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  1. Ascent Gunns
    Ascent Gunns
    8 ore fa

    My pc is trash this always happens and everytime it happens i shut it down because one it doesnt finish it could go on forever and not update one time i waited an hour and it was still there and 2 my pc shuts down everyday like 9 times a day and i want a new pc because ive been dealing with this problem for 173642 days now if you guys have any tips for me i would love that but ive basically did everything

  2. Jürgen Erhard
    Jürgen Erhard
    8 ore fa

    That SATA part is "wonderful": the example shows 5 SATA power connectors on the PSU, but just 2 on the MB. And given it's the MB, I'd fully expect each connector to support only *one* SATA drive. So, from up 10 HDDs down to just 4 (or even just 2). Yay! Progress!

  3. noxious89123
    8 ore fa

    this is all nonsense anyway. It only makes PSUs more efficient, it doesn't make the whole machine more efficient. You're just moving the 3.3v and 5v conversion to the motherboard. I bet an averagely good quality PSU does it more efficiently than an averagely good quality motherboard does, considering that efficiency is one of the few selling points of a good PSU.

  4. Reuel Tapia
    Reuel Tapia
    8 ore fa

    I've seen your face in three channels. Is that you?

  5. Jordan Sklar
    Jordan Sklar
    8 ore fa

    intel core 2 duo intel core i7 3770 thats the cpu i have or the core i7 4770 or the pentium 4

  6. Sven
    8 ore fa

    They are just gonna start shoveling 12v PSUs and make us put a stepdown box in the computer along with it. Making cables even more of a mess and ultimately not solving a damn thing.

  7. noxious89123
    8 ore fa

    0:08 Yes. My stupid type4 Corsair cables have a huge chungus of capacitors built into the cables, they're about as flexible and compliant as a broom handle.

  8. Massehullah Farokh
    Massehullah Farokh
    8 ore fa

    6 years later and you realize Linus using cheap lipsticks coloring his teeth. Thanks ITsuns algorithm

  9. SiGNe
    8 ore fa

    I hope not, i think it's weird that a motherboard has to provide the 3,3V and 5V power and not the powersupply. it takes up space for other components.

  10. Jamey Summers
    Jamey Summers
    8 ore fa

    Hey wait a minute!!! tomatobisque.dll is not in my file list! Damn!

  11. Yakuza_Suske
    8 ore fa

    The thing is my old laptop turned off because of low battery when it was installing windows and it literally broke my pc. I couldn't turn it on or even boot up.

  12. Rexxify
    8 ore fa

    I answer these calls by cussing them out or playing p**n in the background and they hang right away unless they r u know wut

  13. Shaun Nathanson
    Shaun Nathanson
    8 ore fa

    Clickbait bru

  14. Virtuality
    8 ore fa

    Linus: 'And the point at which today's story ends' Windows 11: *Not so fast.*

  15. A rock
    A rock
    9 ore fa

    I turned off my laptop during this video

  16. HummusLord
    9 ore fa

    short answer no long answer noooooooooooooo

  17. Charles Inman
    Charles Inman
    9 ore fa

    What about the stupid pins for power off and shit like that?

  18. Massimo Battaglia
    Massimo Battaglia
    9 ore fa

    nice video

  19. Spinel
    9 ore fa

    "don't turn off your pc" Me: ok I'ma be gone til you're done *Power outage joins the chat* Me: haha jokes on you I'm using a laptop :)

  20. Ashish Kalam
    Ashish Kalam
    9 ore fa

    I use edge but I guess that's still chrome

  21. Adam Shaben
    Adam Shaben
    9 ore fa

    I'm running somewhere between 3 and 6 mbps. Thts with 1 playstation,1 xbox,1 laptop and 3 phones. Lmao FML

  22. michael jeacock
    michael jeacock
    9 ore fa

    what a turkey. he must have scraped the gutter to frame such foul jokes. he really should have split after striking out so bad.

  23. Toywerty II
    Toywerty II
    9 ore fa

    Me: (Taps video thinking of is a skit) Video: This is what is happening during a Windows update Not disappointed

  24. Ziyad Muwafaq
    Ziyad Muwafaq
    9 ore fa

    My computer is stuck at 81% and I’ve restarted my computer 2 times.

