AC Milan ● Road to The Champions League Final 2006/2007

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  1. Shingirirai Singine
    Shingirirai Singine
    Giorno fa

    SEEDORF was my favorite, unsung champion

  2. jiren fitness
    jiren fitness
    2 giorni fa

    Milan at its best

  3. Syafi Udin
    Syafi Udin
    2 giorni fa

    Miss moments🔥

  4. Zainul Abdillah
    Zainul Abdillah
    3 giorni fa

    4.17 goal Odemwingie legend Madura united

  5. Arthur Mueller
    Arthur Mueller
    3 giorni fa

    15:26 Maurizio Sarri on the crowd😂😂😂

  6. The Master
    The Master
    3 giorni fa

    It was unbelievable journey

  7. Teddy Setiadi
    Teddy Setiadi
    4 giorni fa

    We can put curent milan 2021 squad to this group H (aek athens, Anderlect, lile), and i believe milan will struggled to make it through

  8. HX.Gaming
    4 giorni fa


  9. Rena kashiwagi
    Rena kashiwagi
    4 giorni fa

    this cover made me find why R9 never won UCL >>> Cup Tied rule

  10. Leonardo Miranda
    Leonardo Miranda
    4 giorni fa

    R9 nunca ganhou champions

  11. Rian Romadon Channel
    Rian Romadon Channel
    4 giorni fa

    Kaka Kala itu hebat nya

  12. OscillatorDubzz
    5 giorni fa

    If you ask me, this is the best team I've ever seen. It was fast, skillful, strong, and physical. Extremely well rounded, I think Seedorf and Gattuso could handle ANY midfield in their prime. Kaka at that time, was just as good as Messi, Pirlo was the best passer of his generation, and don't even get me started on that defense.

  13. Hossam El Hannadi
    Hossam El Hannadi
    5 giorni fa

    Ricardo Kaka had an amazing season and the rest is history. I love his character

  14. 1990Thunderbolt
    5 giorni fa

    AC Milan: The Italian Liverpool! Champions League royalty! Juventus: The Italian Manchester United! Domestic trophies royalty!

  15. Mohamed Akbar Hossain
    Mohamed Akbar Hossain
    6 giorni fa

    He Is Kaka

  16. Fakhruddin Labib N
    Fakhruddin Labib N
    7 giorni fa

    4:00 peter odemwingi madura united

    7 giorni fa

    Temporada perfeita do Kaka

  18. Anonymous
    8 giorni fa

    Back when Gattuso would fight anyone even if they were half his size. Even Pepe snd Ramos would fear him back in the day 😂😂😂

  19. Saheer Mash
    Saheer Mash
    9 giorni fa

    My kaka ❤️💕💐

  20. Sharafat Nahian
    Sharafat Nahian
    10 giorni fa

    Wait , they r9 never won the UCL . Clearly he is in the final Photo . What ort of sorcery is this

  21. Fdx
    10 giorni fa

    the ral fnal is MU vs AC MILAN

  22. Geekondrum Media
    Geekondrum Media
    10 giorni fa

    I think I saw raiola in Liverpool stand when kuyt scored 🤔

  23. Geekondrum Media
    Geekondrum Media
    10 giorni fa

    Kaka was phenomenal LEGEND I hope that jersey number 22 was retired?

  24. Fredman Mouro
    Fredman Mouro
    11 giorni fa

    Abstract: Kaká goals and passes.

  25. luis felipe perino dalaqua
    luis felipe perino dalaqua
    12 giorni fa

    just shot and dida accept, wtf is this....

  26. tonie 666
    tonie 666
    12 giorni fa

    Tahun nya kaka sih

  27. Cluyvver Abraão
    Cluyvver Abraão
    12 giorni fa

    Kaká 🇧🇷

  28. La Croqueta La Croqueta
    La Croqueta La Croqueta
    13 giorni fa

    Ronaldo phenomenal didn't win Champions league at all

  29. Daniel Zapata
    Daniel Zapata
    13 giorni fa

  30. Mariela Sandoval
    Mariela Sandoval
    14 giorni fa


  31. Raju kc
    Raju kc
    14 giorni fa

    I still missed Ronaldinho and Kaka. Brazil will never get the same players like them.

  32. Thanh Tú Hồ
    Thanh Tú Hồ
    14 giorni fa

    Kaka is a beast this season..💪💪💪💪

  33. Bocil Kematian
    Bocil Kematian
    14 giorni fa

    the golden era AC Milan, the best team

  34. Zona bola Eropa
    Zona bola Eropa
    14 giorni fa

    Milan stadium is San siro Inter stadium is Giuseppe Meazza.

