Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan Revisit Their Viral Gun Control Debate

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In this clip, Piers Morgan and I revisit our viral debate over the issue of gun control. I greatly appreciate Piers' willingness to accept my invitation to join the Sunday Special-especially given our well-documented policy disagreements. Piers was "cancelled" by the woke mob just a few weeks ago for absolutely no reason; it's extremely important that conservatives stand up against cancel culture in all of its manifestations. At this point, anyone to the right of AOC is being castigated out of society as deplorable and irredeemable, and things are only going to get worse from here. If you enjoyed our conversation, click the link below to watch the full episode!
Watch the full video here:
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  1. battousai07
    3 ore fa

    Yes let’s have actual discussions. Hopefully we get to the point where we actually think of solutions through creativity rather then constantly rehashing.

  2. MrMalditor
    3 ore fa

    Did he actually say "the preferred way of using of these 'assault rifles' " is mass shootings? The mental gymnastics to make that conclusion is astonishing.

  3. Twin Turbo LSX
    Twin Turbo LSX
    4 ore fa

    In his own argument, he admitted that once his country banned guns, the problem shifted to knives. He’s talking about machine guns like everybody has those. Only so many few people have the ability to own those.

  4. Dan Maul
    Dan Maul
    6 ore fa

    The problem is these gun control people want to hurt law abiding and not the criminals. We have dozens of laws on hand they don’t enforce. We do NOTHING to help mental illness!!! We just plain stopped punishing criminals, lowered sentences, erased sentences, pushed legalizing drugs, praised rioting/looting and violence against police. And not to mention a corrupt and the heinous acts of our govt over the last 10 years. Lets not forget, the 2nd Amendment was put in place so we can protect ourselves from our govt not for hunting or self defense. Even though that’s a God given right as well. Every country and dictator who murdered thousands and millions of their own people started with gun registries and gun control. When you have politicians calling for violence, helping “protesters” (terrorist) and falsifying charges against a sitting President. There’s reason to be alarmed.

  5. Dee B
    Dee B
    6 ore fa

    I don’t think Ben said enough in defense of the 2nd amendment. It is about government control. We do live in a nanny state. And when they’re talking about limiting the amount of ammo your allowed to have that’s too far. Unless there are sufficient grounds that an individual should not be allowed to have certain things there should be no other limits. And I agree smoking in public places should be a matter of individual owners choice, as he said. I personally would avoid going to places where it was allowed. The people need to make those decisions for themselves with their choices. In that sense and in that sense only do I support “cancel culture” but it should be a natural process of common sense not the masses following their idols of the cliff like lemmings.

  6. Genius1107
    7 ore fa

    As a non smoker I don’t care if someone smokes around me no one ever asked me what I think. I know that a little smoke ain’t going to kill me

  7. James Taite
    James Taite
    14 ore fa

    "only 400 die a year" wtf. As if to say - it's not a big deal. What if it was your daughter Ben? Plus its just such a lie. The number of deaths to guns in the US is about 35,000 a year. The 400 number is a unbelievable misrepresentation of the scale of the problem.

  8. The Goat
    The Goat
    17 ore fa

    This guy makes a lot of sense

  9. Eli Dyson
    Eli Dyson
    18 ore fa

    Illuminati talking to illuminati about illuminati responsibility

  10. T Mills
    T Mills
    19 ore fa

    I generally agree with most of what Piers has to say even when he's "incentive" about it. People need to hear the truth.

  11. Alfonso Ramirez
    Alfonso Ramirez
    21 ora fa

    Being from Mexico, I can tell you that if you get rid of guns only the bad guys(cartels) will have them.

  12. atsz
    21 ora fa

    Piers was the only one interrupting, but Ben was still very respectful, and piers interrupted less as it went on. It's a really good example of demonstrating respect, and someone of an opposing view recognizing that.

  13. Iamabarabbas
    22 ore fa

    Ak47 and AR’s are not assault rifles. Why are people so dumb. Assault rifles are machine guns.

  14. sasktactical
    22 ore fa

    Bizarre that Piers keeps on talking about the English “draconian response” as if it is a good thing. I always understood the word “draconian” as being negative.

  15. John Harpur
    John Harpur
    Giorno fa

    Bullets and Burgers???Is that a real place???

