Belgium 3 x 2 Japan ● 2018 World Cup Extended Goals & Highlights HD

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  1. Sullen Harvest
    Sullen Harvest
    20 ore fa

    Los japoneses solo tenian que defenderse y buscan atacar Kjjjjjj

  2. Lam Xung
    Lam Xung
    Giorno fa

    great game

  3. Miguel Ángel Barria
    Miguel Ángel Barria
    Giorno fa

    Japanese players look the same but with different hairstyles lol

  4. Donky Lakhy
    Donky Lakhy
    Giorno fa

    The flashy hydrogen willy happen because action aesthetically water astride a stale police. ill, lavish tooth

  5. Peru
    3 giorni fa

    Must have been heartbreaking for Japan to lose this, they were 2 - 0 up and lost it from there.

  6. De tweeling Vloggers
    De tweeling Vloggers
    3 giorni fa


  7. kj bridge
    kj bridge
    4 giorni fa


  8. EE
    4 giorni fa

    Top remontadas mas epicas del anime

  9. Huy Mambo
    Huy Mambo
    5 giorni fa

    6:25 có phải ông Hlv thái lan. Nisino ko

  10. David Stojković
    David Stojković
    6 giorni fa

    Alal vera

  11. Lorenzo Bastida
    Lorenzo Bastida
    6 giorni fa

    I'm italian and i enjoy for the final

  12. Miko Asri
    Miko Asri
    6 giorni fa

    Belgium Golden Era

  13. nguyen luong gia
    nguyen luong gia
    6 giorni fa


  14. Suvadeep Ghosh
    Suvadeep Ghosh
    6 giorni fa

    Due to short height Japan 🇯🇵lost.. Japan u beauty

  15. Vasantha Daham
    Vasantha Daham
    7 giorni fa

    Belgium is my dream team...2022 world cup winner ..what great player,s they have lukaku de brune carassci hazard fellani and jason we miss u so much .....Best wishes for 2022...lots,of love frome sri 🇱🇰 🇱🇰 🇱🇰 🇱🇰 🇱🇰

  16. Henry Wong
    Henry Wong
    8 giorni fa


  17. Uno Loop
    Uno Loop
    8 giorni fa

    saw this game in live, can't explain the emotions, it was an awesome game from the beginning, also fans were polite and calm

  18. 亚博大台,需要私我 亚博大台,需要私我
    亚博大台,需要私我 亚博大台,需要私我
    8 giorni fa


  19. Carlos Cabello
    Carlos Cabello
    9 giorni fa

    Esta es la definición clara de "PECHO FRIO" japón le falta fútbol todavía

  20. Matteo super jeux
    Matteo super jeux
    9 giorni fa

    Support japan and Belgium

  21. Cg Oy
    Cg Oy
    9 giorni fa


  22. creepy anime
    creepy anime
    10 giorni fa

    ngl belgiums play like germerns

  23. EllieSimp
    10 giorni fa

    as a Belgian i keep coming back to this unbelievable match, HUGE respect for Japan. it was a great match

  24. Goodwin Dunn
    Goodwin Dunn
    10 giorni fa

    Your ad is almost ready

  25. Alve Mollah
    Alve Mollah
    10 giorni fa

    World cup best match

  26. Mukti
    11 giorni fa

    This why belgium should call fellaini again if they got deadlock like this they play him as striker as plant B

  27. Sugarlips
    11 giorni fa

    Is this 2018 Russia WC best Match

  28. Dani Bass
    Dani Bass
    12 giorni fa

    Japanese! This is not アニメーション! This is real football... and you always lose! ahahaha

  29. italo yerico salazar mercado
    italo yerico salazar mercado
    12 giorni fa

    Los japoneses son dignos de admirar incluso en el fútbol son unos genios de la disciplina

  30. Blue Max
    Blue Max
    12 giorni fa

    Japan put in great performances at the Soccer WC and Rugby WC. Heroic efforts!

  31. tiotito31
    13 giorni fa

    Lukaku created the 3rd goal with two moves without ever touching the ball. 10:23 watch him drag the defender to create space for the winger. 10:27 acts as dummy creating a better shot for teammate.

    13 giorni fa

    Em mong được reaction và nhận xét kĩ năng từ mọi ngườ

  33. Rileygamez11
    14 giorni fa

    Great come back from belgium

  34. Alex Croton
    Alex Croton
    14 giorni fa

    ahh...the good old days before covid-19. how I miss those days...