  35. Diano Fauzan
    Diano Fauzan
    15 giorni fa

    Still remember that collision between evra and heinze. Kaka was outstanding that season😭😭😭 forza milan per sempre

  36. 92Story
    15 giorni fa

    Peter odimwinge eks madura united (indonesia)

  37. Azril Kurniawan
    Azril Kurniawan
    15 giorni fa

    Tak terasa udah 14 tahun,perasaan baru kemarin gw nonton di athena kota tua

  38. Văn Minh
    Văn Minh
    15 giorni fa

    Sheva should have stayed for 1 more season, this UCL triumph would be much easier

    15 giorni fa

    AC Milan's golden generation

  40. Harry Man
    Harry Man
    15 giorni fa

    I very miss The Greast Ac Milan

  41. Flight simulator development factory
    Flight simulator development factory
    16 giorni fa

    Kaká jogava demais. Só quem tem dores no quadril sabe porque ele parou cedo.

  42. Mr. X
    Mr. X
    16 giorni fa

    Kaka ❤️

  43. minera uai
    minera uai
    16 giorni fa

    Vendo esse jogo fico pensando o que passou na cabeça do Seedorfe para vim jogar no Botafogo ..😂😂o cara era um vencedor

  44. rovli adi
    rovli adi
    16 giorni fa

    Tittle= "AC Milan Road To The Champions Leauge Final 2006/2007" Picture ="Brazil Road To The Champion League Final 2006/2007"

  45. максим клочков
    максим клочков
    17 giorni fa

    Но уже без Шевы, символично...

  46. Muhammad Mugni
    Muhammad Mugni
    17 giorni fa

    Paling memorable...meski aku juventini,tp kk inzagi pirlo aku suka...

  47. Hodya Panov
    Hodya Panov
    17 giorni fa

    Форца Милан

  48. Baleed Ali
    Baleed Ali
    18 giorni fa

    Its armed with a deadly weapon NYPD Weapons down... next

  49. Senta E Fala AÍ
    Senta E Fala AÍ
    18 giorni fa


  50. mohammed nababa
    mohammed nababa
    19 giorni fa

    That 2007 was a good year for me, as the 2005 Liverpool loss left a big hole in my heart. As Milan dey make me happy for 2007, Roger Federer was doing same. Roger Federer made all four Major finals in 2007, winning three of them. He defeated Fernando González, 7-6(2), 6-4, 6-4, at the Australian Open, Rafael Nadal, 7-6(7), 4-6, 7-6(3), 2-6, 6-2, at Wimbledon, and Novak Djokovic, 7-6(4), 7-6(2), 6-4, at the US Open. I wish all years na like 2007!

  51. indica uji
    indica uji
    19 giorni fa

    Once upon time before messi-ronaldo era......

    19 giorni fa

    Kaka 💙💙💙🔥🔥🔥🔥🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  53. 泥炭
    20 giorni fa


  54. ade nobunaga
    ade nobunaga
    20 giorni fa

    Final Athena

  55. Asyrafi 061
    Asyrafi 061
    20 giorni fa

    Why always say Kaka Inzaghi score 2 at Final

  56. Stefano Oliveira
    Stefano Oliveira
    21 giorno fa

    Que saudade desse Milan dava gosto ver jogar seloco ! 🇧🇷

  57. safayet hassan
    safayet hassan
    22 giorni fa

    he scored one of the best goals against united and you couldn't keep it properly in the video??

  58. alfredison brito
    alfredison brito
    23 giorni fa


  59. FranzBeck
    23 giorni fa

    Great era, great team!

  60. Adriano Gonçalves
    Adriano Gonçalves
    25 giorni fa

    Época em que o Futebol brasileiro era referência.

  61. Candra novianto
    Candra novianto
    25 giorni fa

    Kaka is an ordinary human who can reach the ballon d'or before the alien and robot.

  62. Azure555
    26 giorni fa

    Wait, was ronaldo played in ac milan when milan won UCL 2006-2007 ?

  63. Adriano Ferreira
    Adriano Ferreira
    27 giorni fa


  64. Josue de oliveira
    Josue de oliveira
    29 giorni fa

    Brazil = AC Milan .