  16. Chase Me
    Chase Me
    Giorno fa

    I dont support the ban on machine guns. If the point of the second amendment is to be a check on the government then we need the same weapons as the government.

  17. Cringe2Win
    Giorno fa

    13:11 assault rifles? they're semis

  18. Cringe2Win
    Giorno fa

    12:49 Lol but you do need a more than 10 bullet magazine for antifa mobs on your tail

  19. christiaan Janeke
    christiaan Janeke
    Giorno fa

    Piers wants 100% of people not to die ever

  20. Cringe2Win
    Giorno fa

    Lmao ben shapiro supports bannign full autos so HE DOES THINK GUN CONTROL WORKS

  21. RAEN74
    Giorno fa

    I actually love Ben's interviews. He really listens and lets his guest speak.

  22. christiaan Janeke
    christiaan Janeke
    Giorno fa

    Love that you guys are talking!!!!! Great job both of you!

  23. Cringe2Win
    Giorno fa

    lol naziism is a right wing ideology

  24. Cringe2Win
    Giorno fa

    classical liberalism is garbage

  25. JaxWatchesandEDC
    Giorno fa

    The 2nd amendment is not about hunting Piers. Hitler also took the guns “for the children,” that worked out so well for the Jews........

  26. StreamHouse ZOID
    StreamHouse ZOID
    Giorno fa

    So by cultural reaction, you mean Government interference? Cultural would be a vote by where popular opinion decides. Creating legislation which isn't voted on by the general population but elected officials, is Government dictation.

  27. My Canada
    My Canada
    Giorno fa

    IT is FOOLISHNESS to try to change a country's society, better to CHANGE the society YOU ARE IN, BY MOVING.

  28. MTW
    Giorno fa

    Ben just sat there an let pierce spout out BS,GB is not the same as US there significant fundamental differences in rights, sovereignty, politics, territory, and geopolitical threats. It’s like comparing a grape to watermelon. We need more mental health facilities to not turn loose these insane people who pose a risk to others back into society, if you are mentally ill and have desire to harm people then you loose your rights, not the rest of society. If you are mentally ill and attempt to own or handle a firearm or ammunition are you go to prison for 10 years. If you provide access to someone your dwelling to a firearm or ammunition who is a mental ill person who wants to harm others your go to prison for 10 years. Process something like this One mental health professional submitted to two other randomly picked but trained mental health professionals for case review upon unanimous consent sent to a local county judge the judge issue the decree and search warrant the sheriff (not a deputy) delivers the decree to provided oversight to insure compliance which means a search warrant is completed, the firearms should be tagged and secured at county expense until and appeal, or transfer, or sale of firearms is complete with in 60days. But only trained mental health professionals can instigate the process, it’s not for those who are fixated on self harm but those fixated on harming others. By forcing the actual sheriff an elected official, the voters get a say, it limits the potential abuse of the system and upon delivery notification search and compliance the sheriff (not a deputy) enters the individuals name into a federal database of the mentally ill not fit for firearms, for which all other sheriff are notified If change of address (make self reporting required or noncompliance a mandatory 10years prison sentence) and mental health professionals can search this database during their normal practice administrative tasks (but not their staff). If the find mental health conditions changed they are obligated to report the individual is no longer a threat, goes for review, to judge, to the sheriff, and they have rights restored, if they pop back imap in the system a second time the ban is mandatory for life. Judges then are required to after a period of time confirm the sheriff did in fact register or restore rights and did do his job, if not they notify the governor, and the governor can remove the sheriff for non compliance The county boards of health’s would be required to validate access to metal health professionals, sheriffs, and judges, train the sheriffs and the judges on the process. The standards are set federally by advisory board elected by certified mental health professionals 2 from each state, and have annual reviews of all criteria and processes all vote are anonymous and reviews are online, to ensure all 100 did the actual work. All the funding would come from the federal government, DHS would administer deployment and maintenance of the IT system for federal databases, and ensure conformity across all counties. Non conformity means loss of all Federal funds. Include stiff false reporting penalties including and especially prison time, for anyone (judges, mental health workers, governors, sheriffs) wrongly striping a citizen of their rights, or conspiring to. Should be draconian, with checks in place, but if they (government) took it seriously I’d before this system.

  29. James Wright
    James Wright
    Giorno fa

    Just to see all those liberal's tears.

