The Day the Dinosaurs Died - Minute by Minute

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Peek into the past and learn about dinosaurs and other amazing creatures:

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66 million years ago, maybe on a Tuesday afternoon, life was the same as it had been the day before or a thousand years before or pretty much a million years before. Things were good for our feathered dinosaur buddies. Until a tiny, tiny detail in the sky changed.

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      i genuinely want everything off your shop i love it all!!

    2. .:Camper:.
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      The Chicxulub asteroid dino extinction is just a theory, it isn't confirmed. I personally don't think an asteroid did that to the dinos.

    3. SlayneDaGreat
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      You should make a video about declining sperm count and what it means for humanity. :)

    4. Angela C. Browning
      Angela C. Browning
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      Loved the vid.

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    my brother after me touching him

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    8:20 thought it was gonna commit suicide by jumping lol

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    3:45 looks like something straight out of Star Wars

  7. Lee Lee
    Lee Lee
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    So the map isn’t accurate as at this time earth is still a super content as the map is shown as it is my have been after the actual asteroid hit as this helped jump start the tectonic plates moving but the tectonic plates already were moving meaning the Astor’s helped move the plates over and land may have been lost during the meteor’s impact meaning some land cold have been consumed by the crust of earth.

  8. Bethany לא
    Bethany לא
    Ora fa

    Lmao why this make me feel sad for the dinosaurs

  9. Small_drop in_the_big_ocean
    Small_drop in_the_big_ocean
    Ora fa

    Ancestors who survived had an extraordinarily strong will power. (Even though life find its way to emerge). I actually feel like crying for dinosaurs. They died so unfairly. Such a well made video.

  10. Felix
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    Still waiting for season 2

  11. mrcampbell81
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    Wait I thought bedrock could not be broken

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    5:25 the past tense of yeet is yote

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    RIKO Upsidedown
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    We are aliens who destroyed dinosaurs...

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    Sheena Laducer
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    My son loves him

  19. Mushroomanjc c
    Mushroomanjc c
    4 ore fa

    So you're telling me there are scientists that think the volcanic activity in India had nothing to do with the asteroid? It was just a coincidence and 11.X earthquake had nothing to do with it? Weird

  20. DekuCreeper
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    Talk about extreme the floor is lava

  21. Ritzkit
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    1:00 me watching this on a Tuesday afternoon 😅

  22. Bully Maguire
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    Actually, they died when the earth was flooded.

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    Funny how I’m watching this on a Tuesday afternoon…

  26. Scarlet Beans
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    fun fact! the dinosaurs that saw the asteroid about to hit went blind

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    Dmitri Legovickis
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    I wish I wasn't already subbed to this guy So I could subscribe again

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    did he just say yeeted

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    God just decided to recycle instead of 'God up' another Earth

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    Mrbeast killed them in his vid

  32. h
    7 ore fa

    I don’t think humans would be even alive if this event never happened, or we might be still living underwater

  33. Szymon Krupa
    Szymon Krupa
    7 ore fa

    earth 66 million years when astroid shoot debris out of it: this is my kingdom come

  34. The Happy Guy
    The Happy Guy
    9 ore fa

    for some reason this almost made me cry

  35. Flame
    11 ore fa

    just wanna say, this can happen again, and we wont survive if something like this does happen.

  36. Vislav
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    I guess we will destroy ourselves long before some meteor comes.

  37. Klefthoof Robert
    Klefthoof Robert
    12 ore fa

    I've viewed a recent video with one of the best astrologists and meteor watchers we have, and he explained that an event similar to this one or meteors this big or a even a little smaller than this can be spotted, and nothing will be coming to us in the next 100 years, so no need to worry about an extinction event..... HOWEVER! he explained that a meteor that could destroy a city or a smaller country can still happen in our lifetimes (meteors up to about 1km in size, not 10km like the extinction event presented here) these meteors that are up to 1 km size cannot be spotted until it's too late :) and no, at the present time there's nothing the army or NASA can do to stop it if it hits us :).

