Mayweather vs. McGregor: Toronto Press Conference | SHOWTIME

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Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor embark on a four-city international press tour.

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  1. Stian W. Danielsen
    Stian W. Danielsen
    Giorno fa

    Mayweathers trashtalk is soooo weak

  2. Lil' Disity
    Lil' Disity
    2 giorni fa


  3. Zee Bazil
    Zee Bazil
    3 giorni fa

    For a guy that apparently can't read or write.. Floyd is actually a quotable dude. The man drops bars constantly, esp in training

  4. Jay Dubb
    Jay Dubb
    3 giorni fa


    3 giorni fa

    I know this was publicized deal for fun ..but why wouldn't Mayweather step into UFC ring

  6. Fatdino Boi
    Fatdino Boi
    4 giorni fa

    Floyd: I Make Money! Conor: you own money 😂😂😂

  7. Ceo of Chaos
    Ceo of Chaos
    5 giorni fa

    the fight that made Mcgregor worth 400 million dollars . crazy world

  8. Don Donnelly
    Don Donnelly
    6 giorni fa

    Real men don’t gotta wear suits as he’s wearing about $500k round his neck

  9. Warren Fernandes
    Warren Fernandes
    7 giorni fa

    Conor owned this press conference, end of story.

    1. Reixy.
      5 giorni fa

      Sadly that's not the end of story. Floyd defeating Conor , end of story.

  10. Ej Ridenhour
    Ej Ridenhour
    7 giorni fa

    It’s sad when you watch a press conference and the person is so confident and cocky but you know they lost

  11. Kinzalk Gaming
    Kinzalk Gaming
    10 giorni fa

    *conor -f@**#k** the Mayweathers* The kid who's last name was mayweather but supporting conor -🤡

  12. DeagleX
    12 giorni fa

    You are ejee ejee ejee ejee ezzee ejeee jeeee ejeee ezeee jeeee eejjjeeee ejeeeee

  13. Joban Sandhu
    Joban Sandhu
    13 giorni fa

    The greatest press conference in the history of press conferences

  14. Vevv
    13 giorni fa

    1:33:17 best 💯💯💯💯

    13 giorni fa

    1:43:55 priceless 😅

  16. Abbos Axatov
    Abbos Axatov
    14 giorni fa


  17. Rishaan shaik
    Rishaan shaik
    14 giorni fa

    All those fans got their mouth shut when he destroyed Conner. Ahh I still love this press!

  18. Colleen Kennedy
    Colleen Kennedy
    15 giorni fa

    When Canada was free...

  19. NoCommentary
    16 giorni fa

    This felt like a show or movie crossover

  20. Joe 3rd
    Joe 3rd
    16 giorni fa

    God only made 1 thang perfect 🔥💪🏾

    17 giorni fa

    ONE, TWO, THREE...

    1. texas p
      texas p
      17 giorni fa

      Did flyod beat Connor

  22. Naresh Bisht
    Naresh Bisht
    19 giorni fa

    I really feel bad for the waesel. 😂😂😂😂

    1. Naresh Bisht
      Naresh Bisht
      17 giorni fa

      @texas p yeah Floyd won in round 10, referee stopped the match

    2. texas p
      texas p
      17 giorni fa

      Did flyod beat Connor

  23. Cammac013
    19 giorni fa

    Everytime Floyd keeps saying hardwork it makes me laugh and mad 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  24. Ilias
    19 giorni fa

    Im sorry big dawg but the rap part was cringe

  25. Vaughan Xowley
    Vaughan Xowley
    20 giorni fa

    No one: Conor: WELL FUCK THAT MIC!

  26. Umar Khan
    Umar Khan
    20 giorni fa

    1:54:05 I don’t care what anyone says that was hard bro even connors face you could see he felt that

  27. Meet Shah
    Meet Shah
    20 giorni fa

    Conor is like little kid of Dana who is really insane

  28. FP500 - JP800 studios
    FP500 - JP800 studios
    20 giorni fa

    Then khabib shows up……….

    21 giorno fa

    Conar is not Only a Fighter , he ia also Am Entertainer that why.. everyone loves him

  30. Christopher Hinton
    Christopher Hinton
    22 giorni fa

    The schoolbag punchline is one of the greatest ever said in the history of trashtalk...

  31. qwerty98
    22 giorni fa

    Why was this so hyped?

    1. hood classic
      hood classic
      21 giorno fa

      they were the two best at mma and boxing at this time

  32. ZULUBOY 405
    ZULUBOY 405
    22 giorni fa

    Fast forward to July 13th 2021 -present day...can y’all smell that sweet smell of KARMA in the air !? And how sweet the sound..pride is one helluva drug folks..lesson of the day.

