse GrayEagle No, YOU didn't get the point. You won't make ANY spring out of regular stainless steel wire, because the mechanical properties of stainless steel mean that above a very small level of deformation the steel will not return to its original shape, but will deform permanently. This means that unless you want more than around a centimeter of flexion from that whole fucking spring (which is laughable, really), you won't get it - it will just remain that way. "You would never even try in the first place" I have. I used actual carbon steel wires, because I am a hobby blacksmith. No matter what you do, if you don't harden it, the "spring" won't spring. Leaf springs are an exception, because again, their deformation is so little that they fall in the range of elastic deformation for shitty steel. Meanwhile I can make a PROPER FUCKING SPRING out of high carbon wiring, with a bucket of water and an oxy-acetilene torch. Wantign something doesn't make it possible. Having the knowledge how to make it does make it possible. Stop being wrong, listen to people who actually know what they are talking about.

    3. Mouse GrayEagle
      Mouse GrayEagle
      13 giorni fa

      @Horváth Benedek Again, You, like the OP, missed the point entirely. The point is NOT to make a GREAT spring, or even a GOOD spring, its to make A spring at all, even if it doesn't last very long. You all are so concerned about it living up to some imagined requirements and minimums that You would never even try in the first place. So while this person may have a crappy spring, You have NO Spring and Never Will.

    4. Horváth Benedek
      Horváth Benedek
      14 giorni fa

      @Mouse GrayEagle He's right though. Spring steels need to be at the very least high carbon steel, but ideally some alloy with high carbon content. Regular wire won't do. Seriously, if you don't know shit about metallurgy, just don't talk about it. Also, the difference in terms of deformation between a leaf spring and a coil spring is ridiculous. Also also, the wire used looks to be stainless. Stainless steel is known to have horrible mechanical properties.

    5. Mouse GrayEagle
      Mouse GrayEagle
      15 giorni fa

      @Kevin Broderick Im almost completely self taught on just about everything I know, never enough to be an expert but enough to be dangerous, and I used to be shocked how often "professionals" are ignorant of simple things, like payed Welders who dont know how to pre-heat, anneal, or temper metal for example. O.o

  66. branded Jatt
    branded Jatt
    24 giorni fa


  67. PenPen2
    25 giorni fa

    You have to use harmonic steel to create springs, and if you try to hold it with your hands while rolling it like in the video, you probably end up in the hospital.

  68. Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith
    25 giorni fa

    500 more of these bad boys and we’re that much closer to our home made trampoline.

  69. ienoj the FH
    ienoj the FH
    25 giorni fa

    Seems cool! But only applicable for spring note books I guess... 😄

  70. TheRedsuper1
    25 giorni fa

    Is this how Chinese springs are made?

  71. Edwin Dude
    Edwin Dude
    25 giorni fa

    That’ll not work as a spring unless treated to retain memory.

    1. 5YNAP5E
      7 giorni fa

      You don't always need to heat treat it, watch ThisOldTonys video on making springs on a lathe

  72. Lucas Pingret
    Lucas Pingret
    25 giorni fa

    O que é simples é genial...

  73. murakumo blade
    murakumo blade
    25 giorni fa


  74. Sam Verschure
    Sam Verschure
    26 giorni fa

    It needs to be hardend you stupide

  75. Armando 1 Pain Ortiz
    Armando 1 Pain Ortiz
    26 giorni fa

    You get one stretch out of them then you're done. I hope you ain't selling these.

    1. Dave DDM
      Dave DDM
      18 giorni fa

      Wish.com $10.99 for 20 pack

  76. Cullen Mills
    Cullen Mills
    26 giorni fa

    These also make good chainmail links

  77. Schj jiyfho Dtubuo9rv
    Schj jiyfho Dtubuo9rv
    26 giorni fa

    تمنيت عندي

  78. Pak Front
    Pak Front
    27 giorni fa

    But why though?

  79. A C
    A C
    27 giorni fa

    Y yo aquí sacándome los mocos

  80. Serious Sam
    Serious Sam
    27 giorni fa

    Кто уже слышит приветствие доктора дью?)

    1. Arman Beremzhanov
      Arman Beremzhanov
      11 giorni fa

      Начинаем начинать

    2. hamu
      20 giorni fa


    3. Иван Петров
      Иван Петров
      24 giorni fa


  81. AK sunita
    AK sunita
    28 giorni fa

    Super 👌👌👌👌

  82. Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez
    28 giorni fa

    Son puras mamadas no los hizo

  83. vae
    29 giorni fa

    vape dudes: Yoooooooooo

    1. Ja2808
      28 giorni fa


  84. Yan Nikoloff
    Yan Nikoloff
    29 giorni fa

    No. No. No! This is how you making medieval body armour

  85. Козьма Прутков
    Козьма Прутков
    Mese fa

    Дью следит за тобою

  86. I am FRUKT
    I am FRUKT
    Mese fa

    #для доктора дью

  87. 저아래로날아라
    Mese fa

    And this is how i roll coils for my vaper

    1. smooth emjay
      smooth emjay
      16 giorni fa


  88. Scott Bott
    Scott Bott
    Mese fa

    Nope. If that's not spring steel, they won't hold that shape. And if it was spring steel, you can't form it in to a spring that way.

  89. jhony wilian
    jhony wilian
    Mese fa


  90. P. Mira
    P. Mira
    Mese fa

    Or if you live in any developed country just go to the store and buy a pack of springs for 3 bucks

  91. Mike Barrett
    Mike Barrett
    Mese fa

    Bro you're the man this is awesome never have to buy one of these freaking things again

    1. Mike Barrett
      Mike Barrett
      22 giorni fa

      @Nick reverse tension springs

    2. Nick
      23 giorni fa

      What are they? They aren't springs.

  92. Carl Loveless
    Carl Loveless
    Mese fa

    Right, cuz buying a 30¢ spring is just too much

  93. Demigod Dan
    Demigod Dan
    Mese fa


  94. JonnyDarcko
    Mese fa

    Why did you roll wire? You do know that's not what a spring is......right?

  95. Anthony Durante
    Anthony Durante
    Mese fa

    Or I splurge and buy an assorted kit of springs for $9.99.

  96. cncdan 13
    cncdan 13
    Mese fa

    Ya that’ll never work. Spring steel is very specific. Just using wielding wire or whatever that is will stretch but not go back

    1. Mouse GrayEagle
      Mouse GrayEagle
      16 giorni fa

      It will work fine if he properly heat treats and tempers the springs. They will look more black colored, or "case hardened", afterwards but they will be fine springs.

  97. Shubham Amrawat
    Shubham Amrawat
    Mese fa


  98. Pown
    Mese fa

    wiat does that work like a spring or it just looks like a spring

  99. Sutan Hariara
    Sutan Hariara
    Mese fa

    👍👍👍good inovation

  100. Adul Adul
    Adul Adul
    Mese fa