  30. James Wright
    James Wright
    Giorno fa

    Pity l can't hit the like button 1 million times.

  31. Joakim Salles
    Joakim Salles
    Giorno fa

    i liked only because of what u said in the end

  32. Zap_OP
    Giorno fa

    Vegas shooting doesn’t count. That was probably political for control over people.

  33. Pajarillaga, Vergel T.
    Pajarillaga, Vergel T.
    Giorno fa

    I never thought this would happen but here we our!

  34. Gilbert Couto
    Gilbert Couto
    Giorno fa

    Lmao. Limit the knives... lol dumb ass

  35. Gilbert Couto
    Gilbert Couto
    Giorno fa

    Its the knife ! Its the knife 🔪. Never mind the degenerate TV and Movies and Music manipulating our youth and adults. Here watch this evil violent input but lets take that knife away incase your angry

  36. Maddie Costa
    Maddie Costa
    Giorno fa

    Yes, you do need more than 10 rounds. Farmers on night hunts for hog and coyotes are more effective not having to worry about mag charges in the dark. Families concerned about home invasions involving more than one character; the very best trained shooters will take 4-5 shots to take down a criminal, so for a home invasion involving three or more people you’d need over 15 rounds just to deal with the threat...if you’re a good shooter. Also, 30 round mag are fun. Just make laws that criminals can’t use them.🙄

  37. Bjartur Thomsen
    Bjartur Thomsen
    Giorno fa

    The first time I agreed with Morgan

  38. Luke Bennett
    Luke Bennett
    Giorno fa

    Their first debate was more of a ego driven shouting match. This was a calm debate between two gents who are making good points and listening to one another.

  39. MrNoodles1981
    Giorno fa

    Interresting ending! I agree with on what piers said, "you have to do something". And even if you only get 1 gun back with a buy-back. Then atleast you would have done more than saying that it won't help. Its great to see these 2 going into a short debate again (especially after their previous encounter)

  40. Catalin Forcos
    Catalin Forcos
    Giorno fa

    cars are just as dangerous as guns. I say ban cars while we are at it. More people die every year from car accidents than gun shots. Especially outside the USA. Just ban cars.

  41. Carlos Castanheiro
    Carlos Castanheiro
    Giorno fa

    Hi Ben, I'm from Portugal, could you make a video explaining the difference between Republicans and Democrats? Are they just political parties or are their views different? Because I don't get why you need two parties if all your political views are the same. I mean, it's not like you have a Communist party. I just don't get it. Over here we got all these political parties and it's just so stupid, because they all say the same when it comes to being democratic,even the Communist party is now just a Democratic party, but they just use the parties to have an opposing view and this just influences people to vote on their party, because you're going to identify with that party and it changes how you think. There are certain parties that make sense, like ecological parties, monarchy parties etc, I mean they make sense. Why aren't Republicans and Democrats all the same party? Why is it that the fact of having a different opinion puts you in another party? Like for example, can a Republican have a different opinion about guns and still be a Republican? Growing up I was in literally every single political party in Portugal, I met all the big politicians, I even got the President to give me an autograph, but then I realized, later, that it's just stupid, you should back people you think are capable, not parties, it turns into football lol. You know what I mean? Like you identify with a team, you support that team, even if it is bad. Like it divides people. I'm sorry if I sound ignorant, I understand you need opposing in political decisions, but we have voting for that. Btw, I'm not a Communist or anything, I think Capitalism is great and it is freedom, but I like how America taxes the rich more than the poor, that's really sensible. I got out of politics because it's too much stress for me. I find it stupid that we have political parties with the same exact underlining notions of freedom, capitalism and anything else is just a matter of opinion and people don't need to be in a political party to vote. It's all just a circus of indoctrination to get people on your "football" team. Get me? By educating me, you educate others, Ben. Please do a video, thank you. Btw, I think you would be a great President, you're very intelligent, wise and you have a common sense, a logical view, that is always correct, regardless of public opinion, you're really brave and you work really hard, I admire that. God bless.

  42. Gianni Piscopo
    Gianni Piscopo
    Giorno fa

    Surely Ben should agree to the arguments for increased gun control?