  33. OMW2FYB
    23 giorni fa

    this is when McGregor trash talk, fight career and money officially peaked, he's fallen off ever since

  34. D E A D
    D E A D
    23 giorni fa

    Bro The mcgregor vs mayweather press conference are legendary

  35. War Criminal
    War Criminal
    23 giorni fa

    1:56:15 is the best part of the press conference

  36. 808 G8GT
    808 G8GT
    24 giorni fa

    Watching this again 3 years after....I gotta admit.....Floyd sound like an idiot whenever he speaks. Yes he is a great fighter.....but if fight fought straight up, instead of running around the ring.....he would lose half his fights.

  37. Testify
    24 giorni fa


  38. United Fighting Championship
    United Fighting Championship
    24 giorni fa

    4 Years Ago Today

  39. Melvin Mirzakhanian
    Melvin Mirzakhanian
    24 giorni fa


  40. Kuya Chris
    Kuya Chris
    25 giorni fa

  41. Bugsthefarmer
    25 giorni fa

    Miss this guy man 🇮🇪

  42. jade roberts
    jade roberts
    25 giorni fa

    who’s here after he fought dustin and broke his ankle ?

    1. Gerald Young
      Gerald Young
      17 giorni fa

      Yes bro I love Connor bro 😂😂😂😂 he just doesn’t give a fuck

    2. Hamza Bhatti
      Hamza Bhatti
      18 giorni fa


    3. X Striiker
      X Striiker
      19 giorni fa

      lmao im high u cant do this to me

    4. Juan Saenz
      Juan Saenz
      20 giorni fa


    5. Ktgames
      20 giorni fa


  43. AreLL
    25 giorni fa


  44. Amin M
    Amin M
    26 giorni fa

    1:31:14 what song is that ?

    1. Nihilisticnordichome
      26 giorni fa

      Its nice right xD, I searched it up when heard it too. Don't remember exact name but that's the money team official theme song for Mayweather. Search it up and you should be good.

  45. Rich Lion
    Rich Lion
    27 giorni fa

    Brendan Schaub called it from the beginning. It was obvious Conor would destroy Mayweather.. Mayweather lost the first one too, by a lot.

  46. Christopher
    28 giorni fa

    Why they had the extra hour of bullshit before it starts is just a waste

  47. Yahya ibn Martey
    Yahya ibn Martey
    28 giorni fa

    2 promo kings

  48. Yahya ibn Martey
    Yahya ibn Martey
    28 giorni fa

    I just came for Mayweather intro

  49. Zuzu Makiu
    Zuzu Makiu
    Mese fa

    Money money money money game money money money game..

  50. Zuzu Makiu
    Zuzu Makiu
    Mese fa

    Thaaa reigning defeeendyinggg 👹👹

  51. Zuzu Makiu
    Zuzu Makiu
    Mese fa

    Well that was an ambitious and exciting fistmatch I've ever witnessed when boxing and mma crossed!! FROOOOSTBIT FROOOOSTBIT 😱😱

  52. ForeverCali100
    Mese fa

    Dance for me BOY!!!

  53. Awesomesause 111
    Awesomesause 111
    Mese fa

    Floyd may have won the fight but Conor absolutely destroyed him in this conference 😂😂

  54. Michael Squid
    Michael Squid
    Mese fa

    1:48:45 I love mcgregor but that was so cringe.

  55. Dylan Larkin
    Dylan Larkin
    Mese fa

    Dana white looks astonished, I love it he looks like a proud dad

  56. Guero Garrapolo
    Guero Garrapolo
    Mese fa

    Prime Conor was something 😂

  57. swartz bruder
    swartz bruder
    Mese fa

    Floyd a good boxer ...but without the noise Floyd look like he doing the robot to the stage ....I know Connor got under his skin a lil lol

  58. casenasty0102
    Mese fa


  59. Paul Cortez
    Paul Cortez
    Mese fa

    I remember watching this Was crazy !

  60. baroso Bl
    baroso Bl
    Mese fa

    ♪♪♪Money Money Money Team ♪♪♪

  61. Jared sliker
    Jared sliker
    Mese fa

    So sad that this will never happen again

  62. egshane
    Mese fa

    Paul el love every minute

    1. Thug Nose
      Thug Nose
      Mese fa

      Paulie is discreetly sour grapes and butt hurt every minute

  63. Caleb From Columbus
    Caleb From Columbus
    Mese fa

    I kinda feel bad for Floyd, he came up there decked out in custom Canada gear AND brought them that press conference.. and they just boo’d him and screamed pay your taxes... I honestly feel bad for him. It obviously wanted to be like up there or he wouldn’t have came in custom Canada gear

  64. bart proxies
    bart proxies
    Mese fa

    The auspicious record pathologically pull because rate inspiringly greet an a educated tyvek. lying, childlike windshield

  65. Bandyy Gaming
    Bandyy Gaming
    Mese fa

    Penuh dengan rasisme, this is america

  66. Shackti Suresh Kumar
    Shackti Suresh Kumar
    Mese fa

    He’s the Jamie Vardy of MMA , in a good way though

  67. Boss Banger
    Boss Banger
    Mese fa

    Those press conferences were just pure comedy, loved every fucking minute of them.

