NINEYARD - Create Playgrounds | Fabio Wibmer, Kai Haase, Viki Gómez

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Taking over Frankfurt city with Fabio Wibmer, Kai Haase \u0026 Viki Gomez in pure NINEYARD style.

No matter where you are or what you do, the essence of NINEYARD is to make everything your playground.

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Music | ASAP Ferg - Floor Seats
Filmed by | Alexander Osmalek, Marius Prell, Cinequads
Edit | Marius Prell
Photography | Hannes Berger
Sound | Adrian Zielinski
BTS | Alexander Schöll, Lisa Allihn

Thank you guys!


    22 minuti fa

    It's like iPhone ad

  2. عبدالرحمن الأنسان
    عبدالرحمن الأنسان
    Ora fa

    Disaster of corona war and climate war will surely intensify Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad 3-5-2021 Hgggfr

  3. fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh
    Ora fa

    I love how Fabio and Kai are riding all around the city, and then there is Viki just spinning on his BMX! Awesome video!

  4. Peter Burton
    Peter Burton
    2 ore fa

    The filming and editing was amazing! Too bad it was let down by the awful rap crap. I had to turn the volume off.

  5. Marcos #19
    Marcos #19
    4 ore fa

    Vídeo muito louco , caralhoooo, parabéns 👌🙏🏻

  6. Moha Crepe
    Moha Crepe
    6 ore fa

    Amazing as usual ❤

    1. fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh
      Ora fa

      Best video I have ever seen

  7. Micha Medarmy
    Micha Medarmy
    7 ore fa

    Amazing work! Wow!

  8. Krapfen Krapfen
    Krapfen Krapfen
    8 ore fa

    Du und Sascha Huber leistet mehr als unsere Boys in der EM.

  9. vasilije 4zzz
    vasilije 4zzz
    8 ore fa


  10. بريم /Brim
    بريم /Brim
    8 ore fa

    it îs easy

  11. Luc Grégoire
    Luc Grégoire
    8 ore fa

    WOW kill the game

  12. Go Cross
    Go Cross
    8 ore fa

  13. kristoffer refsnes
    kristoffer refsnes
    9 ore fa

    crazy!!! Way up there! 100/100

  14. Harsh Singhaniya
    Harsh Singhaniya
    9 ore fa

    It feels like I am an action movie. Video shoot and edit is just awesome.

  15. bochumer junge
    bochumer junge
    9 ore fa

    Okay WOW !!!!

  16. Cr4zy Clips
    Cr4zy Clips
    10 ore fa

    Insane Skill and insane editing skills combined... I love this video

  17. Markus Hingele
    Markus Hingele
    10 ore fa

    Nur ein zehntel aller Aufrufe lassen einen Daumen nach oben da? Tut das weh auf die Hand zu klicken?

  18. Hrisshad Talegaonkkar
    Hrisshad Talegaonkkar
    10 ore fa

    I wish I could do this in front of my gf

  19. Majora's Mask
    Majora's Mask
    11 ore fa


  20. Chef Florian 2
    Chef Florian 2
    11 ore fa

    omg so good !!! Respect :)

  21. David Streimelweger
    David Streimelweger
    12 ore fa

    Best video I have ever seen

  22. bruh
    13 ore fa

    1:20 is this the white A$AP Rocky

  23. Bobby Quintero
    Bobby Quintero
    13 ore fa


  24. Javier Hidalgo
    Javier Hidalgo
    13 ore fa


  25. Lennis Münch
    Lennis Münch
    13 ore fa

    Nice Fabio

  26. Fels8
    13 ore fa

    wow next level

  27. Severus Real
    Severus Real
    13 ore fa

    wwwwoooooooooooooooooowwwwww eeeeeeepic urban assault video!

  28. Игорь Ульянов
    Игорь Ульянов
    14 ore fa


  29. Estevam Vicente gameplays
    Estevam Vicente gameplays
    14 ore fa


  30. 77.r4drix
    15 ore fa

    omg amazing

  31. Özer Uğur
    Özer Uğur
    15 ore fa

    I love you

    15 ore fa

    Fabio cannon "sick" on you😀😀😀

  33. Andyke
    16 ore fa

    I dont know people who hate u

  34. Sebastian Schindlholzer
    Sebastian Schindlholzer
    16 ore fa

    sauwa fabio

  35. Anno Domine
    Anno Domine
    17 ore fa

    Einfach nur Sick 👍🏻👍🏻🙀

  36. lcf34
    19 ore fa

    Nice, but we don't need petrol engines in cities anymore ;-) let's move on!

  37. bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu
    19 ore fa

    I’m a editor and this is insane!!

  38. Tanzir Rahman Shazid
    Tanzir Rahman Shazid
    21 ora fa

    Me:Wow You:Why? Me:Awesomee You:Ooh

  39. Samet Polat
    Samet Polat
    21 ora fa


  40. BirLuca
    23 ore fa


    1. bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu
      19 ore fa

      heftigstes video ever

  41. Marvin Skribbe
    Marvin Skribbe
    23 ore fa

    Habe noch nie ein Video gesehen was so krank geschnitten ist

  42. Mathew Soji
    Mathew Soji
    Giorno fa

    Me: trying to do this on my bike 😂

  43. IANN AHA
    Giorno fa

    Ablen español

  44. dudu kane
    dudu kane
    Giorno fa


  45. Muruk Vier39
    Muruk Vier39
    Giorno fa


  46. sabrina löbe
    sabrina löbe
    Giorno fa

    am bike die sperrklinken entfernt, fabio bescheisst,

  47. yamatoyakenjin
    Giorno fa

    That DH bike has freecoaster hub! Are they any good? Just for street stunts?