  38. Romanian Language
    Romanian Language
    13 ore fa

    Fake, the evolution abd big bang theory is fake

    1. Flame
      2 ore fa

      @Romanian Language I don't fucking care about the bible mate. All it says is to believe in a homeless dude n shit.

    2. Rizette L
      Rizette L
      4 ore fa

      @Romanian Language no

    3. Romanian Language
      Romanian Language
      5 ore fa

      @Flame better read The Bible!

    4. Flame
      11 ore fa

      evolution is real. big bang theory isnt proven to be true and no one said it was true, its just the best fitting theory we have right now.

  39. najal
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    the video is so good lamo

  40. Ri Jo
    Ri Jo
    16 ore fa

    8:18 is honestly really sad

  41. Kristen Marshall
    Kristen Marshall
    16 ore fa

    I am so sad I love dinosaurs and I learned a lot about them cause I wanted to learn a lot about them when I was little but that time I did not know they were all dead I was litterly crying

  42. Azure Marsh
    Azure Marsh
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    well that was terrifying and depressing :

  43. Leroy
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    “A world of paradise” me who has played ark - I don’t think so

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  45. Vuvv
    21 ora fa

    Why does the world look like that shouldn’t it be a Pangea and not separated

    1. Richard Blazer
      Richard Blazer
      8 ore fa

      Pangaea separated during the Jurassic, while the Kpg mass extinction occurred at the end of the cretaceous, when the continents were already separated.

  46. CreeperGame
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    For the first time, I heard kurzgesagt say my favorite word, *YEETED*

  47. Beyond Redemption
    Beyond Redemption
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    You said it could drop to temperatures as low as 25 degrees Celsius - is that a mistake because that’s not cold at all?

  48. kirshak
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    imagine if they decided to make a god game with those graphics

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    ?Content Deleted?
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    Imagine how old the camra man is to catch this on cam

  50. carl lamadrid
    carl lamadrid
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    I wish they still alive imagine little tiny dinosaurs running around

    1. carl lamadrid
      carl lamadrid
      5 ore fa

      @Richard Blazer oh you're right

    2. Richard Blazer
      Richard Blazer
      8 ore fa

      They still are, birds.

  51. Confused Padme
    Confused Padme
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    5:25 you did not say that sir no

  52. Lee Burford
    Lee Burford
    Giorno fa

    Where would we be now if they didn’t get hit by a meteor?

    1. Flame
      10 ore fa

      we probably wouldnt. Dinosaurs would continue to rule the world, mammals just wouldnt get a chance.

  53. DontReadMyName
    Giorno fa

    Humans are creating a similar event, but it's just slowed down by alot.

  54. Cam Chau Nguyen
    Cam Chau Nguyen
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    If life is able to remerge from this catastrophe and these debris, I believe it can do it again after an apocalypse caused by humains.

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    Geovern 69
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    A lot of alien like creature were found what if alien was at earth 65M Years ago?

  61. youknowiactafool
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    What would've happened if that asteroid had hit a supervolcano back then, like of the scale and size of Yellowstone today?

  62. Marcia Chandler
    Marcia Chandler
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    Yo mean hell

  63. Ho Lee Fook
    Ho Lee Fook
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    Dinosaurs didnt deserve that but humanity does

    1. someone123idk
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      @Javier Venegas engrish

    2. Flame
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      humans are just doing their thing i say we let them be for now

    3. Ho Lee Fook
      Ho Lee Fook
      Giorno fa

      @Javier Venegas yes

    4. Javier Venegas
      Javier Venegas
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      We are literaly detroing the abitats of a lot of species killing them AND our selfs, the dinosaurs we're a million years and they we're fine, we'd been on earth for 0.1% of the Time the dinosaurs we're and we are already detroing it, do you really think that we deserve it?

  64. MyarmsRgone
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    "A lot of the debris yeeted into space..." lmao get clapped fookin dinos

  65. 이렌
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    plz translate by Korean too ;(

    1. 4N4RCHY
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      But itd lose that smooth, creamy Australian accent. Imagine Korean with his voice and tone. I Wonder if it would be appealing.

