Coldplay - Coloratura (Official Lyric Video)

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Coloratura from the new Coldplay album Music Of The Spheres, out October 15th, 2021. Pre-order the album:

Art direction: Pilar Zeta / Animation: Victor Scorrano

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ABOUT COLDPLAY Since forming at university in London, Coldplay have gone on to become one of the planet’s most popular acts, selling more than 100 million copies of their eight Number One albums, which have spawned a string of hits including Yellow, Clocks, Fix You, Paradise, Viva La Vida, A Sky Full Of Stars, Hymn For The Weekend, Adventure Of A Lifetime, Orphans and, most recently, Higher Power. The band's ninth album, Music Of The Spheres, is out October 15th, 2021.


  1. Nadia Fer Army_BTS
    Nadia Fer Army_BTS
    18 minuti fa

    Realmente escuchar este tema es un tan bonito y reconfortante...te lleva a imaginar cosas y sentir un mar de emociones...♡ Lo ame!!! Big Codplay♡

  2. Cristine Marimat
    Cristine Marimat
    Ora fa


  3. Linda
    Ora fa

    Coldplay is a genre. Period.

  4. immimi fatin
    immimi fatin
    2 ore fa

    Coldplay always be the greatest band everrr

    2 ore fa

    the song was 10mins long, but feels like 1.

  6. Marshall The Uke
    Marshall The Uke
    3 ore fa

    Favorite song of the album so far

  7. Nuha Made
    Nuha Made
    3 ore fa

    I am coming with you guys to coloratura .. it sounds like the vortex but in 5th dimensional world 😍 any how I packed my soul coming along 😇

  8. Catycornios08
    4 ore fa

    I love music

    5 ore fa


  10. Maria Katz
    Maria Katz
    5 ore fa

    Wow. One of those songs that you don't want to end.

  11. Flinglish
    5 ore fa

    Very dark side of the moon

  12. Gina Flores
    Gina Flores
    5 ore fa

    Soy mamá army (44 años) y descubrí que ColdPlay tiene hermosas creaciones esta es una de ellas y me ha encantado como me encanto Chris Martín.... así debemos de mirar la vida de muchos colores hermosos !!

  13. brandon alfredo hernandez rodriguez
    brandon alfredo hernandez rodriguez
    5 ore fa


  14. Ian and fiel L
    Ian and fiel L
    5 ore fa

    I'm an army. Their collab with BTS brought me here. 💜💜💜

  15. Olga
    8 ore fa

    Love it like all other albums of Coldplay. Thank you for all soundtracks for almost every moment on my life. Constantly amazing music 👏🏼🤟🏼🥲

  16. 99koyangi99
    9 ore fa

    totally sounds like Pink Floyd, but thats beautiful.

  17. Merey Albatyrova
    Merey Albatyrova
    10 ore fa

    I love you guys 😭💔

  18. Mireily Dance
    Mireily Dance
    10 ore fa


  19. Sarah R
    Sarah R
    10 ore fa

    Don't need to travel in the space, now that I found Coloratura!! :'D In this crazy world, Hope & Humanity are still alive...

  20. Girl Power
    Girl Power
    10 ore fa


  21. Azizah Rahma
    Azizah Rahma
    11 ore fa

    Just beyond our imagination

  22. Ana Júlia Campanhan
    Ana Júlia Campanhan
    11 ore fa

    this Coldplay song is giving me Jacob Collier vibes because of the harmony, but yet this is of course do damn unique. Thx Coldplay

  23. Soporteria Express
    Soporteria Express
    11 ore fa

    Esta rolita me recuerda a Pink Floyd

  24. Shibaraj Sahu
    Shibaraj Sahu
    11 ore fa

    Every song in this album is great.....These songs give me vibes of cosmos and heavenly appeal both at same time... Music of really different spheres

  25. Hannia
    11 ore fa


  26. Rainham Rail Enthusiast
    Rainham Rail Enthusiast
    12 ore fa

    Anyone else see the rabbit at 07:01 ?

    1. giuliano melo oficial
      giuliano melo oficial
      2 ore fa


  27. Greg V
    Greg V
    12 ore fa

    I feel like Coldplay, Queen and Steven Universe had a Baby. It's this song.