  65. Atsa Al Syahdan
    Atsa Al Syahdan
    29 giorni fa

    Lenk tae wong,kaka,ade,inzaghi

  66. Shahin Ahamed
    Shahin Ahamed
    Mese fa

    what a beast team🔥🔥 specially kaka!!! he control milan attack & mid..what a player

  67. Alfa02 Reysa01
    Alfa02 Reysa01
    Mese fa

    Ricardo kaka is the best.

    Mese fa

    Nesta,,Maldini,Gattuso,Seedorff,Pirlo,Kaka, Inzaghi, O milan tinha um time espetacular

  69. João Beiby
    João Beiby
    Mese fa

    Muito replay no vídeo Isso é chato

  70. Deons36 Channel
    Deons36 Channel
    Mese fa

    Loves milAn in that time so great clubb

    Mese fa


  72. Betty Thomas
    Betty Thomas
    Mese fa

    The symptomatic zipper putatively level because index lily smash lest a ancient break. delicious, greedy okra

  73. Nakedi Phora
    Nakedi Phora
    Mese fa

    Ricardo Kakà second favorite Brazilian after R9

  74. oliver jo
    oliver jo
    Mese fa

    I miss you AC Milan.

  75. Be Humble
    Be Humble
    Mese fa

    Ronaldo won ucl🤔

  76. Shankhodeep Mondal
    Shankhodeep Mondal
    Mese fa

    Good old days

  77. Taufik Auto
    Taufik Auto
    Mese fa

    Kaka = Monster

  78. Χριστος Μιχαλόπουλος
    Χριστος Μιχαλόπουλος
    Mese fa

    Αχ και να μην στηνατε το ματσακι με την λιλ.....

  79. Ivandi Rony
    Ivandi Rony
    Mese fa

    Ronaldo fenomeno♥️💌😭

  80. Gandharv
    Mese fa

    In the third game I didn't see Maldini, Kaka in the starting eleven and I knew it would be tough. Lost 0 - 2. :)

  81. Baureno 123
    Baureno 123
    Mese fa


    1. Baureno 123
      Baureno 123
      Mese fa


    2. Baureno 123
      Baureno 123
      Mese fa


    3. Baureno 123
      Baureno 123
      Mese fa


  82. Alonso Guerreiro
    Alonso Guerreiro
    Mese fa

    Milan AC was amazing during this year.

  83. محمد
    Mese fa

    Kaka, what a legend!!!

  84. Kwamez Waye
    Kwamez Waye
    Mese fa

    Wow What a legendary team 🎯

  85. achiepalaago
    Mese fa

    So the GOAT, R9 the PHENOMENON, actually won a champions league. Nice to know.

  86. Rip17
    Mese fa

    A midfieleder scored and assisted in every match, monster

  87. Mohamed As marie
    Mohamed As marie
    Mese fa


  88. Sandy Novan
    Sandy Novan
    Mese fa


  89. An0nYm0uS! surfer
    An0nYm0uS! surfer
    Mese fa

    The golden generation 🌟⚜️

  90. Eagan Adams
    Eagan Adams
    Mese fa

    There will never be another AC Milan like Carlo Ancelotti’s AC Milan

  91. afande alpha
    afande alpha
    Mese fa

    I grew up watching kaka

  92. Kaum Muslimah
    Kaum Muslimah
    Mese fa

    Too many ADS

  93. Omar Zela
    Omar Zela
    Mese fa

    Ronaldo Nazario no ganó entonces es champions también?

  94. Galal Morsy
    Galal Morsy
    Mese fa

    Kaka was a monster 🤔🤔

  95. mohd nabil
    mohd nabil
    Mese fa

    i thought that ronaldo de lima never won the champions league

  96. Сергей Шилис
    Сергей Шилис
    Mese fa

    Приключения бразильцев в Италии 🙈🤣🤣👍👍👍 класс конечно супер время было,The adventures of Brazilians in Italy, the class was of course super time 👍👍⚽⚽⚽

  97. Мартин Петров
    Мартин Петров
    Mese fa

    One of the matches I watched in this campaign was the re-match agains United. The thing I remember was, that Manchester United managed to pass the circle of the centre only once, with Ronaldo trying to release a shot! My favourite player was Inzaghi - the best Italian striker for me!

  98. Bambang Widjanarko
    Bambang Widjanarko
    Mese fa

    Milanisti purwakarta

  99. kekhrieselie rhetso
    kekhrieselie rhetso
    Mese fa

    I belong to Jesus.. Awesome

  100. Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia
    Mese fa

    For me AC Milan the greatest team of history...