Tiny Fish Acting like Turtles

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I've never seen fish do this before! These tiny triggerfish were resting on this piece of wood like turtles on a log, incredibly bizarre behavior!

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  1. Alguém
    Ora fa

    Achei q era um sapo em uma piscina ;-----;

  2. Emily Heinert
    Emily Heinert
    4 ore fa

    Let the fish!!!!!!!! Doesn't do that

  3. FPP Junior
    FPP Junior
    6 ore fa

    WHAT 😱😱😱

  4. Kíra Szabó
    Kíra Szabó
    6 ore fa

    I would have kept the log ^^ But what kind of fish was dat :0 Edit: oh, nvm xd

  5. emru ellah100
    emru ellah100
    8 ore fa


  6. pennthebaker
    10 ore fa

    It’s not that crazy, calm down

  7. AS NWOA
    10 ore fa

    The other guy his enthusiasm made me laugh 😆

  8. J Z
    J Z
    13 ore fa

    Plot twist, second fish was tryna hang himself

  9. nikolas scott
    nikolas scott
    15 ore fa

    There goes our hiding spot

  10. Jason Strange
    Jason Strange
    15 ore fa

    Y'all ain't right for that 🤣

  11. Babita Gupta
    Babita Gupta
    16 ore fa

    Pin me plz but plz dont mind you shouldn't make joke of that fish or animal

  12. Blake
    19 ore fa

    thank you for putting them back in

  13. Poké Kam
    Poké Kam
    20 ore fa

    What the heck

  14. Branden Miller
    Branden Miller
    22 ore fa

    Triple tail!

  15. Daniel Garrett
    Daniel Garrett
    22 ore fa

    I would love to see this guy's house dragged into the ocean and then fish violently grabbing him and ripping him out of his home. That would be cool.

  16. Naveen kumar mishra
    Naveen kumar mishra
    23 ore fa

    The water is so damn clear

  17. G Red
    G Red
    Giorno fa

    I hate fisherman. They think they own the damn ocean and can do as they please. Wonder how they would like it if someone went into your home and moved you and your home around. Stop disturbing nature

  18. BearyOlivia
    Giorno fa

    Bruh, I tried to hold my breath as long as you had them fish out the water and I couldn’t- You were suffocating the fish while laughing 🥲🤚

  19. The Roblox player
    The Roblox player
    Giorno fa

    Damn little men just trying to sleep, YOU got him away from his home i bet he try to find a New one 😪😩

  20. ade rumbold
    ade rumbold
    Giorno fa

    How exactly is that acting like a turtle?

  21. Thanos
    Giorno fa

    Legends knows those fish are poisonous Bear Grylls said do not touch shiny things in sea and jungle

  22. Silt Strider
    Silt Strider
    Giorno fa

    probably hiding from something immediately going to eat them

  23. Oddly Satisfying
    Oddly Satisfying
    Giorno fa

    The fish: *suffocating* Them : Omg dude that's crazy wow unbelievable wow omg

  24. DreamsSongSucks69
    Giorno fa

    The poor fish got thrown like that at the end 😔

  25. Christian Voss
    Christian Voss
    Giorno fa

    The coolest thing about this video is the mans voice and how shocked he is😄

    1. J
      21 ora fa

      yeah it looks like a complete idiot that had not left of his house since several months

  26. あおい
    Giorno fa


  27. Kriti Vas
    Kriti Vas
    Giorno fa

    U saved two lives 😊👍

  28. Teno Righteous
    Teno Righteous
    Giorno fa

    You people are weirdos and so destructive towards nature

  29. Sunil Patil
    Sunil Patil
    Giorno fa

    It's searching for food not chilling lol

  30. Cong Bui Disc Golf
    Cong Bui Disc Golf
    Giorno fa

    Them small fish was using that log as a shelter from big fish. He just ruined their cover

  31. yahaira solano
    yahaira solano
    Giorno fa

    Awe its so little so cute 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  32. Trevor Early
    Trevor Early
    Giorno fa

    Yooiks like that's crazy scooby

  33. Jayaprada Shanmugam
    Jayaprada Shanmugam
    Giorno fa

    I got anxiety seeing him holding the fish out for so long

  34. cristy Livingston 52
    cristy Livingston 52
    Giorno fa


  35. Jay Chapman
    Jay Chapman
    Giorno fa

    Trigger fish like wedging into places like this

  36. Charles Willis
    Charles Willis
    Giorno fa

    Putting the wood back in is what got me

  37. Chi Ni Mon
    Chi Ni Mon
    Giorno fa

    Now you made them into bait fish

  38. Jord-EL
    Giorno fa

    Omg fish in the sea! Crazy!

