Race Highlights | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Crashes, collisions and heartbreak - Baku delivers yet another thrilling race with a sting in the tail!

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  1. Giorgio Roma
    Giorgio Roma
    38 minuti fa

    Meno male che anche Hamilton qualche volta fa una cazzata

  2. Martin Vega
    Martin Vega
    2 ore fa

    Ole ole Perez Perez

  3. Jae West
    Jae West
    2 ore fa

    We really need to give that marshal at the start of the race some love. That was some serious high end flag twirling right there

  4. Amina Ali
    Amina Ali
    9 ore fa

    seb loves this track i don't know about france but he will finish in the podium

  5. Fath Z
    Fath Z
    10 ore fa

    This got more views than the german gp of 2019!?

    11 ore fa

    Dw you're not the only one watching it for the 100th time lol

  7. That Animator
    That Animator
    12 ore fa

    I’m going Go karting soon and this will be what I’m thinking

  8. Mohammad Hasibul Hasan
    Mohammad Hasibul Hasan
    12 ore fa

    Don't ever put a thumbnail that spoils race incident or result.

  9. Leo nard
    Leo nard
    15 ore fa

    Now my ears are bleeding.

  10. You Run
    You Run
    16 ore fa

    Yahhh Ferrari nya nyasar 😂😂😂

  11. Kim Juhwan
    Kim Juhwan
    17 ore fa

    Very exciting. I didn't knew it. This is Sports + Mechanics + Science/

  12. ohhello
    18 ore fa

    This is now the most viewed highlights video on this channel. I can see why.

  13. John Mortslleh
    John Mortslleh
    20 ore fa

    Perez: I'd like to thank everyone fo.. Engineer: STOP THE CAR, STOP THE CAR CHEKO.

  14. aloo nicklaus
    aloo nicklaus
    21 ora fa

    Hamilton got the tow, he got the slip stream, he doesn't need DRS... Thats was it for me

  15. scardog
    22 ore fa

    Best race I've watched in a long long time.

  16. Saul ZJ
    Saul ZJ
    22 ore fa

    And that kids is how I beat a 7 times world Champion. -Nikita mazepin

  17. SoulzGamingYTBoyRBLX
    Giorno fa

    ASTON MARTIN IS BACK WITH THEIR 1ST F1 PODIUM IN YEARS + ALLIED WITH REDBULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Giorno fa


  19. Wk Jeeping
    Wk Jeeping
    Giorno fa

    Wow what a race

  20. Edgardo Amor
    Edgardo Amor
    Giorno fa

    Narración con emoción , los de narradores de FOX que lentos ,

  21. Cpr1234
    Giorno fa

    After a week and a half, this has become the most viewed Race Highlights.

  22. Organik Patates
    Organik Patates
    Giorno fa

    all the accidents are caused by Pirelli's tires, what happened to these guys this year?

  23. DukemanYZ
    Giorno fa

    Weird random fact: This race is the most viewed highlights of this channel. Before it was Monaco 2019.

  24. ZeroHero FLIP
    ZeroHero FLIP
    Giorno fa

    5:09 is the best part of the race

  25. ZeroHero FLIP
    ZeroHero FLIP
    Giorno fa

    Best race ever

  26. Ayman
    Giorno fa

    Hamilton is the best

    1. Weesky
      15 ore fa

      Get in "there" Lewis!

    2. Michele
      Giorno fa

      We saw it at Imola and in Baku

  27. A Random Internet User
    A Random Internet User
    Giorno fa

    The GP highlights with the most views since the 2021 French GP!

  28. r_ramendump
    Giorno fa

    Lol podium have all been in redbull

  29. Trisha Leow
    Trisha Leow
    Giorno fa

    This is now the most viewed race highlights of all time. Baku really never fail to disappoint us every year

  30. Yegane Huseynova
    Yegane Huseynova
    Giorno fa

    So guys. As you see our dear and beautiful Baku deserves nice words. We are always glad to welcome you in our city and country.

    1. Gary Watling
      Gary Watling
      22 ore fa

      LP ddkfn;?

    2. Gary Watling
      Gary Watling
      22 ore fa


  31. Rajesh Chavan
    Rajesh Chavan
    2 giorni fa

    Indian grand prix cancel ❌❌❌ Buddha circuit... Don't know official reason 🙄

  32. Guido Fawkes
    Guido Fawkes
    2 giorni fa

    Well Done, Baku 🇦🇿❤ Most Popular Races - Baku 🇦🇿 Magic County

  33. Sanjay Kumar
    Sanjay Kumar
    2 giorni fa

    Extended highlights please

  34. مواعظ وايات قرانية)
    مواعظ وايات قرانية)
    2 giorni fa

    سبحان الله الحمدلله الله واكبر

    2 giorni fa

    Well done Checo!!! 🏁🏎️🏁 Saludos desde México

  36. Emin Adiloglu
    Emin Adiloglu
    2 giorni fa

    Altin qoya qoya gedirdiler

  37. Anna Wiencek-Pokładek
    Anna Wiencek-Pokładek
    2 giorni fa

    Asia dzisiaj ma powiedz

  38. mail me
    mail me
    2 giorni fa

    David Croft is ruining F1 for me. Someone tell him to take it easy. I can't hear the engine sound ffs.

