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  1. CgGoil
    3 minuti fa

    The melody playing the studio properbly made it a lot easier for the players...

  2. james bohnenkamp
    james bohnenkamp
    Ora fa

    i guessed "kiss"

  3. Internet Tough Guy
    Internet Tough Guy
    Ora fa

    I got 3 right but only because they used characters names in them otherwise I would have gotten none. They felt like too much of a clue

  4. Chesco
    2 ore fa

    Wow, i said ‘Queen’ We Will Rock You!

  5. Keto
    2 ore fa

    still wating for shin megami tensei question....

  6. The Shadow
    The Shadow
    3 ore fa

    Honestly, Kevin is my least favorite shark. It made me happy to see that he was in the negatives

  7. DogFather0802
    4 ore fa

    I spent almost 50 years of my life immersed in the AFL/NFL. Given the events of the past five years, and the fact that I don’t watch anymore, these people look brilliant to me for never wasting their time on it.

  8. WisdomVendor1
    4 ore fa


  9. Razzle Dazzle
    Razzle Dazzle
    5 ore fa

    Wow, seeing the category I thought this was going to be really, easy, then the question tripped me up and I couldn't decide between Seoul and Pyongyang, and then I realized I mixed up west and east.

    1. Dylan Simon
      Dylan Simon
      7 minuti fa


  10. Austin B
    Austin B
    5 ore fa

    We need a neutral jeopardy host not cooper, Rodgers, kouric or any other dumbass liberal

  11. SB500
    5 ore fa

    The returning champion returns on May 31st with Mayim Bialik taking hosting duties after JNOC.

  12. Carson George
    Carson George
    5 ore fa

    Psh, I feel like you can’t have a complete life without knowing about Elder Scrolls.

  13. Alfonso Munoz
    Alfonso Munoz
    6 ore fa

    Buncha mickey mouse questions.

  14. MrHmg55
    6 ore fa

    I thought Fleetwood Mac ("Don't Stop"), then had the d'oh moment when I remembered too late that that was an optimistic SEVENTIES anthem!

  15. Thomas G
    Thomas G
    6 ore fa

    I want to see yesterday's FJ

  16. dylan English
    dylan English
    6 ore fa

    I love the idea of someone asking what is 16 and someone answering with this weird riddle about "band math"

  17. John Fleming
    John Fleming
    6 ore fa

    Alright to Jordan's credit he did name *an* RPG just the wrong one, and matched up Halo and Bungie. Better than most people who don't play many video games would do.

  18. Justin Glick
    Justin Glick
    6 ore fa

    This guy would be a good pick for host. I wanted Neil Degrasse Tyson to host, but he turned down the opportunity.

  19. Shane Inkster
    Shane Inkster
    6 ore fa

    People who were there last season or earlier in the current season might seem to find Jeopardy! kind of different because Alex Trebek is no longer with us he’s with Art Fleming, Don Pardo, Jack Clark, Merv Griffin, Charlie O’Donnell, Cindy Stowell, Larry Martin, Brayden Smith, & Sara Holub

  20. ken karwoski
    ken karwoski
    6 ore fa

    Turkey is also in Europe!

  21. ken karwoski
    ken karwoski
    6 ore fa

    Congratulations on Amanda's third win and if she wins two more games, she'll qualify for the next Tournament of Champions and I'm SO EXCITED for the Tournament of Champions and I can't wait. Now as I move on to Bill Whitaker and he did an AMAZING job guest hosting and I liked his voice and personality and sadly, all good things have to come to an end and Bill, you did a GREAT job and I enjoyed the past two weeks and I look forward to seeing Buzzy Cohen guest host the 2021 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions and it's going to be fun. Once again, thank you Mr. Whitaker for the MARVELOUS job you did guest hosting the past two weeks and I will miss you, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, "Thank you, Alex!"

  22. Alfonso Munoz
    Alfonso Munoz
    6 ore fa

    I suck. I guessed Istanbul.

  23. ken karwoski
    ken karwoski
    6 ore fa

    I'm surprised there wasn't a five-time champion yet; it wouldn't matter, because they would have to qualify for next year's Tournament of Champions because, this Tournament of Champions is already locked!

  24. legoboy0109
    7 ore fa

    Dang, I knew all of them, but I only knew Destiny because of mentioning Bungie. I haven't played the Destiny games.

  25. ken karwoski
    ken karwoski
    7 ore fa

    Just out of curiosity, what nationality is Vice President Kamala Harris's husband?

  26. reefready Darin
    reefready Darin
    7 ore fa

    Journey is not a rock band they`re a suck band

  27. OneWeirdDude
    7 ore fa

    That guy has a soothing voice.