  43. Bootsie Bootsie
    Bootsie Bootsie
    Giorno fa

    A gun defends your family a cigarette doesn’t 🤦🏻‍♂️

  44. ThisIsTheEndPt2
    Giorno fa

    10:45 - no, the murder rate did not go down in Australia after the Port Arthur massacre (not the Hobart massacre. They can't even get that small detail correct). There were no mass shootings in Australia before that and there haven't been any afterward. Australia isn't a country built on rebellion and guns. It was built on settlement and colonisation. In addition, the Port Arthur massacre was a FALSE FLAG OPERATION in order to use an easy target country to set up gun control in other western countries. You don't need to hear this from me. It's all the media ever talk about when they want to get rid of guns in America. The aspersions placed in this regard by both Ben and Piers is abhorrent and unresearched.

  45. ThisIsTheEndPt2
    Giorno fa

    9:00 - yeah, and these shootings are all FALSE FLAG EVENTS!!! Do some effing research, PIERS!!!

  46. ThisIsTheEndPt2
    Giorno fa

    8:00 - piers' son wasn't criminalised for asking for a non alcoholic beer. He was simply denied service of that particular beverage. There are dozens of other non alcoholic drinks he could've ordered. Such whinging. Get over it.

  47. ThisIsTheEndPt2
    Giorno fa

    7:00 - if you hand an Uzi to a child to fire and you die it's your fault, not the child's. Argument debunked.

  48. ThisIsTheEndPt2
    Giorno fa

    Ban drink driving.... People still drive under the influence. Ban smoking in public places... People still smoke. Ban guns from lawful gun owners for self defence.... Criminals still have guns.

  49. ThisIsTheEndPt2
    Giorno fa

    3:30 - "treat guns like public health" The right to DEFEND yourself has nothing to do with cigarette smoke. In fact, the right to be free FROM cigarette smokers is identical to the right to be able to defend yourself from criminals who shoot up clubs and churches, etc. Piers just owned himself. He's actually not smart. At all.

  50. ThisIsTheEndPt2
    Giorno fa

    0:25 - wrong. They are representatives, not bosses. The people are the bosses of them. The people tell them what the people want. The idea that people vote for politicians so they can tell the people what to do is so archaic and backward. The fact that Piers doesn't understand this shows the low level of intelligence in the news media.

  51. Game Glitch
    Game Glitch
    Giorno fa

    I hope all human being should behave like this.

  52. Alexis Nash
    Alexis Nash
    Giorno fa


  53. Mkhuseli Xashimba
    Mkhuseli Xashimba
    Giorno fa

    I want to debate this guy.... I could improve a lot.

  54. chantel rhine
    chantel rhine
    2 giorni fa

    Name one country where you cant have guns that's better than america. Their is none america is great because our founders beliefs there is no other place like it and we won't let socialist governments change it

  55. chantel rhine
    chantel rhine
    2 giorni fa

    Piers morgan is a socialist

  56. Rohit Achanta
    Rohit Achanta
    2 giorni fa

    The greatest loss for society is the lack of long, intelligent debates. When you hold a civil debate with people , you realize that most of us are actually a lot closer to each other in terms of our political beliefs. It builds empathy, trust and a culture of problem solving.

  57. Johann Yang
    Johann Yang
    2 giorni fa

    There needs to be 3-6 hour debates like this just two people respectfully debating a subject. You may never convince the other person but you get to understand the thought process of the other person

  58. Zain Aman
    Zain Aman
    2 giorni fa

    As a cigar smoker I can agree. I hold the right to smoke but I also have a responsibility to keep people around me safe. Massive respect for both the gentlemen.

  59. Be tty
    Be tty
    2 giorni fa

    How dare you?????

  60. Anandita Gangwar
    Anandita Gangwar
    2 giorni fa

    Ben is an absolute moron. Will be remembered on the wrong side of history. What a shyte legacy to leave behind.

  61. Ronin Rides
    Ronin Rides
    2 giorni fa

    Now this is a real political discussion shout outs to Ben and Piers for having the respect to do this especially after the first interaction.

  62. G Oliver
    G Oliver
    2 giorni fa

    Over simplistic arguments from Morgan.