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    Kurzgesagt: "Yeeted into space" *Son, My life is complete*

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    ꧁hindou- kun꧂
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    I cried a bit 😐👊

  69. Erdie Aquino
    Erdie Aquino
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    Whoever invented yeet, IS. A. GENIUS. so smart in fact! That it's now a fully fledged word that you can search in the internet! And it has its own meaning I guess?

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    April Sullivan
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    I think this video should be called wtf this is overkill

  71. Ignacio Manfredini
    Ignacio Manfredini
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    I think this video has one of the most beautiful Kurzgesagt animations so far, they're amazing.

  72. Tenzin Dechen
    Tenzin Dechen
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    Listening to this for fun rather than an assignment just hits different.

    1. Rafi
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      Yup 😅

  73. SkumiShu
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    I'm excited for next year's calender! I bought the last one and it's been so interesting to learn new things about humanity every month

  74. SuperShadowGuard
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    Poor dinosaurs...

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    Django Marshall
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  76. SlightlyDisappointingSa1ad
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    5:23 The sheer sound of a narrator saying the word “Yeet” with so much professionalism is something fucking else man.

  77. gaming corruption human
    gaming corruption human
    2 giorni fa

    when the ground is cracking, this is how continents are made! :D

    1. Richard Blazer
      Richard Blazer
      8 ore fa

      No, the continents were already split by then.

  78. frst.
    2 giorni fa

    what ants see when a crumb falls

  79. Naveen Arunachallah
    Naveen Arunachallah
    2 giorni fa

    Reaching space and splitting atom doesn't matter. there should be no pride in that when we are just bunch of selfish apes who is destroying this planet while we are on our way to grow up and destroy ourselves

  80. Naveen Arunachallah
    Naveen Arunachallah
    2 giorni fa


  81. SpaceCat Gaming
    SpaceCat Gaming
    2 giorni fa

    So basically the argument of what killed the dinosaurs everyone is either wrong or right because it was everything that killed them

  82. Elijah Grant
    Elijah Grant
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  83. LukezTheGreat
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    This was so cool.

  84. Patryk W
    Patryk W
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    They opened a nether portal

    1. ?Content Deleted?
      ?Content Deleted?
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  85. SuperWintendoGamez
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    God is just testing species on a 🌎 and god dosent want us to thrive that’s why there’s no perfect earth like plsnter

  86. Dota 2 Video Clips
    Dota 2 Video Clips
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    Now humans are destroying the Earth :(

  87. Pyrojayxx
    2 giorni fa

    no pangaea?

    1. Richard Blazer
      Richard Blazer
      8 ore fa

      That split far before the kpg extinction event.

  88. Demonkingdrakin
    2 giorni fa

    to think people are worried about global warming...if this video is correct then i dont think it could get any worse yet here we are today :)

  89. Kobe Vos
    Kobe Vos
    2 giorni fa

    Seeing these poor animated dinos appear and seconds later die is just sad in my opinion.

  90. Артем Ярошенко
    Артем Ярошенко
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    Когда будут субтитры на русском?

  91. Collin
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    5:25 HE SAID YEET

  92. Swifty
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    earth when meteor hits:oh no also earth years later:anyways

  93. Aditi Raulia
    Aditi Raulia
    2 giorni fa

    Does anyone else feel really sad for the dinosaurs :(

  94. Aditi Raulia
    Aditi Raulia
    2 giorni fa

    No wonder my pet cockatiel is scared of everything. He has good reason to have fear built into his dna!

  95. HEROX K
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    How are you doing this animination

  96. TygerTroy DC
    TygerTroy DC
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    Is that sauron 1:19

  97. GotEm Dre
    GotEm Dre
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    The previous governor electronically moor because criminal disappointingly bounce round a hulking aftershave. handy, dead zinc

  98. Cheshter Cinu
    Cheshter Cinu
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  99. Kozhin Barznji
    Kozhin Barznji
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    It will end soon without knowing the specific end time. But it ends and it’s a promise from God.