  39. Albert Neagu
    Albert Neagu
    2 giorni fa

    Ok.... But why did you throw the wood back in the water

  40. Amanda Dcosta
    Amanda Dcosta
    2 giorni fa

    That maybe the home of another nemo

  41. Big Jay
    Big Jay
    2 giorni fa

    WAS till you came along and felt you had to interfere.

  42. Slotzoffun
    2 giorni fa

    Why is it always these types of guys who just rip wildlife out of its habitat and fling it around a bit

  43. Win
    2 giorni fa

    Little feeeshes just became lunch.

  44. Mansimran Singh
    Mansimran Singh
    2 giorni fa


  45. Auroral Shine
    Auroral Shine
    2 giorni fa

    Damn that water is so blue and shiny!

  46. KoKo65a
    2 giorni fa

    Plot twist: 1 more fish was stuck and he died later

  47. Sobuj Fishing
    Sobuj Fishing
    2 giorni fa


  48. Sobuj Fishing
    Sobuj Fishing
    2 giorni fa


    2 giorni fa

    Too bad the fish was even put in again

  50. Typo Haven
    Typo Haven
    2 giorni fa

    Awww poor fishies ..they were just hiding from predators and waiting for food and 💥🤯 Aliens come and rip them from their home and take their breath away throwing them around confusing them .. I hope they found their cool home again after they left and things settled again

  51. 川崎瀬菜
    2 giorni fa


  52. Caerus
    2 giorni fa

    The fish’s camouflage now gone, well done you pair of plant pots.

  53. putri ayu
    putri ayu
    2 giorni fa


  54. Porsche. dre
    Porsche. dre
    2 giorni fa


  55. Artiimuss
    2 giorni fa

    Fish are getting stuck in the wood and he proceeds to throw it back in lmao

  56. lulu
    2 giorni fa

    Si les poissons se bloquent dans le bois pourquoi il le remet dans l’eau

  57. King Tyrin
    King Tyrin
    2 giorni fa

    Fishy’s: we’ve been compromised!!!! Abandon ship! Abandon ship!

  58. Optic White
    Optic White
    2 giorni fa

    Why would u trow that back in the water bro u suck

  59. •Lovely_bird _heart_•
    •Lovely_bird _heart_•
    2 giorni fa

    fish should respect us humans we save them (and eat them😏)

  60. Diegodzilla 915
    Diegodzilla 915
    2 giorni fa

    Como les gusta chingar la fauna

  61. Gabriel Vieira
    Gabriel Vieira
    2 giorni fa

    That was rude for the fishes unless he was stuck there, then it was fine

  62. Lucia Morinelli
    Lucia Morinelli
    2 giorni fa


  63. Manuel Vargas
    Manuel Vargas
    2 giorni fa

    There was a third one that let go as he pulled it from water.

  64. Probably a Raccoon
    Probably a Raccoon
    2 giorni fa

    incase anyones worried, fish can survive much longer out of water than humans can inside of water! so they arent being harmed in the slightest!

  65. yasmin casey
    yasmin casey
    2 giorni fa

    It probably was hidden in there. I can't stand humans.

  66. R W
    R W
    2 giorni fa

    Damn Shaggy where's Scooby?

  67. Leahh823
    3 giorni fa

    That fish looks pissed.