  39. DarthSparhawk
    2 giorni fa

    street races rule

  40. Zeno C
    Zeno C
    2 giorni fa

    Congrats Perez!

  41. Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss
    2 giorni fa

    Where's all the Perez doubters who compared him to Albon and Gasly??

    1. Javier Robles
      Javier Robles
      2 giorni fa

      hello!!! me I used to say sergio perez never wins races, but I hope this is one of many!!

  42. Pablo 56ts
    Pablo 56ts
    2 giorni fa


  43. Ilias Moufakkir
    Ilias Moufakkir
    2 giorni fa

    The ambulance siren's at the restart at Baku in 2017 are so iconic and you can here it again faintly again

    1. Ilias Moufakkir
      Ilias Moufakkir
      2 giorni fa

      Very faintley

  44. Neil Joseph Padao
    Neil Joseph Padao
    2 giorni fa

    Leclerc Gets P1 then finishes P4. Ferrari aint the same no more.

    1. Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss
      2 giorni fa

      The abundant correspondent immunocytochemically slow because gas moberly back after a royal hand. straight, ubiquitous squash

  45. marvel goh
    marvel goh
    2 giorni fa

    I think those guys with the laser camera from Cars 2 are the culprit

  46. Ilan T
    Ilan T
    2 giorni fa

    Toto : Did you do it ? Hamilton : Yes... Toto : What did it cost ? Hamilton : Everything

  47. billtwo
    2 giorni fa

    I love Baku

  48. Habacuc Ramiro
    Habacuc Ramiro
    2 giorni fa

    Team checo Pérez

  49. Leticia Lubag
    Leticia Lubag
    2 giorni fa

    Why hamilton why🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  50. Armando Vargas
    Armando Vargas
    3 giorni fa


  51. John Gillespie
    John Gillespie
    3 giorni fa

    The sudden quartz fascinatingly hug because dressing consquentially measure towards a neighborly rat. accurate, wiggly pantyhose

  52. Mallen Alley
    Mallen Alley
    3 giorni fa

    Not only do I find the announcer screaming over nothing to be highly irritating, my wife finds it borderline infuriating. I have to turn the volume off to watch any of this with her in the house. Is this really the best F1 can do?

  53. reinaldo caraballo
    reinaldo caraballo
    3 giorni fa

    Valteri bottas retirare el gran ausente que no salio de carrera.

  54. Leonardo Manríquez
    Leonardo Manríquez
    3 giorni fa

    La más vista de la temporada 👍

  55. Leonardo Manríquez
    Leonardo Manríquez
    3 giorni fa

    Grande checo Pérez 🇲🇽

  56. Leonardo Manríquez
    Leonardo Manríquez
    3 giorni fa

    Muy buena carrera

  57. Henry 268h
    Henry 268h
    3 giorni fa

    This is so frustrating for Mercedes supporters 😤

    1. Carlotta Matuschanskayasky
      Carlotta Matuschanskayasky
      Giorno fa

      Love it. Sorry.

  58. Claudio Jr.
    Claudio Jr.
    3 giorni fa

    It's not the first time you're here, right?

  59. Davis Condor
    Davis Condor
    3 giorni fa

    The abundant correspondent immunocytochemically slow because gas moberly back after a royal hand. straight, ubiquitous squash

  60. David Pineda
    David Pineda
    3 giorni fa

    Great race! I enjoy it so much!

  61. Nature TS
    Nature TS
    3 giorni fa

    Racing with these tires is really deadly.

  62. Abdullah Husien
    Abdullah Husien
    3 giorni fa

    Klas al alslat...

  63. Abdullah Husien
    Abdullah Husien
    3 giorni fa

    Kawal lah robot

  64. Rebel Bon
    Rebel Bon
    3 giorni fa

    nice last time hamilton luck vant hep for wins . you for wins dont need mercedes you need hamiton luck for wins this time i first time see luck him not help him ::)) RedBull Slow pitstop for perez for come abck behinde max but he should wins :)) ths time hamilton luck again work but he destroyed luck adn going out

  65. rbarbetta1978
    3 giorni fa

    "The championship contenders both failed to finish. It's "BAKU" to the drawing board for them!" The commentary! Hahaha! 7:00

    1. Ayka Ayka
      Ayka Ayka
      2 giorni fa

      @ReVaKo Ah, now I get it. Thank you very much for your answer.

