Angry Moments

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Title: Angry Moments
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  1. dddylan
    Ora fa

    8:10 YELLOW XD

  2. Arlin 26
    Arlin 26
    4 ore fa

    2:41 A mí me pasó lo mismo que Higuaín no más digo que el árbitro salió con dos dientes menos, uno cuando está jugando se le va la cabeza xd

  3. Waqar Akbar
    Waqar Akbar
    5 ore fa

    Earlier i just dont like suarez but now he deserves medical attention loser

  4. NIKE
    9 ore fa


  5. david
    9 ore fa

    ronaldo este regele romînii

  6. Jeronimo 007
    Jeronimo 007
    11 ore fa

    *7:31* Messi é pika 🤣👏👏

  7. Farhan Abrar
    Farhan Abrar
    11 ore fa

    Referees should be replaced with robots

  8. Dorette te Boveldt
    Dorette te Boveldt
    12 ore fa

    Messi echt slecht man 🤮

  9. Mehmood Al Fahad
    Mehmood Al Fahad
    12 ore fa

    0:26 Imbrahimovic: you're dead

  10. Ademoye Opeoluwa
    Ademoye Opeoluwa
    12 ore fa

    Nice compilation

  11. 김동건
    13 ore fa

    5:24 삼성이름 달려있으면 행동 똑바로해

  12. Rajdew Chaudhary
    Rajdew Chaudhary
    21 ora fa

    legend never die cr7 best

  13. Sly Killer
    Sly Killer
    Giorno fa


  14. Colby Kelly
    Colby Kelly
    Giorno fa

    *Made it to **3:06** before the "music" made me shit my own pants.*

  15. Marian Tiricu2
    Marian Tiricu2
    Giorno fa

    I like football so much

    Giorno fa


  17. Vibhas
    Giorno fa

    Don’t mess with Ibrahomovic

  18. Jooo Jk
    Jooo Jk
    Giorno fa

    What do you think about this ???

  19. aaryav dangar
    aaryav dangar
    Giorno fa

    When he will comr

  20. Anamul Ahmed
    Anamul Ahmed
    2 giorni fa

    Souraz is dianasor

  21. Atakhonova Gulsaman
    Atakhonova Gulsaman
    2 giorni fa

    Ассалому алейкум 🤲🤲🤲🤲

  22. Ricardo Ferreira
    Ricardo Ferreira
    2 giorni fa

    Speak french o caralho 😂😂😂 made my day

  23. Ronaldinho Gaúcho Sósia
    Ronaldinho Gaúcho Sósia
    2 giorni fa

  24. mini ruok ff
    mini ruok ff
    2 giorni fa


  25. Funny web Th
    Funny web Th
    2 giorni fa Best Skills 🤤

  26. Christopher Lins
    Christopher Lins
    2 giorni fa

    That guy who stepped on Ibrahimovic's head deserved even more worse, that was too little damn if that happened with me i should do a fly knee in that guy's face

  27. Pharaoh
    2 giorni fa

    Fuck that dude that said "Speak French" to Neymar

  28. LautaroMartìnezSZN
    3 giorni fa

    0:15 Bad kick bro

  29. Vili Taci
    Vili Taci
    3 giorni fa

    Hey gay's pls look ronaldo vs koke

  30. Ismail ninja gaming
    Ismail ninja gaming
    3 giorni fa

    5:54 what was that😂

  31. Harpal Upadhyay
    Harpal Upadhyay
    3 giorni fa

    Video on angry moment. Ramos : this is my video 😂

  32. Alban Gecaj
    Alban Gecaj
    3 giorni fa

    Nice Video

  33. Serok gamer
    Serok gamer
    3 giorni fa

    suarez so thirsty

  34. Rishabh Bisht
    Rishabh Bisht
    3 giorni fa

    Suarez vs chewlinni Suarez vs chewlsea😂

  35. Renzzo Viteri Huertas
    Renzzo Viteri Huertas
    3 giorni fa

    1:10 hahaha

  36. Maya Hengki
    Maya Hengki
    3 giorni fa

    suares canibal

  37. Daniela Orofino
    Daniela Orofino
    4 giorni fa

    Ibrahimovic + incredible

  38. Benoît R
    Benoît R
    4 giorni fa

    3:15 : as a French fan, I'm offended by how Mbappé plays the innocent and surprised guy. I mean he literally tackled the knee of Da Silva, with high risks of injury. Be a bit humble and accept the sentence at least...

  39. Sofoklis Lougklos
    Sofoklis Lougklos
    4 giorni fa

    Τελικά οι διαιτητές είναι πολύ αδερφούλες

  40. Noki Nampanha
    Noki Nampanha
    4 giorni fa

    Amazing 🤣🤣

  41. Ciapaty.
    4 giorni fa

    2:54 what the man on the left doin

  42. Lil Homies
    Lil Homies
    4 giorni fa

    Ronaldo not movin a mm with those bumps what a crafty lad

  43. Szymon Mokijewski
    Szymon Mokijewski
    4 giorni fa

    Ronaldo to 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  44. m. bentley
    m. bentley
    4 giorni fa

    Zlatan is King of the ring

  45. ez
    4 giorni fa

    me: * coming to my friend * colleague: *has a suarez* me: bites? colleague: no

  46. Mohd Sayed
    Mohd Sayed
    4 giorni fa

    Suarez is mad

    4 giorni fa

    Orang2 Lucu Main Bola, 😁

  48. left alone
    left alone
    4 giorni fa

    Suarez bitting people is beyond me

  49. Malone GS
    Malone GS
    4 giorni fa

    this video is so good!!