  28. TheRandomRedSoxGuy
    7 ore fa

    Yeee I got it 😎 Although he’s pronouncing it “Anker-uh.” I always thought it was “Ahn-kar-ah.” 🤔

  29. Jokino
    7 ore fa

    I never felt so smart in my life.

  30. queenkejee
    7 ore fa

    Can Johnny Gilbert guest host after the tournament please

  31. Adam Shariff
    Adam Shariff
    7 ore fa

    The tournament of champions is going to be awesome

  32. Elijah Robinson
    Elijah Robinson
    7 ore fa

    Karen looks to be VERY healthy (and pretty). With lungs like that she ain’t getting Covid.

  33. chad ho
    chad ho
    8 ore fa

    Bill it was nice Working you.

  34. Warren Higgins
    Warren Higgins
    8 ore fa

    I guessed Kiev. And I thought Istanbul was Turkish capitol. I hate to shit on the guest hosts, but I think only Ken Jennings has nailed it and he is such a perfect replacement.

    1. Daniel Lam
      Daniel Lam
      7 ore fa

      I guessed Jerusalem at first, it threw me off since Israel is less than 100 years old.

    2. David Ellis
      David Ellis
      7 ore fa

      So did I

    3. John Induisi
      John Induisi
      8 ore fa

      I guessed Istanbul as well

  35. Skrewdrivr
    8 ore fa

    And we’re going to cut to our second break. Producers: What. The fuck. Were we thinking.

  36. Адлен Муатс
    Адлен Муатс
    8 ore fa

    Dear Amanda. It's Kyiv, not Kiev)

    1. David Ellis
      David Ellis
      8 ore fa

      In the 🇬🇧& 🇺🇸 we spell it that way. 😎

  37. Chris Finch
    Chris Finch
    8 ore fa

    Congratulations, Bill, for your two weeks of guest-hosting JEOPARDY! and we’ll see you on the other side on CBS during “60 Minutes”. And we’ll see Buzzy Cohen for the Tournament of Champions, starting this upcoming Monday. Once again, thank you Bill, but most importantly, “thank you, Alex Trebek”.

  38. Games and Toilets Productions
    Games and Toilets Productions
    8 ore fa

    I am so looking forward to the TOC! Also congrats to Amanda on her third win after a string of leader curses. I hope she can keep it going after the TOC!

    1. Games and Toilets Productions
      Games and Toilets Productions
      7 ore fa

      @OneWeirdDude leader curse means that a contestant has not won more than three games and has not extended his or her wins in jeopardy after just one day on the show. Thank you Bill for hosting jeopardy and we all appreciate what you've done so far.

    2. OneWeirdDude
      7 ore fa

      What's a leader curse?

  39. Devastinator
    8 ore fa

    Tournament of Champions should be an interesting one.

    1. OneWeirdDude
      7 ore fa


  40. Major Old Lady aka, Mom
    Major Old Lady aka, Mom
    8 ore fa

    Is anyone else out there tired of the short clips?? Where are the FULL episodes?? Anyone?

    1. Neil
      Ora fa

      @ Major Old Lady aka, Mom The show is broadcast every night at 7:30pm on NBC. Do you not own a TV? 🤷‍♂️

    2. June Berry
      June Berry
      6 ore fa

      @Daniel Craig nice job. Now that channel will get taken down too. Way to go. 😕

    3. Daniel Craig
      Daniel Craig
      8 ore fa


  41. Chaz titan
    Chaz titan
    8 ore fa

    show could be reached to many more millions if it wasnt for such a dry boring host

  42. David Ellis
    David Ellis
    8 ore fa

    Kiev is in the 🇺🇦 & full of pale white people ! 😆

  43. addy
    8 ore fa


  44. David Ellis
    David Ellis
    9 ore fa

    It's in 🇹🇷 - but it's not Istanbul !

    1. David Ellis
      David Ellis
      8 ore fa

      @Major Old Lady aka, Mom it's in Turkey !

    2. Major Old Lady aka, Mom
      Major Old Lady aka, Mom
      8 ore fa


  45. Mitchell Hodack
    Mitchell Hodack
    9 ore fa

    The returning champion will return on May 31st after the events of the Tournament of Champions.

  46. Justin M.
    Justin M.
    9 ore fa

    I already can’t wait for the TOC lol

  47. indy_go_blue60
    9 ore fa

    I got Donovan's "Colours" stuck in my head, but #1 he was/is a solo artist, #2 it was probably 1967 and #3 I don't think "Colours" is the name of the album the song appears on. Oh well, I bet $0.