  28. A Jay
    A Jay
    12 ore fa

    Singing his soul out to the universe all of us witnessed this beautiful track is a privilege heartsoothing song. I'm Thankful Coldplay 🙏

  29. 💜 Kim TAEHYUNG 89 💜
    💜 Kim TAEHYUNG 89 💜
    12 ore fa

    I'm here after watching "MY UNIVERSE"💜💜💜

  30. Vi Guillermo
    Vi Guillermo
    13 ore fa

    Day 10 of listening and appreciating and letting myself get consumed by this masterpiece. Omg omg omg listen to my universe acoustic mix and supernova 7 mix!!! You won't regret it I promise! GUY BERRYMAN I LOVE YOU WILL YOU MARRY ME? 💍

  31. steventhjey
    13 ore fa

    Day 63 of listening to Coloratura by Coldplay every day for the next ten years although it seems impossible.

  32. Aiza Khan
    Aiza Khan
    13 ore fa

    Love from India

  33. Nick Tantillo
    Nick Tantillo
    14 ore fa

    Over the years they almost lost my respect. This just gained it back. More of this please.

  34. Ross PG
    Ross PG
    14 ore fa

    Jamás había escuchado a Coldplay aunque mi mejor amiga es re fan y vine para ayudar el en st como Army,pero admito que esta canción me a tocado y relajado al máximo sin duda será una de mis favoritas agradezco a BTS por permitirme conocerlos igual que agrádese que muchxs conozcan a los chicos por Coldplay yo de verdad eh amado a llegado en el momento adecuado Glady si ves esto porque no me dijiste que los escuchara a fuerza de lo que me estaba perdiendo mija ni la muelas

  35. Edwin Valencia Gaona
    Edwin Valencia Gaona
    15 ore fa

    Sin duda la mejor canción de Coldplay me embarga la emoción cada vez que escucho está canción

  36. Elijah Rivas YT - EliFam
    Elijah Rivas YT - EliFam
    15 ore fa

    I predict that "Coloratura" will be the last track of the album of Music of the spheres album by Coldplay

    1. Elijah Rivas YT - EliFam
      Elijah Rivas YT - EliFam
      5 ore fa

      @Striker Bowls okay.

    2. Striker Bowls
      Striker Bowls
      13 ore fa

      That's not a prediction, the tracklist is out

  37. Rosene Eugenia de Andrade
    Rosene Eugenia de Andrade
    16 ore fa

    My Love Love Love

  38. Rita
    17 ore fa

    Lindíssima 💜💜💜💜🌌🌌🌌🌌🪐🪐🪐🪐

  39. Helen Bostock
    Helen Bostock
    17 ore fa

    It's crazy and we made it more complicated than it needed to be. One world one us one cell growing new ones. Ok enough

  40. Huub
    18 ore fa

    So annoying that this has only 3.7 mil views due to its by far the best of the so far released songs

  41. k
    18 ore fa

    This is all I needed in this pandemic. Thank you, Coldplay, for this brilliance! Can't wait for the album.

  42. Soheb Ahmed Khan
    Soheb Ahmed Khan
    18 ore fa

    At 04:50, Pink Floyd takes over the background music. 09:20 is when Coldplay comes back to it

  43. kristal leah betty
    kristal leah betty
    18 ore fa

    Another Masterpiece t.y coldplay your song will live forever 🥰💖

  44. Priyanka Debnath
    Priyanka Debnath
    19 ore fa

    I love you coldplay....

  45. Dulce Karina Cat
    Dulce Karina Cat
    19 ore fa

    Ayeee people from another universe are gonna listen to it and are gonna want to come to us through the music!!!! ✨🌌☄️Specially this one and of course My Universe with BTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 🐙🐋✨🌌☄️💜🤍🖤💙⚡💖🪐💫💗🍊🌈

  46. riell.
    20 ore fa

    this is a cultural reset

  47. Mulky Dhananjaya
    Mulky Dhananjaya
    20 ore fa

    My Universe probably will get all the hype just because of BTS, but Coloratura, this will be last an eternity. absolute masterpiece from Coldplay.