  68. Alice F
    Alice F
    3 giorni fa


  69. Bhoyrub Atish
    Bhoyrub Atish
    3 giorni fa

    That's a normal thing carbs also likes to chill like that😎🧜‍♀️😎its when they can't swims against high current waves then they just ride on something.i know this sounds crazy but its true🤣😂🤣sometimes sea creature also can drown easily🤣🤣🤣

  70. Jay Rod
    Jay Rod
    3 giorni fa

    Why you throw that piece of wood bk in

  71. Justin Morin
    Justin Morin
    3 giorni fa

    Ya pretty dumb most people say it's just a fish but that not the point leave them alone

  72. Jazovzo
    3 giorni fa

    One twist: there was 5 inside of it and not in the outside D:

    3 giorni fa

    Great vidioss

  74. jackpot
    3 giorni fa

    Very cute

  75. Patra_anzay
    3 giorni fa

    He: hey astagfirullah Me:wow Islam human

  76. bruh
    3 giorni fa

    Quick question: Can you throw a fish back into water after immediately catching it? Wouldn't it kill the fish?

    1. Adolf Hitler
      Adolf Hitler
      3 giorni fa

      No, why would it kill the fish? Its not like gets aubmerged 90 meters for it to die from decompression sickness

  77. Joshua owen
    Joshua owen
    3 giorni fa

    Those were some cool looking trigger fish. That species uses the spike in front of their dorsal fin to lock themselves into crevices and holes in coral and other things so that predators can't eat them. 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐠 They have some gnarly teeth 😬

  78. xtremelemon
    3 giorni fa

    fish: The 2 idiots: OHhhHh MYY y. y y y GOOooD AUUAUAEhahueahEUAHAH

  79. xtremelemon
    3 giorni fa

    the autism was intense with these guys

  80. Lucas Patrick
    Lucas Patrick
    3 giorni fa

    He just hit puberty... and it hit him back (hard).

  81. DisappointingPorn
    3 giorni fa


  82. Stacy Lewis
    Stacy Lewis
    3 giorni fa

    Y would u put the wood back in the water

  83. kelpme kelper
    kelpme kelper
    3 giorni fa

    Um... I think they are not stuck there, i think that is literally their home and it looks like they are suppose to be camouflaged to that wood ^_^

  84. Xandao DeSouza
    Xandao DeSouza
    3 giorni fa

    Eviction without notice

  85. Pilar
    3 giorni fa

    Dejad al pez tranquilo! Si está allí es para protegerse de los depredadores so bobos.

  86. FrankNstein
    3 giorni fa

    Something should pluck you outta your boat, and throw y'all into the water.

  87. Miah J.
    Miah J.
    3 giorni fa

    Triggerfish or the triggerfish family

  88. MaskHero Zo
    MaskHero Zo
    3 giorni fa

    Now the fish is dead meat to the predator below.

  89. 1年前 • 6か月前• 1週間前 • 3日前
    1年前 • 6か月前• 1週間前 • 3日前
    3 giorni fa


  90. Patriots 1
    Patriots 1
    3 giorni fa

    There was really 3 Fish 1 swim away when he picked up the log..

  91. Kiasame Hoshigaki
    Kiasame Hoshigaki
    3 giorni fa

    That’s a trigger fish btw

  92. Cross CRag
    Cross CRag
    4 giorni fa

    Well just for information u both dumbs now one of them is dead and idk if it is gonna make ith

  93. Kevante Reese
    Kevante Reese
    4 giorni fa

    Imagine knowing what these videos are about clicking on it and then getting mad st what you saw 😂

  94. itsme buzzz
    itsme buzzz
    4 giorni fa

    They were stuch to the log? Then why throw it back in.

  95. gilbert ramirez
    gilbert ramirez
    4 giorni fa

    One fell off as soon as he picked up the wood.(look closey) Did anyone see it? So there was 3 but 2 stayed.

  96. Mika van Berkel
    Mika van Berkel
    4 giorni fa

    I don’t know a lot about fish. They might have been stuck in there and potentially die. Lucky this dude saved them. Keep your trash out of the sea. You can say it’s natural. Yes this probably is. But plastic isn’t.

  97. k jeyabalan
    k jeyabalan
    4 giorni fa

    Fish : you ruined my sunbathing bro

  98. Māchā Man
    Māchā Man
    4 giorni fa