  48. Blair Bird
    Blair Bird
    9 ore fa

    I actually knew this one.

  49. B4TR
    9 ore fa

    Why would she wager 900$ knowing she didn't have the answer.....someone please please send her through the concussion protocol process asap!

  50. SIR HOPP3R
    9 ore fa

    Lmfao this is amazing.

  51. weckar
    9 ore fa

    Humpty Dumpty is NOT AN EGG.

  52. Prophetless772
    9 ore fa


  53. Dark Eagle777777
    Dark Eagle777777
    10 ore fa

    Don't f***** ruin it by saying you're old! If you know the 80s, you are a master!

  54. Dimension Exo
    Dimension Exo
    10 ore fa

    Well the top "o" my list is : 1.) Bill Whitaker 2.) Aaron Rogers - Thus far.

  55. Sally Marr
    Sally Marr
    11 ore fa

    Thank goodness today is last day of Bill Whitaker hosting. It's been a snooze fest with his lack of energy.

  56. TRX
    11 ore fa

    Would Mayflower Pact be accepted? 🤔

  57. Jelani Wood
    Jelani Wood
    12 ore fa

    How these guys know everything else but know nothing of a main nerd hobby staple. THEYRE NERDING WRONG. Huge blindspot in their knowledge pool.

  58. Diana B
    Diana B
    12 ore fa

    Next week is Buzz! 🥰🤗

  59. Diana B
    Diana B
    12 ore fa

    Glad Friday is his last day.

  60. Carrie Mataraza
    Carrie Mataraza
    12 ore fa

    I look forward to seeing Buzzy as host. The changing hosts, except for Ken Jennings, auditioning for a permanent role have so far all been a bust. Buzzy's personality should come to the fore and bring the needed energy back to the game show. And very good luck to the brave contestants -- all who have already proved themselves!

  61. Mary Lou Micon
    Mary Lou Micon
    12 ore fa

    Bill Whitaker is a very sweet man but has a too soft voice to be the host of Jeopadary. I like him except.for his soft voice. I prefer Aaron Rodgers over all the guest hosts, so far.

  62. Kali
    13 ore fa

    I read recently how the stand behind the contestants' podium was adjustable so that the contestants could appear to be more or less the same size. Penn could probably sit on the floor and STILL look taller than the others....

  63. KeroTheInvincible
    13 ore fa

    To hear that "Mr. Falcon" line after watching the new Ducktales.

  64. Weapon X
    Weapon X
    13 ore fa

    Me in APUSH when teacher is asking us questions about the chapter I didn’t read

  65. Jerri Tanner
    Jerri Tanner
    13 ore fa

    The next 4 weeks should be fun. We'll be seeing a former contestant & Mayim Bialik guest hosting. Then we suffer through 3 more "journalists" before we get to see LeVar Burton's episodes. I appreciate the charity aspect & that the show is taking time by not replacing Alex too soon, but I have no interest in anyone after LeVar.

  66. D.T. Gray
    D.T. Gray
    13 ore fa

    I'm crushed they didn't get that last one.

  67. Alfonso Munoz
    Alfonso Munoz
    14 ore fa

    Farenheit 451 actually isn't a great book. It kinda sux.

  68. O. H. X-90
    O. H. X-90
    14 ore fa

    Really? They didn’t know that the Penguin is the answer? What, did they not watch Batman Returns? What a joke, and no, I’m not talking about “The Joker”.

  69. Air is very dangerous. I must scream at it
    Air is very dangerous. I must scream at it
    14 ore fa

    I feel pain.

  70. Acey Kerr
    Acey Kerr
    15 ore fa

    How the fuck do people not know this shit??? Only one of these questions was difficult.

  71. jjdvideo
    15 ore fa

    I was quite surprised that none of them knew the question about Bo Didley. I mean they literally knew Didley ..........

  72. Groo Wanderer
    Groo Wanderer
    15 ore fa

    Jeopardy recommendations for me are always about sports or video games. I bet there's some real smart people out there that gets the categories on rocket science and world economics recommended to them lol

  73. spideraxis
    15 ore fa

    I await eagerly

  74. Bill Tree
    Bill Tree
    16 ore fa

    Out of all the games mentioned the Elder Scrolls are the only ones I'd played and I STILL knew every answer🤣😂

  75. Megan Barber
    Megan Barber
    16 ore fa

    I got them all so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

  76. TTundragrizzly
    16 ore fa

    Thats just sad

  77. Eve Hawk
    Eve Hawk
    17 ore fa

    Those were a bit too easy. Do a deep dive and let’s see what the contestants come up with.

  78. fireflocs
    18 ore fa

    Aconite is this for wolves. Bane.