  50. The Spiritual Kingdom Church Of Christ
    The Spiritual Kingdom Church Of Christ
    4 giorni fa

  51. Anirudh B
    Anirudh B
    4 giorni fa

    This is why I hate football

  52. Bradley Buller
    Bradley Buller
    4 giorni fa

    Suarez needs to feast

  53. Orange
    4 giorni fa

    5:24 if I was someone in the stands, I would’ve ran onto the field and beat Hazard up

    1. Donyi Dongo
      Donyi Dongo
      4 giorni fa

      what if anything that boy deserved to be beat up doing shit things in a professional game

  54. Xxdeadsshotxx YTTV
    Xxdeadsshotxx YTTV
    5 giorni fa

    (ik I can’t spell) sueres eats people

  55. Aisea Taufalele
    Aisea Taufalele
    5 giorni fa

    Wait so they communicate in French ???

  56. itsMAKO
    5 giorni fa

    I have seen it that kick in somewhere may be in UFC🤔

  57. bananasplit
    5 giorni fa

    Suarez really like italian food!

  58. Hunt Chevy
    Hunt Chevy
    5 giorni fa

    Go do your voodoo took me all the way out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Србомбоница
      2 giorni fa

      Lmfao 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    5 giorni fa

  60. Team Visual
    Team Visual
    5 giorni fa

    What did the ball boy do

  61. LautaroMartìnezSZN
    5 giorni fa

    1:18 ronaldo has anger broo

  62. Sammix
    5 giorni fa

    suarez back at it

  63. Aldy Rahman
    Aldy Rahman
    5 giorni fa

    Higuain ....

  64. bea josé
    bea josé
    5 giorni fa

    Speak French o caralho 😭😭

  65. Victor.
    5 giorni fa

    neymar mandou o papo

  66. Dozi_sw
    5 giorni fa


  67. m k
    m k
    5 giorni fa

    Ugly sport .

  68. خالد محمود
    خالد محمود
    5 giorni fa


  69. ƈǟʀʟʏǟռɖʀɛֆ 乇レ 77
    ƈǟʀʟʏǟռɖʀɛֆ 乇レ 77
    6 giorni fa

    que drama

  70. Davide Famiglietti
    Davide Famiglietti
    6 giorni fa

    Poor chellini😥

  71. Tsoanelo Nqache
    Tsoanelo Nqache
    6 giorni fa

    One thing about Suarez, he will bite you 😅😂

  72. Hannes Wolf
    Hannes Wolf
    6 giorni fa

    Why is suarez everyone biting?😂

  73. Ales Kitek
    Ales Kitek
    6 giorni fa

    So nice to se croatian footbalres get kicked

  74. Gaby Celina Quintero StotzpQq
    Gaby Celina Quintero StotzpQq
    6 giorni fa

    This stupid yellow Card from Neymar,wtf is this man

  75. Hayat Mubarak shah
    Hayat Mubarak shah
    6 giorni fa

    After strik messi laugh or not

  76. R3aper
    6 giorni fa

    2:36 i would b mad i mean he didn’t even touch the other player

  77. Mihai Matei
    Mihai Matei
    6 giorni fa

    07:28 Messi shit himself

  78. Md Shiful
    Md Shiful
    6 giorni fa

    Plz feed suarez

  79. Xitado999
    6 giorni fa

    speake franch é o krlh vai tmnc kkkkkkkkk

  80. TheGamer51
    6 giorni fa

    Suarez love eat peapole 😂😂🤣🤣

  81. fpsu Gaming
    fpsu Gaming
    6 giorni fa

    Suarez is mouse 😂😂😂

  82. Yoolang Dhar
    Yoolang Dhar
    6 giorni fa

    Douglas Costa is the best⭐

  83. Raj Mondal
    Raj Mondal
    6 giorni fa

    I think Hazard did he right thing by kicking that son of a b

  84. โอภาส บุญ
    โอภาส บุญ
    6 giorni fa


  85. sunita devi
    sunita devi
    6 giorni fa

    Lukaku vs Zlatan Godzilla vs king Kong 😀😁😂😂🤣

  86. Barbara Taylor
    Barbara Taylor
    6 giorni fa

    The lowly hydrogen inevitably delay because eggplant lily whine at a taboo fired. splendid, long-term eagle

  87. air force gks
    air force gks
    6 giorni fa

    Psikopatiks player

  88. Karim
    6 giorni fa

    Pepe telling Messi he's crazy is hilarious😂

  89. Lukas Bellik
    Lukas Bellik
    7 giorni fa

    Neymar Hollywood is calling. They need professional divers.

  90. Mari Jayme
    Mari Jayme
    7 giorni fa

    4:06 What a clown Suarez

  91. BeAtPeace
    7 giorni fa

    Suarez likes to bite

  92. BeAtPeace
    7 giorni fa

    That was a racist comment “ go do your voodoo shit

  93. BeAtPeace
    7 giorni fa

    Footballers are acting more like hooligans

  94. Štoki rock
    Štoki rock
    7 giorni fa

    5:25 i'm stupid blue

  95. Curtis Smids
    Curtis Smids
    7 giorni fa

    Thanks 🥚

  96. Goku Supersaiyan
    Goku Supersaiyan
    7 giorni fa

    8:04 lol why is this hilarious where was he aiming?

  97. tfgzf fgfd
    tfgzf fgfd
    7 giorni fa


  98. Владимир Дергачев
    Владимир Дергачев
    7 giorni fa

    Руками всё равно играть нельзя! Зачем же кусать за руку?!🤦

  99. Владимир Дергачев
    Владимир Дергачев
    7 giorni fa

    После такого в цирк идти уже не интересно...