  48. Jc Armea
    Jc Armea
    21 ora fa

    This song is the fastest 10 mins that happen

  49. Adriana Olivera
    Adriana Olivera
    22 ore fa

    esta canción es hermosa

  50. D' Nelly Torres
    D' Nelly Torres
    23 ore fa

    In this crazy world I Do, I just want U ... Have a long musical live COLDPLAY. Thank U so much for return for GIVE US peace and HOPE. This Lyrics are a piece of ART!

  51. Claudia Arapa
    Claudia Arapa
    23 ore fa

    Esta canción es hermosa 💖

  52. Dan
    23 ore fa

    This is one of the most beautiful songs they've ever released

  53. FatBikerZombie 8
    FatBikerZombie 8
    23 ore fa

    The best of the 3 they've released so far

  54. Josue .Gonzalez
    Josue .Gonzalez
    Giorno fa

    I want to get married to this song 💙

  55. 치즈떠뽀끼
    Giorno fa

    4:49 레전드..

  56. Rahul Gupta
    Rahul Gupta
    Giorno fa

    This grows on you! Careful before you immerse. Outstanding!!

  57. jim t.
    jim t.
    Giorno fa

    I'm blown away...Cold Floyd.

  58. Erika Wolfram
    Erika Wolfram
    Giorno fa

    What a gift to get to experience. Beyond words and I feel the inexplainable. Thank you Coldplay! ✨

  59. jose antonio ferreira
    jose antonio ferreira
    Giorno fa

    Progressive Pop? Alan Parsons Project and Pink Floyd influences? Beautiful!

  60. Celine
    Giorno fa

    Now matter the place you come from, what you are doing, did, or will do. , the way you think or feel everyone under heaven will end in the same place, so stop worrying about the unimportant things take care of your soul that then universe will take care you, at this moment the shale universe is conspiring to make your wish com true.

  61. DarkComet360
    Giorno fa

    I am writing two Doctor Who fan-fic story series and they both have Coldplay songs for theme songs. Ironically, Jodie Whittaker, current 13th Doctor, did a cover of Yellow for a Children In Need album in tribute to her late nephew, and ended up meeting the lead guitarist and drummer for Coldplay, who helped do the cover of Yellow with her. Now if that is not weird, I don’t know what is.

  62. Worapanit Choothuad
    Worapanit Choothuad
    Giorno fa

    Wowww, this is very amazing. You can make me feel the power of this universe. I'm Army who listen to this song for the first time. Really like it.💜

  63. Mileen
    Giorno fa


  64. Cíntia Pontes
    Cíntia Pontes
    Giorno fa

    Simplesmente não me canso de ouvir!

  65. Hadis Jamshidi
    Hadis Jamshidi
    Giorno fa

    i Iike this song and I'm army and i love Bts♡

  66. Emily
    Giorno fa

    The twinkling star part @5:37 is so nice to listen to

  67. Hadis Jamshidi
    Hadis Jamshidi
    Giorno fa

    OMG I love this song♡ 매일 밤 네게 날아가 (가) هر شب به سمت تو پرواز میکنم 꿈이란 것도 잊은 채 فراموش میکنم که این یک رویاس 나 웃으며 너를 만나 (나) با یه لبخند به استقبالت میام Never ending forever baby هیچ وقت تموم نمیشه عزیزم

  68. Hadis Jamshidi
    Hadis Jamshidi
    Giorno fa

    Coldplay and BTS ♡^_^ ... You, you are my universe and تو، تو دنیای منی و I just want to put you first فقط تورومیخام در اولویتم قرار بدم And you, you are my universe, and I… و تو ، تو دنیای منی و من In the night I lie and look up at you شب دراز میکشم و تو رو نگاه میکنم When the morning comes I watch you rise وقتی صبح شد من بیدار شدن تورو تماشا میکنم There’s a paradise they couldn’t capture یه بهشت غیر قابل دسترس اونجا هست That bright infinity inside your eyes و اون هم برق بی نهایت چشماته I purple you BTS...