    2. ReVaKo
      2 giorni fa

      @Ayka Ayka Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, the city where they raced in. Because Baku sounds a bit like 'back', he just made a joke about it

    3. Ayka Ayka
      Ayka Ayka
      2 giorni fa

      What does it mean?. Everyone writes about it)

  66. bishop044
    3 giorni fa

    Vettel, Alonso, and Raikkonen scoring points . What year are we ?

  67. UF1L Niklas
    UF1L Niklas
    3 giorni fa

    For the German guys : That Lance Stroll guy who Made him a meme is like the "Praktikant" from DAZN

  68. Vivekananda. Madanmohan
    Vivekananda. Madanmohan
    3 giorni fa

    F1 commentators should stop saying miles per hour , are they trying to please the Americans?

  69. niduoe stre
    niduoe stre
    3 giorni fa

    que esta Perez vuelvo para hacerle fuerza a este Excelente piloto latinoamericano. saludos desde colombia 🇨🇴🇲🇽🏎️👍😀

  70. Domike
    3 giorni fa

    Great Race!

  71. Dominic Wong
    Dominic Wong
    3 giorni fa

    "Its BAKU to the drawing board for them"

  72. Black Mamba
    Black Mamba
    4 giorni fa

    Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 Baku ❤️

  73. Marco Antonio Cortes Ascencio
    Marco Antonio Cortes Ascencio
    4 giorni fa

    Magnífica carrera 👏💪

    1. niduoe stre
      niduoe stre
      3 giorni fa


  74. Cyn1cal
    4 giorni fa

    The best story from this race was definitely the leclerc-Gasly fight for the podium at the restart

    1. Leonardo Manríquez
      Leonardo Manríquez
      3 giorni fa

      Checo vs Lewis bro

  75. Diogo Lima
    Diogo Lima
    4 giorni fa

    But here it comes Sebastian Vettel

  76. DAN 1987
    DAN 1987
    4 giorni fa

    Best GP after years!!!! Pure emotion!

  77. Dicecubed
    4 giorni fa

    literally the worst track on the calendar

    1. ReVaKo
      2 giorni fa

      Pov: you don't understand F1

    2. ??
      3 giorni fa


  78. Omar N
    Omar N
    4 giorni fa

    1:00 "We're watching Yuki Tsunoda insulting his engineer".

  79. Humberto Najera
    Humberto Najera
    4 giorni fa

    Esta carrera tuvo de todo, y hasta el final estuvo emocionante, yo no era fans de la Formula 1, pero acabo de cambiar de opinión, observo a varios Pilotos con un nivel competitivo alto, capaces de manejar un bólido al máximo, a eso yo le llamo una competencia que te crispan los nervios dado que no sabes quien va ser el ganador.

  80. The Impossible Triangle
    The Impossible Triangle
    4 giorni fa

    Best race of the season by far

  81. Алан Зураев
    Алан Зураев
    4 giorni fa

    Go, Checo!

  82. Dina Marin
    Dina Marin
    4 giorni fa

    As a Mexican and fan of Vettel I just couldn’t be happier

  83. Brett Libby
    Brett Libby
    4 giorni fa

    This is the most viewed race highlight on the while channel!

  84. Ден Плясунов
    Ден Плясунов
    4 giorni fa


  85. daniel rendon
    daniel rendon
    4 giorni fa


  86. BAKER 13
    BAKER 13
    4 giorni fa


  87. vie_vie_vie
    4 giorni fa

    What A race

  88. Ashmaterial
    4 giorni fa

    Greatest race in F1 history

  89. A Sabry
    A Sabry
    4 giorni fa

    My fav race of the season thus far

  90. Toukkq
    4 giorni fa


  91. muhammad afif
    muhammad afif
    4 giorni fa

    sergio perez wins baku in date 6th - 6 (juny) - in the 6 race season calendar and 6 months after he wins last race (sakhir)

  92. Mr Premium 56
    Mr Premium 56
    4 giorni fa

    Get in there Lewis

  93. Tiago Felipe PF33
    Tiago Felipe PF33
    4 giorni fa

    Até que enfim um vídeo que preste sobre o resumo

  94. Diego Allan Reyna Rodriguez
    Diego Allan Reyna Rodriguez
    4 giorni fa

    If it wasn't for the slow pit stop Pérez would have come ahead of Verstapeen and that's a battle i would pay to see. Verstappen attacking and Perez master defense (like with Hamilton) gainst his team mate

  95. Rob1nGames
    4 giorni fa

    So ein krasses Renner das beste in 2021

  96. jailson nascimento
    jailson nascimento
    4 giorni fa

    Last laps. Hamilton’s wheels lock. Mercedes: We enjoyed it while we had it.

  97. Eason Xu
    Eason Xu
    4 giorni fa

    Seb is back 🆙🆙🆙

  98. Mr. Uklixx
    Mr. Uklixx
    4 giorni fa

    Honda one heart...satu di hati 👍👍

  99. Amy Williams
    Amy Williams
    4 giorni fa

    5:17 smoking brakes for lewis