  68. Denn Mcambley
    Denn Mcambley
    Mese fa

    schaub, you are my age ffs. stop it.

  69. Denn Mcambley
    Denn Mcambley
    Mese fa

    the pederast podcast with schaub d'elia and callen.

    1. Denn Mcambley
      Denn Mcambley
      Mese fa

      rogan bailed, was like foo uck this shizzle, i am out, peace.

  70. Denn Mcambley
    Denn Mcambley
    Mese fa

    2.2k down to 38k up on this? down to schaub.

  71. Denn Mcambley
    Denn Mcambley
    Mese fa

    schaub is fast becoming the most disliked person on this planet. his comedy is shite, the fact he put out a 'special', which is so shite and gave callen the wrong un bad advice, pals up with assholes. brendan is the biggest didck shining tool in the media. but hey, he has a beast of a work ethic. maybe try using that to not be a prick, ball shining delia fan.

  72. Audrey Mukeba
    Audrey Mukeba
    Mese fa

    Watching this late at 10pm as if the fight is in few weeks ahead lmfao... this never gets old

  73. Anuk Ind
    Anuk Ind
    Mese fa

    peeps from 2021?????

  74. Grex
    Mese fa


  75. bismeqo filimdo
    bismeqo filimdo
    Mese fa

    The ahead pint accidentally return because basketball spectacularly dare save a sleepy beech. wry, tranquil tongue

  76. Gabriela Garcia
    Gabriela Garcia
    Mese fa

    The tidy perfume inevitably remove because shoe admittedly hook on a smelly parallelogram. one, sophisticated screw

  77. l501218
    Mese fa

    so much self projecting from Paulie...lotta same d sucking from ssshhhhaaaaub.....this press conference still is the undefeated champ....more views than the paid fight

  78. Max Mcgrath
    Max Mcgrath
    Mese fa


  79. michaelterminus
    Mese fa

    Bet your whole fight check ☠️

  80. briana onoh
    briana onoh
    Mese fa

    Floyd be looking young he look younger than mcgregor

  81. Jack dhaniel Baldoz
    Jack dhaniel Baldoz
    Mese fa

    McGregor is still king of money

  82. Harrisey101
    Mese fa

    I’d rather be at this than the fight

  83. Alex_Soto
    Mese fa

    2:02:10 😂😂

    1. Max Maxwell
      Max Maxwell
      Mese fa

      What did he say, I couldn't hear it

  84. Brandon White
    Brandon White
    Mese fa

    The fans clowned Espinoza my god that was great. Has that man stumbling over his words and shaking by the end

  85. James Kuich
    James Kuich
    Mese fa

    They sold this shit perfectly, gotta love it lol

    Mese fa

    What's the name of the music which was played during faceoff..

  87. GL
    Mese fa

    Floyd must have mental strength of the gods or something lmao how he always get it done with all the hate

    1. Banzan Buddhist
      Banzan Buddhist
      17 giorni fa

      He don't care as long as his opponent promotes the fight.

    2. SevenOneSeven
      28 giorni fa

      Money, that’s how lmao.

  88. M-d vlogs &docbaseball28
    M-d vlogs &docbaseball28
    Mese fa

    What song is after the foggy dew

  89. Will Smith
    Will Smith
    Mese fa

    That’s how you talk shit - Jake Paul ur shit talking is crap

  90. akasyah
    Mese fa

    Mcgregor should change notorious to trash talker tho

  91. andre
    Mese fa

    1:58:45 floyd was doin the random “yEaH” and conor said he act 10, and floyd was all “YEAHH” instantly regrets it 😂

    1. AJGMZ
      23 giorni fa

      Lol saying *yhh* was his biggest mistake 🤣

  92. andre
    Mese fa

    1:53:48 the accent 😭, “SHOOT yo fookin mout”

  93. andre
    Mese fa

    1:42:58 conor… why

  94. Wilson Cortez
    Wilson Cortez
    Mese fa

    Sometimes the build up is better than the actual fight.

  95. Al Jackson, Jr.
    Al Jackson, Jr.
    Mese fa

    Paulie is a weirdo

  96. Cookies N’ Cream
    Cookies N’ Cream
    Mese fa

    That shit was entertaining as f ngl 🤣😭

  97. 𝕂𝟙ℕ𝔾𝕁𝕏ℍ༒
    Mese fa

    This is almost 4 years ago and im still watching😂😢

  98. Jawad Haddad
    Jawad Haddad
    Mese fa

    The gullible gusty charles literally influence because sword practically tire sans a many heat. private, peaceful ray

  99. Alice Coker
    Alice Coker
    Mese fa

    Conor looks like a 70 year old grandpa. It's no wonder it looks at Mayweather the all time 😂

  100. Alice Coker
    Alice Coker
    Mese fa

    Mayweather outfit looks flawless. Let's not forget about his jewelry they are dazzling😍😍👌🏾.