  63. Fizzle Mynizzle
    Fizzle Mynizzle
    2 giorni fa

    This is a good debate... I miss this in media today

  64. sellarsd54
    2 giorni fa

    Piers' attempt to correlate drinking while driving, or smoking in public to gun ownership, is ridiculous. His assertion that a campaign similar to MADD would educate people who use firearms to do harm, would decrease gun deaths and irresponsible gun use, is absurd. There is simply no sane, rational person in the United States who isn't aware that the taking of another person's life, is illegal and wrong. Blaming the tool used to do harm, is akin to blaming your brush for a bad hair day.

  65. LateNightComic
    2 giorni fa

    All the top comments are talking about how respectful the conversation is instead of talking about the actual conversation. I think Piers brought up some amazing arguments for gun control and think those need to be discussed here instead.

  66. Proud Muslim
    Proud Muslim
    2 giorni fa

    I have a lot of respect for Morgan Piers now.

  67. westganton
    2 giorni fa

    Murder is a function of poor mental health. Focus there to make any real difference.

  68. Bfhffhfhchfhdh K
    Bfhffhfhchfhdh K
    2 giorni fa

    Something that never seems to get directly addressed is the difference between left and right thinking. The right tends to think in scales and numbers where as the left thinks terms of how shocking or terrifying something is. They never resolve any discourse about the clash between how many bodies per a year for various causes vs how much publicity they get. Like 400 or less bodies from rifles ( which might include all rifles regardless of rate of fire ) vs amount of children (in america) who die of so many other more subtle and ignored causes.

  69. Luke Moschetto
    Luke Moschetto
    2 giorni fa

    Where is the full video

  70. Charles Eakins
    Charles Eakins
    2 giorni fa

    Piers is wrong most mass shootings are with handguns.

  71. Jowen19831
    2 giorni fa

    Piers: is upset his sons freedom is so heavily regulated he can’t get a non alcoholic beer without an id. Yet are kids can go to the gun range. His lack of freedom is not a standard to which we should regulate our freedom to even out our rights. The gun range accident was tragic. But our ability to do dangerous things is what (freedom) is about. Freedom is not safety, freedom is not hand holding, freedom is not coddling

  72. nellz442
    2 giorni fa

    How about no. Simply no. A very few assholes shooting people even a hundred people still does NOT mean My firearms are the problem. Fists kill more people, Bee stings kill more people. Sandy hook... I have questions still. Even then, not my firearm. F off Piers

  73. Freedom Forever
    Freedom Forever
    2 giorni fa

    But while this was a great debate. What does it accomplish? I’m not giving up my guns nor my 30-40 round mags. A gun buyback and confiscation / outlawing these firearms is pure tyranny. Sure, piers Morgan was able to tell us what his views are, and this conversation was “civilized”. Yea great… but what he’s proposing is bullshyte, and I will not comply. Everything liberals want to do is impede on individuals rights, and we cannot allow it. So my point is, debating is utterly useless. We cannot coexist with people who have fundamental ideological differences in their idea of government intervention. They need to find their own place or country in the world and go there. Stop trying to destroy the US.

  74. Ojos Media
    Ojos Media
    2 giorni fa

    But he loves vaccine passports. Liberal comes from the word liberty

  75. Ian Helgerson
    Ian Helgerson
    2 giorni fa

    How many deaths by fists every year Piers? We gonna ban hands too? Everyone gonna walk around in handcuffs? The semi auto debate is the same as blacks killed by cops. Statistically almost a non issue but leftist propaganda creates delusional retards willing to be enslaved, to the point of fighting for it.

  76. Evan Harland
    Evan Harland
    2 giorni fa

    High gun crime? Ban guns. So knife crime goes up. Now let’s ban knives. So bat/club crime goes up. Now let’s ban those. Where does it stop Piers?

  77. Ian Helgerson
    Ian Helgerson
    2 giorni fa

    Piers, yes mass shootings are up. But where do 98% of mass shootings occur? Gun free zones. Get rid of gun free zones, mass shootings go down. Simple as that.

  78. TripleAstyle1 A
    TripleAstyle1 A
    2 giorni fa

    anyone "debating" Ben should just stay home.... you can't win. It's been proven over and over yet your dumb enough to try and be the first.

  79. robert lichtley
    robert lichtley
    2 giorni fa

    After the way Ben mocked people in New York for not knowing how much the rich payed in taxes I will no longer watch, he lost so much respect grow up.