  25. 9753flyer
    9 ore fa

    While not 'morse' code it is code.. it will beep a specific number of times depending on the result of the POST depending on what it finds. Additional beeps means a problem and can be traced to the subsystem with the problem by looking at the BIOS manufacturers BIOS Beep Codes

  26. Leon Ritchie
    Leon Ritchie
    9 ore fa

    I thought the 3.3v and 5v was for the sata and the vrb and disc drive and the bridges

  27. P.
    9 ore fa

    f**k Intel

  28. Jean Corriveau
    Jean Corriveau
    9 ore fa

    My main web browser is Brave, Vivaldi, next.

  29. Self Indulgent Gamer
    Self Indulgent Gamer
    9 ore fa

    Windows 10, Microsofts biggest lie! yet the best O.S. to date IMO :)

  30. Kelig Avignon
    Kelig Avignon
    9 ore fa

    I got a dual E5 2630L for my homelab, and welp, I can't administrate more than 2 VM sooooo that was overkill lmao

  31. Seldom Pooper
    Seldom Pooper
    9 ore fa

    Don't blame the connector. You idiots could use common sense and lay the computer cabinet flat instead of upright position to plug all the components and cable. It's the ideal way.

  32. captain punch
    captain punch
    9 ore fa

    I get worried about breaking my 24 pin connector

  33. Thanasislt1997
    10 ore fa

    load AX, BX INT 21H

  34. Evan Keefe
    Evan Keefe
    10 ore fa


  35. Random dumb guy ՞֊՞
    Random dumb guy ՞֊՞
    10 ore fa

    I always was intrested in that, but i was too afraid something will happen to my laptop

  36. Mathieu Paquette
    Mathieu Paquette
    10 ore fa

    the 12VO is dumb and stupid. I said it.

  37. Front Row Dota
    Front Row Dota
    10 ore fa

    What about when you are resting a pc.

  38. Facu Lema
    Facu Lema
    10 ore fa

    2025: using 5 thunderbolts to power your motherboard

  39. Dead_eye 189
    Dead_eye 189
    10 ore fa

    Ah yes cable management what is this cable management

  40. FlightSimCraver
    10 ore fa

    Firefox and Edge all the way. You need 1million terabytes of ram to run chrome.

  41. [IDMCI]
    10 ore fa


  42. ClxwexPLAYZ ඞ
    ClxwexPLAYZ ඞ
    10 ore fa

    the real answer Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Video) - ITsuns wait thats not a link

  43. Sumeet Patond
    Sumeet Patond
    11 ore fa

    The fact that Windows 11 is going to happen.

  44. Ayumu Aikawa
    Ayumu Aikawa
    11 ore fa

    I'm actually concerned with motherboard brand that might simply makes the 5V for sata a premium or using some crap quality component for the conversion

  45. bkbomb
    11 ore fa

    Isn't it about time SATA should be discontinued though? The only SATA thing I have is the fan hub of my case, but my storage is in m.2 slots

  46. Dragonflame 7155
    Dragonflame 7155
    11 ore fa

    Imagine thinking ten would be the last version

  47. Tech Cube
    Tech Cube
    11 ore fa

    Linus: "For ITsuns and Netflix you need between 5-10Mbps for smooth experience" Me: Watching this video in HD at an avrage of 0.5 Mbps with no lag

  48. Hawk Red
    Hawk Red
    11 ore fa

    Guys, why are we not focusing on the cursed front panel connectors? Yeah sure usb 3.0 and 24 pin suck but......front panel connectors? Those are the ABSOLUTE FUCKING WORST.

  49. Kosmonaut
    11 ore fa

    The i7-4790K is one of the best cpus ever made. It's legendary and still pushing FPS in games. It's the most favourite cpu I ever owned, and will probably have the longest life among all cpus. From AMD, I do agree, the Athlon 64 was formidable, especially considering the selling price. Phenom X4 were also really great, before Intel launched Core architecture.

  50. George Symeonides
    George Symeonides
    11 ore fa

    I've never had an issue with the 24-pin connector.