  35. Victor André
    Victor André
    14 giorni fa

    10:25 great pass

  36. Hà NeiYan
    Hà NeiYan
    14 giorni fa

    Japanese goalkeeper :))

  37. Fabyan E.M
    Fabyan E.M
    14 giorni fa

    Lawan wibu

  38. Kadek Yogananda
    Kadek Yogananda
    15 giorni fa

    japan is the best team in Asia

  39. L A
    L A
    15 giorni fa

    7:14 here Japan lost the match

  40. Maf Mf
    Maf Mf
    15 giorni fa

    Japon in football is 💩👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  41. Sebastian Saavedra
    Sebastian Saavedra
    16 giorni fa

    increible esa remontada

    1. Carlo Mateo gamer
      Carlo Mateo gamer
      13 giorni fa

      al fin encuentro a alguien que habla español

  42. セバスチャンフレイ
    16 giorni fa

    Oh,Japan!!! Remember “Humiliation of Rostov-na-Donu”

  43. BamBall
    16 giorni fa

    Japon goal kiper is shit

  44. Nathan Rünze-Lemire
    Nathan Rünze-Lemire
    17 giorni fa

    Japan deserved to stay longer

  45. Rayn Prijović
    Rayn Prijović
    17 giorni fa


  46. Franco Flores
    Franco Flores
    17 giorni fa

    a eso le llamo una epic voltiz :v

  47. rafael moraes
    rafael moraes
    17 giorni fa

    They let them have a 2 goal lead...

  48. pajaro pio
    pajaro pio
    17 giorni fa

    Se la remontaron a japón por jugar limpio, ya con esa ventaja tienen que hacer falta buscar pelea y botar la pelota, con eso seguro pasaban

    1. LL4MA G
      LL4MA G
      17 giorni fa

      Es que Japón es un país que por jugar sucio, te dan latigazos

  49. Gui Avalos
    Gui Avalos
    18 giorni fa

    love watching Japan play the elites of europe. They go full throttle every game.

    18 giorni fa

    no hablo taka taka no entiendo los comentarios

  51. PalomasGD
    18 giorni fa

    De lo que hiba perdiendo belgica termino ganando Como asi 3 goles o-o

  52. Ashan Habib
    Ashan Habib
    18 giorni fa

    Japan our Asian pride🇯🇵💙💙💙🇧🇩🇧🇩

  53. Franco Chiaravalloti
    Franco Chiaravalloti
    18 giorni fa

    Best Match of WC2018.

  54. Mary Valle
    Mary Valle
    18 giorni fa

    Beligiun al segundo gol de Japan : cagaste

  55. 양태웅
    18 giorni fa

    Japan did a lot of brutal things to Korea!!!!!!surch if u want

    1. unchino
      7 giorni fa

      You are telling lies. Also there is nothing to do with the world cup. Get out of here👊. Poor Korean......

  56. Греся
    19 giorni fa

    Это точно не наши

  57. Billy Gladman
    Billy Gladman
    19 giorni fa

    3:13 intelligent defending, only just noticed that little shove to throw lukalu off balance

  58. thsudy
    19 giorni fa

    we watched it in an izakaya. it was fun but at the end it was sad so we kept on drinking...even tho by the time the game ended it was 4am lol

  59. Nikhil
    19 giorni fa

    What a run in 94 minute

  60. amirrul jamaluddin
    amirrul jamaluddin
    19 giorni fa

    The best game of that tournament

  61. 254 R I
    254 R I
    20 giorni fa

    凄い激闘、クロスプレイの連続    Best Baut❗️

  62. Alvard Solomonyan
    Alvard Solomonyan
    20 giorni fa


  63. Petko Petkov
    Petko Petkov
    20 giorni fa

    Hope all of the players of Japan are well. No-one should be embarrassed by the result. They played extremely well. Please do not performed any suicidal ritual, please! Just improve and on the next WC lift the trophy!!

  64. Noor Muhammed
    Noor Muhammed
    20 giorni fa

    Belgium won the match... Japan won our hearts ❤❤❤

  65. Afgan Humanist
    Afgan Humanist
    20 giorni fa

    Most awesome comebck in football history

  66. Zjef Van Acker
    Zjef Van Acker
    21 giorno fa

    Most stressful game for any Belgian soccer fan ever!

  67. Serge Shakhov
    Serge Shakhov
    21 giorno fa

    like vertonghen's goal. as for Belgium's comback that's actually the diff between experienced team and not

  68. Akhi Begum
    Akhi Begum
    21 giorno fa

    The numberless manicure practically list because patch proportionally preserve to a few fierce lily. miscreant, toothsome jellyfish

  69. Christian Ehrnsperger
    Christian Ehrnsperger
    21 giorno fa

    TIME IS SHORT - HOW TO BE SAVED : 1. Admit that you are a sinner. 2. Turn away from sin. (Repent) 3. Believe that Jesus Christ died for you, was buried and rose from the dead. 4. Through prayer, invite our HEAVENLY FATHER THROUGH JESUS CHRIST into your heart to become your Saviour.