  80. Scoobay Du
    Scoobay Du
    2 giorni fa

    I want a revisit to the Alex Jones interview

  81. John Smith
    John Smith
    2 giorni fa

    Piers came with some real good arguments here

  82. Jeremiah Fish
    Jeremiah Fish
    2 giorni fa

    But where does it end now you can't eat with spoons

  83. Jotham
    2 giorni fa

    Piers, I’m a non-smoker.... but if a business says, “we will permit smokers to smoke there,” that’s both their business. Then non-smokers can refrain from going there. No business should be forced to accommodate everyone at the same time. You think everyone is entitled to be pandered to

    3 giorni fa

    Both of them are shills...

  85. 123idreamjeannie
    3 giorni fa

    Cartels are sad because they’ll only have 10 round mags when this guy becomes Queen Karen, he’s just never had a gun pointed at him, or a loved one shot and killed meters from him because all he could do was hide, or had 5 gang members approach his front door with guns, Ban mags or weapons and the enemies advantage becomes greater and greater year by year, I’d say if the government offers 3x going rate for your guns(with your tax dollars) that’s a sign that you should keep them

  86. Maka Voi
    Maka Voi
    3 giorni fa

    Love the "like 👍 " explanation....scientific truth right there ladies and gentlemen (and lady-ladymen, manly-ladymen, terrestrial beings, fluidly formed esoteric zim/zers and the other 99 or so types of peepil)

  87. Monte P
    Monte P
    3 giorni fa

    Why are all of Ben’s guests douchebags?

  88. fatboyerik7
    3 giorni fa

    If Mr Morgans argument is correct then why don't we ban vehicles, because of public health. Vehicles kill more people a year then guns do , so how is that not a national health issue. He wants a nanny state.

  89. Emmett Hill
    Emmett Hill
    3 giorni fa

    I liked this discussion, Ben and Piers. Ben, you demonstrated your listening skills. You did great. Piers, you demonstrated you have an actual opinion that isn't for TV. You did great. Kudos, gents.

  90. Carl David
    Carl David
    3 giorni fa

    I'd just like to say, assuming nobody yet has, is that Americans don't have the 2nd amendment for hunting and sport shooting. In fact, why we have the second amendment is becoming more and more apparent these days under the Biden administration.

  91. Timothy Kelly
    Timothy Kelly
    3 giorni fa

    The problem is he actually believes what he says. Now the reason we hav that right so if the goverbment becomes too tyranical, the American people can fight the government, dismantle it and rebuild and not have a dictator what what britian has. If people abided by the current gun laws they’d work. But the issue isn’t law biding citizens. Criminal will always break the law and do what they want. The more armed civilians are, the more likely crime will decrease because no one wants to be shot and killed. Gun abolishment is not the answer. And never will be. Getting criminals off the street is. That’s why you need politicians, lawyers, and judges to follow the law and not break them

  92. Andres Felipe
    Andres Felipe
    3 giorni fa

    I wonder if lower rates of drunk driving accidents have more to do with uber than any campaign.

  93. jmbrentnall
    3 giorni fa

    first time I've watched a video from Shapiro. They spend most of this video talking in a mature way, listening to each other and presumably reaching some points of consensus... then at the end "like this video to generate a leftist tear". Well done Ben, now you look like a foolish child.

  94. Amal John
    Amal John
    3 giorni fa

    This was a good debate

  95. Arnowa 9
    Arnowa 9
    3 giorni fa

    I see two individuals who do care about the issues and are talking about ways they could get fixed. Piers looks good in this debate.

  96. Graeme Bell
    Graeme Bell
    3 giorni fa

    I think Piers is just changing his tune now he wants to get in bed with Fox. Sounds like he trying to win the conservative viewer... bit stinky IMO.

  97. Ron Banks
    Ron Banks
    3 giorni fa

    You cannot compare a gun to a car as a gun is a right and a car is a privilege

  98. Kelly K
    Kelly K
    3 giorni fa

    Ban all democrats from owning guns. Murder rate would drop by 90%. Common sense gun laws.

  99. luke. P
    luke. P
    3 giorni fa

    Piers argued his case well

  100. Berserker
    3 giorni fa

    Yes. Someone is even so stupid that they aren't able to turn of their camera before admitting that they're sellouts to big corp and cancel culture. Big brain chickenhawk Ben calling the general person dumb.. Isn't that something. It's beyond me that anyone would take this little boy seriously on any level on any matter. What a joke.