  51. NOTNEON 18
    NOTNEON 18
    11 ore fa

    At first I remember doing this but a minute later In The video I realized I do this when my pc crashes

  52. Jon Lastimosa
    Jon Lastimosa
    11 ore fa

    Why Windows Server 2016 takes too long when updating?

  53. Paraskevi Triatafyllidou
    Paraskevi Triatafyllidou
    11 ore fa

    my mom did that and we had to format the pc

  54. Inky Inside
    Inky Inside
    11 ore fa

    Lol dis happen to me My computer cannot open any apps Send help

  55. Therealkeewaa
    11 ore fa

    I did this and uhhhh it broke my laptop and it spent like 20 mins trying to fix itself and managed to fix itself

  56. Stan Szeto
    Stan Szeto
    12 ore fa

    Is it just one 12 volt regulated source or are each pair individually regulated? If it is just one I'd go with just two flat braided heavy gauged wires. It seems like the concept of going to just 12 volts is to tidy things up. If that's the goal it also seems like if you have the skill to build your own PC it is just a little more work to cut and crimp your own cables.

  57. Stoffi Dus
    Stoffi Dus
    12 ore fa

    Sandy bridge made a big performance jump

  58. Hungrige Katze
    Hungrige Katze
    12 ore fa

    I did it before i lookedthis video :( Now its stuck forever Its soo old i can't makeanything

  59. john doe
    john doe
    12 ore fa

    The bane of my existence is the 20+4 pin connector, 24 pin just fine

  60. Amine hl
    Amine hl
    12 ore fa

    you came to watch this because it's Anthony

  61. SuperWhisk
    12 ore fa

    I like the idea of this, but given how cramped my atx motherboard already looks I don't know how they would put more than two sata power connectors on the board as shown here.

  62. Aubrey
    12 ore fa

    oh yeah windows update my gooey

  63. Ethan
    12 ore fa

    The 24-pin connecter was the reason I almost snapped my motherboard on my first PC build. I ended up having to jam my finger behind it and let the motherboard crush it for leverage. My finger was sore for 2 days.

  64. Filtiarn
    12 ore fa

    This video is out of date now lol. Only after 2 weeks of posting.

  65. darkavenger10k
    12 ore fa

    Cable routing place and grommets?? Should have build PC's years ago then.

  66. Leijona Miau
    Leijona Miau
    12 ore fa

    Windows Vista has been corrupted.

  67. Mr. Doggo
    Mr. Doggo
    12 ore fa

    Dang bro. Jesus loves you btw

  68. Alain Martel
    Alain Martel
    12 ore fa

    On the 24 pins connectors, there are several connectors for most tensions. There are some circuits that may still need +5 and -5 volts. There is that -12 volt. The 3.3 volt pin was for the CPU. Now, most CPU no longer need it. If your new connector need any auxiliary connector, then, it's conception is flawed. Back to the drawing board.

  69. Eroth Gaming
    Eroth Gaming
    12 ore fa

    What do I do if it says "Your pc ran"?

  70. Jordan Velazquez
    Jordan Velazquez
    12 ore fa

    Maybe make the connector connect sideways?

  71. The SeanUhTron
    The SeanUhTron
    12 ore fa

    I've got no problems with going to 12VO. I got rid of my last SATA device when I replaced my 4TB HDD with a 2TB NVME SSD.

  72. Jeffrey Photonboy
    Jeffrey Photonboy
    12 ore fa

    Was that a "Christmas Vacation" joke at the end? (...ah, Randy Quaid back when he just pretended to be crazy...)

  73. youcef slimani
    youcef slimani
    13 ore fa

    Please make video about why computers are so slow when you connected to the internet

  74. ThereMightBePancakes
    13 ore fa

    Can we actually get a standard on something that actually is a pain like front panel power/reset/led connections?

  75. be b
    be b
    13 ore fa

    man, this clickbait sucks. why not give it a more accurate title like "The 24-Pin Connector Didn't Just DIE... It was MURDERED"?

  76. youcef slimani
    youcef slimani
    13 ore fa

    What's chromium app do?