  70. marcos fidel huayllino rojas
    marcos fidel huayllino rojas
    21 giorno fa

    Hola si buscan comentarios en español xd ;v

  71. woodchuckcider1
    22 giorni fa

    *Belgium getting dominated* "Wait a minute, we're a lot taller than the other team" *starts spamming crosses into the box area*

    1. Sebastiaan Wante
      Sebastiaan Wante
      15 giorni fa

      Dominated? yes Japan scores 2 first but what u mean dominating lol, did you watch the game? Belgium has issues finishing but if anyone was dominating anyone its belgium dominating japan hard.

  72. Hocida marim Hocida
    Hocida marim Hocida
    22 giorni fa

    Japan goalkeeper

  73. Rakha Hilmy
    Rakha Hilmy
    22 giorni fa

    Masi g rela jepang kalah😭😭

  74. 불의연
    22 giorni fa

    다시 봐도 쌤통..ㅋ

  75. Karn cool
    Karn cool
    22 giorni fa

    Love, Japan.

  76. Bé Na 1000K Vào timbantinhvn CHẤM com
    Bé Na 1000K Vào timbantinhvn CHẤM com
    22 giorni fa

    33:41 Hãy nuông chiều Bản thân nhưng đừng để nó “cám dỗ” Bạn quá mức. 🏗

  77. 짝쿵쿵
    22 giorni fa

    레전드 경기였지

  78. Vitali Vetrov
    Vitali Vetrov
    23 giorni fa

    respect for Japan....

  79. Lilkean.officiel
    23 giorni fa

    Je t’aime je te souhaite bon anniversaire je te dis à tout le week-end je te dis à tout le monde et la famille je te souhaite un bon week-end à toi et moi je est en famille avec ma famille et toi pk pk merci 🙏 que j’ai pas trop le droit à toi aussi je sais que je t’aime je sais que tu sais

  80. Kristi Garcia
    Kristi Garcia
    23 giorni fa

    The ambiguous propane lastly soak because box modestly rub astride a lazy banjo. cut, four frail deficit

  81. gold ship
    gold ship
    24 giorni fa


  82. Roukro San
    Roukro San
    24 giorni fa

    Most match made me crying for Japan 😭😭😭😭

  83. sunil rai
    sunil rai
    24 giorni fa

    Japanese played well

  84. T. NOY
    T. NOY
    24 giorni fa

    まじで夢見たな。ゴール前でスルーされた時は 「あ...」って止まったもんな笑

  85. fan
    24 giorni fa

    Man, Lukaku was brilliant on that last goal. Attracts all the attention in the box, probably has a decent look himself, but knows his teammate is trailing and leaves it.

  86. Jassem Shehadeh
    Jassem Shehadeh
    25 giorni fa

    Nigga why do u have to replay every single play like 10 times

  87. Mr Pes
    Mr Pes
    25 giorni fa

    I was watching the replay of inui's goal.. i was shocked that the ball doesn't even spin

    25 giorni fa

    foolish lukaku, lack vision , minutes 2:16

    25 giorni fa

    salut sama timnas jepang kala itu....bisa bikin belgia stress😀

  90. Lewi Yonas
    Lewi Yonas
    26 giorni fa

    Gw goal is one of the greatest counter attack goals all time

  91. Alessandro Carena
    Alessandro Carena
    26 giorni fa

    best match of the cup

  92. Shrewd Shrewd
    Shrewd Shrewd
    26 giorni fa

    ايه والله انه كاهن كنت اتوقع منه يفتح كتاب الله بعدما انتقدته ، فانفرد بقيل قال يقول قلقل

  93. covidmaker film
    covidmaker film
    26 giorni fa

    El primer gol de Belgica se lo come el arquero japones,el segundo es error del central ya que no salta bien y el tercero es una leccion de como contragolpear.

    26 giorni fa

    “No deben imponerse como verdades conceptos sobre los que existen dudas”. Miguel Servet

  95. Sarbjeet Kaur
    Sarbjeet Kaur
    26 giorni fa

    9:26 insane keeping

  96. PeruvianRony
    27 giorni fa

    Belgium literally only score in counter attacks with De Bruyne I seen the same scenario plenty of times….that’s all they c can score from…

  97. チェリー
    27 giorni fa


  98. hazri abdullah
    hazri abdullah
    27 giorni fa

    The most exciting match in WC2018.

  99. TRİTANO Pubg Mobile
    TRİTANO Pubg Mobile
    27 giorni fa