  48. Dustyn Alt
    Dustyn Alt
    Giorno fa

    What a sick video guys!💯

  49. Julia Weber
    Julia Weber
    Giorno fa

    Freakin awesome

  50. Whorainsone Example
    Whorainsone Example
    Giorno fa

    Wyld fabio🤟

  51. Lenny#288
    Giorno fa

    So ein Abnormal Geiles Video Sick

  52. Александр Мотов
    Александр Мотов
    Giorno fa

    Красавчик, видос просто бомба🚀

  53. Upi
    Giorno fa

    Никто Абсолютно никто Рандомные челы играющие в байк:

  54. Matys Petitbon
    Matys Petitbon
    Giorno fa


  55. AustrianAlpsPilotBiker
    Giorno fa

    heftigstes video ever

  56. Xavier Di Meglio
    Xavier Di Meglio
    Giorno fa

    Other dimension ?

  57. Mohemad El
    Mohemad El
    Giorno fa


  58. Mohemad El
    Mohemad El
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  59. Tim Mtb
    Tim Mtb
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  60. Tim Mtb
    Tim Mtb
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  61. Tim Mtb
    Tim Mtb
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  62. Tim Mtb
    Tim Mtb
    Giorno fa

    . . .

  63. Michu N
    Michu N
    Giorno fa

    Poland 😍

  64. Beat Saber Noob
    Beat Saber Noob
    Giorno fa

    Ive always wanted to ride down a bridge like that

  65. Dg Gg
    Dg Gg
    Giorno fa

    Cadê os br ? 🇧🇷

  66. serry ciok
    serry ciok
    Giorno fa

    The editing and filming is totally Hollywood level

  67. adri
    Giorno fa

    sehr nice produziert usw. aber leider muss ich sagen, dass bis auf den stairgap am ende das schon eine recht "schwache" leistung von fabio war, der bmxer und motocrossfahrer haben nen soliden guten job abgeliefert aber fabio kann deutlich mehr. trotzdem ein gutes video, freue mich auf mehr

      Giorno fa

      Er war verletzt

  68. VASU APO
    Giorno fa

    It's good to see you back wibmer

  69. MTB라이더 지민
    MTB라이더 지민
    Giorno fa

    한글 댓글은 나밖에 없나?........

  70. GTR'sAdventures
    Giorno fa

    Oh dear 😕

  71. Toer Status
    Toer Status
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    Wish you a very very happy returns of the day bro in advance 30/6/2021 . Love from 🇮🇳🇮🇳INDIA🇮🇳🇮🇳

  72. fouad bellouza
    fouad bellouza
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  73. Wodan
    Giorno fa

    Gutes Video, aber das Lied war echt furchtbar...

  74. Mountainbike Kings
    Mountainbike Kings
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  75. Tbiker 22
    Tbiker 22
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  76. Emran Sunny
    Emran Sunny
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  77. Gregor Kurz
    Gregor Kurz
    Giorno fa

    Why are there people who don`t like the video and don´t let a thumb up

  78. Antonio Ruggieri
    Antonio Ruggieri
    Giorno fa

    bro you have a jump of quality congratulation

    Giorno fa

    മലയാളി Like adi

  80. Biraz Zone
    Biraz Zone
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    1. WALKOUT Boss
      WALKOUT Boss
      Giorno fa


  81. Bartha Bela
    Bartha Bela
    Giorno fa

    Einfach geil

  82. AJC PRO
    Giorno fa

    Gg bro

  83. ST sashuke
    ST sashuke
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    Comback :))

  84. TheJUNIOR [FF]•
    TheJUNIOR [FF]•
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  85. Padma Manjari Devi
    Padma Manjari Devi
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  86. FF Raden
    FF Raden
    2 giorni fa

    Behind the scene please

    2 giorni fa

    As always 🔥

  88. Paul Doley
    Paul Doley
    2 giorni fa

    Drone shots are on point. Finally a DOPE bike video. Included the best of 2 wheels. BMX the original OG’s, FMX and Moto & DH MTB. Mad props

  89. NØ'BØY 參
    NØ'BØY 參
    2 giorni fa

    Whats song is this?

  90. Aphiwe Gumede
    Aphiwe Gumede
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  91. Patrick Dabrowski
    Patrick Dabrowski
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  92. Alex Thomas
    Alex Thomas
    2 giorni fa

    Next level

  93. Mi -
    Mi -
    2 giorni fa

    2:23 the music with the shot of the guy chillin on the dinosaur DAMNNNN good lord!!!

  94. Mi -
    Mi -
    2 giorni fa

    einfach wieder einen brutalen film rausgeballert !! top tier musik wahl

  95. seyrox
    2 giorni fa

    Pls wieder mit elias sick series

  96. Dock McCliff
    Dock McCliff
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    So geil

  97. Montse Gil Pallisé
    Montse Gil Pallisé
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  98. Leonise editS
    Leonise editS
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    The Best edit

  99. RealAntoox
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