  69. alejandro cortes
    alejandro cortes
    Giorno fa

    Me perdí por un momento en un viaje cósmico, no sé si seré el único pero por un momento me sentí escuchando a Pink Floyd, es la canción más progresiva y etérea de Coldplay 🤯

  70. Sumaia Binti
    Sumaia Binti
    Giorno fa

    Feels like Cold Floyd

  71. Ever Cherokee
    Ever Cherokee
    Giorno fa

    A esto me refería yo artistas de verdad Coldplay y BTS hermosa canción hecha con amor respeto sin importar raza color , para el mundo que mucha falta nos hace ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕

  72. Gusta Felisberto
    Gusta Felisberto
    Giorno fa

    Interestelar vibes

  73. Aleydis PM
    Aleydis PM
    Giorno fa

    This song needs more appreciation!

  74. Apple Ang
    Apple Ang
    Giorno fa

    Thanks for letting my soul have a 10 minutes space travel!

  75. steventhjey
    Giorno fa

    Day 62 of listening to Coloratura by Coldplay every day for the next ten years although it seems impossible.

  76. Afrikaner Gamer Boi
    Afrikaner Gamer Boi
    Giorno fa

    Coloratura > My Universe, you know it's true xD

  77. Yudha Nugraha
    Yudha Nugraha
    Giorno fa

    Soooooooooooo amazing...

  78. Tales with Trisha
    Tales with Trisha
    Giorno fa

    listening to this before sleeping. it’s such a brilliant complement to my universe. the guitar is particularly soothing 💜

  79. Ma Kab
    Ma Kab
    Giorno fa

    I'm here after my universe I love u cold play

  80. 즐거운   화기 애애 ayo
    즐거운 화기 애애 ayo
    Giorno fa

    뷰티퓰 쓰플라이즈 !

  81. Le Manh
    Le Manh
    Giorno fa

    This song make me remember a song "On Fly" of Coldplay. I love both

  82. Perla Cantu
    Perla Cantu
    Giorno fa

    I can't even find the words to describe what this song, this music with the images has made me feel. I am crying as if I wanted to release a great burden and in fact I feel a healing in my soul. Thanks for such a huge piece of art. Thank you with all my heart.

  83. Mike Exc
    Mike Exc
    Giorno fa

    Thank You Coldplay.

  84. Peachiaa •ᴗ•
    Peachiaa •ᴗ•
    Giorno fa

    Best. Song. Ever.

  85. Vi Guillermo
    Vi Guillermo
    Giorno fa

    Day 9 of listening and appreciating and letting myself get consumed by this masterpiece. 🥺💜🥺💜🥺💜

  86. gustavo arellano
    gustavo arellano
    Giorno fa

    No sé por qué, pero algo me dice que este nuevo álbum hará historia en la música.

  87. Y KL
    Y KL
    Giorno fa

    The way the song built up so perfectly, it's impossible to not sing along at 7:36

  88. KmiiVC
    Giorno fa

    i can see this song becoming so much, becoming legendary. like Coldplay's epic song, some sort of Bohemian Rhapsody, if you will. it's just trascendent.

  89. Marta Troche
    Marta Troche
    Giorno fa

    Obra maestra

  90. Time Traveler
    Time Traveler
    Giorno fa


  91. Lazy Sam
    Lazy Sam
    Giorno fa

    Thank you Coldplay ❤

  92. Airene Castro
    Airene Castro
    Giorno fa

  93. Erika Hernández
    Erika Hernández
    Giorno fa


  94. rdrive
    2 giorni fa

    If Pink Floyd and Radiohead had a child ⬇️ Coloratura

  95. Melin Alvarado
    Melin Alvarado
    2 giorni fa

    I'm in love with this song , thanks Coldplay 🌌

  96. Sara Smith
    Sara Smith
    2 giorni fa

    Anyone else feel the Pink Floyd vibes from this song? I love this!

  97. kiều vy huỳnh ngọc
    kiều vy huỳnh ngọc
    2 giorni fa

    this is masterpiece i love it >33333

  98. Yeol14
    2 giorni fa

    그저 이 노래를 들을 수 있다는 것에 감사합니다😇

  99. Rose J
    Rose J
    2 giorni fa

    This is really beautiful 💜

  100. DIA AL-EMAD
    2 giorni fa

    Turn off the lights put your headphones on and close your eyes for the best experience.